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  1. Oaks

    New kits 24/25

    That West Ham kit is nice.
  2. I can definitely see England stumbling getting to the final and getting battered. All the really good teams are on the other side of the draw. But bloody hell it’s horrible to watch.
  3. His performance in those tournaments are vastly overrated. You’ve proved my point.
  4. Bellingham is just a lot more switched on, more intelligent and articulate than Jack “best day of my life” Grealish.
  5. There’s no way Grealish leaves city he’s too marketable for them and that’s the point of the city sportswashing. the only way he returns is if he runs his contract down leaves on a free and takes a massive wage cut. I doubt it ever happens.
  6. Reading some of this thread you would believe Torres cant defend and Mings was a clobbber who cant pass the ball.The truth is Torres is a very good defender with some weaknesses, and Mings is good with the ball at his feet just not as good as Torres. Some very odd takes in this thread
  7. His answer to the question was “we are playing a lot of matches”. was a mistake by Emery.
  8. Doesn’t help when he said defending set pieces isn’t a priority after conceding every week atm. the veneer seems to be coming off his personality like Klopp before him. Strange reactions to perfectly fair questions. I still think he’s had a good first season, but has to adapt especially with European football next season his team look gassed. mate
  9. I think Unai said somewhere they noticed him when doing prep for the Boro game.
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