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  1. Daweii

    Lovre Kalinić

    I think Kalinic would have seen out the rest of the season for better or worse had he not gotten injured. It's actually quite amazing how much an injury likely saved our season. Kalinic with a good pre-season and more of a chance to settle into English football is probably our best GK, but last season he was not what we needed. I am so thankful that Steer came in and commanded that position as well as he did.
  2. Daweii


    I'm glad to see the forum warming to him a bit. His stats in a very very bad SHA side were good, he got 3 goals and 9 assists last season in a side that weren't exactly helping him out much at all. He's going to flourish in a better squad. His pass to Wesley would have been an assist on another day, it was quality. He only played 45 minutes, but was likely one of the best players in the whole match. The signs are there that he'll be a great winger for us this coming season.
  3. I was curious about that myself. It looks based on the start of the half that he's playing centrally and Davis is on the left/roaming.
  4. Kalinic, Guilbert, Chester, Mings, Taylor, McGinn, Lansbury, Bjarnason, Davis, Green, Hogan
  5. As far as pre-season goes we look decent, especially considering it's our first friendly with a largely changed team. I think we'll look more lethal going forward after a few more friendlies. It's early days for this squad.
  6. It was a directive from the MLS to restrict it to those in the local Minnesota area and the UK. It doesn't make much sense, but Minnesota had to comply.
  7. It's annoying, but we're watching the feed from the in-stadium screens. Those replays are for those in the stadium. MNUFC have put up a makeshift solution so we can watch.
  8. He likely didn't. It's likely why his transfer happened relatively quickly because I don't think he went on holiday like most players do.
  9. @useless Was just about to come here to post something similar. The MNUFC website updated the disclaimer to this; "Major League Soccer has restricted the audience for this stream in some markets, however, the stream should be available in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul broadcast market and all of the United Kingdom."
  10. This will likely be a standard friendly with one XI starting the first half and another XI starting the second half. It likely won't even be our presumed best XI in one half either, it's going to be a mix of all sorts.
  11. Daweii

    Douglas Luiz

    Chances are the work permit is taking a bit longer than expected so because he won't feature in the friendly, and because he can't train due to not being our player yet he's gone home. I am still optimistic that this will go through.
  12. Plus if we sign players like Luiz and Trezeguet then Wesley will probably be getting way better service than he ever got before. Wesley may have only got 10 league goals last season, but as we know all too well a striker is only as good as the creative players around him.

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