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  1. I am happy. You are happy. Do what I just did. Donate to the site. Sorry Simon it took so long. Now I have access to the “Clearing In The Woods”. Who knows what is in there. Top totty perhaps.
  2. That horse, Shadofax I think his name is, seemed awfully docile. Bran warged into it to save Arya?
  3. What happened at the 13th yesterday?
  4. I never watch pretty much any sport totally live. Record it to the DVR and time it for all the following. NFL fast fwd through adds, time outs, video reviews, heck even save 20 secs fast fwd per down. Don’t need talking heads in between quarters etc etc. Well you get the picture. To a lesser extent the college basketball I watch. But still fast fwd the adds and the endless timeouts late in the game.
  5. Black Mirror. Thought I should watch i the series before watching Bandersnatch? Just read on this is internet thing that I should start at episode 2, watch them all and finish with episode 1. Then the snatch. Thoughts?
  6. Withnail

    U.S. Politics

    I am still struggling with this whole not going out in the rain thing. Not a squeak out of the right. I can’t recall when it was but the right/Republican’s/Fox News lost their shit when Hillary/Obama/maybe John Kerry? didn’t where a flag pin. Heck even this kneeling thing pales into insignificance. Where is the outrage on the right?
  7. Withnail

    U.S. Politics

    Lucky he happened to have a recording device handy. This is going to get very interesting.
  8. Film: He Never Died. Henry Rollins in a roll that is suited to him. A very talented individual that has done everything. I am not even going to say what it is about. Maybe horror, a bit of violence and blood, no sex or drugs. An interesting take of a very well used theme. 8/10 wba. Having said that drugs and alcohol at this end could be affecting perceptions. I also kind of fond of the lead actress kind of hot. ps no nudity.
  9. So Penny Dreadful. Five episodes in. Does it conclude or was it cancelled without an ending? Is it worth the time to watch? Then again not that I have anything better to do. But I am sure I could conjure up another series to watch.
  10. Weird. just finished it this minute. I mean I saw the last episode just now. Just check VT before to bed, as you do, to see what is occurring. Anyway was well worth it. Looking forward to the second season. 8.1 wba
  11. Withnail

    General Chat

    Politically we will be hearing a lot about the the fifth
  12. Withnail

    General Chat

    Yeah I find it a tad offensive. My wife is down the corridor in bed. Metastatic cancer. Maybe one month or so left. She is a scientist (geneticist) with over 100 peer reviewed papers. The amount of research being done is astounding. To think some people believe in some grand conspiracy actually fills me, well, with a bit of rage.
  13. Dam it. Well into my cups when I read that the other day. Bits and boobs. Who doesn't like bits and boobs.
  14. The one thing I do remember. He never used the bench. Granted there might not have been much there but you bought them. Make a change and play them. I was a wee bit frustrated with that.
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