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  1. Maybe most fan boards are like this but I feel like we're quite a well-connected one? Kevan Grealish, Krulak, Joe Lolley, figuring out we were getting Houllier and after Solskjaer because of thetrees.
  2. Mantis

    John Terry

    He's been a fantastic servant to the club, and I imagine he now feels he's ready to take the next step in his coaching career and feels he would rather leave now than in the middle of the season, which is fair enough. Best of luck to him.
  3. True, although then being the PL now and thus going after higher value targets will negate that somewhat. The work permit rules are **** ridiculous though.
  4. Don't know what it is but that Watford kit manufacturer logo just looks crap. Same with the sponsor.
  5. This would be a hell of a signing. Also frees up Traore to play up front if needed?
  6. Aren't they? I mean they were last season. Whether or not they will of course is another matter but that seems to be their aim at least.
  7. Are they seriously in for Townsend? I cannot fathom why a club looking to challenge the top 7 would be making such a purchase.
  8. But in fairness they've all been very successful and if a club were to come in for any of those players, we'd want at least double for each of them. And as somebody has already said, Konsa wasn't a first choice CB when we bought him.
  9. I can. I agree we won't get another lucky draw but unless we crash out in the group stage there will still be loads of people coming to his defence.
  10. Yeah I agree, just saying that sadly Grealish's best years are going to be wasted for England because of that dinosaur of a manager.
  11. But no matter how well he does and how well we do he'll still only ever be a bit-part player for England as long as Southgate is the manager.
  12. Others have said it but I think he'll be with us until we show signs of stagnating. He's been heavily linked with a move away every summer since 2018 and each season since we've progressed. If we finish mid-table again then yes I think he'll definitely be off next summer.
  13. Wait, people think he's going just because of some random journo on Twitter who has proven to be wrong before?
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