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  1. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    If we polled Smith's approval ratings on here, surely it'd be close to 100%? Which is pretty amazing for a manager who has been in the job for over two years, as usually by that point there is at the very least a significant minority against.
  2. Maybe it's just because we're now seemingly a decent top 10 side rather than relegation battlers for the first time in a decade, but I honestly didn't even feel that elated after we won. Felt very "meh" just because of how routine it was.
  3. Realistically we're safe already. It'll probably only take 35/36 points to stay up this year at most, and we're already at 29 with not even half our games played. Tbh relegation has effectively been off the table since October.
  4. Almost feel embarrassed posting this as it we didn't even have to work for it. But rules are rules.
  5. Luiz is no slouch going forward and creating stuff so Nakamba starting as well will give him more licence to support the attack, I'm presuming.
  6. Used to hate playing Brentford when Smith was their manager and we had Bruce - they'd play us off the park every time. That said I still wouldn't be surprised if Bruce shithoused his way to a 1-0 win.
  7. Like many I know next to nothing about him, but I'm extremely confident in our player recruitment these days so very excited by this. We seem to have a very good idea of what we want and how it fits into the system.
  8. We haven't won in a month but of course it's worth remembering that we've only actually played 3 games since then in all competitions due to the Covid outbreak. One of those was away at United where we matched them and only lost due to bent refs, another was with kids against Liverpool and the other was away at arguably the best team in the league where the players were rusty due to being out for so long, and even then we probably would've got something were it not for corrupt refs (again).
  9. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    **** the media. We all back him and that's what matters.
  10. That was such a weird saga. Thank God for Wes and Nassef.
  11. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    Yesterday was another example of how far we've come in the past year or so. Just came back from a big Covid outbreak and played very well against the best team in the league right now, and once again we lost just as much through refereeing corruption than anything we did wrong.
  12. We set ourselves up solidly and played well at times but there's unfortunately not much you can do when the corrupt wasters at Stockley Park have already decided what the outcome is going to be.
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