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  1. Nothing has been uncovered about the music so far. That said, I think Rockstar will try and re-licence all the music from the originals where possible. If anything is missing I think it'll be the Michael Jackson songs from Vice City. I can see his estate making it awkward for Rockstar.
  2. The synopsis for Grand Theft Auto Trilogy - Definitive Edition has apparently been discovered by members of the GTA community.
  3. To me as a straight dude in this 30's I love the games that offer the chance to step into someone elses shoes. For instance last year the creators of Life is Strange (Dontnod) released a game called Tell Me Why, in which one of the characters is trans. It's not a super happy game, but it was eye opening to see that characters experiences and stories. I will never understand the mindset of feeling uncomfortable talking to gay people in games (or real life), or witnessing same sex romance. Seeing two dudes kiss isn't going to instantly turn the player gay, but even if it did is that a bad thing? That's the great thing about society tackling more LGBT+ themes is people are going to identify with the characters, they're going to see themselves in certain characters and maybe they'll discover that their own sexuality wasn't as cemented as they thought. We're all on a journey in life, I truly hope that colleague of yours can eventually relax enough to just embrace different experiences. That said I do find it curious that they chose games where it is completely optional. Homosexuality in those games will only feel forced if its the only option you choose.
  4. It's a collection of the 3D-era games, GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas with some form of remastered treatment. We won't know for sure how remastered the games are until we get a trailer, but I think the basic expectation is updates to gameplay, lighting and overall detail level.
  5. The GTA Trilogy - Definitive Edition is the classic trilogy ported to Unreal Engine 4. How far Rockstar Dundee have gone with this port is yet to be seen, but Rockstar were nice enough to describe the games for us. I guess they haven't heard the saying "a screenshot is worth a thousand words" I have heard its coming out November 11th 2021 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Now of course that's rumour and speculation until Rockstar Games confirm it, but we also know this likely isn't a mobile port because the Android/iOS versions are out in Q1 2022. I am personally keeping my expectations low. 4K 60 FPS with improved textures, models and lighting might be the most of it. The fact they will have had to remake a lot of the game from scratch when porting the games from RenderWare to Unreal Engine 4 does throw a wild card into mix, but I am choosing to not get too carried away.
  6. I was in one of the many closed technical tests over the last few months and my main feedback always ended with "this game isn't ready to launch". It's a shame to see that the game is still a complete mess given that open betas are glorified demos, they're marketing tools at best these days. I think at £60+ for a multiplayer only game, Battlefield 2042 is going to struggle. You mentioned Halo which is in better shape, but it's also free to play for the multiplayer. Maybe some people would rather pay £60+ for an inferior product, but I imagine most will settle for the free one assuming they have an Xbox, or a PC.
  7. I think its less that Sony were sleeping on Astro Bot and more that Team Asobi weren't a standalone studio until recently. Team Asobi were small and were very reliant on Japan Studio. That has changed recently so they're in a better position now to make Astro Bot into a legit franchise.
  8. A Metal Gear Solid Remake starting with MGS3 makes sense if they are going to remake the series in chronological order. MGS3 is the first game is the series from a timeline perspective. The remasters feel more like them getting the series onto modern consoles before they remake MGS, which will likely see sweeping changes made. Konami have likely been inspired in recent years by what Capcom have done with the Resident Evil Remakes. As for Silent Hill. I assume Bloober Team are making at least one of the Silent Hill games in development given the deal they signed with Konami earlier this year. It's all potentially good news. The fact that Konami are willing to work with external partners is the promising part, as Konami themselves are still a bit of a dumpster fire as eFootball has shown the world.
  9. Tying the tutorial in with the narrative. I don't mind tutorials, but if they're not skippable the game is already off to a relatively bad start. Not having separate audio sliders in the audio options. I know devs want to control the experience, but trust the player to mix the audio how they prefer. Games as a service systems such as battle passes and endless end-game content seeping into single player premium games. Loot box mechanics, or any sort of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) systems. I understand their inclusion, but feeling like I have to play the game 18 hours a day, or miss out is not a good experience. Unskippable cutscenes. I understand some games are loading the next area during a cutscene, but streamline your asset streaming process, don't force the player to watch your cutscenes on future playthroughs. Shimmying through gaps. I know this is another way to load, but games especially in the PS4/XOne era were over-reliant on that. "Oh look a cave, but the cave entrance is only 1ft wide for loading purposes", it got old, especially in FF7: Remake. Speaking of FF7 Remake. Slow walking segments while characters talk about mundane shit like plants and how the world is ****. FF7: Remake isn't the only culprit, there are lots of games that do this shit, but it's mega annoying when it happens. Bad gameplay pisses me off. It double pisses me off if they have clearly focused on the graphics. I couldn't care less about the graphics, it's the gameplay I have to put up with for 20+ hours. Constant hints. I hate when the game assumes I have early-onset dementia and reminds me every 40 seconds how to play the game. "You can crouch with square"... Thanks, I had completely forgotten since the last time you told me, 40 seconds ago. Not being able to turn off those hints. Games that follow the rule of threes and nothing else. "I need you to collect three bear arses to unlock the seal of immortality, these bear arses are in three areas, guarded by three bosses". The rule of threes is classic game design, but you can change it up sometimes. Everything becoming an RPG. I love RPG's, but not everything needs a levelling mechanic and skill trees and item rarity. A game is allowed to exist in a single genre.
  10. Daweii

