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  1. If Covid-19 was allowed to spread unchecked (in the same way cold and flu are), it'd kill far more than flu.
  2. All this is why to me, even looking at it from an objective, non-Villa point of view, voiding the season would be the least worst outcome. You simply can't just pick up a season again like this several months later, possibly behind closed doors, and not have it tainted to the core.
  3. Yep. I'd actually be very interested to know which players exactly were so toxic and how. At this point we can make reasonably educated guesses but that's about it.
  4. I'm not saying we're done, but put it this way: even if the season merely ends up delayed, that still benefits us because we were in such dreadful form, and it also allows key players to return from injury. If we were rock bottom but on a really good run of form I'd get your point totally, but we're not. Unless Grealish or someone like that gets a long-term injury that's a direct result of this virus, I fail to see how it could even be partially to blame for sending us down?
  5. Why would it result in us going down? We were in absolutely dire form and heading down before the virus stopped play.
  6. I'm not missing it much either. Even when we're doing well I often don't enjoy watching Villa that much - too stressful for me.
  7. -------------------------Friedel Delaney---McGrath---Mellberg---Bouma ---------Milner---------Petrov---------McGinn ---------Yorke---------Benteke---------Angel
  8. Although performances have been on the whole crap for quite some time now, I never doubted that this group of players at least had better mentalities than the 2015/16 lot, which was the absolute lowest of the lower in terms of toxicity.
  9. I really hope not. Because we're going to fall back into the same pattern of shit sooner or later if Smith stays.
  10. I can't stand Liverpool but it would be extremely unfair for them not to be awarded the title. Just give it to them but there'll always be an asterisk next to it.
  11. Yep. Even taking out the fact that it would massively benefit us, scrapping the seaosn is clearly the least worst option by far. The only question really is how it's done.
  12. Most effective January signing since Darren Bent.
  13. Mantis

    Dean Smith

    We should still get rid at the end of the season, or whenever the season is officially voided or whatever.
  14. This is like that Simpsons episode where Bart hasn't studied for an exam, prays for a snow day to close the schools and gets it.
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