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  1. Xbox One X was in a weird place as a console because just like PS4 Pro it was the first time a mid-generation refresh increased performance. Usually when you get such a refresh it's a PS3 Slim, or Xbox One S where it's a slimmer version of the exact same console. With Xbox One X though it did have a performance upgrade, but it was always held back by the weakest system in the pack which was the basic Xbox One. What this essentially meant is Xbox One X became the box that can play games at a higher resolution, or a higher frame rate, but not always with better visuals which as you noticed lead to negligible differences between the two. Xbox Series X on the other hand is an all new console generation that isn't held back by the previous generation. This means if they want the Series X version of Halo: Infinite to have the best graphics the world has ever seen then they'll do it. Now Microsoft have said that Series X exclusives will have an Xbox One/One X version, but whatever version they get will likely be a heavily pared back version both visually and from a resolution perspective. So where as Xbox One and One X have negligible differences in visuals at times, I do expect that Series X games will look dramatically better. What I want is for Microsoft to start showing off some games. I know they have a timeline that they are working towards so they aren't ready to show games yet, but it would really help a lot to showcase just what Series X can do.
  2. A lot of it is yet to be seen because Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 essentially tear up the rule book for how games are made. The biggest change in next-gen is the move to ultra-fast SSDs (Solid State Drives) which in Series X is offering a 40x increase in loading/streaming speed over Xbox One X with PS5 being closer to an 80x increase. What this means at a basic level is almost no loading. I am sure you've played a game over the years with excessive elevator use (Mass Effect), or really long and slow shimmying through small gaps (Jedi: Fallen Order) which is done because the console can't load the next area in time. Now those sections are hiding loading screens in a really clever way, but these are limitations that developers have to develop around. Without loading screens we'll potentially see things in games that we have never seen before at a size, scale and level of detail that has never been possible before. We are yet to see what developers can come up with now that the shackles of loading have been removed, but I am sure we're in for a generation of truly mind blowing games. That said next-gen will be limited by current-gen for at least a year because very few publishers are going to go all in on a new platform with a limited install base. So immediate reasons to get it? I don't think there are any unless you really want the better graphics and better performance. Series X is a game changer of a console, it's absurdly powerful and will be a great piece of tech to own, but I think current-gen will slow down just how much we see of the consoles power initially.
  3. That's not necessarily true and here's why; Currently games are massive, I mean its 171GB for Modern Warfare alone right now, but the majority of this is because the most used files are duplicated and placed in almost every directory that makes up the game. The reason for this is HDD's are slow and more importantly console HDD's are slow (5400RPM) so they duplicate files to make up for the extremely low seek times of the drive. If they didn't duplicate files then a game like Modern Warfare would take 10 minutes to load instead of 50 seconds, but the downside to this duplication is file sizes explode which we're seeing today. So in an SSD only future we'll see file sizes actually shrink. SSD's don't have a seek time because everything is instant, now they do have a speed which governs how fast they can read the file after accessing it instantly, but without seek times there is no need to duplicate anything. So right off the bat games on Series X and PS5 could be 50% smaller depending how much duplication games had to do in the past. Though that's only one aspect of it as these systems aren't dealing with raw file sizes anymore, everything on Series X and PS5 is also compressed and decompressed in real time. For instance Series X is using what Microsoft call "Intelligent Delivery" which they describe as follows; What this means is that games are no longer a whole. So lets say that Black Ops 5 on Series X is 75GB for everything. You can download that whole 75GB and play the single player, co-op and multiplayer, but you can also just download the single player which may be 50GB, or just the multiplayer which may be 25GB. This will play a huge role in minimising file size and making 1TB look absolutely massive compared to current-gen. Intelligent Delivery is just one technology at play here though. The other is what Microsoft are calling "Hardware Decompression"; So we already know that games will be smaller due to a lack of duplication, they'll also be smaller due to Intelligent Delivery, but they'll also be smaller because after all of that the files on the drive will be compressed. Now we don't know how much they'll be compressed, but there is every chance that games in next-gen will be 75-80% smaller than they are today. This also has other benefits as the Series X SSD runs faster with compressed assets, it goes from 2.4GB/s raw to upwards of 5GB/s while files are compressed. So not only will games be smaller, but they'll also load faster when in their compressed state. The write ups on the technology was taken from this page right here: Xbox.com - Series X Glossary Looking at gaming through a current-gen lens makes 1TB seem like an absurd decision, but Microsoft have considered this and have several technologies at play to make 1TB feel bigger than it ever has before.
  4. Yeah, I read earlier that The Miz, Kevin Owens, John Morrison, The Uso's and Edge also won't be on the show which has apparently been mostly taped already. This PPV is a mess. Edit: There is a chance misinformation is being spread online. There are now conflicting reports that Kevin Owens did wrestle on the WrestleMania tapings. Who knows what is true anymore.
