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  1. Another oldy - even older than The Frighteners - is "House" with William Katt (of "The greatest American hero" fame) from 1985. Got a very Sam Raimi type vibe.
  2. 3-5-2 doesn't suit Danny, as the service from our wide players is pretty awful. We did score a good goal yesterday, and it was the first time I remember Danny getting the ball to feet in/near the box. He had the composure to play in Targett nicely.
  3. Not a fan of 3-5-2 despite our recent success with the formation. I wouldn't throw it out completely, but it shouldn't be our default. Why? Because it puts too much emphasis on the wing backs - and both Cash and Targett have relatively poor output at the top of the field (Cash, in particular, was awful yesterday both with and without the ball). Classic example was Spuds second goal. Cash has the ball out wide about 10 metres past halfway. He plays an awful low percentage "hopeful" ball down the line to Watkins who is not in any position to get to it. Our back 3 have pushed up in a high line expecting better output, so all Spuds need to do is immediately play a ball down the line over Cash's head..... .... which is exactly what they did and Son races into the box with us all trailing in his wake. 2-1 and game over. A 4-3-3 would have been better, as the two wide forwards (Traore, Buendia, El Ghazi - take your pick) have arguably better output, and we leave Cash and Targett further back to deal with Son and Moura. That means sacrificing either Ings or Watkins - and I think that's what we need to do.
  4. Had a good early 10 minutes. The next 20 set the scene. We did not scrape 3 passes together. Zero composure, poor quality with touches and simple passing and low percentage plays. Effort was there, but all we did was kick and run. If I hadn't known better, I'd call that bruce-ball. Unsurprisingly, spurs scored at the end of that period. And that 20 minutes set the tempo for the rest of the game.
  5. HasanHuttl. His PL record this calendar year is played 22, won 5 (Fulham, Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, Burnley and, surprisingly, Liverpool ). Without Ings, I foresee more struggle.
  6. 3rd PL goal. 50th appearance. 100 pages on Villatalk. The milestones keep coming for Kortney
  7. Naivety from McLaren. Ruined Lando's race by not forcing him in. Gutted for him
  8. Was heavily involved in the highlight of the game. No, not the goal. No, not the penalty. It was late in the game where, as the central defender in the back 3, he was in and around the ManUre penalty box and pushing passes around. Awesome.
  9. It's 0-0 away to ManUre with 15 minutes to go. We haven't beaten them since 2009. Perhaps our press is dropping off as fatigue sets in. A draw would be a good result. What do you do? If you are Dean, you keep the pressure on by subbing fresh legs in the front line and go for the win. How many managers would do that? Brilliant. Never took the foot off the throat.
  10. Aye. His workrate was Watkins-like. I think he pulled up after one of his runs. I suspect that was the reason for being subbed.
  11. Wait... you can't take your drink back to your seat? Really?
  12. I have a good feeling about this one. Totally unjustified. But still.
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