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  1. Model professional Big game player with nerves of steel Dead ball and penalty taker Supreme heading ability ... just needs an assistant coach for trapping and passing.
  2. Enkleman Cissokho Lescott Richards Richardson Tonev kinsella Djemba Djemba Makoun Nzogbia Balaban
  3. ozvillafan

    Pepe Reina

    Gifted a goal and beaten twice more at his near post. Ederson can breathe a sigh of relief - there was a worse performance this round than his!
  4. I wasn't expecting much. I was expecting us to put in effort and do the basics. Turns out I was expecting too much
  5. He's lost me, I'm afraid. After the first 10 minutes tonight I could count on zero fingers the amount of times we put together more than 3 passes until halftime. On the other hand, I needed both hands to count how many times we lost the ball directly from a throw in. At this stage of the season we should be improving - but we don't even have the basics in place. Throw ins. Corners. Marking. Making space. Retaining possession. None of it. And it's now showing in our players. They are defeated before a ball is kicked. Every one of them looks shaky. It's too late to replace him now but if we do get relegated - which on this performance is likely - we will have deserved it.
  6. I don't get this (the bolded bit). Foden was given the freedom of the right hand side since Targett played narrow to support Mings and Engels against City's movement in the centre. Jack in that much space wouldn't have been as good as Foden in my opinion..... ... he would have been even more effective.
  7. Loved the tackle on Aguero. The ball was there to be won, he made sure he got it and there was no studs up. I'm not even convinced it was a yellow..... ... compared the the relentless tactical fouls from Man City. After 60 minutes their possession rates were ~70% and the foul count? Villa 2, City 10.
  8. There were 3 teams below us in the PL before this weekend. Norwich beat Leicester at home. West Ham beat Southampton at home. Watford beat Liverpool at home. It's a sign. Aston Villa will defeat Manchester City at our 2nd home, Wembley.
  9. Or Bournemouth. The impossible happens. Gives me some hope ahead of this weekend.
  10. I never would have believed we would beat Liverpool in 2015 to make the FA cup final. We did. I never would have believed we would make it to the Championship playoff when we were in 13th place with less than half the season to go. We did. I never would have believed we would beat Leicester over a 2 leg semi final. We did. I never would have believed that we could muster a win against Man City in any competition this year.......
  11. Real Madrid showed how to score against City : press up high - particularly on Walker - and pounce on the inevitable mistake. .... Good thing that we are a great pressing team.,then.
  12. There is a salary cap in the NRL down here, but there are always 2 clubs that somehow manage to get all the best players while "staying under the cap". It's just wealthy backers with good accountants and lots of 3rd party sponsorship deals for their players. Creative accounting shouldn't be the overriding factor on making a team overly competitive in a "fair" salary cap system. FFP would actually be better. Now I'm no expert on the American NFL system, but I believe there is a "tax" for going over the salary cap. That is, say the Dallas cowboys want to buy a player for $60 mill over the salary cap. They then have to pay the tax - another $60 mill on top of that, split equally across every other club. It still lets them get the best players but doesn't leave the competition lagging way behind. That system would work better to stop the likes of Chelsea, Man Citeh and ManUre being leagues ahead of the likes of Brighton, Bournemouth and Burnley.
  13. jest-on. guest-on prest-on ... but no Ast-on? Poor form.
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