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  1. EA's exclusivity deal with Star Wars runs until 2023 - Disney know that these games are likely 3-4 years away so are announcing some of them now @villa4europe Indiana Jones is being made by MachineGames (Wolfenstein: New Order/Wolfenstein: New Colossus) and is only being published by Bethesda/Microsoft. I have zero doubts about it's quality as MachineGames are just masters of their craft. I have my concerns about the Star Wars game made by UbiSoft Massive. They have mishandled the golden goose twice. Both Division 1 and 2 sold over 10 million copies, yet both are dead in the water w
  2. I don't think they are making us play. I think this is some Purslow pride type shit, like "other clubs are postponing, but Villa aren't other clubs" type bullshit. Just take the postpone and don't ruin our position in the league, I guarantee our status as a Covid infected club is enough to grant us time like it has for others.
  3. This feels like Purslow trying to be the better man and not congesting the fixture list further. I have a feeling he has been mugged off though as I don't think anyone was expecting Liverpool to field and almost full strength team.
  4. Expect to hear them say shit like "the youngsters have work to do to break into the first team" when we're down by 26 goals 10 minutes into the second half.
  5. Can natural selection come and take these people away please? It blows me away that people are turning their noses up at something that could save their lives just because it's not British.
  6. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is fantastic. If you liked that and want more Bloodstained then you can pick up the NES inspired Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 1 & 2. The first Curse of the Moon is pretty short as it's more of a prelude to Ritual of the Night, but the sequel is way more substantial. So if you're a fan of the 8-bit Castlevania games on the NES then I'd advise checking out Curse of the Moon 1 & 2 as well.
  7. AEW have signed his son Brodie Jr. to a contract. Now because he's 8 years old he can't work for the company yet in any real capacity, but once he's 18 he'll have a job waiting for him. The whole outpouring of love for Jon Huber/Brodie Lee has been heart-warming, but even more so is just how much AEW are helping out. AEW have committed to financially supporting his family. It's incredible what is happening right now.
  8. "At some point in 2021" was the latest quote, it's a very non-committal quote and that is deliberate. I have a feeling that the next-gen update will be pushed into 2022. They have way too much work on their hands fixing the game to consider other platforms and I think they knew that before release. That said I truly hope they get a next-gen update out next-year, but after the launch they have had I have no idea what post-launch is looking like now.
  9. I'll take this result any day. These are the results that decide top half finishes. We can win all we want against the shit teams, but if we get hammered by the good teams then it doesn't matter. A draw here is huge and it's great progress for the club.
  10. Unfortunately it was. Not an issue on the console versions apparently, but a fair few PC players ran into their saves being permanently corrupted just for playing the game a lot.
  11. For those playing this on PC the latest patch (1.06) has removed the 8MB save file limit so you can now safely play the game without corrupting your save by merely playing the game too much.
  12. Planetary Clairvoyance by Tomb Mold Death Metal band from Canada. The band name was inspired by a crafting material in the game Bloodborne so they are as nerdy as they are brutal.
  13. I have just finished Cyberpunk 2077. I put around 80 hours into the game so this was a pretty thorough completion although I still have more to do if I so choose. The words I'd used to sum up this game is "unfinished masterpiece." This game when everything comes together is phenomenal. The writing for the most part is great, the main questline is fantastic and the side quests are some of the best I have ever played, the latter of which is capped off by the game having such a good cast of characters both side and main. This is a passion project and that is visible in every facet of th
  14. I have seen a lot of talk about certification, but it's not what people think it is. Certification is not a "seal of approval". It is merely a process to make sure the game doesn't break the hardware it's running on, or act as a backdoor to let people into the deeper levels of the hardware/network. Certification is a list of rules that a game must hit to be uniform with every other game, for instance; Showcase the correct button labels. Make sure plugging and unplugging the controller doesn't crash the game. Make sure story critical stuff doesn't render off-screen.
  15. It's not ready and at this rate given how much work they need to do to fix up the last-gen versions I think the PS5/Series X upgrades will be delayed to 2022. They were already incredibly non-committal with the whole "at some point in 2021" talk, but given the staff are now crunching to fix the game that will likely delay next-gen.
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