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  1. ozvillafan


    In my local district competition they have introduced sin bins. Not for this kind of foul, but for persistent verbal abuse of the ref. It works well. Would be perfect for "professional" fouls as it would make defenders think twice.
  2. ozvillafan

    Tammy Abraham

  3. 24 year old defensive midfielder, ever present in the team that won the A-League premiership for the last 2 years. Good attitude, too: https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/brandon-o-neill-keeping-his-head-down-despite-overseas-interest-20181122-p50hr1.html
  4. ozvillafan

    Ross McCormack

    ..... aaaaaaaand he's back! https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/a-league/mariners-striker-ross-mccormack-departs-after-being-recalled-by-aston-villa/news-story/420285fa4485bbc63be9de1d2ceee54a
  5. ozvillafan

    Players that you think are rubbish

    Lots of players point..... ... but Kinsella made it look like an art form.
  6. ozvillafan

    Midweek Football 1/3 January

    Have you seen where the ball is? Watching replays, he never touched the ball with his leading leg. He knew exactly what he was doing and, yes, it should have been a red card.
  7. ozvillafan

    Manchester United

    I'm so disappointed. I was enjoying watching ManUre struggle under Mourinho. Any chance of Sherwood getting the job? That'd cheer me up!
  8. ozvillafan

    Tammy Abraham

    Agreed. He got into good positions and more often than not hit the target (albeit not always with the venom he would have liked). Had the pass from Bolasie been a foot further in front so he didn't have to check his run and re-adjust, he taps it in. Not the finished product yet which should keep Chelsea at bay - which is good news for us.
  9. ozvillafan

    Ritchie De Laet

    Just scored a long range stunner down here (hopefully you can see the video): https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/video/1365922883843/de-laet-scores-26-yard-stunner?playlist=twg-recommends
  10. ozvillafan

    James Collins

    Worth repeating.
  11. ozvillafan

    The Last 5 minutes

    The point isn't the time taken to substitute, as that should always be added on (even if it isn't always) The point is that it stops the opposing team getting any sort of rhythm going. As does running the ball into the corner and holding it there. As does taking time over goal kicks, throw ins or goal keeper distributions. It's a strategic thing - and trying to enforce rules to stop it won't work: You can't make a team play if they have decided not to.
  12. ozvillafan

    Australian Football

    As advertising he's probably worth what he is asking. As a footballer, $150K was very, very, very generous. Seems the Mariners want to play football more than being a sideshow. Good on 'em.
  13. ozvillafan

    Mile Jedinak

    Interestingly, he played most of his time as Australian captain under Postecoglou - who's ethos was high possession and high press. During that time, Jedinak's distribution was never really an issue. Did he suddenly get the ability to play a telling pass with every won possession when in an Aussie shirt? Nope! His fellow midfielders (Mooy/Rogic/Luongo/Irvine) simply moved to an open position to give him an easy out ball. Smith would be a fool to dismiss his ability and experience purely by the lack of movement around him and rid himself of another option in midfield.
  14. ozvillafan

    New Manager Speculation

    Not sure on Mellberg. For sure, he had passion as a player..... ... but as a manager, he needs to get that from others. That's very different.
  15. ozvillafan

    New Manager Speculation

    From the video, most of his CF's have come from the junior ranks at the club. Perhaps he could do the same here with our youth.... ... or not, seeing as their academy may have been training that way for years.