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  1. There is a salary cap in the NRL down here, but there are always 2 clubs that somehow manage to get all the best players while "staying under the cap". It's just wealthy backers with good accountants and lots of 3rd party sponsorship deals for their players. Creative accounting shouldn't be the overriding factor on making a team overly competitive in a "fair" salary cap system. FFP would actually be better. Now I'm no expert on the American NFL system, but I believe there is a "tax" for going over the salary cap. That is, say the Dallas cowboys want to buy a player for $60 mill over the salary cap. They then have to pay the tax - another $60 mill on top of that, split equally across every other club. It still lets them get the best players but doesn't leave the competition lagging way behind. That system would work better to stop the likes of Chelsea, Man Citeh and ManUre being leagues ahead of the likes of Brighton, Bournemouth and Burnley.
  2. jest-on. guest-on prest-on ... but no Ast-on? Poor form.
  3. Might have something to do with the Euros making it harder to recruit, so stretch the window to compensate?
  4. I must have watched a different game today judging by the comments on here. The wind was howling, the decisions from the referee were baffling and every touch, deflection and rebound seemed to favour Bournemouth (just like in our first game against them). A very scrappy game as a result - which suits the scrappy Bournemouth perfectly. Billing for them was a nuisance - but nobody else in their side stood out. As for us, we clearly struggled with these conditions though at no stage did I feel it was as bad a performance as some of our earlier games (3-1 watford, anyone?). It could have been a very different game Had Guilbert's cross to an unmarked Grealish not got the slightest of touches to take the pace off the ball..... Had Grealish's close-range shot deflect off their keeper and gone in rather than manage, somehow, to stay out..... Had Reina's right hand found a bit more strength..... Had Konsa got the foul called against him from the corner before they ran up the other end to eventually score from a rebound.... Had a penalty been given for a punch in the face.... Had the rebound from Targett's shot or Davis' shot found a claret shirt.... The only bit that had me seething was our game management in the last 10 minutes. We played into their hands with some dumb football. Other than that I thought we competed ok - we just didn't get the rub of the green.
  5. Would like to see him up front partnering Wesley with Grealish behind in a free role. Width from Target + Guilbert.
  6. I thought the same about Southampton after they got pumped 9-0 at home. They are now well above us. Still, I hope you are right.
  7. He's got some talent, but he's very raw. If you can, look at Spur's 2nd goal against Norwich last night and note the "effort" Cantwell put in tracking back.
  8. I'm with you. It was Konsa's man all day long. He got drawn to the ball where there was no threat as Hause had him covered - a sign of a poor defender. You always mark up in your own box even if you are outnumbered - but Konsa drifted and Guilbert was hesitant as he wasn't sure who was behind him. Made up for it with a fine goal.
  9. I think the point is "You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't"
  10. Started a little scratchy but really grew into the game. What annoys me most about him is not presenting to give our backs an out ball. Not so against Brighton. Got a lot of the ball and was tidy with it. Keep going, Marvelous.
  11. I don't have much of a musical ear, but that "Samma Goal" chant sounded a lot like Elton John's "Saturday Night's Alright (for fighting)" to me. Edit: No, it's a different song. I'm an idiot
  12. Having watched the video, I'm a little concerned. Not that he can't play or that there is no talent there - but I saw not 1 highlight where his back was toward goal. Wesley struggled with this too and got roasted for it - but if we continue to lump the ball forward to him (as tends to be the case if/when our midfield goes missing) then he won't help us so much. We need to change our style of play a bit to accommodate. The recent change to 3-4-3 has helped a bit (Wesley's last game with that formation was a good one) so fingers crossed.
  13. Our players are getting a good view - they are watching just like the fans. Passive.
  14. I never rated Batshuayi - I'd be very disappointed if he became our record signing.
  15. We just need to sign Davy Propper from Brighton.... ... then we'd also have a proper Propper.
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