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  1. Had to take one for the team on Adama. Awful attempt at a tackle. I saw a lot of poor passing from him too, which is unusual. Still - nobody was great yesterday really, so he shouldn't be singled out.
  2. He was mostly anonymous. I can live with that given our overall performance behind him..... ... but he had to at least hit the target with his only real chance. That was very disappointing.
  3. I was surprised he came on, to be honest. We needed something different in midfield and Nakamba on a yellow had to come off..... .. but I expected Hourihane as our best chance was going to be set plays.
  4. After. Don't get me wrong - he wasn't as good as he has been recently even before the head knock. But, then, most of our players were sub-par.
  5. I fancy Wesley against Coady - would have been much harder if Boly was fit. That said, I only see a draw: 1-1 with us scoring first and conceding late on the break
  6. Same. Given his peach of a left foot, I actually expected him to score that even though the keeper did well to shut him down.
  7. I think that's a little disingenuous. While we performed admirably, we had 25% possession. We were chasing the ball all game and that takes a lot out of you both physically and mentally. Our starting right back had departed the field and both our wingers were out on their feet. It took a surprising 5 minutes of extra time (3 was more than enough) and a great header from Mane to win it..... ... and I haven't even mentioned that no other club this season has beaten them.
  8. Hmm.... I find it acceptable. Liverpool had 25 shots to our 5. 75% possession to our 25%. Are unbeaten in the league and Champions of Europe. Last week we conceded our advantage after 26 seconds of the 2nd half restart. We were outplayed for most of the game today, but hung tough to almost clinch a win and but for a great header late would have snuck a point. Liverpool aren't our competition this year..... ... but after that performance, I have great confidence we'll get results against the teams that are.
  9. Almost pulled off the most unlikeliest of wins in his first PL captaincy. Was rightly gutted when their first went in on 85mins. Superb captains knock though. Didn't put a foot wrong all match.
  10. How good was Nakamba? Late in the second half, Firminho started receiving the ball wide left or wide right just to get some space on the ball. That's how good.
  11. I have one gripe with Wesley: He needs to stay on his feet more. Having said that, even pulling his shirt is apparently OK when your name is Van Dijk. He got nothing today. No - worse than that - he got fouls on him given the other way. Made a perfect run into the box ala Everton on one of our breaks - but El Ghazi didn't see it, sadly. His work rate and link up play was great though.
  12. At halftime I said to myself: 1 goal won't be enough to win it.... ... but maybe enough for a point. Shame about the corner at the death. It really was a nothing cross but a fantastic header. So proud of the intensity shown by all the players, but we were knackered by the 85th minute so no real surprises with the result. Trezeguet, El Ghazi and Nakamba were standouts.
  13. Clearly all the top teams in the world don't buy strikers at Wesley's price.
  14. ozvillafan

    Keinan Davis

    I'm not convinced he's better than Wes from his performances so far. He's come on late, against a tired defence and usually when the game is gone. On the occasions we needed a late goal to win it with Keinan on the pitch, he hasn't produced anything.
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