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  1. To extend Villa's reach to the Champions League above.
  2. Cow long have you been on this forum? You should know better. As for Alvarez, let's hope he's stroganoff for the PL.
  3. It's funny, the goal against Man Utd at home (at 4:50), you can see McGinn thinking for a second that he's gonna join in with Bert's trademark celebration, but then has a second thought "there's no way I'm gonna look as cool as him doing that", so just ends up pointing at him
  4. Kepa coming on. He's always a mistake waiting to happen.
  5. It really doesn't help lessen the creepy factor, when the name of the company sounds like a comic book villain's evil organisation either.
  6. Surely it's all about context? From almost going out of business about 2 and a half seasons ago, to where we're sitting at the moment - that's tremendous progress! When you look at our current league position (with games in hand), and the way the team has played this season, surely that is something we can (and should) be excited about? To say you won't get excited till we win stuff is mind-boggling.
  7. Assuming that you have the rights to use the one you currently put at the start of the show, you could use that to close the show? SImply fade it in as you're getting your last words in, and then fade it out again? Crowd chants could work too if you have access to it.
  8. Woke up at 4am to watch that shit show. Would have definitely been better off staying asleep. Just a really disjointed performance from beginning to end, showing how poor our second string really is. Voted Ramsey as the best of a bad bunch as he looked ok, without being threatening. Traore seemed mostly disinterested, but had a couple of good moments. I also felt Davis wasn't his usual hard-working self. El Ghazi seemed to be the only one trying to do anything of note while being extremely frustrating. Had a couple of good moments - a cross that flashed across goal which Davis should really have buried, and also a slaloming run into the box where he got his shot away but straight into the keeper's arms. However, more often than not, he'd be extremely wasteful, taking pot shots from distance or turning the ball over easily. The whole team performance can be summed as "meh". Nobody really trying their best with most of the team treating it as a practice match. Found it laughable when the commentator said that Taylor was an attacking fullback, and Guilbert wasn't. Thought Jota and Watkins added some urgency to the play, with little result. Watkins forced a good save from the keeper with almost his first touch. Well done to Stoke for turning up, when we clearly didn't.
  9. Been enjoying the podcasts Omar. Great work! One thing I noticed - you might wanna have some ending music to close out the podcast? Seems a little strange when it just finishes without warning.
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