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    Funnily enough I was on an internal flight in India a couple of weeks ago and the in flight magazine had two pages dedicated to Liverpool merchandise you can buy. Saying that though I haven't seen anyone wearing a Liverpool shirt, and I've seen loads of Man Utd, Chelsea, Barca and Real merchandise.
  2. I think the biggest shock would have to be the absolute poverty of the kind we just aren't used to seeing at home. It really makes you appreciate how lucky you are.
  3. I'm actually at the very start of doing this myself. I'm currently in the Himalayas in India after starting in Mumbai about 3 and a half weeks ago and working my way up North. My plan is to travel India for 2 months, before doing Nepal/Burma/Thailand/Cambodia/Lao/Vietnam within a month or two, then Hong Kong and Beijing before going to Japan and then finally I've got a 12 month working visa sorted for New Zealand from December. Part of the reason I'm doing Asia is I did some backpacking around Europe when I was younger, but it is also much cheaper. For example, in India you can easily live comfortably on £500 per month. I think South East Asia may be slightly more expensive but not massively. For me the most expensive place will be Japan and then setting myself up in New Zealand, although thankfully I have some family over there that have offered to put me up while I find some work. The impression I get from them though is that it is very easy to find work in NZ at the moment. I was in pretty much the same situation as you, no wife/kids/mortgage and I was becoming disillusioned with life in the UK so I decided to get out there and see some of the world while I still have my health and my freedom. I'm not regretting it so far. Don't get me wrong, I have a big of a love/hate relationship with India but it's more love than hate. There have been a few things that are a bit of a culture shock, but if you're an open minded person (which I'm sure you are if you're thinking about doing this) then you'll find that's nothing more than "Oh, that's a bit odd." As for my planning for it, it was very limited. I needed to get a visa for India in advance although I believe that has just changed and you can now get an e-visa for big entry points like Mumbai. Apart from that all the other countries are visa-on-arrival with the exception of China, although I can get into Hong Kong without a visa and get a Chinese one from there. I literally just booked a flight to Mumbai and did the rest of it on the fly. It's easy enough to get around and you meet other travellers who can help you with your plans. I mean, when I arrived in Mumbai I had no idea what I wanted to do in India except see the Taj Mahal and Golden Temple (both of which I have done now). The place I am currently staying is the exiled home of the Dalai Lama and it is absolutely stunning. I probably wouldn't have planned to come here on my own reading a Lonely Plant guide, but after speaking to other travellers here I am, with some other stops along the way I wouldn't necessarily have visited but am glad I did. It's a bit of a gamble to leave with little to no plan and I was kinda bricking it the last couple of days before I left but I'm really glad I did now. It's one of the best things about travelling alone that you have so much flexibility to do what you want to when you want to, so don't be afraid of leaving without a major plan of what you're going to do when you arrive. Even if you did plan everything out you can guarantee you wouldn't stick to it. Go for it, I'm sure you won't regret it. I'm not. Any questions please ask. Incidentally it was this or South America for me but I decided on Asia as I felt it was a bit more safe as a solo traveller. I'm not sure how true that is though.
  4. Look a few pages back he was mentioned a lot Hmmm... Probably only Cambiasso to be honest, tempted by Aquilani but I think with his kind of game he'd be limited now because of his age. Perhaps could do a job though. Aquilani? He was crap at Liverpool, his game is not suited to the premier league Sorry I must have missed that somehow.
  5. Surprised nobody has mentioned Ashley Young yet. There's an article in The Independent saying we want him back. Personally I'd take him back in a heartbeat even after his Olympic diving performances against us.
  6. TS


    I think Benteke will do well there but not enough to stop Rodgers getting sacked by Christmas and Klopp comes in to push them to 5th. Benteke under Klopp could be magnificent.
  7. Copa America final is on at the same time.
  8. TS

    Lad culture

    You might be onto something there. I'm in my mid-20s and feel like many my age are in some sort of prolonged adolescence. Personally I feel a lot of it is due to changes in society. When my parents were my age they were settling down and having kids. Nowadays, it's the minority doing that for a variety of reasons. Partly financial and partly cultural. From the financial aspect, people like to feel some form of stability before starting a family which isn't there in the same way it seems it was 30 years ago. Insecure jobs, impossibly high house prices and an inability to raise a family on a single wage don't help. Culturally, the majority of women my age are more concerned with starting a career than a family. While this isn't a bad thing in itself, it means that the responsibilities that caused past generations to 'grow up' aren't there anymore - or at least not as quickly. All in all which leads to people my age acting like they're still teenagers.
  9. It kind of beggars belief that we have governments trying to put limits on the freedom of information for the benefit of multinational corporations. Well, it would if it wasn't so utterly predictable. Does this have anything to do with this new EU-US trade partnership? I don't understand why we care so much about American lobbyists.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if they've taken the reaction from Villa fans into account for all future pitch invasions. Far easier just to not condemn it.
  11. TS


    I was shocked too. Best fans in the world™.
  12. TS


    All I can hear is the Palace fans singing "1-0, and you still don't sing." Great send off.
  13. If this is true, (which I hope for the sake of human decency it isn't), it leads to the question why the hell would you do it on a match day? Why endanger all those lives? Surely a random 'electrical' fire midweek would do just as good a job for an insurance payout. I feel for those families.
  14. H. Gomes. I completely forgot he existed til I saw him playing against Millwall the other night. Can't help but remember GlastonSpur raving about how he was gonna be Schmeichel, Seaman and Spink wrapped up in one.
  15. Yep that's the one. Cheers.

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