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  1. Steve Bruce

    He's a highly paid, multi-millionaire manager, so I don't think it's much to expect the public face of our club to act with a bit of grace and class, especially after the dross he's served up for near enough a whole year now. Unless he's missed it, we're still not even top half in the Championship, so I'm not entirely sure that gloating is really what's needed, even after an admittedly very good result.
  2. London Terror Attack

    Champion? He's nowhere near as good as Madeleine McCann.
  3. What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I'm always up for something new. Go on, post something of theirs that's really good, I promise to give it a fair crack of the whip.
  4. What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Is that really one of their best? Poor imitation of Talking Heads that. Mediocre.
  5. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    That was all a bit dull really.
  6. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    Wildfire bombs mixed with Obsidian should take care of most of the white walkers and wights, then just have the dragons torch anything that's left. Easy this King of the North lark. Bend the knee!
  7. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    Just go back with the other two dragons. Stay a bit higher up maybe, and look out for the blue skinned slightly cleverer looking dudes. Burn them. Definitely burn the ones sat on horses. Win.
  8. What you eatin' there then?

    That sounds amazing. Does the fennel come through strongly in that, as it's one flavour that I really don't like.
  9. Scott Hogan

    Personally I'd sell Hogan while the memory of his spell at Brentford is still fresh in people's minds. I predict that in 12 months time we'll have another extremely expensive flop on our hands who we'll be stuck with.
  10. Scott Hogan

    He's a very limited, lower league player who we paid massively over the odds for. He basically needs a team built around him, playing to the limited ability he has.
  11. Steve Bruce

    I absolutely bloody loathe him. What a grade A tosser. "We are where we are" like it's a random sequence of events over which he has no input or control.
  12. Birkir Bjarnason

    Two feet?
  13. Scott Hogan

    Terrible player. He was lucky that we were desperate just as he had one good patch for Brentford, as lower league standard players sometimes do when a team is basically built around them. No way on god's earth is he a £15m standard player. We have bought some absolute shite the last few years, and he's rapidly turning into one of the very worst purchases of all.
  14. Steve Bruce

    Too chuffing right.
  15. What do you drive?

    Stuff you have to put into new diesels to reduce the emissions; my Range Rover Sport needs it. The Land Rover garage 'forgot' to tell me about it when I bought it, and they also 'forgot' to tell me that with their three year service plan, they have to top it up for free for you. It's a right pain in the arse. It's an 18L reservoir, but with no gauge to tell you when it's low. Then you get a warning light when it is low, but have to fill it up within 200 miles, or it won't let you restart the engine., There's also the diesel filter as well, which when it gets a bit full you have to do a Keanu Reeves style "Speed" bit of driving, ie drive at 50mph for at least 30 minutes to clear it, which is virtually impossible on the IOM.