    Fifa 22

    Most people into FUT aren't into FUT, they're into the feeling they get when they pull the card they have been after for weeks. FUT is gambling, now EA will say it's not because you always get something, even if that something is a 69 rated 18-year old from Scunthorpe, but the phycological element behind FUT is the same as gambling. You feel the same lows and the same highs as you would at a slot machine. Those that are into FUT are into the gambling element, and they're also the ones spending hundreds of pounds on it. EA make well over $1 billion per year from FIFA alone, most of it from FUT. It's good to be in the minority in this instance as FUT is literally creating gambling addicts.
  11. Daweii

    Fifa 22

    FIFA likely won't see a huge evolution until the last-gen console are bumped off the release schedule. Some of the best FIFA games are usually the ones that utilise the new consoles fully, but right now all you're playing is last-gen FIFA with a slightly more CPU intensive animation system that is exclusive to current-gen. Maybe my faith is misplaced as EA have no competition anymore (thanks Konami), but at least in the past the first FIFA to take full advantage of the new consoles was usually a bit of leap. We likely won't see that until FIFA '23/'24 though, if we see it at all.
  12. Peacock is a streaming app run by NBC Universal. WWE recently cut a deal to put WWE Network on Peacock which shut down the WWE Network app in the US. From what I have heard WWE Network on Peacock is massively inferior to the version that was shut down (the version that the UK still gets). A lot of the content is missing, and from what I hear they play ads during PPV's for those on the $4.99 tier of Peacock. The unfortunate thing is Peacock is heading to the UK and Europe. So if the same deal extends to us then the WWE Network app will be shut down and we'll only be able to watch via the Peacock app.
  13. It was creative, I'll give them that. WWE Network was the worst thing that happened to WWE PPVs because WWE are no longer held accountable. When PPVs were $50 they couldn't pull bullshit like this, but at $4.99 with Peacock (£9.99 for UK) they can do whatever they like. Nothing in WWE matters anymore, nothing has any importance. Everything WWE does is all about creating a special moment, but not organically, it's all so contrived.
  14. Whatever happens this performance has shown me that we're competitive with the best in this league now. We have not looked out of place here.
  15. I always try to look at it as supporting the hard working developers that just want people to play what they've spent several years working on. I know it's unfortunate that the purchase lines the pockets of some terrible people, but boycotts typically punish the people that did nothing wrong the most.
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