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  1. Withnail

    Pre-match chat

    Pics or it's not happening. Seriously at work so am relying on posts on here. Thanks all.
  2. Withnail

    General Chat

    Politically we will be hearing a lot about the the fifth
  3. Withnail

    General Chat

    Yeah I find it a tad offensive. My wife is down the corridor in bed. Metastatic cancer. Maybe one month or so left. She is a scientist (geneticist) with over 100 peer reviewed papers. The amount of research being done is astounding. To think some people believe in some grand conspiracy actually fills me, well, with a bit of rage.
  4. Withnail

    The Film Thread

    Dam it. Well into my cups when I read that the other day. Bits and boobs. Who doesn't like bits and boobs.
  5. Withnail

    Martin O'Neill

    The one thing I do remember. He never used the bench. Granted there might not have been much there but you bought them. Make a change and play them. I was a wee bit frustrated with that.
  6. Withnail

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Preacher You Dealt It. We Smelt It.
  7. Withnail

    U.S. Politics

    So I live in Charlottesville. The bookstore I work at is on the mall one block from the site of the rally. I didn't see any broken windows, Molotov cocktails, looting. I haven't seen any footage of journalists being punched. People with cameras where certainly in the middle of the whole thing. But targeted? These things as far as I am aware did not occur in Charlottesville. Lots of pepper spray, people punching, kicking generally trying to beat the crap out of each other. No weapons discharged. Just thought I would add.
  8. Withnail

    U.S. Politics

    Yes that picture was from last month. Not picking on anyone but I want to defend Charlottesville. I sort of take exception to the idea that "they're a regular thing". That sort of implies to me that it is a long standing and on going issue. I have lived here in Charlottesville for around eight years and this is certainly not a regular thing. The issue is the potential removal a statue of General Lee (confederate general). This removal of monuments and the confederate flag is an on going thing now in the south. The capital of SC removed the confederate flag from their capital building not so long ago. So these nazi words removed have chosen c-ville as protest place. So now we have had the nauseating pleasure of nazis spouting hateful shit in my city three times in the last three months. The majority of these nazis came from organizations based out of state. It was a wild day. The police were always going to struggle to control things. I live a couple of blocks from the downtown mall. Also work at one of the bookstores there. Walked through the intersection where the car drove maybe a bare 10 minutes earlier. Don't know what to say. It was a horrible day. Things were calmer today.
  9. Withnail

    All-Purpose Religion Thread

    So my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a while ago. It has since metastasizes to pretty much everywhere. We both think religion is a load of old bollocks. She has gone to many retreats focusing on meditation and mindfulness at the Buddhist place up the road. It has helped her tremendously with the upcoming conclusion. I have adopted a more liquid answer. Maybe I should go as well. Who knows. If it works for you.
  10. Withnail

    The Film Thread

    So I just looked that up. There appears to be a whack of fan edits. Any ideas about which is the best one.
  11. Withnail

    U.S. Politics

    Just on news he is considering Sarah Palin for Veterans Affairs Secretary.
  12. Withnail

    International Football General Chat

    Reported that Klinsmann is out.
  13. Withnail

    Pre-Match Thread

    So the match day thread here will be my only sort of live game day. I work and don't get other coverage. Going else where I will see the result. If folk commenting on the game could put the time on the game clock as you post, it would make reading this a little bit more live for us playing catch up. It doesn't even take everyone. Just a time stamp every now and again makes it all feel a little bit more live. Cheers.
  14. Withnail

    Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    Was that THE season ending show. Can't remember other seasons closers but that was pretty major. So much.
  15. Withnail

    General Chat

    I was behind the goal that. It was good.