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  1. And still we have the best defensive record in the league
  2. And its Liverpool and Man Utd fans that complain to the most, a friend o mine said he was cancelling sky and bt because Liverpool where not televised for Sheffield United match , despite the fact they where on sky on vs Everton previous weekend and BT sports for their champions league match
  3. When the ppv scheme was introduced it meant 2 months without Villa on tv, when we were in the championship we were on tv every week!
  4. gwi1890


    Don’t understand this so called wonderful job he’s doing there, he’s no better than Emery, Aubameyang is such a waste out wide, Southampton will be a tougher game than Arsenal for us
  5. Yes you beat us and congratulations either way we still have 12 points 4 wins and a loss, can’t win them all as you would obviously know
  6. Watching motd highlights now (watched the full game to) we were very unlucky not to be 2-0 up from the Grealish and Konsa chance
  7. I think we will finish above them, but I can’t see us beating them, I hated matches agains them in the championship, think Smith will get it right against them eventually similar to the way he got it right against Sheffield Utd a team we regularly struggled against in the championship and beginning of last season
  8. Bielsa is a better coach his team is fit and run through brick walls for him they are very unique, against any other team that off the line clearance from Jack’s shot wouldn’t have happened, and the result could have been different, Not saying Dean is a poor coach either , we where fine in the first half imo, they have serious quality out wide, and a fit aggressive midfield , technically I think our midfield is better and we did cause them Problems running at them the first half, our bench is worrying most managers would not get a tune out of them bar Bielsa I suppose. Disappointed in the way
  9. Mentioning Guilbert was kind of pointless to be fair nobody has made a scapegoat out of him he’s simply not good enough end of, Mings is not perfect by any means and deserves criticism for his mistakes last night, everyone has a off night and Mings has had a few but there has been plenty of occasions where he has saved our asses also
  10. I thought he was better than what people give him credit for last night ran at players in the first half, pressured Ayling for his mistake which nearly resulted in Jack scoring, their defenders where nervy in possession in the first half and he was constantly getting a foot in, unfortunately we let them grow into the game and they cut out the loose passes
  11. gwi1890

    Matty Cash

    It’s a bit like saying Ally Samatta or Scott Hogan didn’t get a fair shake
  12. To be fair I think VAR had a look at the shirt grab incident after, the fact that Bamford stood on Mings ankle made them look past it Imo
  13. gwi1890

    Matty Cash

    Guilbert is crap mate don’t give a toss what transfermarkit say’s either
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