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  1. I've seen worse logos, I guess? Seen better, too.
  2. Nike has always been a pretty true fit for me, depending on how tall you are and the length of your arms and the size of your shoulders you might go a size up to account for length issues. When I was an XL in sizing I had to buy a XXL to make sure the length at the waist and arms was right. I'm 6'5" just for reference.
  3. The transfer fee funds were just resting in his account.
  4. Playing behind the US back line is far better experience for a GK than taking a trip to Swindon or Walsall in preseason.
  5. Holy shit, there is someone who is paid good money to advise this man and this is what they came up with? I gotta get a new job.
  6. "Let me criticize you for overreacting with this not-at-all-hyperbolic-and-ridiculous comment"
  7. Yeah, you've missed the point. Seriously, it's about the video and the quotes, that's the basis for the anger. I mean, someone even posted an image explaining it, not sure why you can't grasp it.
  8. Do you honestly think that the vitriol is because he's leaving for more wages? And, if so, have you read ANY of the complaint comments in this thread? You're either being obtuse, OR...
  9. I would imagine the answer would be 'I'm on 120k a week, I couldn't give a ****! His words now are irrelevant.
  10. Wouldn't care about him leaving if he hadn't made the video: that's the part that rubs me raw. It is not like such videos are commonplace when someone re-ups (you typically just get a half-smiling photo of player at desk in front of what is presumed to be the new contract), so to put one out there is duplicitous on his part, the club's part, etc. I don't begrudge a player who wants to better themselves, as careers are short, but the exception exists when the ruse of loyalty is tossed out there. If this is true and he goes, that's the part that stings. Fraud.
  11. Nonsense. I typically wear large tall shirts for sleeve length, and in this year's kit I have to have a XXL: I've got some room in it but it's by no means baggy. Previous Macron kits an XL of those would be fine, they certainly leaned more into a tighter cut this year. If you have the shoulders of an 8 year old girl, they'd run true to size, otherwise you have to climb the size ladder to find something that won't cut off blood flow into your hands and arms.
  12. If anyone who is dissatisfied with this operation goes to another game or spends a further pound on the club, they need to examine themselves. The club doesn't give a shit about fans save as revenue streams. Lerner can choke on his entire investment and be left to give the club away for all I care. No more money from me or eyeballs on games until these people are gone. See how they'd like an empty stadium for the Spurs game. THAT would create real change.
  13. You can lose, even by multiple goals each time, and not look lost and anemic. Points aren't the lone indicator.
  14. A club, like any good, is worth exactly what someone is willing and able to pay to have it.
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