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  1. 40 million on a player that can turn a game on its head, he would be the closest thing to Jack we had at the club
  2. Is Saint Maximin really that out of reach even if Newcastle stay up?
  3. The way I see it he won us 6 points this season the game vs Leicester and Southampton, Im sure Hourihane free kicks could have won as much
  4. I think we will see much more out of him, with better players coming in the summer he looks great when we are constantly on the front foot similar to what we were pre covid for the team.
  5. No doubt he’ll go where the money is and he’s one heck of a talent, but to address what you said about Kane and KDB , Haaland is as awkward as KDB personality wise
  6. It’s a shame that they are turning Haaland into a brand he should have come to the premier league on 100k- 150k per week and really prove him self he didn’t strike me as the type to go the same route as Neymar
  7. He’s not lightweight though he's gutless he has a the frame and strength to put him self about but he’s just a bottler
  8. Zero confidence a confident player puts his foot through that
  9. Anybody noticed he barely celebrates goals? He looks up and waits just in case var is going to screw him over as they have done numerous times this season
  10. gwi1890

    Keinan Davis

    Could he do that here? He’s no more mobile than a crocked Wesley not saying he’s poor but the build up to Burnley’s play is different to ours actually Burnley don’t have build up play they just win via jammy goals and corners.
  11. gwi1890

    Keinan Davis

    I don’t think you are, but Davis has much better ball control and pace
  12. Thats what we did tody
  13. gwi1890

    Keinan Davis

    True with Jack out he should start , If he’s not scoring he’s involved in the goals and free’s Ollie up
  14. gwi1890

    Keinan Davis

    Yes he’s skilful can pick a pass and actually has a decent shot on him I’ve never seen him scuff a shot or see it fly over the bar it’s either the post or a fantastic save from the keeper really hope he gets a start before end of the season
  15. gwi1890

    Keinan Davis

    Amazing what bullying a few defenders can do the fight be brought won us the game
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