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  1. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    Even if we improved massively in the last 4 games, he should still go. We've shown on multiple occasions under Smith that we're liable to collapse and go on these runs where not only do we lose lots, but where we barely even put up a fight. Tbh we could win the last 4 games in a row convincingly and I'd still be unsure about him.
  2. There's no guarantee it'd even work out for us. Remember how Lambert did a fantastic job at Norwich? Or how Smith did a decent job with Walsall/Brentford? Too often we just go for relatively safe overachieving domestic managers and it never works out.
  3. Either way, I really hope we don't go down the boring predictable route and go for someone like Howe or Dyche.
  4. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    Players aren't great but we were competing for most of the first part of the season. Don't know what's happened since January or so but it's been absolutely disgraceful.
  5. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    I agree completely, just saying I (sadly) think the board will stick with him.
  6. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    This is purely a hunch, but I have this awful feeling that the fact that Smith got us up last season "ahead of schedule" will mean they give him another chance next season.
  7. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    I'd still be surprised if he wasn't here at the beginning of next season.
  8. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    You can make arguments about the quality of the squad until the cows come home (and it is a poor squad), but there's simply no excuse for the way we just roll over and accept defeat time and time again. Clearly a number of the players aren't good enough, but neither is the manager.
  9. Same old shit. We're beaten before we even come on the field.
  10. Not sure if this is correct, but against the traditional top 6 plus Leicester, haven't we only gotten 1 solitary point this season? Beyond pathetic.
  11. No because that would require us to capitalise by actually winning games ourself.
  12. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    If we do keep Smith, I definitely think we'll just muddle along in mid-table next season, just in touch of the promotion spots but never quite there, which would of course be nowhere near good enough.
  13. Which isn't what I said at all?
  14. If that's the case, why are we not where Norwich are? Who by the way beat Man City earlier in the season.
  15. And yet other teams with poor squads have been able to beat the top teams from time to time?
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