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  1. I really enjoyed Kill List. Loved the way it started out as a typical kitchen sink, dinner table drama, then goes absolutely bonkers. Sightseers was decent as well, although a bit daft.
  2. I could watch that scene on a loop for the rest of my life. Utterly brilliant. @mjmooney Have you watched it yet?
  3. I don't think he is. He'll be torn apart in the Premier League.
  4. He needs an entire season on loan at a decent Championship team. Even someone ike Derby perhaps.
  5. Yep, agreed, definitely. He's not quite as defensively weak as he was, but he's poor going forward, and definitely isn't good enugh for the Premier League.
  6. As opposed to the last season making the entire series pointless?!
  7. Yep, poor as piss all the way through, absolute pile of poorly written, terribly scripted old bollocks.
  8. Risso

    Dean Smith

    Leeds beat Derby three times. Now if you'd said four.....
  9. If we go up, I'd be tempted to rub Leeds' noses in it and raid them for Dallas and Phillips.
  10. Yep, it’s been utter shite.
  11. Yes, there was a big realm wide event that had to be completed to open the gates. Mostly comprised grinding for thousands of carapaces as I recall. I was there when they opened at about 2am, was a pretty cool one time only gaming event. Cleared AQ20 a few times, don't think I did much in 40 though.
  12. Bag of absolute shite. Again.
  13. Yes, the game is nothing like what it was "back in the day" whatsoever. Most classes use 2-3 buttons max now, I reckon you could almost play it on a console.
  14. It was a shock indeed, but in keeping with the last couple of series, it was handled rubbishly and very lazily, leading to all f the very good points raised in this thread. She's now lost two dragons to a solitary bloke chucking a lance, and a stationary fleet with a load of harpoons. Fly a bit **** higher and have a bit of a look around first, you dumb bitch.
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