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  1. Third season of In The Dark. Had to go back to remind me of what’s what but we’ll worth a watch. I suspect a very solid and close to a 8/10.
  2. Why is the Russian flag all white.
  3. I would rather pool all £4 to employ someone whose sole job is to make sure the result of the game is not in the video title on AVTV.
  4. Couldn’t do that to him though. There should be no sentiment in football but I like Wes.
  5. Now I just have to workout how to get it on the tv rather than the iPad
  6. Grrrr. Why do they do that. Anyway that is only the highlight package. Wonder when the full game will make an appearance?
  7. Any idea when the full replay of today’s game will be available? And I swear I am going to loose it if the result is in the video title
  8. Why do they have the result in the game title. Just got home from work click on AVTV and there it is. Annoying beyond belief. The commentary is not going to help either.
  9. I have learnt tha5 patience is truly a virtue. Just appeared
  10. Just signed up. The latest content is 10 minute highlights from Villa Arsenal. Dah heck am I doing wrong?
  11. Just finished watching. Lots of discussion about the incident but I thought it was worth noting Sainz, who had DRS for 20 laps couldn’t get past Ricciardo. Nice!!!
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