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  1. Lol, hes only 29 been there since 2016 , probably on huge wages
  2. He’s excellent for wales, don't think he wants to resettle though or he would be in the Premier league with somebody already , I think he has motivation for country not much for club
  3. Noticed he looks well built for his age doesn't look like a high school kid unlike when Jack made his debut and RHM
  4. gwi1890


    At least we have a young squad if we go down and not another total rebuild , bare in mind that Solanke cost 20m , we all bang on about other teams players and how good they would be in our team someone was on about Deeney few weeks ago truth is Troy has never scored more than 10 leauge goals, but somehow hes miles better than Wesley who has 5 half way through the season?
  5. He got caught v burnley got a foot in and they countered instantly not entirely his fault , but I feel sometimes he needs to understand when to cover and when to press but like I said his teamates are way to passive which results in him venturing to much at times to make up for them, I quite like him and hopes he's here for the long run probably the most difficult role on the pitch other than keeper or lone cf
  6. At the beginning yes then bang on about how limited they are and hold the team back, hutton, weiman , holman, taylor , green just to name a few then once their gone the sun shine’s out of their you know what again , but yes we need to geg behind this kid and maintain our support
  7. He is as bad a writer as he was a footballer, He went to a diffrent club every season after his coventry days I suppose he was low risk because each club was able to get rid of him every 6 months
  8. Cant see the risk, 9m I believe, we got 2m-3m for Kodija and I imagine he is on less wages than Kodjia smart bussines
  9. The ricochets result in a opposing counter attack and we have been caught many times because of it partially because he tackles so high up the pitch , if his teammates where more awre that would help to
  10. Im all for giving hims chance to stake his claim but he basically has walked straight into the starting 11, Luiz makes a mistake he’s dropped same with nakamba, Drinkwater starts v watford regardless of form probably
  11. Agree promising signs but yes bench for now, 38 year old Gareth Barry would be more useful tbf
  12. Yes it will suit him ,30 years old had a few injurys, the guy clearly loves playing he just lack the discipline the guy just wants to turn up and score goals he could go on for another 5 years out there probably get paid more and a lifestyle that suits him better, Thanks Koj!
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