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  1. gwi1890

    Henri Lansbury

    Hop he is fit enough for a start in sat , shame he got injured a few more mins under his belt and he could have come in straight for grealish.
  2. gwi1890


    Where do you start in a matter like this? As mentioned above Gary Cahil had nothing but good words for him he managed to forge a good career for him self from Kmac’s guidance unfortunately its the latter for the alleged victim, There have been plenty of bad things happening behind the scenes in football over the years , but you can only go on facts which remains to be seen/heard, My Grandfather was beaten with a Kane when he was in school for getting his time tables wrong, and got called all kinds of names under the sun by a sergant and in his teens he would suggest the guy is being sensitive, but times change and coaches need to move on with it I suppose.
  3. gwi1890

    Jonathan Kodjia

    It would be silly to sell him, I can only see a championship team in for him no need to strengthen our rival if we go up by all means sell him.
  4. gwi1890

    Tammy Abraham

    Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham to be precise
  5. gwi1890

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    He nulified the threat down the right hand side in Gibbs and Barnes when he came on, he reads the game well
  6. gwi1890

    Dean Smith

    Love it
  7. gwi1890

    Dean Smith

    Refreshing he has simply got on with it praised the quality of the squad and used the squad he has at his disposal, Steve Bruce though we were 6 first team players short! If Elphick and Steer were still here Im convinced he could take us up no problem without any Jan signings.
  8. gwi1890

    Anwar El Ghazi

    No our not he was on loan at San Jose prior to us
  9. gwi1890

    Ratings & Reactions: West Brom v Villa

    Funny thing is he was totaly embarassed by it
  10. gwi1890

    Ratings & Reactions: West Brom v Villa

    Nyland should have held on though, disgraceful for the officials not see it but we should have been 4 up Tammy had 2 easy chances
  11. gwi1890

    Dean Smith

    At least you have. 4th choice CB
  12. gwi1890

    John McGinn

    Great player, so unorthodox though he run like hes shoes ar took big for him and as if he has a bagpack on his back but boy is he effective .
  13. gwi1890

    Dean Smith

    Whats crazy is Im not 30 yet and I remember all of theese as young up and coming managers with a bright future
  14. gwi1890

    Glenn Whelan

    There are less mistakes in him now as he is not exepcted to strat evrey single game and play 90 mins , I think he made miatakes out of fatigue
  15. gwi1890

    Keinan Davis

    I think he would thrive in this system , he can pick a pass good hold up play, I saw him dribble through oppenets last season , good close control, he would get more opportunities in front of goal in our current system , he was handled terribly by Bruce as was Hogan , Lansbury , El Ghazi forzen out with no way back in must have hammered his confidence to play a run of games then not get a look in, look how inclusive DS is I always though of Bruce as a good man manager but truth is he is terrible . The soft spoken nice guy is bit of a front , Smith is more what you see is what you get by the looks of it