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  1. Nothing strange about it - you just have to put it in context: - Trippier's horrible back pass vs Chelsea that lost spurs the game. - Van Dijk's error against Fulham that put Liverpool behind. - David Luiz... well... take your pick Point being, all defenders make mistakes - even those that would cost more than double the price of Mings. His positives far outweigh any mistakes he brings.
  2. Agreed. Grealish would be a step up for Spurs.
  3. Jota is a good piece of business. El Ghazi was a good move - he will only get better. Wesley was left field, but looks like a ready replacement for Tammy. Very promising. Phillips, Butland, Benrahma are all very exciting links.... ... but it's still Mings I'm most looking forward to signing.
  4. I wouldn't underestimate how important he was (and is) for us. Clearly a leader on the pitch, not only did his performances stand out, he was a calming and steadying influence that bought confidence to those in front and behind him. He loves the club, enjoyed playing under our managers and loves the fans. In a side that will see plenty of new players due to our recovery from Xia's "grand plan", having him remain as part of our spine is extremely important - and worth every penny of £20m
  5. Hmm... my memory for Villa LB's isnt that great - who was our last "right" left back? Bouma?
  6. Interestingly, Wolves took more points off the top 6 last year than the bottom 6 (which included 2 losses to Huddersfield).
  7. Looking forward to seeing him dribble around Van Dyke and breaking that particular myth.
  8. If you don't mind watching on your PC/laptop, you can just sign up here: https://sport.optus.com.au/signup If you use them as your NBN provider, you can get a deal with no data limit that includes their "fetch TV" box (which includes the Premier League package) and plugs into your TV so you can watch on the big screen. Failing that you need to find a way to broadcast from your PC to your TV. I've never had to so I can't help you there. I've been an Optus customer for many years and have found their streaming service to be excellent.... ... apart from the last WC.
  9. I'm no fan of Vettel, but feel he was hard done by - much like Sissoko for spurs in the CL final. Both decisions are probably text book correct, but you can feel sorry for them both (well... maybe for Sissoko )
  10. If he's available then we should get him, simple as. Yes, he's "unproven" and "we'd be taking a risk" - but for mine the bigger risk is getting somebody in who has ability but doesn't fit with the squad. Tammy is a big part of the squad already. He's part of the "feel good" factor in the first team and undoubtedly enjoyed his time here. Why look for similar when you know exactly what you will get with Tammy - and know he will improve under DS?
  11. It's not going to be the same without a token Aussie now that Jedinak has left.... .... perhaps a cheeky bid for Mooy?
  12. It could just be the photo, but that away shirt looks like a nice yellow number that Aubameyang was wearing when he went to work under his car.... ... and forgot to change it before the photoshoot.
  13. Was sincerely hoping Leeds would get automatic promotion for 2 reasons: I didn't fancy facing them in the playoffs and they hold a soft spot for most people down here thanks to Viduka and Kewell. Good luck next year (... though not at our expense, of course!)
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