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  1. I had to use Google maps to see your route since I've never been to the UK.
  2. Ghost

    Dean Smith

    But they key thing with the bolded bit is that Bruce had a relatively full strength squad to pick from. A squad that he had built no less. I have little doubt that if you put Grealish and Tuanzebe into the side that played Stoke on the weekend, you would have had a much better result.
  3. Ghost

    Tyrone Mings

    Speaks eloquently and intelligently. Definitely can see him wearing the captain's armband. I really hope we can keep him at the club next season.
  4. Was only able to watch the final 15 or so mins. What a time to time in!
  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery V4L! I enjoy reading your knowledgeable posts on here - really interesting to hear about players from your unique perspective. Sending positive vibes your way mate!
  6. Ghost

    Kortney Hause

    Welcome to the mad hause. The ball is now in your Kort.
  7. Leeds' movement, composure on the ball, high pressing and fitness are at the level that we are aiming to be at. We've got a ways to go yet unfortunately.
  8. We've dominated the play without any luck. Stoke are a dirty team aren't they? A couple more of their players should be on yellows and Ince should be off for a second yellow for simulation.
  9. This is the thread you want mate.
  10. First game I've been able to watch in the Dean Smith era, and what a pleasure it was to see us playing it out from the back and actually try to pass the ball around, albeit a bit sloppily in that first half. We were living dangerously then and if that second goal for Blues had gone in, it might well have been a different outcome (but how many times have we said that about our own opportunities in the past?) Suffice to say we took our chances when they mattered and what a goal by the Scottish Cafu! When he picked up the ball and charged forward, and the Blues players just parted like the Red Sea, you just knew it was going to be something special. I actually laughed out loud when that went in and woke up the wife. As a foreign fan, I don't have the same feelings around this game as those of you who have grown up with this rivalry. But I'm glad we still hold the bragging rights.
  11. We've been severely lacking in our "Jordan" quota of late, so I would welcome this transfer.
  12. First time I've watched a live match this season after paying for the game through AVTV. What a waste ?. On the opening whistle, we hoofed the ball forward to no-one-in-particular, and I knew that this was going to be a sign of things to come. Lack of coordination between players, zero movement off the ball, completely ineffectual attacks and an extremely fragile defence. After almost 2 years at the helm, there's no semblance of a cohesive unit - a poor reflection on Bruce. He's gotta go surely!? I dearly hope the owners/CEO have a backup plan.

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