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  1. I love Jack Grealish.
  2. Quite good isn’t it.
  3. With his footballing brain I can tell you the DM role or anything remotely central role will be an utter disaster.
  4. He was absolutely shocking under Sherwood but put 100% effort it...when Sherwood left so did his effort.
  5. I would if I was you not read this thread until you've watched it, it says spoilers in the title. I don't do any social media or anything.
  6. Oaks

    U.S. Politics

    It's almost impossible to assassinate a president these days. If they wanted to get rid of Bernie...it would be best to do it now.
  7. Apparently there's going to be 8 series.
  8. Credit to him...there was 8 million reasons for him coming over, Joshua is the money at heaveyweight Martin knew that when he lucked into bring champion.
  9. I doubt Tom Fox is their show runner.
  10. Oaks


    I still find it ridiculous that some people see this and the Ched Evans case as almost grey areas so not really that serious. It disappoints me.
  11. Oaks


    Yeah I definitely feel that Margret Byrne has literally taken one for the team.
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