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  1. Bruno Fernandes got a pen against us for a similar thing not saying what jack did was right but modern players look for any type of contact in the box for penalties, but because were villa the decision was over turned
  2. Merson was more intelligent in his passing, Merse had the confidence to take shots when the chips were down you could count on him to pull a rabbit out the hat, Grealish carries the ball better and draws fouls where as merson kept on going regardless of being fouled, at the end of the day its very difficult to compare as the game is totally different now .
  3. It’s like people don’t understand that billionaires own the club and are the 5th richest team in the Premier League
  4. Can’t remember who played him through but his reluctance to use his left foot to shoot cost him it was an easy chance yet he chose to hold it up and cross
  5. Hourihane played him self into another start next game expect him to have a stinker next game
  6. Heavy touches no ball control, at least Davis can carry the ball
  7. The idea of him leaving suddenly doesn’t bother me
  8. Yup we always look to win tactical fouls but never make them!
  9. It’s a disgrace and I felt they had to divert to talking about Liverpool because it’s all Sounes could talk about and I get the impression he hates Villa , I cant think of many that do their home work and actually likes us in the studio out of all of them Jammie Carragher is the one who actually makes sense when talking about us, If you dont have knowledge of who is playing you should not be in the studio regardless of your past playing accomplishments
  10. Heskey is probably one of the best sky have in the studio never comes across daft , all Souness wanted to do was cream over Liverpool honestly don’t think the man watches any football his knowledge of players is awful
  11. You’re only as good as your strikers as Brucey says
  12. I thought he looked fast to he was ok today we have all soured with him so regardless of any good shift he puts in he will always be crap
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