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  1. Got 1.4million coins to burn, is ronaldinho 89 any good? His stamina looks an issue any suggestions on a good icon? Already tried Zola who is fantastic tbf
  2. How would The 20 goal Kodjia from his first season here fare in the premier leauge?
  3. Try your hand at ultimate team weekend league totally diffrent ball game all the comments above will make sense then
  4. Being Black my self I can’t see why comparing a player to a makeleke or kante is offensive its just one of those things If someone compared me to makelele I would take it as a compliment, I can take a lot of banter on the chin but the thing that gets me most about This chant Is the condoning / makeing fun of slavery , glad the club addressed it so soon dont want this great club to be labled racist just a small minority of fans that need educating .
  5. Hes basicly playing the Bernado Silva role or David Silva plenty of wide playmakers around the world
  6. Yes and you need to look at the cdms work rate aswel I got Rodri sitting in front of my back 4 he has high Defensive work rate and medium attacking so he sits even deeper and breaks things up
  7. I’ts a case of dragging your cdm back and holding L2 and timing the tackle or even bump in to the opposing player ,one wrong move with the last line of defence and boom they are in enjoyable so far though better than 19 and I have somehow managed to get in to division 2
  8. gwi1890

    Dean Smith

    “I’keep chopping and changing till I get it right” The great Tim Sherwood once said
  9. Hes a goal threat from anywhere really he can be invisible a pop up with a goal
  10. gwi1890

    Wesley Moraes

    He started like well closing down and working hard he missed 2 chances then shyed away from even getting into goalscoring positions stoped closing down yes he was against 2 really good cb’s but I did not like the fact that he stopped busting his gut to get to the ball , another criticism he should not be looking for the foul ever he needs to wrestle pass defenders regardless of arms round his neck and shirt, don't care if he misses chances as long as he keeps getting into positions and constantly being a horrible nasty thorn in defenders backside needs to implent a bit of diego costa into his game, he has it in his locker loved his performance against everton , think his probelms are more mentaly really.
  11. gwi1890

    Wesley Moraes

    He chicken out of missing another sitter there I think
  12. Totally missed Davis diagonal run and lost the ball!
  13. Best player on the pitch not his that McGinn was his only attacking option
  14. Hes been good in flashes he holds on to the ball to long at times Guilbert overlaps he should just use him sooner
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