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  1. what I get from that tone is mostly sarcasm. Like they would only consider 15 mill for Alvarez if Jack, and both Emis were included in the deal
  2. He retired altogether from football at the end of 2020 because of recurring injuries
  3. Well, yesterday he started his second game and scored for the first time in his career. He seems to be ahead of a lot of players in Colombia in terms of technical ability and physical development even though he's still a little lightweight. If he keeps working like that he'll be better than his dad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAukHWW89tw&ab_channel=PoppyLol
  4. JPA's son Tomás Angel just signed his first professional contract with Atlético Nacional
  5. He will be a free agent this summer I just found, so he's now available to start negotiations with whatever team wants him
  6. https://youtu.be/sDL8u84zVag Rafael Santos Borré has a similar playing style to Watkins, and the system Gallardo uses for River Plate demands constant pressing from him. He already has European experience at Atletico and Villarreal, also River lost the first match of the Libertadores semifinal against Palmeiras 3-0 so they're virtually out of the competition. He hasn't been involved that much in the national team because of the competition, mainly Duvan Zapata and Muriel from Atalanta both of whom are playing at the highest levels of their careers. https://youtu.be/vs0MU8qoFGc
  7. the good news is we're still in the game, as much as I hate United they're in excellent form and have good players. They have the chance to be level on points with Liverpool so it can't get more important for them to win. Hopefully Jack can make some magic happen to open up spaces, got to be clinical though with any half chances we may have
  8. what is Jack Grealish doing?! unreal, had 4 fulham players running behind from the line
  9. Cheers! I think so too, but only because he'll be playing Champions League next season with Porto. If Villa could sell the project of challenging himself in the Premier League, and pay him well, and from what what I understand the club is in the financial position to do so. Imagine Grealish playing with Diaz
  10. After a very good season at Porto, I'd love to see Luis Diaz sign for Villa. Very tricky fast left winger/forward full international for Colombia. Would cost around £30 m https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkFEHLhecjY
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