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  1. Risso

    Dean Smith

    You were moaning about Martin O'Neill when we were in the top 4!
  2. All of the defence have improved, both individually and as a unit. Obviously Martinez is a huge part of that.
  3. Risso

    Dean Smith

    Ramsey has done OK. Hasn't looked out of place at all, but then also hasn't contributed very much positively either, a steady 6/10 most time he plays.
  4. Risso

    Dean Smith

    There used to be a fairly rigorously enforced "post on poster" rule around here.
  5. Risso

    Dean Smith

    Agree totally. The facts back this up. Important few games coming up for Smith I reckon.
  6. Risso

    Dean Smith

    We've been averaging a point a game for the last 16 or 17 games. That's not comfortably midtable form at all, that's finishing 17th having had a relegation battle form. Looking at our remaining fixtures, I would put very good money on the fact that we'll get fewer than 6 points from our final 6 games, which would mean more than a half a season in relegation form.
  7. Risso

    Ice rink

    This lorry looked sad knowing that a crawler lane was coming up and it would be overtaken.
  8. Risso

    Dean Smith

    They've also spent nothing like the amount we have under Smith, and have Patrick Bamford up front.
  9. Risso

    Dean Smith

    I think the rest of this season will to be honest. We've been in abysmal form for months now and have taken 16 points from the last 16 games, ie relegation form for nearly half a season. Hard to see where the next point is coming from to be honest.
  10. Risso

    The Royal Family

    Seems to be in full disrepectful technicolour to me. Unless you can pick a them like VT? "Mawkish, sentimentality for idiots" perhaps?!
  11. A good measure of progress for us will be if McGinn is mainly a sub next season. He's not good enough for a top half of the Premier League team.
  12. Risso

    Keinan Davis

    Again, you're making things up that people haven't said. There is no 100% conviction that it would be any better. It might be just as crap, but until you try you won't know. What I can say with 100% conviction though is that the rigid sticking to 4-3-3 with Trez, Traore and El Ghazi isn't working.
  13. Risso

    Keinan Davis

    Nobody is presenting him as a great attacking sub. I'm not a massive admirer of his, but he came on last week and did what was asked of him, and was the catalyst for a much improved perfomance. So following on from that, why not give him a chance to see show what he can do? Traore has looked like George Weah's other cousin for weeks now, and I wouldn't have Ross Barkley in he squad for the rest of the season, much less play the fat waster. And if not Davis then, give one or two of the kids a try. One thing is for sure, the two out of three from Trez, Traore and El Ghazi isn't working at all, a
  14. Dismal. Watching him on the wing reminds me of watching Aly Cissokho at full back. A couple of times in 90 minutes he'll do something exciting, but for the rest of the game I'm wondering if the signal from his brain is actually getting to his legs properly. He has absolutely no idea of what you need to do to be a successful Premier League footballer. Makes no effort to win anything back, and provides no protection or assitance to Cash at all, nor does he create anything for Ollie. In short, an utter waste of money.
  15. Risso

    Keinan Davis

    Exactly. I'm not sure how many times Smith has to stick to 4-3-3, rotating the hopeless Trez, Traore and El Ghazi before he realises it's just not working.
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