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  1. What’s his Clough story?
  2. 100% in agreement. Love the beginning sequence. The soundtrack is excellent as well. I also have a irrational fondness for Richard E Grant. Keanu is woeful but I just love it.
  3. There is a video of him miked up in an A-League match. Basically explaining and justifying his decisions. Talking to the players etc. I am not in the right state to find it though. Well worth a watch.
  4. Withnail

    U.S. Politics

    Hasn’t Snopes.com pretty much shown that this is a load of nonsense?
  5. Not too sure if this is gonna last. That camera angle looks kinda weird.
  6. And it is working in Virginia. Praise be McGrath
  7. I was there. Didn’t say anything then and still don’t say a lot now. I remember a Malcom who was a little grumpy. Norm was a nice guy.
  8. I am happy. You are happy. Do what I just did. Donate to the site. Sorry Simon it took so long. Now I have access to the “Clearing In The Woods”. Who knows what is in there. Top totty perhaps.
  9. That horse, Shadofax I think his name is, seemed awfully docile. Bran warged into it to save Arya?
  10. What happened at the 13th yesterday?
  11. I never watch pretty much any sport totally live. Record it to the DVR and time it for all the following. NFL fast fwd through adds, time outs, video reviews, heck even save 20 secs fast fwd per down. Don’t need talking heads in between quarters etc etc. Well you get the picture. To a lesser extent the college basketball I watch. But still fast fwd the adds and the endless timeouts late in the game.
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