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  1. Manchester Arena Explosion

  2. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Would it really make that much difference? He could just as easily have walked into Manchester Victoria on a Friday at 6pm and killed 20 people, if not more. A suicide bomber walking down to the tram stop outside the Arndale on a Saturday would get just as many people. You can't stop crowds by changing where people congregate, you just move them elsewhere. I've been in the Trafford Centre when you've hardly been able to walk there have been so many people crammed in.
  3. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Yes, the term has the possibility to be ambiguous. Not when you walk into a packed gig full of kids with a bomb though.
  4. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Just about ALL religion is open to interpretation, and made up by people as they go along, which is why we have different religions and different sects within religions. And that is largely why we are in this mess in the first place. If you are so minded, you can attempt to justify anything you like via a religious text.
  5. Manchester Arena Explosion

    If he was blowing up innocent people in the name of Christianity, yes he'd be a Christian terrorist. The fact is though, there aren't many of those doing the rounds in the UK at the moment, just like we haven't got Hindu terrorists or Sikh terrorists driving cars into people or carrying a nail bomb into a concert hall full of kids. He's one of a very small minority of insanely radicalised followers of the Islamic faith, killing people in its name. So yes, of course he's a Muslim terrorist. Just like the bloke who drove into innocent people outside Parliament was, just like the murderers of Lee Rigby were, like the gunmen at the Bataclan were, etc etc etc. There's a huge problem with a very small number of Muslims, but it very evidently is a problem, and pretending it's nothing to do with religion isn't going to help find a solution.
  6. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Well that isn't the case, so not sure what that would achieve.
  7. Manchester Arena Explosion

    That's something we can agree on. As Richard Dawkins (probably) said, imagine teaching kids English, maths, French, biology and all the other subjects until they're say 12, THEN introducing the theory of a destructive, vain, murderous, magic sky fairy. They'd look at you like you needed locking up.
  8. Manchester Arena Explosion

    You've belatedly added the word 'solely' in there. The murderer last night was radicalised solely by Islam, unless you have any evidence to the contrary?
  9. Manchester Arena Explosion

    That patently isn't true.
  10. Manchester Arena Explosion

    It's really isn't. But anyway, this radicalisation you speak of. I don't recall reading about any any 'disenfrancised young white men' who walked into a pop concert strapped to a nail bomb with the express intention of killing as many children as possible.
  11. Manchester Arena Explosion

    What on earth are you talking about?
  12. General Election 2017

    Lots of people all over social media. edit: the post immediately before this being an example.
  13. Manchester Arena Explosion

    An eight year old little girl has just been named as one of the dead. I can't even start to get my head round that.
  14. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Because it's crass, insensitive and not worthy of you to be honest.
  15. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Christ, kids out enjoying themselves at a pop concert. There really are no lengths some sick **** won't descend to.