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  1. I'm trying to think of what Smith could have done to change things up - and I could only think of 1 bold move: Replace Barkley with Nakamba at the 60 minute mark. Our shape wouldn't change too much, but it would push McGinn forward and stop their midfield running through us. Often in the second half Barkley watched as the opposition either passed or ran past him. He rarely pressed from the front and he wasn't tracking his man. He was playing more like a 10 than an 8, and it wasn't working. 2 more defensive midfielders, McGinn box-to-box and Grealish with more room to roam and who knows?
  2. Pre-lockdown we lost 4-0 to Leicester at home. Our performance then was so inept, so devoid of any shape, threat or solidity that I was certain we were down. We just got pumped 3-0 at home to Leeds. And I couldn't feel more different. If one of our early chances (ball cleared off the line, the Grealish run, Konsa from the corner) had gone in it's a very different game. We looked under the cosh, but still with a plan and a shape. A mile away from the Leicester game. Once they scored they got their tails up and they played very well, deserving the win. If I am to take anything fro
  3. Not sure where else to put this. Thought it was a decent wrap up of what we have changed since last year. Matty gets a mention, as does Ollie and Trez.
  4. Nah. And I know this is getting off topic. The point was: I'm not catholic so not offended - but I know others would be. And, in an official post, so should our club.
  5. This may not come as a surprise - but yes, I find McGrath being equated with God offensive - in the same way as when I hear someone using His name as a cuss. I'm no catholic, though, and have no love of the Pope. Now if I was to get upset every time somebody did that, then I'd have gone spare already, so being offended here isn't really the issue. Nor am I trying to single you out - apologies if it comes across that way. It's an official public statement from the club - they could have shown a little bit of sensitivity, even if the roots of the club are in the protestant church.
  6. So.... something is offensive only when you think it is?
  7. Konsa played a (rare) poor ball out of defense in the first half that gifted possession to Barnes or Praet. Cash had to get back and timed his slide tackle in the box to perfection. I know goals get people excited, but as a (lousy) centre half back in my playing days - that was glorious to watch!
  8. Can't be comfortable running around all game with Iheanacho in your pocket.
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed that. It wasn't swashbuckling like last week when Liverpool underestimated us. This was a very good top of the table side smarting from a loss last time out, drilled tactically and composed throughout. We more than matched them, looking just as tactically astute and comfortable with and without the ball, never looking threatened. We cancelled each other out for the most part..... ... only I think we still have room for improvement as we see more out of Barkley, Traore and Watkins as they continue to gel with the rest of the team. The same cannot be said for
  10. Our mate Sherwood was always a big fan
  11. 4 games means 2 less home games. That's potentially a big hit in the hip pocket for the smaller clubs. It also means more time to play "Manchester United vs Real Madrid" type pre-season games in other parts of the world that are huge money spinners and no charity shield or league cup means more time to prepare for the bigger money matches in the CL.
  12. Despite the masquerade as a policy that helps the EFL clubs survive and supporting "the grassroots", this plan has one clear goal: To keep the top 6 as the top 6, forever. Among the details of the plan: - Tightening the FFP rule, meaning a loss of 35mill over 3 years (currently 105mill) is all that is allowed, meaning clubs take longer to be able to match the big boys - if at all. - Allowing clubs to "sell" 8 of their games directly through other channels (a massive financial boon for, say, Liverpool - not so much for Burnley or Brighton). - Redistributing greater prize mon
  13. Not sure if this makes sense, but here goes: Premise 1: Ross Barkley could have signed for anyone. Premise 2: Ross Barkley wants to play football week in week out at the highest level. Premise 3: Ross Barkley will improve the more game time he gets, making him a chance for international caps. Premise 4: He chose Villa for all the above reasons. Premise 5: Returning to Chelsea would see him back where he was (substitute at best). This is also likely the case for the other "big" clubs. Wild conclusion: At the end of the year, he is going to be grateful for his oppor
  14. Fox sports down under gave us an A, along with Chelsea, Everton and Tottenham.
  15. Here's one such article: https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/premier-league/Premier League-transfers-2020-manhcester-united-deadline-day-gossip-rumours-jadon-sancho-edinson-cavani-latest-every-done-deal/news-story/1225ac549581e08be1a5c6e4fc369443
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