  5. Same happened in this case albeit slightly differently @sne. His timeline was Coronavirus symptoms on the 19th February 2020 and he tested positive for the virus on the 21st March 2020.
  6. I loved the demo. I also love that they allow the player to counter everything Nemesis does by getting good at perfect dodges. If you dodge at the right time it slows down a bit and gives you a ton of invincibility frames. The window for the dodge is similar to Bloodborne's parry timing, so anyone with knowledge of that game will likely get pretty good at them relatively quickly. That said I am concerned that Nemesis will be frustrating for those that don't learn the new skills. I also don't know if the game ever tells players about the perfect dodge mechanic in the full game which could also be an issue.
  7. The issue both PS5 and Series X will face is that their advantages won't mean much in multi-platform games which make up 98% of all games in a given generation. For instance lets say that hypothetically the 5.5GB/s SSD in the PS5 allows seamless loading of worlds 100x larger, but the Series X SSD at 2.4GB/s only allows worlds 50x larger then the baseline is 50x and all of that additional performance is wasted. Now we will get to enjoy this fancy SSD in exclusives, but I do think that Sony went all in on the SSD because they believed that Microsoft would do the same. The unfortunate side of Sony going all in on the SSD is that the PS5 ships with an 825GB SSD and expanding that won't be cheap. A 1TB Corsair M.2 drive at 5GB/s (which won't even work in PS5, its too slow) is £237 right now. They don't even sell 5.5GB/s drives that PS5 could use currently and when they do they won't be cheap. So while Microsoft seem less ambitious with a 2.4GB/s SSD, their little proprietary SSD cartridges will be relatively cheap by comparison. These are things that customers will need to be aware of as cost of ownership for PS5 could be absurdly high. I'm excited for Series X and PS5, but some of Sony's decisions are a cause for concern until they clarify things.
  8. UPDATE ON WRESTLEMANIA Two night event, April 4th and 5th. This doesn't fix the fact that they're doing WrestleMania in the Performance Center to zero fans, but it does fix the whole 6-7 hour show issue somewhat. Two 3+ hour shows is much better than a single 7+ hour show that will feel three times longer than that with no fans.
  9. Same happened in France. The day before the lock down plans were announced there were trains packed Japanese rush hour style heading out of Paris. It's unknown how much damage that will have done over there, but I guess we'll find out in the next 14 days.
  10. Especially John Cena. His match against The Fiend is going to be interesting. You can hear Cena talking his opponent through the match in an arena full of 70,000 fans going wild, it's going to be very interesting to see how his match at WrestleMania goes.
  11. It's going to be painful to watch. I can stand about an hour of WWE without crowd interaction, and it seems that WWE know that about an hour is the limit too. Smackdown on Friday was about an hour of original content and then the remainder was them showing the entire Tag Team Elimination Chamber match from a couple Sundays ago. RAW was the same. It was an hour of original content and then 2 hours of it (with adverts) showing the entire Mens Royal Rumble match from earlier this year. If WWE themselves can't fill 2-3 hours with engaging content that isn't boring without fans then how do they fill 7+ hours? WrestleMania usually drags after about 6 hours even with the fans going crazy, it's going to be painful on April 5th.
  12. WrestleMania 36 is going to continue as planned albeit on a smaller scale than originally anticipated. The grandest stage of them all will take place this year on the smallest stage of them all at the WWE Performance Center. That's right, all 7+ hours of WrestleMania will happen in a tiny venue to zero fans.
  13. The Government need to step in about mass gatherings. They can say that people need to self-police and isolate if they feel ill, but I guarantee tickets to that show were likely £100+ a ticket. The only way people aren't going to that show despite the risks is if the Government cancel everything.
  14. I can't wait to see Stone Cold come out to an empty arena, it's going to be comically anti-climactic. Wrestling is going to be weird for the next few months. The crowd even when super dead and not into the match add something that is missing when they aren't there as Smackdown showed last night.
  15. My thoughts after playing the demo a few times. The combat is uninspired, I really wasn't too impressed. That said I really hope they add a Hard mode at launch cause it wasn't a very difficult experience. Classic mode is a waste of time, if I wanted the game to play itself I would watch a movie. I don't get who this mode is for outside of those that don't play video games, but have an interest in Final Fantasy 7 of all games. The soundtrack is phenomenal, it's probably my favourite part of the whole demo and likely the whole game. The visuals are also great. I played this once on my old PS4 to see how it looked and it looked great, I then played it a couple times on PS4 Pro and it also looked great. If anyone wanted to see just how far we have come since 1997 this is the perfect example. All in all I enjoyed it. I definitely have my issues with it, although those issues stem from difficulty which could very easily be solved at launch.
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