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  1. Similar here, it doesn't mix brilliantly, but give it a really good shake and it's not too bad. It's definitely runnier than the properly made sanitiser gel, but as long as the alcohol content is high enough, it'll do the job. It seems to evaporate on my hands in the same way as the commercial stuff.
  2. Risso

    Dean Smith

    Why is this clown still our manager? Absolute garbage.
  3. Risso

    Ni no Kuni

    Hard to say without knowing any more details. It's normally quite forgiving in the early levels, but can be difficult in some areas if your level is a bit low.
  4. Bought the raw ingredients to make alcohol-based hand sanitiser from Amazon. Basically surgical spirit and aloe vera gel. Bought a load of little squeezy bottles as well, so going to make some for when I go to London and have to travel by tube, and give the rest to the neighbours, quite a few of whom are getting on a bit.
  5. The film was shite. Might give the book a go though.
  6. Obviously different cultures eat different foods, but I'm struggling to think of a worldwide pandemic that has been caused by eating oysters.
  7. 1% is going to translate into a lot of dead old people if this goes, er, viral.
  8. It's like ranking the last ten times you got kicked in the bollocks. Pretty well awful to a man, Smith included in terms of Premier League performances.
  9. Surely a mortality rate should be expressed as a percentage of those people who catch the illness?
  10. Risso

    Dean Smith

    It's all very well saying he takes responsibility, but when he then goes on a five minute rant blaming the players and saying they don't have the same mentality as he does, it all rings a bit hollow. He's out of his depth, and should have been sacked at Christmas.
  11. Quite agree, he's appalling, and the Director of Football/Head Coach set up just hasn't worked.
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