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  1. I can. It was always quite likely he'd stay if we stayed up last season.
  2. Yeah we absolutely need another striker with Samatta gone. Watkins and Davis is just not enough in terms of numbers.
  3. Very good signing. Luiz, McGinn and Barkley is a pretty solid midfield.
  4. "If you was a Zulu - what name would you give yourself"
  5. Mantis


    I really feel like Allardyce has at this point been built up into this almost mythical figure that doesn't quite match the reality. He's good at keeping teams up but I suspect he's also quite good at recognising his own limits and knowing which jobs to take and when.
  6. Are you talking about the actual award? Because it'll just go to one of the players at the "big" clubs or Liverpool fans will just rig the poll or whatever, regardless of how good his goal is.
  7. We didn't play amazingly but we've still come on leaps and bounds. 9 months ago we would've drawn or lost a game like this.
  8. Mantis


    There's still time for them but they will really struggle.
  9. IIRC his contract with Barnsley was up that summer, hence how we were able to get him so cheap. But I agree. A very good buy.
  10. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    Loving this humble pie. He's building something good here.
  11. I was going to put one GIF for the number of times Mitrovic missed with a header but I didn't want to overload the VT servers.
  12. Don't forget us being 1-0 up and them equalising with literally the last kick of the game under Houllier.
  13. Veretout was one of those "right player, wrong time" players for us.
  14. I don't know - why are you even asking me that?
  15. Nobody said he was shit, just a complete and total rocket polisher.
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