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  1. Yeah that's the thing, even £200m isn't *that* much these days.
  2. I noticed that too, although tbf there are many many of our key moments over the last 3 years that didn't involve him directly and at the end of the day, it's about Smith and Grealish decuded he no longer wants to be a part of that project.
  3. Yep. I'm guessing an upper Championship club because after all, he's an expert at getting teams promoted (apparently).
  4. When he goes the media line will be "Bruce did a good job of keeping Newcastle in the Premier League and he was unfairly sacked because the wanted a more glamorous name".
  5. I don't see how they don't come across the same problems we've had regarding FFP? Yeah they'll probably spend a fair bit at first but then what?
  6. Konsa needs to hurry up and declare for Portugal.
  7. Maybe the hunger just isn't there now that he think he's "made it"?
  8. In baseball there are a bunch of (IMO bizarre) unwritten rules to basically protect the ego of pitchers, one of which is not to swing the bat in certain situations where your team is comfortably ahead, or attempt to steal bases if you're already ahead by a lot of runs. EDIT: El Zen beat me to it.
  9. He'll probably end up at one of the Milan clubs in a few years.
  10. Also when/if he does leave I think he'll do it in a much more gracious manner.
  11. Jonathan Pearce is a total idiot. Remember when he couldn't understand goal-line technology?
  12. The only thing I can think of, besides the money side, was that they simply thought he was going through a bit of a purple patch (which even many mediocre goalkeepers do from time to time) and that he'd revert to average in no time, which of course never happened.
  13. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    For me one of the most impressive things about Smith is that since the beginning of last season, for the very first time as a Villa fan, I've seen us regularly go away to top teams and go toe-to-toe with them. Under all recent previous managers any wins against top teams we got were almost always smash and grabs. We don't always get a result obviously but we genuinely dominate a large majority of games now. We simply never used to do that.
  14. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    Yeah there was a very bizarre overreaction to it from some quarters. Brentford are no mugs and we were decimated injury-wise. Maybe it was because it was ridiculously seen as our last "winnable" game because after all, how could we possibly get any points at all from Everton, Chelsea and Man United?
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