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  1. I found the video and replayed that part. You are right: "because the players are expecting it". I take back what I said.
  2. I agree - but you are assuming the "show" was for the players. There are 1000's in the stadium not knowing what is going on. I think the "show" was for them.
  3. I swear the apple on the right hand side of the depressed apple is smaller and rounder than the one on the left. Am I going spare?
  4. ... but how would he do on a cold wet day away to Stoke?
  5. ..... on a bitterly cold night, midweek. Out of curiosity - how do we do on those occasions? (cold night midweek, that is - not 7 points off the top of the premier league table)
  6. There is a technical term for the medical condition of having a great engine but not having the faintest clue what to do on the football field - otherwise better known as the "Brett Holman".
  7. Highly unlikely this year but I really hope Renault deliver with their team, I'm a huge Ricciardo fan and want to see him challenging for a World Championship. Quite like Hulkenberg as well but he isn't on the level of Ricciardo.
  8. Me too. They hold a soft spot for most Aussie's thanks to Kewell and Viduka.
  9. ozvillafan


    In my local district competition they have introduced sin bins. Not for this kind of foul, but for persistent verbal abuse of the ref. It works well. Would be perfect for "professional" fouls as it would make defenders think twice.
  10. 24 year old defensive midfielder, ever present in the team that won the A-League premiership for the last 2 years. Good attitude, too: https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/brandon-o-neill-keeping-his-head-down-despite-overseas-interest-20181122-p50hr1.html
  11. ..... aaaaaaaand he's back! https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/a-league/mariners-striker-ross-mccormack-departs-after-being-recalled-by-aston-villa/news-story/420285fa4485bbc63be9de1d2ceee54a

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