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  1. QldVilla

    Dean Smith

    I questioned whether the club was ready to be promoted and during the season thought we were in real trouble. Smith has shown a little naivety as any manager when their first time in the PL. But to his credit and a little luck, he was able to turn things around and have the players believe. We will be a better team next season, the inexperienced PL players now have 30+ games under their belts and will some astute signings, we should move up the PL table. Up the Villa.
  2. QldVilla

    Dean Smith

    Modern coaching is not like 20-30 years ago and you treat athletes like an army unit. Each athlete has to be treated like an individual and it is the coaches responsibility to meld those individual personalities into the team unit. You challenge each athlete individually, but also within the framework of their positions within the team. Its easy to look from the outside and say a coach should be doing this and that, but you don’t know what is going on on the training field and behind close doors and how this effects the decisions for game day. I believe Smith has been a little naive in his first season in the PL, but it’s whether he learns and grows from those experiences that matter. Theres not a lot of difference from where the club is and being a top 10 team. When it’s confirmed today we will remain a PL team for next season, we make the right 5-6 signings, we should be close to cracking the top 10.
  3. Agree, if we stay up and the owners are serious, they’ll buy the quality players needed to keep the good players at the club.
  4. Agree, it’s probably the toughest out of three games. It will depend how Moyes sets up, he’s not going to sit back and counter like they did against Manure. Smith will need to get his tactics right and we need to play for 90min.
  5. Don’t think it matters, Moyes will want to win and they are playing for him.
  6. I believe we are going to need a point. Arsenal will beat Watford, but have a feeling Bournemouth will roll Everton. I don’t see West Ham relaxing, there manager will want the 3 points.
  7. If he’s going the club obviously decided to let him go. Personally would have liked to see another season at PL level, but again think he’s only a squad player and we definitely need better wingers if we stay up.
  8. I thought that was more to do with if the club went down. There’s a player there.
  9. I’d seen enough of him this season to believe there’s a player there, for me he’s a bit of a goal poacher, bring him on last 20 minutes and get you a goal. Reminds me a bit of Tim Cahill, orthodox but pops up in the right places to get those goals. He’s a good squad player in PL, but limited in what he can bring at this point. Maybe another season in PL he will progress?
  10. Grealish being captain has never sat comfortably with me, the lad is brilliant, but didn’t believe he needed it to improve his game, sometimes I believe it hampers it. For me McGinn should be the next captain.
  11. QldVilla

    Dean Smith

    Some interesting comments in the last few posts regarding Smith. There were problems with out performances going back as far as early November. I think Smith went into his first PL season with a little naively and this was highlighted in some of the performances early on in the season and probably cost us 5-6 points. And as much as the League Cup run was great, how many points did that possibly cost us 2,3,4 points? im of the opinion that the club wasn’t ready for promotion, but I want to know more about the transfer strategy and whether the Manager got his players, or sacrifices were made to get so many players in? Because of this, I believe the whole club is at fault, if we go down I’m still willing to give Smith the opportunity to set things right and by that, automatic promotion.
  12. QldVilla

    Dean Smith

    He didn’t say anything, so not sure what is spot on. He believe we should be safe from relegation, but that’s an opinion, with little or no facts to support it. Try again.
  13. QldVilla

    Dean Smith

    I believe your looking at this from a glass half full perspective. Maybe try looking at the reasons why the performances haven’t been good enough to safely navigate relegation, which there is still a small chance to do. Your whole argument is based on performance of the team, but if you unpack this, you find varied issues and more complex issues, than the manager not achieving your result. Try again.
  14. QldVilla

    Dean Smith

    Nope! If that’s your methodology, can I sell you some magic beans?
  15. With COV-19 and the impact on clubs finances, I don’t expect there’s going to be high transfer fees, except from the very rich clubs. With this, clubs aren’t going to give their players away unless they get what they are worth, so it’s easy to say we’ll loose this player and that, but in reality outside of Grealish, we aren’t going to get the same as we paid for Mings, so does the club make a $10m loss? I don’t believe so. There’s deals to be done, maybe loans in the other direction, but I don’t see as many going as some have suggested. And maybe some of these players will give the club 12 months to set it right.
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