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  1. Probably the biggest flop of all time. Square Enix had the Avengers licence. It should be impossible for them to mess up, but they somehow managed it. Spider-Man on PS4 sold over 20 million copies and that is a game featuring a singular hero. Avengers is like a carpet bomb, there is something for everyone and yet it failed to make a profit. Even Anthem is less of a flop and that game is dead. Anthem sold over 6 million copies and made back the money spent on it. Avengers sold 3 million and lost Square Enix $63 million. It takes talent to acquire an IP the size of Avengers
  2. 20+ games were announced/re-announced as Day One Game Pass releases at the ID@Xbox Showcase yesterday.
  3. EA Play is joining Game Pass for PC tomorrow which adds a collection of over 60 EA games to Game Pass including the latest addition Star Wars Squadrons.
  4. All of these are coming to Game Pass by the end of the month. More games are being teased by Xbox staff and with a Square Enix event on Thursday we'll potentially see something, or several things from that wind up on Game Pass.
  5. I imagine Naughty Dog went straight into production on Last of Us: Factions (the multiplayer for Last of Us: Part 2) and pre-production has likely started on Last of Us: Part 3. Now I personally don't think there needs to be a Part 3, but Neil Druckmann feels like the kind of writer/director that wants a perfect trilogy under his belt, so I don't see him passing up the chance to try and achieve that. Plus with the Last of Us show coming to HBO, the popularity of Last of Us will be at an all time high in a couple years, Sony/Naughty Dog will likely want to capitalise on that with a n
  6. It's going to be about the same as it was before Christmas. CD Projekt have only released one major patch since launch as the second major patch (which is said to be massive) was delayed after the company suffered a major data breach following a hack. There is no word on when the next patch is coming. That said even on PS5 you're still playing the broken PS4 version, if you're willing to wait until late-2021 for the PS5 upgrade to come out then that's probably the best option. Not only will the upgrade look better and perform better, but it'll also benefit from a years worth of patches.
  7. Phil Spencer just confirmed on the Xbox Roundtable stream that aside from honouring existing contracts (Deathloop/Ghostwire) and supporting games already on other platforms, everything else will only be on platforms where Game Pass is accessible. That's all we needed to know. Everything from today onwards outside of prior contractual commitments is Xbox/PC exclusive.
  8. I think in the end most of Bethesda's title will be exclusive. The reason the press release said "some will be exclusive" is because some games are likely too far along in development to just cease work on a specific version, plus two of them are already PS5 timed exclusives (Deathloop and Ghostwire) I think anything that is 2+ years away will be exclusive. Microsoft did not spend $7.5 billion to bolster the Xbox/Game Pass line-up to then put the games on PlayStation. I'm not a huge fan of consolidation of the industry, or of exclusives, but it feels like wishful thinking tha
  9. Things didn't go to plan, but AEW will spin it as any good wrestling company will. This won't hurt them though. ECW had three botched explosion matches. Most of the FMW exploding matches were botched in some form outside of the classics. Hell, WWE botches stuff all the time and it doesn't hurt them at all. AEW will learn from this, they have to learn from this. Just like when Matt Hardy almost died at All Out, everyone called that the end of AEW and guess what? They're still here, still pulling in almost 1 million viewers per week. The finish didn't go to plan, but it is what it is
  10. We now have the rules of the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch happening tomorrow at AEW Revolution between Kenny Omega (c) and Jon Moxley; 3 sides of the ring ropes wrapped in barbed wire (one rope left clear for "emergency purposes"). Contact with barbed wire triggers explosives on corresponding side. 3 zones of barbed wire on the floor wired to explosives. 30 minute countdown timer until all explosives in and around the ring detonate. The only rule they left out is the win condition, but it's likely a pinfall, or submission finish. I fully expect this match
  11. 35 years old today. Happy Birthday to a classic.
  12. The concept of Overwatch meets Destruction Derby was way more interesting on paper. I think I played around 5 matches and while I enjoyed it, I didn't enjoy it enough to set aside the time it would have required to get good and stay good.
  13. I appreciate you sourcing the T&Cs/Press Release and it's good to have it all clarified.
  14. The PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake from PS+ cannot be used as part of the PS5 upgrade. It's still a good freebie, but anyone getting this from PS+ expecting a free upgrade to the PS5 version is going to be left disappointed. Also while I'm apparently cosplaying as the bearer of bad news, the Yuffie DLC is not included with FF7 Remake Intergrade and is instead sold separately for a yet undisclosed price.
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