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  1. Smith did say he would be back after the international break…didn’t say which one though. Think we won’t see him again until December.
  2. Sam Allardyce was using analytics 15 years ago at Bolton.
  3. WHY

    Austin MacPhee

    100% this, is harder to clear a throw in from a defenders point of view than it is a corner. The trajectory and pace is completely different to a corner, it causes more confusion. Fans moan like mad when corners aren’t played into the box from a corner, so why wouldn’t you do it from a throw in, if you can!
  4. Only saw the 2nd half but everyone went to the back post, can’t believe the Israel’s never worked it out, apart from the one they scored off
  5. WHY

    Cameron Archer

    Look at Harry Kane’s record out on loan. You wouldn’t believe he would go on to potentially be England’s all time leading goal scorer.
  6. He wasn’t great yesterday but neither was anybody on either team apart from Martinez and Son. I actually thought he improved 2nd half and was having an impact on the game when we scored. I thought Smith got in wrong subbing him when he did. We were on top and bringing a sub meant we lost a bit of momentum we had built up. Not blaming anyone for yesterday though, we just wasn’t at it as a team.
  7. WHY

    Douglas Luiz

    Back to usual today for me. Their first defender is going to have a headache tonight.
  8. They have been poor and were poor today. We were just worse than them.
  9. Final ball was awful, thought both teams were poor. Son was the difference today. You play as poorly as we did, you deserve to get beat.
  10. Both teams have been poor imo, awful game to watch. If we can get an early goal second half we can still win this. We need to massively step it up though.
  11. Watched 5 mins and turned it over, how have the BBC managed to break a simple format that used to be a decent watch. It’s unbelievable bad!
  12. WHY

    Kortney Hause

    Same team for me, would send out the wrong message to me if Hause is dropped. Did nothing wrong and scored the winner. With the exception of Martinez we now have a team/squad where no player is guaranteed to start.
  13. Genuinely don’t think our wage budget has gone up much. We have lost: Grealish, highest paid player Barkley, second highest paid player Elmo, Taylor and Heaton, add to that the players we have out on loan and I can’t see how it has increased that much. Bailey and Buendia probably replaces the Grealish wage. Ings will be on less than Barkley and Axel will be on par with Heaton. Elmo and Taylor’s probably covers Young’s. If it had increased it will be negligible imo.
  14. WHY

    Douglas Luiz

    Never been a massive fan of Dougie but he’s improved this season, hopefully he keeps improving. Would love him to prove me wrong.
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