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  1. Mantis

    Ørjan Nyland

    The "even" bit implies you don't rate Steer very highly at all.
  2. Mantis

    Ørjan Nyland

    "Even Steer" Steer is fine - a solid 2nd choice.
  3. Mantis

    Joe Lolley

    Pretty sure I had a private message conversation with him back when Houllier was manager. And yes, he's pretty damn good.
  4. Loving that I'm getting to post this so often again
  5. I live and grew up in the South so have never had the same attachment to the derby as a lot of Villa fans but it's pretty obvious that they're objectively one of the scummiest clubs in the country along with Millwall.
  6. I miss being able to shout "Bring on the Fonz" in any game where we were struggling to score.
  7. That Kieftenbeld "tackle" was shocking. Full credit to Jack because he just gets up and carries on rather than letting it get to him.
  8. Still shocked that that word removed went for his head. Obviously any sort of assault is unacceptable but going for the head is the lowest of the low.
  9. Tammy looked like he was going to rip the guy's throat out Mings had to restrain him.
  10. Terry and that kidney injury (ironically) seem to have done him the world of good.
  11. Not always our best player but he is a good goalscorer.
  12. Mantis

    Tommy Elphick

    Any word yet on when Chester and Tuanzebe will be back?
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