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  1. Crap Hometown Clubs

    Do we really need to know what base your dad got to with your mum?!
  2. Selling a house

    We've just sold our house on the IOM. Exchanged contracts last week, complete next. Estate agent is a bit of a friend of ours, and sold it so quickly it didn't even appear on the website. Called him out one week, buyer was there with full asking price offer the next. Lovely.
  3. Tomb Raider

    Absolutely. As I've said before, I'm convinced that there's some sort of unwritten rule that says that Uncharted must be given 10/10 GOTY reviews at all times, just because it's a PS exclusive, with Tomb Raider not getting as much love, despite being a far superior game, for having the temerity to come out on X Box first. Gameplay - better Free roaming in hub areas - better Climbing - better Combat - better Weapons - far more varied Style of play - far more varied Puzzles - better Ah but it hasn't got hours of crap pseudo Indiana Jones talking bits breaking up the shite gameplay, oh what a shame, but FWIW, I loved the storyline of the lost tribe in the Himalayan valley, think it worked really well. I also like the "Lost" feel to the last one as well.
  4. Witcher 3

    It is vast and the menus are quite difficult to get to grips with at first, but the investment in time and effort is hugely worth it in terms of payback. And I assume you haven't even started on the expansions yet? The second one in particular, is amazing. In terms of opening up the map, upon finding a new area, I liked to ride round on the horse, finding as many signposts as possible, to make quick travel, erm, quicker. Even in areas where your level is quite a bit lower, you can normally outrun most baddies on your geegee.
  5. Sam Johnstone

    He's dreadful, incapable of making a single save. Their keeper kept them in it, ours put their opening goal on a plate for them. Send him back.
  6. Steve Bruce

    I'll be honest Steve, you're not looking a whole lot better than Roberto di Matteo right now.
  7. What do you drive?

    Squeal like a pig!
  8. Steve Bruce

    5 away losses out of 6, and we haven't scored in 5 of those. Pathetic. He may be fuming, but the poor sods who traipsed down to London won't exactly be smiling either.
  9. Czech Out Remoania Departugal Quitaly
  10. Tomb Raider

    Fair point. In fact the only slightly annoying thing about the new one is when she's talking about any artefacts you find. Every single description sounds like she's doing overtime on Babestation.
  11. Tomb Raider

    It was better in the last game. More boobage.
  12. Tomb Raider

    The map is a bit of a giveaway as to what dangerous beasts are around, ie wolves and bears etc. Depending on what weapons you've unlocked so far, they're usually pretty easy to off. The poison gas arrows being particularly effective. I don't think that's much of a spoiler as it's about the first thing you unlock.
  13. Tomb Raider

    I just love the pacing of it. You can either be an OCD completist like me, and do every little side q and pick every mushroom you see, or just get on with it and breeze through. Likewise with the combat, in most cases there are dozens of ways of offing people.
  14. Tomb Raider

    This article says everythig that needs to be said: http://www.gameskinny.com/ib9if/why-rise-of-the-tomb-raider-leaves-uncharted-4-in-the-dust " In the 90s, Lara Croft was the undisputed champion of the action adventure genre. But after more than a decade at the top, fellow adventurer Nathan Drake crashed spectacularly onto the gaming scene with his eyes on the coveted prize. Whether the iconic British explorer still offers the better gaming experience has been a topic that's been fiercely debated by players ever since. Initially, Uncharted arguably gained the more favorable following -- and for good reason. It pushed boundaries on PS3 with thrilling set pieces, likeable and multilayered characters and an atmosphere that perfectly encapsulated that family adventure movie experience. While in the latter part of the 2000s, Tomb Raider was still finding its feet with new developer Crystal Dynamics who struggled to really evolve the franchise's gameplay and character into something that felt relevant to modern gamers. This generation though has seen a complete U-turn for both franchises. Uncharted hasn't provided any real innovation since it's second installment - 2009's Uncharted 2: Among Thieves -- while the Tomb Raider series has not only managed to completely reinvent itself, but also effectively propel the genre forward for the new generation. Uncharted 4 undoubtedly has the stronger narrative, but staunchly focuses on its setting, story and characters to the detriment of the gameplay and ultimately the player's enjoyment. This is the first post-The Last of Us release for developer Naughty Dog, and it clearly suffers for it. The studio has seemingly forgotten that Uncharted'sstory isn't as strong or meaningful as Joel and Ellie's desperate struggle for survival, nor is it the main reason people play the game. The long, drawn-out narrative results in pacing that can only be described as awful, with bits of action-packed brilliance padded by sequences that are not only painstakingly lengthy, but also often wholly unnecessary." For me, Uncharted 4 was a horrendous borefest: Far too linear, with no real scope to explore. Really crap combat sections, with broken mechanics, and the whole thing felt that the role of the player was minimal, with the rubbish action sections a far too break between the less than riveting cut scenes.