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  1. ozvillafan

    Mile Jedinak

    He's a DM. He's always been a DM. He's never played CB until he came to Villa. He was never quick, but even slower now. His distribution was never great, but worse now. He has a role to play still..... ... but never as a CB.
  2. ozvillafan

    Ratings & Reactions: Hull v Villa

    ... so we only have 1 more come-from-behind win to go this season? Way to take the wind out of our sails, BOF!
  3. ozvillafan

    Steve Bruce In or Out?

    ... and Bruce had peanuts? Bruce failed from 2 attempts with a massive budget and a team built specifically for immediate promotion. I have no confidence he can do anything with a lesser squad. Out.
  4. ozvillafan

    World Cup : Round of 16

    Spain: ~75% possession and have not registered a single shot. Not "shot on goal" - no shots. Period. ZZzzzzzz.......
  5. ozvillafan

    World Cup : Round of 16

    I'm trying to convince my wife that Spain have great defensive midfielders but she don't like, she don't like, she don't like Koke. .... I'll get me coat.
  6. ozvillafan

    World Cup : Round of 16

    Is it just me or are Spain boring to watch?
  7. ozvillafan

    The Ex-Villa Player thread - Keeping tabs on old Villans

    Was interesting watching Columbia vs Senegal. Carlos Sanchez vs Gana Gueye. Throw in El Ahmadi and Jedinak and we have 4 former/current DM's playing in this world cup (6 if you want to add Delph and Bjarnason). Nuts.
  8. ozvillafan

    The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    Another glaring miss by the VAR in the Germany-Sweden game. Add that to Argentina and Serbia who can feel hard done by, among many others. If you are going to use technology, you have to apply it consistently. It's a lottery at the moment and becoming a farce.
  9. ozvillafan

    World Cup : Group B (Por, Spa, Mor, Irn)

    I get the feeling that if Morocco scored one, the floodgates would have opened. But, alas.....
  10. ozvillafan

    World Cup : Group B (Por, Spa, Mor, Irn)

    Is it only me that wants to smash Pepe?
  11. ozvillafan

    The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    Most VAR reviews in other sports (Cricket, Rugby League, etc) play the audio of the people assessing the footage as it's being shown live. Not sure why football should be different. The thing that puzzles me is what the VAR guys actually see. On TV we get the same angle played over and over again - often the angle that makes it hard to decide. Do the VAR guys see more than 1 angle? Do they show multiple angles to the on field ref?
  12. ozvillafan

    World Cup : Group H (Pol, Sen, Col, Jpn)

    Correct call... but they gotta fix that. Columbia get punished 3 times for 1 infringement: - penalty - player sent off - player unavailable for the next 2 games
  13. ozvillafan

    The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    .. I did say don't get me started Even the official reason for review was incorrect.
  14. ozvillafan

    The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    Argentina springs to mind. ... and don't get me started on the one against Australia.
  15. ozvillafan

    The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    "Clear and obvious" is the part I have a problem with. It has got most decisions right when it has been used.... ... but there are times where, on replay, it is clearly a penalty but no VAR call. How's that work?