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  1. Risso

    Wesley Moraes

    No pace, no ability in the air, can't trap a ball, can't dribble, weak shot. He's going to have to improve in an awful lot of areas of the game if he's going to be a decent Premier League striker.
  2. Risso

    The Film Thread

    Yes, watching it was a chore by the end.
  3. Risso

    The Film Thread

    Same here I'm afraid. Great acting, but far too long, far too slow, and the quality of the story telling was just a bit absent in my opinion. Scorsese-by-numbers.
  4. As well as the ones mentioned, the Forest ground is a couple of minutes walk from quite an upmarket bit of Nottingham. Bolton play in Horwich, most of which is relatively affluent.
  5. You seemed to be copying my output at one point Nays, however you've slipped way behind since.
  6. Erm, I wouldn't imagine so. I think the whole point of the advert is that post-Brexit, by allowing people with the relevant skills in from all over the world rather than people from the EU having priority, there will be ample opportunities to make sure the NHS is adequately staffed.
  7. You're right, we're not going to agree on this. A 'tax hike' is simply paying more tax. This could come about due to a number of factors, including increasing the tax rate, or reducing or scrapping allowances. The end result is the same though. And it's not just the married couples' allowance, it's the change to the tax on dividends.
  8. Blimey, talk about seeing what you want to see. Well, Boris Johnson is obviously always going to be white, so that's one of the three. And who's to say that the other two people aren't Polish or Bulgarian if we're talking about immigrants? What would you have said if the poster had pictured two Asian hospital workers, I would guess something like "Disgraceful, using token ethnic minorities to make it look like he's not racist."
  9. It isn't misleading at all. If the tax that people have to pay goes up, then it's a rise in income tax, pure and simple. They will be paying more tax, and that's it really.
  10. You don't think the watermelon smiles bit was him attempting to satirise Blair's attitudes to visiting the colonies? Not the cleverest or most subtle way of making the point, but he's clearly not just calling black people names to be racist.
  11. What has he said about black people that would cause the police to be called?
  12. And at that point I'm out, it's clearly not worth the effort of trying to have a sensible conversation on the subject.
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