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  1. gwi1890

    Your GOAT 11

    Not many did but him and carlos alberto both moved to usa, yet socrates played for fiorentina in that time pereiod , but yes I see it from your view point
  2. gwi1890

    Your GOAT 11

    Khan Cafu Nesta Maldini R Carlos Zidane Viera Ronaldinho Rivaldo Totti Ronaldo
  3. gwi1890

    Your GOAT 11

    Ronaldo and Ronaldinho reputations are both a bit tarnished by their lifestyles I suppose, but they are by far the greatest talents I have ever seen , Ronaldo was humiliating the likes of canavaro, nesta and maldini on a weekley basis in serie a , I know Pele scored over 700 goals but he played the majority of his career in brazil , not doubting his talent at all just saying he never got to prove himself in europe like many in his era like ,carlos alberto , garincha ect
  4. Will never forgive Southgate for the way he left , club captain wanted to win things ended up at Boro!! At least Barry left to win things
  5. Friedel Delaney Mellberg Laursen Young Barry Merson Grealish Carew Angel Agbonglahor
  6. gwi1890


    Brilliant in that Everton game, that performance always sticks in my mind , despite Trezuget’s goals none of his performances do
  7. gwi1890

    Pepe Reina

    At least he cares and is visually pissed at himself when he makes a mistake nobody else seems to care!
  8. Guilber idiot , I can borderline deal with him being poor but lack of effort I hate! Jogging never sprinting!!
  9. Indeed, I shrug every time WWE brings a legend back for a promo or anybody in general, Just they same old crap that doesn't make sense the occasional returning DX stuff is cringe worthy! AEW and NWA with occasional ROH is all the wrestling I need
  10. Anybody notice hangman page performing a few of Marty Scrull’s moves at revolution kick off the apron and chicken wing? I know Marty has signed a massive contract with ROH and is now head booker, but due to so many hidden references to him as of late wandering if RoH and AEW might form a working relationship?
  11. Amazing promo from Jake
  12. And we were superior to them on both occasions
  13. Alan Hutton ? Not sure if the actually played with Saha at spurs
  14. Kieran Richardson?
  15. gwi1890

    Keinan Davis

    All his missed chances on goal ar agonisingly close side netting or post , I can recal the ball falling at his feet and him scuffing a shot
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