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  1. Sterling is a bit of a blunt instrument, fast yes, but not enough creativity for me.
  2. I like what your thinking and would love to see Tammy back, but have the feeling Smith is going to give Wesley a chance and if we do go for a Striker will be something different to Tammy, who is more physical and offers us something different.
  3. No... but have the view that Chelski will move some players on in the summer with Barkley being one of them, he might be available for far cheaper. I'd have him to sit on the bench at 12m.
  4. Not sure about the war of words, because I certainly haven’t been part of them. I wasn’t a fan of Smiths appointment, but when he’s in the job, you support the manager. I was also quite open on this forum as early as November 2019, saying that I thought we were in trouble with how we were playing. The concerns with Smith are valid, but they aren’t all of his own making and he continues to learn from his mistakes and improve as a manager. Time will tell whether the project grows too fast for him or he continues to grow with it.
  5. It’s ok to have an alternative view point, but you have to consider all the facts, rather than just those that suit your narrative.
  6. There's a lot of unknowns with regards to Barkley, that only the coaching and medical staff know. They probably should have brought him back slowly in the beginning, rather than dropping him in the deep end, this was a huge error. Saying that, he has the next 5 games to show what he is capable of, I don't think it will change the opinion of the club, but at least he can leave with our gratitude should he play well and we go on a run.
  7. Don't believe my point of view has changed maybe just expanded, as the issues are still there in the midfield, however I'm trying to look at the whole season holistically. I don't know whether COVID had an impact on the squad at all, but I also don't expect Smith to come out and say it had either way. What I do know is the players would have lost some fitness while they quarantined and while they put in a strong performance for the month after they played two games a week, Smith didn't rotate the squad enough and they looked emotionally flat for the following month. While we have a
  8. I don't think it is as simple as a regression in points and it pointing to the form of the squad. We were very good up to the new year, we then had a COVID outbreak and we have no idea how or for how long it impacted on the team. IMO, we did very well to play twice a week for 3-4 weeks in a row, as it was quite difficult to come up in the latter parts each game. We then saw the drop in form, even Jack, and was the cause a psychological drop in intensity due to COVID and having to play all those games within a small time frame? These are some of the outstanding questions that only the
  9. Yes, but your focussing on outcomes. The issue has been goal scoring and it has been predominantly because our best player has not been available for the past 8-9 games. As I stated in another post about 10 days ago, if we scored one more goal per game over that period, we would have another 12 points and be equal third and in the Top 4. So what is the problem the manager and general play or our best player missing and we are possible 1-2 quality players short in attack? It call comes down to what information you want to use to prove your narrative.
  10. I don’t see how the last 6 games proves anything. Three of the games were against Plop, Man City and Spurs, the other three, were 2 draws and a win. No one battered us, we have been in all games, our goal scoring has been the biggest issue in the second half of the season.
  11. Don’t know if I’d go as far as saying it is our fault, but it is part of the risk. We can do all the scouting in the world, all the psychology testing etc etc, but there are always some uncontrollable’s that can’t be identified. Even Sir Alex bought some duds.
  12. The team is not the finished article far from it. Both you and I have been saying for a long time we need a proper DM to be physical in the middle. But the controlled aggression cannot be manufactured, some players just have it, and some of our players are a bit light. We are still 4-5 quality signings away from being a top 6 team, but it may take another 2-3 summer windows to get to that level.
  13. Again, your focussed on the outcome. You don’t know what it happening on the training ground or taking in to account the experience of the players at PL level. Their ability to play at a high level week in week out, without having the squad depth to change things etc etc etc. I watch every game probably 2-3 times, but been around along enough to know it is only one of many elements that contribute to performance.
  14. If you continue to look at outcomes, you generally find the evidence to support your theory. Our form has been ok, it has been a lack of scoring goals that has cost us points and the reasons for that are well known.
  15. Two years ago we were in the Championship play-off final, two years later we're on the fringe of the Top 10 of the PL. Are there challenges, yes. Has the team continued to improve each season, yes. A little bit of perspective is needed.
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