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  1. How it is being reported in the US
  2. Some good points there. If it is still a rule, the idea if the ref gives a yellow It can’t be reviewed for a blatant red that was missed. Use the tech. A positive outcome for all. Well except the “top six”. Boo hoo. How bad. Too sad.
  3. Peacock announced that they have a deal with Roku to stream the service. Starts in a couple of weeks. I can get rid of the extra set top box that wouldn’t connect with the surround sound. Happy.
  4. Tasmanian here. He is from Launceston well I think he is so there is a bit north south divide. Having said that congratulations MR PORTE. Crashing out in Brazil it has been a long time and amazing effort. My deaf and blind cat who is asleep beside me says, well not a lot. But trust me me we are equally stoked.
  5. I guess it is how much Trump backs himself. He wants a second term. That means folk love him. So if he thinks he has a chance of a second term and therefore not going to jail for, well, everything, he will do what ever the f*$k he wants.
  6. I guess it will be either ram a new appointee and potentially loose by more. ie drive the backlash Dem vote. Or dangle a Trump re-election to get folk out to vote. Trump 2nd term. A fine balancing act as to where the Republicans see their chances.
  7. Who signed McGuire? He has always looked overweight, slow, and generally clueless. Or am I wrong? I’d be getting rid and starting again.
  8. Why does it say “loan out”? He went ages ago. surely?
  9. Will the Republicans force through a new Supreme Court Justice? I can’t see how they can. Then again Moscow Mitch is soulless inside. This is going to be a huge driver for getting people out to vote for the Republicans. All those folk that weren’t going to vote or maybe vote for the Dems will flood? back to the Republicans. Crazy months ahead.
  10. News reports are saying Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died. Crazy times ahead.
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