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  1. Daweii

    Time for a takeover

    Based on the Times article posted a couple pages back it doesn't seem like Xia did much. Our new owners after watching England lose to Croatia decided to buy Villa and a week or so later here we are. All Xia had to do was respond when spoken to as their net worth was a Google search away unlike his.. I'd give more credit to Xia if he had gone out and found these two then sure, but they came to him after hatching out the plan to buy us.
  2. Daweii

    Nassef Sawiris

    Xia couldn't afford a bodyguard
  3. Daweii

    Villa and FFP

    To be fair we've never had an owner with actual money. Lerner didn't care about FFP until the money he was willing to spend dried up. Xia didn't care about FFP until the money he was willing to spend/had at his disposal dried up. FFP like you said is a convenient excuse flaunted by owners that don't have the cash. I have a feeling that Nassef and Wes will find ways around it because they have the cash, they wouldn't have bought Villa or a stake in Villa to let the club tread-water.
  4. Daweii

    Burton v Villa

    I'm liking that the subs haven't seemed to weaken us.
  5. Daweii

    Burton v Villa

    We really need a change of manager. I hate that when we're under pressure we just lump the ball forward which often goes to the opposition inviting more pressure.
  6. Daweii

    Jack Grealish

    It's the media's job these days to blow everything out of proportion. The media isn't a news source anymore, it's a means to get clicks to drive up ad-revenue. You don't get clicks by saying "Spurs enquire about Grealish". You get clicks by saying "Spurs close to signing Aston Villa ace Grealish in move that will shock the West Midlands!".. The media know absolutely **** all, but they'll pretend until the sun goes down that they know every minute detail about the deal that may or may not be happening.
  7. Daweii

    Time for a takeover

    @terrytini Wes Edens just looks like a guy that has had to work 80+ hour weeks since he was in his early 20's to get to where he is now. He just looks old and tired to me.
  8. Daweii

    Tony Xia

    Rich and successful men. Nassef is the richest Arab in the world ($6.7 billion) and Wes is worth like 2 and half Lerner's (AKA. $2.3 billion)..
  9. Daweii

    Steve Bruce

    Probably pretty bittersweet for him I'd imagine. He's probably delighted that Aston Villa is safe and now has a potential platform to push off from, but he also knows what new owners mean for old staff so he's likely sad that his time may be coming to an end.
  10. Daweii

    Nassef Sawiris

    He's likely only still here because a full takeover would take many more weeks, perhaps even months and we were days away from likely Administration. Now sure Administration gets these billionaires the club for cheap, but it'd pretty much come with no players.. This is a bandage before the real takeover happens in the next 6-12 months. I doubt Xia will have any say in anything that happens at Villa going forward..
  11. Daweii

    Time for a takeover

    New investment by the richest Arab in the world and his American pal Wes who is also worth a butt ton of cash. Sounds like a joke when I phrase it like that, but I am being 100% serious, we are SAVED!!!
  12. Daweii

    Walsall v Villa

    Pick that one out of the net.. Nice one Whelan!!
  13. Daweii

    Walsall v Villa

    I actually think Grealish could be an even better player if he was just a little more selfish. He runs into great positions while the others mong about on the edge of the area and he chooses to pass instead of shooting. He's like the anti-Kodj, where as that guy would benefit from being slightly less-selfish, I think Grealish could benefit from having a shot or three.