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  1. What’s his Clough story?
  2. 100% in agreement. Love the beginning sequence. The soundtrack is excellent as well. I also have a irrational fondness for Richard E Grant. Keanu is woeful but I just love it.
  3. There is a video of him miked up in an A-League match. Basically explaining and justifying his decisions. Talking to the players etc. I am not in the right state to find it though. Well worth a watch.
  4. Withnail

    U.S. Politics

    Hasn’t Snopes.com pretty much shown that this is a load of nonsense?
  5. Not too sure if this is gonna last. That camera angle looks kinda weird.
  6. And it is working in Virginia. Praise be McGrath
  7. I was there. Didn’t say anything then and still don’t say a lot now. I remember a Malcom who was a little grumpy. Norm was a nice guy.
  8. I am happy. You are happy. Do what I just did. Donate to the site. Sorry Simon it took so long. Now I have access to the “Clearing In The Woods”. Who knows what is in there. Top totty perhaps.
  9. That horse, Shadofax I think his name is, seemed awfully docile. Bran warged into it to save Arya?
  10. What happened at the 13th yesterday?
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