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  1. Not as good as his brother: Carles Gil
  2. As if the battle lines over Wesley were not already drawn up by the fanbase..... This is hardly the first misdemeanour from Villa players, even in recent history: Grealish's car incident and subsequent court appearance Ming's stamping, getting in El Ghazi's face, shoulder charge in the Euro's warmups Matt Cash and his red card against Foden and there's probably a bunch of stuff with other players that doesn't make the press, we never got to see or that I've simply forgotten about. So what does that mean for Wes and his red card? It means 2 things: Players are human and they make mistakes. We respond to these things in the light of the opinions we had of the players before the incident happened. For mine, I still think Wes is worth his spot in the squad. Nothing to see here. Move on.
  3. I think you'll find it's more 50/50
  4. Never forgiven Max for his swerving at Baku that ended his and Danny Ric's race. In the aftermath, he barely got a handslap from Marko and co at Red Bull. The writing was on the wall for Ricciardo from that point.
  5. Top 10. It might not seem like much progress, but it's still going in the right direction.
  6. Just seen the highlights. Got an assist for Goal #3, no?
  7. As a football player, Usain Bolt makes an excellent 100 metre runner. That is all.
  8. I think that will be the clincher either way. If they land Aouar, the promise of guaranteed football here on good wages may be too hard for ESR to resist. The contract yet to be signed (allegedly) and the lack of solid news from Arsenal about this makes it seem like they are hedging their bets, hoping to land Aouar but falling back on ESR should they fail. He's an Arsenal lad - much like a certain Martinez was - but at least he knows he is wanted here.
  9. Falls into the same category as ESR. Not in terms of position, but in terms of being existing attack minded PL players, and very young. We pay a premium for either because we are paying for potential. But if we can realise and build on that potential (as we are with Cash, Targett, Konsa, Watkins) it may turn out to be a bargain.
  10. It will be a racing incident. Both could have done more to avoid the contact... ... but if you had to rule against one of them, Hamilton would be the one. He was never in front and was wide of the apex.
  11. Found this interesting - and good for the sport if it achieves what it is trying to do. (Shame it doesn't show in here - but that is F1 for you)
  12. Agent Emi brought in, well, Emi II Agent Sanson for Kamara?
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