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  1. Risso


    I think I'd rather play on the fast lane of the M6 than this!
  2. Dunno about that, I think there's a good chance our latest (#5 by the way, you're well behind now!) was as a result of the 7-2 against Liverpool!
  3. Yep, they're still together, living in Leeds (I think) and expecting a baby.
  4. I loved Knight Lore on the Spectrum, but then Ultimate were a brilliant games developer. Their 16K games like JetPac and Tranz Am were really playable, but then Sabre Wulf and Knight Lore seemed like they took gaming on in huge leaps. Knight Lore was immense, and paved the way for other superb 3D isometic games like Ocean's Batman and Head Over Heels.
  5. We had an Atari first of all (2600?) so either Space Invaders or Asteroids on that. The first home computer game I played was 3D Monster Maze on my mate's dad's ZX81. Not long after that we got a ZX Spectrum 48K and the first game I played on that was The Hobbit, as it came with the computer. I wonder how kids today would deal with 10 minute loading times, which often failed if you didn't have the tone button just right, and single pages of graphics that took several minutes to fill in line by line.
  6. I don't think he is, his tackling is really sub-standard. It's not what he should be used for anyway though, he'd be far better in a more offensive position, his range of passing is great.
  7. Risso

    Dean Smith

    You were moaning about Martin O'Neill when we were in the top 4!
  8. All of the defence have improved, both individually and as a unit. Obviously Martinez is a huge part of that.
  9. Risso

    Dean Smith

    Ramsey has done OK. Hasn't looked out of place at all, but then also hasn't contributed very much positively either, a steady 6/10 most time he plays.
  10. Risso

    Dean Smith

    There used to be a fairly rigorously enforced "post on poster" rule around here.
  11. Risso

    Dean Smith

    Agree totally. The facts back this up. Important few games coming up for Smith I reckon.
  12. Risso

    Dean Smith

    We've been averaging a point a game for the last 16 or 17 games. That's not comfortably midtable form at all, that's finishing 17th having had a relegation battle form. Looking at our remaining fixtures, I would put very good money on the fact that we'll get fewer than 6 points from our final 6 games, which would mean more than a half a season in relegation form.
  13. Risso

    Ice rink

    This lorry looked sad knowing that a crawler lane was coming up and it would be overtaken.
  14. Risso

    Dean Smith

    They've also spent nothing like the amount we have under Smith, and have Patrick Bamford up front.
  15. Risso

    Dean Smith

    I think the rest of this season will to be honest. We've been in abysmal form for months now and have taken 16 points from the last 16 games, ie relegation form for nearly half a season. Hard to see where the next point is coming from to be honest.
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