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  1. Risso

    Dean Smith

    Don't forget the hand signals. Never forget the hand signals.
  2. Risso


    Yes there are loads in rural Nothants and Leicestershire, and now we’ve got a nesting pair in our village. Superb birds they are.
  3. Risso


    Got this one today of a red kite that is nesting in our village. A very common site around these parts, having spread up from the breeding programme in the Chilterns.
  4. Risso

    In Vino Veritas

    I get through far more wine a year than is good for me. My favourites are whites from the Bordeaux and Burgundy regions. A good mineraly Meursault is just about the most perfect thing to drink that I can think of.
  5. I was briefly forced into being a sitter due to a broken foot. Not something I will be carrying on I can assure you.
  6. OTT wasn't kids TV, it was the adult late night version.
  7. That was my favourite cartoon as a kid, absolutely loved that. Also really liked Ulysses:
  8. Gomorrah is utterly brilliant, with it being back, and GoT also back, the next few weeks are shaping up nicely. I'm another one who never managed to get into The Sopranos or The Wire.
  9. Oi, please don't defame that noble flag and the world's oldest continually running Parliament by associating it with Toby Young! The last but two Chief Minister of the IOM was a hardware store owner from Castletown. One of the Finance Ministers was a neighbour of mine, a well-meaning but eccentric older lady whose sum total of economic understanding was to repeat the saying "neither a lender nor a borrower be." Both of course, would have done a far better job at this Brexit malarkey than the current UK PM.
  10. It cleared 4m last time, and was ignored. This time will be no different. Utter waste of time.
  11. I'm surprised that she's surprised. Hodge the Dodge is the biggest hypocritical rocket polisher Parliament has ever seen.
  12. I've travelled a fair bit in Eastern Europe, and in general the levels of racism there are much, much higher than in the UK. Last time I was in the Czech Republic I went to a Sparta Prague match. The levels of racism displayed by what were mainly a youngish crowd were abysmal. I guess it's mainly because there's always been a very low level of immigration into those countries, so as a result they haven't developed the multi-cultural tolerance we have over several generations.
  13. You haven't stated where 'here' is.
  14. You can't stand any form of hate but you've just called wherever you live 'very racist'. Rightio.
  15. Not to mention that he's an Australian, shooting people in New Zealand. Shocking, dreadful news. New Zealand would have been one of the last places in the world I'd have imagined something like this happening.
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