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  1. Risso

    Tyrone Mings

    Terrible from him last night. After all the excitement of him signing last year, I actually now look forward to him leaving. He’s been rubbish this year. Sad.
  2. Yep, we had the Tesla X on test drive. The gull wing doors are fun, but other than that they're stupidly over-priced in my opinion. They just feel very cheaply put together and basic, and overall they look like a Ford Galaxy or something. The enormous iPad centre console thing is really crap as well. Some nice features, and they're batshit crazy fast, just not worth the huge amount of money one would set you back.
  3. That looks brilliant, I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. The menu looks really nice, and the equivalent of £50 for a five course taster menu is brilliant value. If I was you, I'd go for the wine pairings as well, as you get a nice glass to go with each course, and it'll enhance the experience for you. I find that restaurants with newly acquired stars are normally at the very top of their game, and the food will be very inventive, and the service top notch. A few of us went to Adam's opposite New Street in Brum last year, and it was simply brilliant. Not stupidly expensive, and the food and drink was amazing. Conversely, a couple of years ago I took my wife to Paris on the Eurostar for her 40th, and wanting to treat her took her to the 3 Michelin star Restaurant Lasserre. Absolutely bloody useless, in terms of the food and the overall experience. The grub was all vastly overpriced, nothing special at all, overcooked in places and just 'meh'. A starter of three sticks of asparagus with a bit of mushroom spit was something like €40. The service was incredibly snobbish and haughty. Places like that dining out on their reputation are best avoided in my opinion.
  4. I think the i-Pace is going to be my next car. Was planning on getting one just before lockdown, but then couldn't sell mine. This what I want more than life itself though, so hurry up and make them VW: https://www.topgear.com/car-news/concept/we-go-driving-and-surfing-volkswagen-id-buzz VW ID Buzz, ie electric camper van. Take my money!
  5. And we're due to move a to village just west of Leicester off the A47, to the west of Billesdon.
  6. The black line is I think, the actual city limits. The red line therefore those areas not actually classed as Leicester itself, but caught by the regulations.
  7. Our kids are at school in Leicestershire, a few miles out of the city centre, but only a couple of miles from Oadby which I've heard mentioned as one of the affaceted areas. Surely all that's going to happen this weekend is that the good folk of Leicester are going to visit other local towns and cities, thus exporting their higher levels of infection.
  8. "I think its better than the Qheen even ( IMHO ) because people get quite confused on where it can move and even people that play chess quite often overlook where a Knight can land next" I think that much is obvious!
  9. YEs, DAB is excellent. Much better than a few years ago, when it dropped out a lot while you were travelling. Never get that happening now.
  10. Risso

    Dean Smith

    What a dismal, insipid, uninspiring character he his. Should have been sacked yonks ago. He'll never manage at this level again, absolute rubbish.
  11. Risso


    Asphalt. As you say, not good on the joints.
  12. Risso


    I was very overweight when I started, quite a bit less now thankfully, so think I'm going to upgrade the trainers for something a bit less bouncy and a bit lighter. I've just broken through the 30 minute barrier for the 5K, after years of avergaing around 33-34 minutes. I think my fitness would let me go more quickly than that, but sadly not my back or knees.
  13. Risso


    I've started running again, as I decided I'd use lockdown to lose weight and get fit. Trying to do 5K 3 times a week at the moment. My trainers are New Balance Fresh Valance 1080v9. Loads of cushioning which is good as I have shit knees.
  14. Playing this again on the Switch, it's absolutely marvellous.
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