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  1. That’s your opinion and you also have the luxury of not having to coach the players, set the tactics and have your methodology tested. He now has options and will play different formations to suit the opposition to get the best outcome for the team.
  2. If you had of watched him at Celtic you would have a different opinion. Plays when he feels like it and doesn’t like to work.
  3. Your conclusion is a contradiction. Of course a coach, like Pep, isn’t going to change his tactics to suit JG, it’s one player, but he wouldn’t have signed him if he didn’t believe he would fit or could develop into how he sees his role in the team. With regards to Mancini, yes he set the tactics he wanted to play, but selected players that would fit into the style he wants to play. With regards to Smith, he has still been naive with some of his tactics, but that was to be expected by someone who had no experience at PL level. He thought he could play a certain way similar to how he played in the Championship and soon realised he didn’t have the players suited to that style of football. Hence, when he had the opportunity became more pragmatic, but subsequently in every transfer period since has targeted players who would suit the style of football he wants to play and now we are starting to see what that will look like.
  4. Believe he was always there. A good manager sets the team up to suit the players skill level. He now has better players he can trust to carry out more complex tactics.
  5. Agree with this, but has changed over the years. Remember as a youngster having posters of Aitken, Little, Mortimer up for over a decade on the walls of my bedroom. As time has passed I would say the last player that worthy would have been Mellberg, Barry would have been ripped down. It has always been about the club, but we don’t seem to have those iconic players we used to admire.
  6. QldVilla

    The NSWE Board

    Yep. I don't get all the banter, people reading things into documents and coming up with worse case scenarios. They wouldn't be putting their money into infrastructure and youth if they had short term aspirations. It's going to take 10-15 years to build the infrastructure the club requires to catch up to the elite teams, we don't have the luxury of being able to game the system like Man City and Chelsea were able to do. The club didn't quite take their opportunities through a few sliding doors moments in the 80's, 90's and 2000's and we've left a huge gulf between us and the so called Top 6. We need to be patient, as I truly believe these owners see what could have been and are going about it the proper way to rectify it.
  7. We’re undefeated in 2 matches, to say we need to start winning matches, does not reflect our current situation.
  8. I saw the interview that JG had and thought he was dismissive of Villa. I don’t fall into the he’ll become a better player, he could have still become a better player at Villa. There’s a tonne of players around Europe who play CL football and come to the PL and struggle. Some would say he was always at that level playing for Villa. The arguments don’t hold up, they are just convenient excuses. The interview just confirmed my thoughts, IMO a real Villa fan wouldn’t ask for a release clause. With regards to Ash, he always wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to Villa, it’s far more refreshing than faking it, or being a plastic supporter. Shouldn’t matter were he works, he was honest and was honestly gutted when the transfer occurred.
  9. QldVilla

    Paul McGrath

    Really enjoyed this interview, Legend.
  10. Well said. The very good coaches are always learning, know their limitations and don’t let their ego get in the way.
  11. I think this is about right. Get this feeling now with JG gone its more about consolidation and getting experience into some of the youth players. We should get around 50-55 points and whatever that brings.
  12. Doesn’t mean anything, it’s early season, most teams haven’t played their best football and won’t for a few more games. Our only way is up.
  13. 4 points from 3 games averages out as 50 points for the season, that would be the lower end of an acceptable season. We have had an interrupted pre-season and several injuries to key players, it’s too early to make any assumptions.
  14. I was a bit sceptical when his show first popped up on my YouTube, but he’s won me over. I prefer someone breaking down the tactics, what new transfers will bring to the team. A few of the current shows just seem to repeat the same viewpoints every week with no real substance. Think he’s a point of difference from some of the other shows and good to have a mix, they will find different listeners based on their individual content.
  15. And a significant coaching licence and proven experience in recruitment at a professional club in a highly rated league etc etc, … FM 21 experience not considered.
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