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  1. If there is a clause we seriously need to look at how we do them. In Spain the release clauses are ridiculous in terms of how much it costs to trigger it, basically they will never be triggered. If Grealish is £100m then the contract he signed is pointless. He could sign a 10 year contract but the buy out clause pretty much makes it worthless!!
  2. That out house Southgate hasn’t helped our cause. If he had played him more during the summer it might have been enough for Grealish. Still baffled the amount of our own fans who backed Southgate!
  3. Grealish wants to prove how good he is and I can’t say I blame him. Playing CL football week in, week out will help him prove this. Probably looks at the likes of Mount and gets frustrated that players of a lesser quality are keeping him out of the England team. 40 years of supporting our great club and I can honestly say I l’ve never been that bothered about a playing leaving up until now. Will seriously annoy me if we only get £100m for him as well. It just seems so cheap when you add the premium for English players. Feels like we had taken one step forward but this would definitely be 2 steps back, very annoying!
  4. I saw this on Twitter yesterday, thought it was quite ironic as the poster is probably the biggest bedwetter I’ve come across on Twitter, he is embarrassing at times!!
  5. Not sure but I think he’s just posted a image of himself celebrating his goal at West Ham last season as it’s been a year to the day. Seems like a lot of people are reading far too much into it, not like Villa Talk to over react though.
  6. This, we’ve had so many players out for months with what are minor injuries. Genuinely don’t get why we are not transparent with them at the start.
  7. WHY

    Douglas Luiz

    Just saw the whole video and he takes a terrible touch which leads to the counter attack. He then shows an alarming lack of pace and strength, pretty much sums Luiz up imo. He’s physicality is his biggest problem, gets muscled off the ball all the time.
  8. WHY

    Douglas Luiz

    That is a shocking sending off, he hasn’t done anything there other than having a serious lack of pace.
  9. WHY

    Keinan Davis

    He needs to play matches for his development, he won’t develop with 10/15 minute cameos.
  10. WHY

    Wesley Moraes

    Problem is, he hasn’t come back from injury though. He barely looks like he has a jog in him, let alone a sprint. Currently doesn’t look like he will play football at a decent level again. Hope I’m wrong but look miles away from the standard needed.
  11. WHY

    Lamare Bogarde

    People questioning whether he can play CH. He’s 17 ffs, of course he can pay CH, anybody who watched the last 2 games with half a footballing brain can see this. He has all the attributes to be a top player.
  12. WHY

    Keinan Davis

    Don’t write this kid off, he will never get lots of goals but is a handful. Get him out on loan and let him play games. He reminds me of Michail Antonio, he can work the channels well and give defenders a hard time. Also MA didn’t begin to blossom until he got to 27, before that he was a bit of a journey man.
  13. I don’t read much into friendlies but that was as bad as it gets. Awful for pretty much the whole game. We desperately need a proper DM to be a leader in there. Thought Chunk looked decent and Davis put himself about but other than that the rest were poor.
  14. Couldn’t agree more, Sanson will need time once he’s fit. He was an odd signing for me. Not sure he’s the type of player that we needed but hopefully he comes good.
  15. Stupid from Wes, it’s a red all day. Wasted a chance to get some fitness.
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