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  1. Glad he's going but he served us well in the Championship. Best of luck to him.
  2. This reminds me of the time back in 2012 when those QIA rumours were flying around and everyone was scrutinising this picture of some vaguely looking Middle Eastern men at VP who turned out to be curry house owners or something.
  3. Mantis

    Ørjan Nyland

    I really hope we stick with him instead of getting a new keeper in.
  4. For me, the only players we can't deal with losing to long-term injuries are Mings and of course Grealish. Keep them two away from bad injuries and we've got a good shout of staying up.
  5. All I know about him is that he looks a bit like Jack.
  6. Mantis

    Ørjan Nyland

    Also he'll have Mings in front of him now.
  7. Mantis

    Wesley Moraes

    Didn't Benteke have the same injury in 13/14? Or was it something else?
  8. Mantis

    Wesley Moraes

    I hope somebody breaks Ben Mee's legs. word removed.
  9. Dyche and Burnley are the Stoke of the late 2010s - overachievers who have done well but who play thuggish anti-football. Shitty little tinpot club.
  10. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    Who gives a **** about Brentford this is Villatalk not Brentfordtalk.
  11. Going to be very tight. Norwich look like they're being cut adrift but other than that it's so close.
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