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  1. See from around 1:20 onwards regarding what Jack says about the club's ambitions.
  2. Ghost

    Villa Podcasts

    Good stuff. Looking forward to hearing it. Like the logo too. Just a point on the logo - it looks like the lion section is the same colour as the claret circle, but with opacity dropped so you can see the checkerboard pattern through it. That looks a little strange? Would straight white work better for the lion?
  3. Ghost

    Emiliano Martinez

    Perhaps he gives good facials?
  4. Gareth Southgate has a "Live, Laugh, Love" poster in his bedroom.
  5. Ghost


    Patagonia is a truly beautiful region with awe-inspiring sights in all directions. Spent as much time as we could spare on both the Argentinian and Chilean sides. It was interesting to see the contrast of mood in countries - we were in El Calafate when the Argentinian election results were coming through, and it was a celebration of honking car horns and signing and dancing around the town and in the bars that evening, after the new President's speech. While we ended up only transiting through Santiago Airport, the other parts of Chile seemed OK in terms of safety, however there was definitely a tension in the air. In La Paz, we had to stay in our hotel due to the political unrest in Bolivia, and would hear sirens, shouting and what sounded like gun-shots going off in other parts of the city. Had to scramble to get a flight out of there after our planned bus to Uyuni was cancelled without warning. Again, the rest of the country seemed OK in terms of security. We did hear stories from other travellers that had to barricade themselves in their hostel as windows were smashed during the protests though - that sounded scary.
  6. First full match of the Champions League that I'm able to watch (only seen highlights of the previous games) but the intensity, speed of thought and skill level of these players is on a completely different level to what I'm used to seeing with Villa. It's like they're playing a different sport.
  7. Getting Tour de France vibes from the yellow one. And I feel like the purple one could give someone an epileptic fit when watching Saint-Maximin in full flight.
  8. I don't think Nyland is as good as Grealish mate
  9. Ghost


    This is really interesting. Thanks for the link
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