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  • Posts

    • The Randy Lerner thread
      Your mocking of heyanty was based on he wasn't an accountant. 
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      Only in thankfully unaired episodes of the twilight zone.
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      It's become sort of clear to me that we made a big mistake last summer in trying to buy an entirely new team. It doesn't work like that. If you look at Chelsea's success, they had most of it with a lot of the squad that Ranieri built. The same with Ferguson over the years with the players in his youth squad. Liverpool won the Champions League under Rafa with the team that Houllier built. It seems as if what these successful teams have in common is that they weren't thrown together over a summer, but grown over the course of several seasons. People say that the Beckham/Nevilles/Butt youth team that brought so much success to Utd happened because they were all so talented, but really it had more to do with the fact that they had been playing together for so long.  Often we look at managers like Wenger and Ferguson and think that it would be great to have the same manager for more than a season or two because stability from that point of view often brings success, but it's actually because they've kept faith with their players over that time, while a new manager would have been more keen to put his stamp on things. Successful managers stick with the old guard when they come into a club. The transfer policy during the summer was to bring in as many good young players as possible, get them playing well together and then sell them off in a couple of years at a huge profit. A bastardized attempt at a Southampton.  Rather than bringing in 12 players and upsetting the club entirely, we should have spent big on replacing Vlaar, a good chunk on replacing Delph, Cleverley and Benteke, and then someone in at Left back as well. Instead what we have is a big squad, a quarter of whom are speaking French and we're getting relegated. It was FIFA thinking that we could replace the entire team and compete. I'm not sure all the players know each others' first names yet. We'd have a lot of shit players in our first team, but at least they'd know each other. You can't replace an entire squad over a summer. It's just stupid and has never worked before. Look at the promoted teams and the amounts they've spent on their teams compared to ours. What they have that we don't is that their players have been playing together longer than three months. You know when a new player comes into a club and people say that it'll take a while for them to settle. That's what our entire squad is attempting to do.
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      The accounts are published documents. You don't need to speculate; you can read them yourself. You can then 'spout' with more information behind you. So far this conversation has consisted of you saying you can't believe we were making a loss until recently, other people pointing that we were, and that you can read this in the published accounts, and then you saying you can't believe we were making a loss again. What else do you want people to tell you? 
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      LOLWOTNO? Do 40,000 people watch sets of accounts being prepared?
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      Possibly but he can't get a free hand in all this.

      He came in with 27 games to go. With us four points from safety. A tough ask but doable for me. I thought under Sherwood that we had as good a squad as at least half a dozen other sides and I still think the same. For me Sunderland, Bournemouth, Watford, Norwich, Swansea, West Brom, Newcastle are not on paper better than us.

      If Remi can't improve quite dramatically on his predecessors 0.5 points per game ratio this season then we chose the wrong manager. I think we needed some new manager bounce and needed a win within the first 3 games to give us something to build on. It has not materialised though and the pressure has increased as we are further from safety with less games. I fear we will get nothing from the next two games and Remi will be 5 games in with 1 point on the board and if that is the case, then regardless of what went before, that is not good enough.

      Clearly it is way too early to make any kind of judgement on Remi but if come the time we go to Newcastle we are till sitting on 5 points then we can safely assume the change in manager will have made zero positive difference in terms of us being competitive and giving ourselves any chance of staying up which would render changing manager pointless.

      There is no doubt that Remi comes across well but results are what he will be judged on. I know many fans were way more exited and pleased with his appointment than they were when Sherwood came in to replace Lambert and being honest I also found him an intriguing appointment. Bottom line is though that whether some liked him or not Sherwood came in last season when we were on a dire run and was tasked with improving results and keeping us up. He achieved that which meant he started the following season with us. The same has to apply to Remi and he needs to show something and a decent upturn in results to maintain belief in him going in to next season regardless of what division we are in.
    • Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe
      Sure, let's  throw some dull cynic remarks at the one with the Israeli flag as an avatar. I guess you will be able to run these smart lines with the ISIS diplomats you'll engage, trying to come to an "agreeable" solution. I don't appreciate the cynicism. ISIS, whether you like it or not, is a deadly organization which aim is plain and simple - establish a Caliphate. Sure - you can try negotiating with them. Please let me know when you'll be able to contact their "ambassadors" or minister of foreign affairs, to try and begin these negotiations. I guess those poor sods who needed to ventilate some of the pressure by shooting in Paris will appreciate your thoughts. Or maybe those who were captured in Iraq and told how they were using blunt knives to decapitate their prisoners, in order to enhance the suffering of those dying anyway. They only need someone to understand their motives for such atrocities. They are not to blame and even if we do blame them - we can fix them! We can talk them out of it. Words, after all, worked wonders throughout human history. Many atrocities and vile acts were prevented by words.  You can blab as much as you'd like. This will not change the fact that an army of Islamic terrorists runs amok, committing horrible atrocities at Muslims (so horrible that even Israel dare not commit!!!)  while fighting the Syrian "lawful" regime, which already bombed and killed hundreds of thousands of their own citizens (dropping barrels filled with explosives! This is so vile that even the satanic Israelis never took such acts)... ,and you think this can be won by using words. Sure - you know it all. The number of Syrian and Iraqi casualties are staggering, but... nah. Let's talk - this will make everything better! I am sure they'll opt to talk with you just as soon as they'll finish raping those 8 year old Yazidi girls. Then they'll be more... willing to listen to reason. I guess that's why up to this point ISIS killed people on European soil than on a Israeli one, despite Israel sitting on the doorstep of this mayhem. That is why there are many more Europeans recruiting ISIS that Arab Israelis. There is nothing like an innocent 18 year old Austrian who look fondly at these freedom fighters, who will beat her to death a couple of months later for trying to escape. 

      We know this territory. We learned how things work here and that is why there is a unity between Jews and Arabs here in regards to ISIS. We, whether you like it or not, have long realized that words work only in some regions. The middle east is not one of them. 
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