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  1. To take a term from another topic here for the younger me that film had some 207 moments.
  2. I guess I meant page 50 as in there are 100 pages of old topics. The 80 and 90 pages are pretty much full of poles. Ah not polish folk I might add. Fascinating reading.
  3. Interesting read from page 50. Wonder if some views have changed?
  4. What the monkey. They started in 1864?
  5. I see a similarity between the “Million MAGA March” and the “St Andrew’s Trillion Trophy Stadium”.
  6. The Hyperion series by Dan Simmons have always drawn me in. Having said that not too sure if I totally “got” them. Nonetheless I found them totally engaging, engrossing and enjoyable. He does need a better editor though. Glances at the books shelf and goes grrrrr at Drood. Crock Factory by the same was enjoyable as well. There was another (title to be added when the cat gets off me) that went into absolute minutiae about a sniper. Wind speed, angles, weights, distance, calibre, but fascinating. Thinking further, Carrion Comfort is rather a cracking on your seat read. But look no further
  7. Yeah I agree. He has said such nonsense, hatred, lies etc for the last four years. That speech was, well normal for him. No one has changed their minds after seeing that.
  8. And clearly I have snuck into a rabbit hole. Things of note: * How steep it really is after that first turn * How there really is not even a pit lane as we would know it. * How some hay bales and “she will be wright attitude” worked as a safety protocol.
  9. Just saw this. Some nice camera angles. I guess it is the Grand Hotel hairpin out of a window? Gotta get that in. So cool.
  10. Finished last night. Had it’s slower moments but all in very good if not better. As an aside if you are wont to have a few on the couch with the cat beside yourself a perfect check on your cerebral status is a quick game of chess. Absolutely woeful with eight in. Astonished I was. Cat not so much. Very wise is she. Back to the show 8/10. Will watch again.
  11. Can’t defend McCain’s record one way or nuther. Having said that he did sort of legitimize the f*ucknuttery we have now by choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate to appeal to the tea party. And thus letting a lot of folk seeing the presidency as something that any half-wit can do. On the other hand without his yay vote for the health care act I would be paying $14000 plus a year for the privilege of said health care. But I do agree with you he needs not be mentioned in the circumstance we are in.
  12. I’ve already voted and I voted Biden.
  13. The Pope was mentioned so I guess that was it.
  14. So what was the picture that caused a ruckus in the Barkley thread? It has disappeared.
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