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  1. Risso

    God of War

    What's the combat like? Is it especially button bashy?
  2. She looks like a 24 carat, copper-bottomed, tinfoil hat wearing nutjob.
  3. Risso

    Zelda - Breath of the Wild

    It's a brilliant game. As you are finding out, the exploration side of things is second to none, and the amount of stuff to do is ridiculous. However, it's just a shame that the main quest is a bit limited. Without wishing to spoil anything, I reckon it would be easy to finish the end game bit and not bother with any of the rest of the game like the four beasts in an hour or so. I liked all the temples, but the lack of proper dungeons is what made the game less than perfect. There is so much to do, I upgraded just about all of the armour, got a million recipes and weapons, all of the memories and so on, but the end game left me feeling that I needn't really have bothered. As much fun as just exploring was, it seemed to make it less than worthwhile.
  4. Risso

    Easah Suliman

    A bit of quote necromancy, but what Chris said is exactly right. One of the Cheltenham Town shareholders is a retired lawyer who was the senior partner in a big legal firm in the Cayman Islands. I had lunch with him last year, and when I said I was a Villa fan we got on to talking about football. He told me that they could see that Suliman was a decent player ability wise, but that he was nowhere near ready physically, so they sent him back from his loan early.
  5. Risso

    Lewis Grabban

    He’s 30 with not all that long left on his contract, so shouldn’t cost the earth.
  6. Risso

    Lewis Grabban

    He is brilliant. Led the line and held the ball up brilliantly when playing as the lone striker, but also dropped into good positions out wide when needed. Has pace, power and control. A fantastic player, and one we need to keep whether we go up or not. Got a superb reception from the away fans today.
  7. Risso

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Awful chav gear, really hope it’s not true.
  8. Risso

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

  9. Risso

    Keinan Davis

    I was responding to this point: "Because Kodjia, Grabban, and Davis all are similar forwards in playing style. Hogan at least provides a different service albeit very inconsistently."
  10. Risso

    Keinan Davis

    It really isn't.
  11. Risso

    Keinan Davis

    Grant Holt was an emergency signing who started 3 games for us. Delfouneso was a youth player who started 4 games. Bowery was a player who cost us a bag of crisps. I'd argue that they were all technically better footballers than Hogan, were more involved in games, and didn't cost us £12m. Bur OK, I reluctantly agree that Hogan is better than Helenius snd Bowery. There's damning with faint praise, then there's that.
  12. Risso

    Rogues Gallery

    That is absolute **** genius!
  13. Risso

    What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Same for me. I don't think I've ever heard a Grateful Dead track before, but I quite like that. That cover, not at all I'm afraid.
  14. Risso

    Scott Hogan

    3 touches last night. He really should be known as Cinderella.
  15. Risso

    Steve Bruce

    Well, 1 out of 2 wasn't bad!