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  1. Can't see it being a legit account. Sure didn't he say a few years ago that he didn't want to be called gabby that he wanted to be called Gabriel. Or am I imagining that? If that was the case why would he set up his account as gabby. That and I don't see what he has to gain with lambert gone. He was a regular under lambert and you'd have to assume his position is under serious pressure with a new man coming in given his lack of productivity.
  2. Just seen the rovers line up and Enda has been left out, gone for the more experienced Patterson. In fairness to Enda he's only played a couple of games since losing his sister.
  3. Honest answer, no he's not, but how many 21 year old full backs are stand outs in any league. It's not a position that grabs the headlines too often. He's a player with great potential, whether he fulfills that potential remains to be seen but he's a great attitude and gives his all and also has a great cross on him. Tune in tonight to see him first hand yourself, I just hope this place isn't overrun with negatives if he makes a mistake!
  4. Posted this in the Transfer speculation thread, got a bit lost in there tho with all the mayhem deadline day brings, to see him in action follow the link at the bottom, highlights start about a minute in. Thanks for that. Do you think he could ever be moved further up the pitch like Coleman has seen as you mentioned his attacking abilities, or do you think he is best as a defender? Hard to say really, had never really thought about it to be honest. He could probably do a job in a 4-4-2 but not so sure with villas current formations. He doesnt tend to take on players too much, more looks for the give and go on the overlap so to play left mid i'm not so sure. I think he definately has what it takes to be a good defender but definately needs some work in this regard. I think the experience he has gained in his 10 european games with us over the last two seasons have done him the world of good and the next 6 games will help his development a lot, he has also come on a lot since Jim Magilton came into the coaching staff so i would think that working daily with top coaches and top pro's can only make him better, remember Rovers are only part time. Take a look at the highlights here ( http://tiny.cc/89bc2 ), its at the start of the show, particularly the accuracy of his cross for Turners header.
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