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  1. These "standards expected of the armed forces". If a night out in Colchester is anything to go by, the bar isn't set stratospherically high.
  2. All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    I can only surmise that you are a soft southern shite!
  3. Other than the 17m people who voted for it, of course.
  4. The Paradise Papers

    I wouldn’t. They seemed more interested in dramatic shots of the reporter pretending he was in Mission Impossible than accurately reporting the truth. In reality, BBC “talent” is absolutely awash with avoidance in the form of PSCs.
  5. The Paradise Papers

    You obviously have no idea just how much anti-avoidance legislation has come into being in the last 10 years. Far, far more than in the ten years before that. There's been the disguised remuneration legislation, the introduction of GAAR, Accelerated Payment Notices, offshore intermediaries legislation, onshore intermediaries legislation, a crack down on SDLT schemes, the 2019 loan charge, DOTAS, POTAS and now the deal with all of the professional accountancy bodies (ICAEW, ACCA etc) that has made them change their professional rules so that it's against their conduct regs to advise on aggressive avoidance. I can name dozens and dozens of schemes that have been shut down by the above, and I know of lots of people who have for example, put their income through Mauritius in order to extract loans, and have come a massive cropper as a result of pnealties and interest.
  6. The Paradise Papers

    I don't think that Panorama had it right last night. My understanding is that an element of private use does not automatically completely preclude the reclaiming of VAT. There was also another completely wrong bit, where they were talking about the IOM government in relation to Apple. There's no party system on the IOM, so you can't have a complete change if there was no confidence in one party like there is in the UK.
  7. Quite how Margaret Hodge has the sheer cheek to be interviewed on these sorts of programmes has to be admired in a perverse sort of way. What with her completely non-tax avoiding family trust, set up for non-tax avoidance purposes, and her family steel company, which absolutely doesn't have a lot of companies in low tax jurisdictions set up for non tax avoidance purposes.
  8. Anybody CAN invest their money offshore, and if you're in any sort of large-ish workplace pension, chances are you probably have indirectly. The key to it obviously, is not where it's invested, it's how the returns are taxed. From what I've read, the Queen has paid the tax on the returns from the investment, so where's the problem?
  9. The Paradise Papers

    And did I really see Margaret Hodge actually saying that if you're involved in the public finances, that you should be whiter than white? Oh man...
  10. The Paradise Papers

    "What do the documents show? The files show the offshore empire is bigger and more complicated than most people thought. And even companies such as Appleby, which prides itself on being a standard bearer in the field, have fallen foul of the regulators that try to police the industry." Where do the files show that, exactly? I think that when you drill down, the files will show nine tenths of chuff all, really. The managing partner of Appleby in the IOM is a good friend of ours, and to my knowledge, Appleby on the IOM at least have never fallen foul of the FSA (the regulator) over there.
  11. Metal Gear Solid

    It is absolutely brilliant, there's just so much variety in the ways you can play, and at times it's genuinely bonkers. Just a couple of things stop it being the greatest game ever; the really piss poor microtransactions, and the botched second half. Oh and the opening scenes in the hospital which is as bad an intro to a game as there's ever been.
  12. Ni No Kuni 2

  13. Ni No Kuni 2

    Woo hoo, out in January 2018, and available for pre-order. I've gone for the stupidly expensive version, which comes with a vinyl LP and all sorts of other goodies.
  14. Scott Hogan

    He's a very limited player, and one that we paid massively over the odds for. Can see him going for around £5m in January. Hopefully, at any rate.
  15. Viewing / Buying a house

    Love the man cave photos. I’ve been after a globe drinks cabinet for ages so am well jel!