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  1. Given Trez may be out for a while - what are the chances of Smith changing the formation to accommodate a second forward in Kenan Davis? Buckleys? Or none?
  2. ... I thought that was where he played against Liverpool?
  3. Was played in late on and took a lovely first touch just inside the penalty area..... ... then a second. Then a third. Then the opportunity was well gone and he turned the ball over. Sums him up a bit at the moment. Has the ability to be in the right place, to take the good touch but so low in confidence he dithered. Apart from some poor individual performances, I think Dean Smith gets the best out of his players - but not with Barkley. As the outlier then, Barkley really has no future here.
  4. Thought he was the best of our midfield 3. Some lovely steals and generally a good job screening the back 4. His passing was better than most and I only remember him turning the ball over once. I would have kept him on the pitch and swapped out Traore for, well, anybody really.
  5. Nah. Nakamba would be too easy to dribble around. I'd go for Nakamba standing.
  6. I never understood whey they were OK with ignoring track limits in the first place. Why not let drivers find their own way around the course then, so long as they complete 51% of it? The track is there for a reason. It's only possible to ignore limits for safety reasons. Therefore, they should come down hard whenever drivers ignore it - intentional or otherwise. Even allowing 2 tyres off the side is too much imho - they'd never do that if there was a wall there. Massive failure from the stewards.
  7. I thought the same. Perhaps he's been reading what people have been saying about him here?
  8. We've been lacking creativity further up the field without Jack. The answer? Mings, obviously.
  9. Me either, particularly as he was favoured over Webber. That said, he is excellent at pushing the best car in the field to the absolute maximum..... ... he just blows in any car that isn't the best, as seen at Red Bull when Ricciardo outshone him, Ferrari last season and now Aston Martin.
  10. Agree with this.... ... except the bit about Barkley. Ross has contributed so little since his injury that I actually think Hourihane would be better. Neither of them should ever start, though.
  11. Nah - Barkley has lapped him and is now doing his victory lap in the race of "who is the crappiest"
  12. We are not the finished article. We are the youngest side in the league. We are a few quality players away from decent squad depth. Smith has done well, but we are now looking like the team that was struggling last year. Hopefully the international break will help us a bit
  13. Looked better with Cash running outside him, but he produces very little. In fact, you could argue he did more for Spurs than for us as he often turned the ball straight over. His insistence on "one touch football" meant he gave Spurs a corner from our throw-in 30 yards out from our goal line. Sums him up, really.
  14. Interesting. I actually thought he was the worst in the midfield. Constantly walked around by Moura and easily dispossessed all game.
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