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  1. Risso


    If you've just started running, there's bound to be a few aches and pains from your body doing stuff it's not used to. If the aches last longer than a day or so, it could be the impact, especially if you've got a few pounds to shift. To be on the safe side, get yourself some trainers that absorb a lot of impact and see if they help.
  2. I really hope that that isn't the case.
  3. The epicentre of that is right under my old house. Would have saved me loads of time in plane and ferry journeys.
  4. Oh good, the clueless Dean is back, where giving the opposition 20 shots on target is OK, and Ross Barkley is playing well. You'd have to be an absolute dunce to think that Barkley is in anyway doing OK. Even worse, explicitly defending him after he's had two public strops at being subbed makes him look very weak.
  5. Risso


    When I started it a few years back, I found the first two weeks hardest. I'd look forward and see that in two weeks, I'd have to run non stop for *15* minutes and I'd feel sick at the thought of it. My suggestion is not to push yourself too hard until you can do the 5K without stopping, which you will by the end of the ten weeks, if not sooner than that. Then you can start building up your speed and reducing your times. And increasing your distances if you want to.
  6. Risso


    I bought some Hoka One Ones this week. Oh my god, thanks for the recommendation, they're brilliant. So comfy, but quick with it.
  7. Risso


    You need to be warming up a bit better I think. Spend a few minutes stretching and warming up before you even do the warm up walk would be my advice. There's the general "pain" of running you get when you start something like couch to 5K. The bursting lungs and the feeling that you'd rather die. This will pass as you get into it and get fitter. What you don't want are pulled muscles though, as this could stop you running all together. Don't do too much in other words. Couch to 5K is brilliant in the way it's designed to get you from doing nowt to running 5K in 10 weeks, but there's nothing w
  8. He's had three good games for us, been injured for a long spell, and now is taking weeks to get back to any sort of form. Not for me, thanks.
  9. 1 and 2 were abolutely brilliant, I think I just preferred 1 due to the greater depth and variety to the characters, but the gameplay in 2 was the best. 3 was good, but a bit like Game of Thrones on the tellybox, the ending bollocksed up what had gone before. And like Rocky V, I try to pretend that Andromeda doesn't exist.
  10. He's done knack all for weeks now. Starting to look suspiciously like there's a "must start" in the loan agreement, because I'm buggered if I can think of another reason he's starting games at the moment. Utterly anonymous.
  11. I'm with him. They get stripped so eaily, and you just end up with a round hole in the top. Flat, slotted screws all the way.
  12. Risso


    Late to this, but wanted to say "well done" on the sub 30 minute 5K. I remember how it felt when I did the same, it was a big psychological land mark. I'd been pushing myself, but could never get much below 31 minutes. Kept at it though, and my best time is 25 mins and a few seconds now. Would like to go sub 25 minures but everything starts to hurt a bit more when I push to try to get under 5 mins per K. As for watches, I've got a Garmin fenix 6 pro. Really good bit of kit that gives you ever metric you'll ever need.
  13. General elections aren't won by appealing to the fringes though. If Starmer loses the far left but gains votes from more left and central-leaning Conservative voters, he could win the election. He won't do it by appealing to the dyed-in-the-wool Corbyn fanbase.
  14. This may have nothing to do with anything, but when I transfer a photo from my iPhone to my Mac, it seems to default to the .HEIC format, which a lot of websites seem to struggle with.
  15. Good. Nice to have a grown up in charge of the Labour Party for a change.
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