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  1. Ghost


    The cross for BB's goal was from Green. Agree with the rest of your post
  2. Let's hope the classes are conducted by different people than those who ran Agbonlahor's.
  3. This reads as though it was written by a 12 year old. In one sense I can appreciate that some fans of the club would love the frankness of the statement but it's just so unprofessional.
  4. Ghost

    Dean Smith

    Watching the changing room celebratory videos after the match, you could see the squad harmony and passion that Dean has fostered in the players. Even fringe players or those not involved in the matchday squad are all enjoying the ride together. You can see how it's all based on the core principle Dean's spoken about in many interviews - "Being a good teammate." He, along with the rest of the backroom team, deserve so much credit for what they've been able to accomplish so far.
  5. The boys are looking very leggy. Need to really switch it up in the second half.
  6. I really dislike Liverpool but have a soft spot for Spurs since my brother supports them and I find many of their players quite likeable, especially Son.

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