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  1. It's more than likely going to be Capcom attempting to revive the Outbreak games which I think will be a good move. Outbreak gets a ton of shit in the UK/EU because we got a gimped version. Outbreak was an online game for PS2 that never received online support. So while those in the US/JP were having a ton of fun playing online co-op, the rest of the world had to play with bots which as we know is not the same. That said it's not 2003 anymore and I think an Outbreak Remake with the online infrastructure we have now would be excellent.
  2. They prefer playing counter-attacking football which suits them away from home, but at home their fans want them to be on the front foot which doesn't suit their playing style at all.
  3. It's how they make a lot of their money. FIFA and Madden Ultimate Team modes contribute close to 30% of EA's total revenue generation per year. Apex Legends on the next earnings report will likely contribute a further 10-15% from loot crates, battle passes and timed events that cost players £180. Almost 50% of EA's revenue is generated from microtransactions, so provided they remain legal they'll keep finding more ways to monetise things. I love the sound of your idea of FUT and it's how the mode should work, and would work in an industry without transactions, but unfortunately it's a vehicle to sell shit and the whole game revolves around that mode now.
  4. HAPPY TOOL DAY!!! 13 years of waiting are over and the album is phenomenal, I love it. I've been spinning the 7 track physical edition for a few days now, but now that the album is out I'm giving the 10 track digital edition a listen. Great record. If you're a fan of TOOL then definitely check this out if you weren't planning to already.
  5. Daweii


    Just a heads up if you have the old school Xbox One and PlayStation 4 then approach with caution. Control was made with PC in mind and PC at the forefront so no expense was spared on effects that the ageing consoles cannot run well at all. There are prolonged drops in combat to as low at 10FPS on the old systems (which is unplayable), so keep that in mind. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X fare a lot better, but if you have an OG Xbox One/PlayStation 4 then expect to be in for a rough time. Performance Breakdown It's a shame that the game has incredibly bad performance issues on the ageing systems, but this game is likely our first showcase that the next-gen consoles can't come soon enough.
  6. Good to see Davis coming off with a goal to his name. Lets see what this Archer kid is all about.
  7. Get in!!! This is what Jota brings to the team!!! **** yes... Get in Wesley!!!
  8. I haven't seen anything that impresses me about this yet. This game feels to me like a game that all of my friends are going to play and call it the "best game of all time", while I'm sat there scratching my head not understanding the hype. I have always been about gameplay over anything else so if a studio presents me with a very shallow experience I get bored. Now maybe they'll prove me wrong and they'll impress me eventually, but right now this is not high on my list of games to play in 2020.
  9. Syndicate is the game that forced UbiSoft to bin the series off for a couple years while they figured out a new direction to head in. Syndicate to me is always worth playing at least once just to see the series at its lowest point, but the Witcher 3 inspired approach they took with Origins/Odyssey is definitely a huge improvement.
  10. The opening 10 minutes cost us 3-points today. We can't be giving teams chances like that. Bournemouth offered nothing outside of the opening 15 minutes, it was all Villa for the majority of the match and yes we didn't do enough with the ball and that's an issue, but this loss stings because it was our actions at the start that lost us the game ultimately.

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