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  1. Good for him wanting to play every week, Thanks Connor some very memorable moments a big part of our journey
  2. Jack was 80 beginning of the season until winter update
  3. Yes but there is a pandemic going on and nobody is spending big, We paid 1.5m for him I cant see us getting more than £5m for him dont think he is on massive wages but his wages are still going to be high for a championship club
  4. It goes to show how hard it is to make it at this level or any level for that matter, my Liverpool supporting friend said the future is bright for that group of players you have after the cup game , but in reality not many will make it regardless of how good they looked in that game you only have to look back on who has come through our academy over the last 20 years, Michael Standing was supposed to be a bigger talent than Barry but ended up being his agent , I remember Luke Moore scoring a hattrick against Borro and thinking this guys is going to be amazing but a bad shoulder injury ruine
  5. And it’s not like its a poor squad
  6. gwi1890

    Louie Barry

    Surprisingly strong for a small framed 17 year old, has a bit o a Messi like build
  7. Give this kid a year or 2 and we have a real player on our hands
  8. Boys have been great , this Liverpool kids couldn’t score against our second string last season but where applauded as if they won the champions league
  9. gwi1890

    Keinan Davis

    It’s weird its not like he miscues or scuff his shot really is it yes a few of his shots are straight at the keeper but I have seen others take poorer shots and go in but it never happens for Davis !
  10. gwi1890

    Keinan Davis

    I imagine he isn’t going anywhere until Wesley returns or we find a suitable replacement, a loan would benefit both parties if we had suitable options on the bench but I can’t see us moving for a striker this window.
  11. Yes this team has definitely benefited from not having fans in the ground
  12. Thought he worked harder and is working harder has the odd lapse in concentration the defensive side doesn’t come natural to him, still an absolute steal at £17m , Solanke was £20m and only scored 3 in 32 appearances for Bournmouth , Traore has overtook that already
  13. Insecurity from the Ellis and Lerner years? People can’t get their heads around the fact we are building something here
  14. We’re already playing without fear, were trying to win every game , most teams would have sat back against utd yesterday we went for it and deserved a point tbf
  15. And you could bet if it was the other way round our boys would be getting booked, soft penalty but reluctant to book for persistent fouling
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