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  1. gwi1890

    Dean Smith

    So lucky we had Conor (Conor Hourihane) , Jedi (Mile Jedinak) Jacky (Jack Grealish) Tammy (Tammy Abraham) to take the pens Should I type their full names and nicknames in evrey post from now on?
  2. Unlike him though probably the best penalty taker at the club
  3. Shame he really has lost his confidence
  4. gwi1890

    Dean Smith

    We tried to play football, we couldn't play through balls behind they where to deep, and crosses into the box where headed away from the 7 defenders on the pitch , they have reverted back to pullis ball might aswell bring him back buy chester and play him at left back.
  5. Though Kodjia would have taken the pen not him strange
  6. gwi1890

    Mile Jedinak

    Gotta to admire him tbf filled in when needed , feel hes been an asset sitting on the bench as a dressing room figure, seem to pep talk a few lads before extra time , possibly a coachin job for him in the future?
  7. Talksport called him Hoolahan, ffs the get paid to be pundits
  8. 100% agree, it was written for him to be captain, how would you replace Jack as captain its his team ,He is a captain in every aspect of his game his efforts against Blues and Rotherham leading by example he's not a hot head he gets hacked evrey single game and gets on with it. And to be fair he comes across really good in post match interviews.
  9. Like Roy Keane, Patrick Vieira , Eric Cantona? Hes not captain simply because we want to keep hold of him he gets Villa, the fans expectations , he’s vocal and for the past season and a half has looked a leader.
  10. Start with a 4 4 1 1 courtois lala varane (carnibal )rudiger carnibal mendy mbappe pogba debryne if zaha herrea villa I take herrea off for Ucl Allan or the new Ramsey card then switch to 4 2 3 1 narrow Herrera and a spanish manager gets villa on 8 chem
  11. Both good options he scored me 37 goals in this wknd leauge.
  12. Anyone want to squad up?
  13. Stick with falcao villa is clunky as hell does not feel 92 rated good off the bench though always scores in the box
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