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  • Posts

    • Jack Grealish
      Well from what i have been told, Jacks mates made their way from brum and Jack and another friend made their own way there. So im guessing straight from Liverpool He has shown a complete lack of respect and discipline to the club, remi garde, fellow players and staff. Why villa let him make his own way back is another question to be answered.Next time they need to make sure that this is not allowed. Rules are rules. And its shown if these arent implemented some (or even just Jack) can not be trusted to adhere to them.
    • General Chat
      It is decent but I think about standard for large financial institutions. To be honest I've not looked how its performing in a few years. I think its invested in a low risk portfolio as standard so I probably need to do some more investigation work
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      I think we are down.  Hope im wrong. I agree the squad is hugely underperforming, but for us to get to say 35 points this season is going to take a monumental change in form and fortunes and I don't think that this squad are upto it............. its tantamount to say 8 wins and 6 draws from 25 games - or points gained from 50% of our fixtures with the majority of them being maximum points.    Can we do it? Yes ! Will we do it?  No ! Im afraid to say its curtains IMO.  I think we can and will improve over the second half of the season, but I don't think weve got the strength of character in the team, the ability or the toughness to be able to perform to those levels.  FWIW I think well beat Watford Saturday, if only down to law of averages and we are going to pick a result up somewhere, but will the other results follow? Nah
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      You are basing your judgment on how they are playing at present.....and I am not saying your wrong by the way. We are all living in hope that they can individually improve and then subsequently contribute that to improving the TEAM performance. "We all live in hope" is all that we can hang on to.
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      Id kind of agree with this but Barcelona reserves got relegated from the Spanish 2nd Division, and their best player cant even force his way onto our bench......... so id say that theyd win the premier league with 10 points to spare is a little OTT
    • Jack Grealish
      My only issue is that his game has been poor this season (along with a lot of others) and I'd like the new manager to sort that out and try and get the best out of the player. If he's of the opinion that being out on the piss is part of the problem and is seeking to address that then fine. Am I wrong or did Garde mention during the international break that Grealish wasn't to expect to start and needed to show a lot in training. He was then given a start which would suggest (as I have no reason to question the manager's integrity at the moment) that he did show what was demanded in training. He didn't do what was required on the pitch, that's for sure and he needs to in future in order to help the club. I hope Garde can manage to facilitate this.
    • Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe
      'So called Islamic State' is destined to be a feature on Charlie Brookers Wipe of the Year IMO.