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  1. That happens when you get a yellow on your first foul early in the game
  2. That's the one. IIRC, Ayew was appealing for a penalty. No yellow given despite the unsuccessful appeal. Not so for Jack who didn't appeal and got up immediately.
  3. In all the discussion around his booking for diving has anyone mentioned Ayew's dive in the first half? That was actually an appeal. No yellow.
  4. When we went down to 10 men, putting on Davis and Hourihane for Jota and Luiz was smart. Luiz on a yellow already, Jota isolated with a man down so a 2nd target man was the way to go. Accounted for everything..... ... except for Friend.
  5. Certainly needs demoting..... ... but it doesn't seem fair to Championship teams to have to suffer him.
  6. Hmm.... He covered and positioned himself well for the Ayew goal. Look closely and you will see how lucky Ayew was to have the ball bounce off Jack then himself in a favourable area. He was going nowhere without that rebound. And that is not the first rebound that has worked against us. In fact, we've had one in 3 of our 4 games this season.
  7. IIRC, he was up on his feet before Lansbury took the shot and the first one over to celebrate. Some dive, eh?
  8. Yes - I think Marvelous would have been a better option for this type of game but I can understand why Dean went with the same squad as last week.
  9. Still Raging. We weren't good. That's a fact. But we hung in there despite what was the most awful referring performance I have witnessed - and that was before the sending off and that diabolical decision to deny us an equalizer. I'm still gobsmacked we had 4 yellows by halftime where serial offenders Milovojevic and Kouyate got nothing.
  10. At one stage Villa held the record for turning out the most players for England. Where do we stand now after the Mings and Heaton call-ups?
  11. ozvillafan

    Tom Heaton

    So condescending. Of course we will fight over it!
  12. This season is a 3-game microcosm of the last: Started brilliantly, petered out, then just plain poor.... ... and I love it!
  13. It's not really a comparison. It's just players I used to love watching (Lee Hendrie never hit the levels of Yorke or Young). Jack is one of them.
  14. I used to love it when Dwight Yorke got the ball, as you knew something good was going to happen. I used to love it when Lee Hendry got the ball, as there was just little bit of flair, that sparkle of promise in the attack I used to love it when Ashely Young got the ball, as you knew the defenders were shaking in their boots. I love it when Jack Grealish gets the ball, as you know at some point the defenders will get drawn in and foul as Jack just outplays them. He was good again tonight - and had the right idea for that layoff late in the game when in the box. In another month or so that pass will stick with the likes of Trez, Wesley and Jota.
  15. Wouldn't underestimate his role in our first goal. Yes, Jota played a superb ball, but: It was Guilbert who made the run for the quick free kick It was Guilbert who carried and played it to Jota It was Guilbert who continued his run, dragging the right back off Jota just enough from there, Jota had the time and space to pick the pass. Brilliant from Guilbert.

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