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  1. Wow, did you think of that all by yourself? I think I've seen gyms, broadband and Sky TV mentioned on twitter so far today, and to be honest for a lot of the last three years, but anyway, well done for such an original quip.
  2. I think enough Labour MPs will realise that if they don't vote for it, there'll be a general election with a big Johnson majority and then something potentially far worse will go through.
  3. Risso

    Ni no Kuni

    Just fought one of those completely by accident, and all of my gang went up a couple of levels. Nice!
  4. Risso

    Tyrone Mings

    He's now my favourite ever Villa player. I haven't enjoyed watching a defender player in a Villa team this much since McGrath, and I think that big Tyrone will go on to eclipse even him.
  5. Risso

    Ni no Kuni

    Gaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Finally got the long-awaited hearts around a Dinoceros, but before I could serenade it, it got hit by the atrocious AI from one of the familiars and died! Noooooooo!!!!!
  6. Witcher is one of the three greatest games of all time, it's absolutely brilliant. Well worth sticking with, I almost demand you play it!
  7. Yes, that looks decent. Essentially a folding iPad, but with the ability to use different screens. Much more use than a flding phone I'd have thought. My immediate thought is "watch the game on one side, read the match thread on the other side"!
  8. Not so far no. All reviews have said they’re way too heavy. Any sort of visible crease would piss me off too. I do like the idea of them, but I don’t want to carry a phone that heavy, and if I want to watch a film or something on the train I take my ipad.
  9. There are far more example of socialism breaking down. That's the one 'ism' that's doomed to failure.
  10. Risso

    Ni no Kuni

    Yes, I've also had a few annoying crashes. Not so bad out in the world as you can save where you like, but in dungeons it's a right arse ache.
  11. Very good today. He offers so much more in an offensive sense than Neil Taylor, it's like night and day.
  12. Your recommendation is good enough for me. Going to get it as soon as I've finished NNK.
  13. Risso

    Wesley Moraes

    They didn't try hard enough then. Whatever the reason, it was a clear and obvious failure, and one that is now really hurting us. If we go down because of it, cries of "we tried to sign one!" are going to sound a bit hollow. More defenders and midfielders than you can shake a stick at, but a completely unproven lump as your main goal hope for the season. As I said before, utter madness.
  14. Risso

    Wesley Moraes

    To be honest, we should never have been left in the position where this guy is our main/only option up front. Absolute madness from the recruitment team.
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