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  1. Why do they have the result in the game title. Just got home from work click on AVTV and there it is. Annoying beyond belief. The commentary is not going to help either.
  2. I have learnt tha5 patience is truly a virtue. Just appeared
  3. Just signed up. The latest content is 10 minute highlights from Villa Arsenal. Dah heck am I doing wrong?
  4. Just finished watching. Lots of discussion about the incident but I thought it was worth noting Sainz, who had DRS for 20 laps couldn’t get past Ricciardo. Nice!!!
  5. Children’s book “The Indian in the Cupboard”. I guess he is asking for some companionship to keep him warm.
  6. If England win will it be Sir Gareth Southgate?
  7. Foul count has settled down a bit since the goal. Touch wood.
  8. Brazil haven’t lost here since 1998. To Argentina
  9. Jack being “distracted and not focused “ will be Southgate’s justification for not picking him tomorrow.
  10. Wasn’t funny and had nothing to do with the film you were talking about. I was watching the onboard video and audio from F1 driver Ricciardo to which every answer was “understood”. Nothing more nothing less.
  11. No red flags, no safety cars, no yellow flags? Or did I miss some yellow flags? I must have missed a yellow flag or two. If not is that rather unusual?
  12. Danny Ric says “understood”
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