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  1. It would have to be a toss up between MJF, Darby Allin and 'Hangman' Adam Page. I know the latter had pretty decent exposure in NJPW/Bullet Club, but he has come into his own in AEW that he feels like a breakout. That said I just remembered Britt Baker, Thunder Rosa, Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara... Hell, even Eddie Kingston. That guy has been in the business for like 20 years, but AEW have given him the platform to become a massive star. The way AEW builds talent is my favourite part about AEW. There is a reason why the promotion is growing and it is all down to building new stars and not burying them. Christian came in and put over Jungle Boy in the battle royale, that's how it should be.
  2. I loved every minute of Gage vs Cardona, everything about it was great. I also love that in his promo after the show he did confirm that it wasn't a one and done. It blows my mind that Cardona has gone from Zack Ryder who oozed big dork energy to an absolute bad ass that might just do deathmatch wrestling for the rest of his career. Full promo in spoilers.
  3. Such events tend to occur when a flaw in the games code exposes a flaw in the hardware. Previously in the PC space I recall Dead Island back in the day bricking GPU's as the main menu ran at thousands of frames per second, it just fried the card and this was pre-safety shutdowns/thermal throttling. That said this isn't exclusive to PC. A very recent example in the console world would be ray tracing in Spider-Man: Miles Morales bricking PS5's. It didn't brick all of them, it only bricked a small percentage, but something in how the PS5 does ray tracing triggered the game to brick PS5's that had a specific hardware defect. It's a shame when it happens, but fortunately such events are very rare.
  4. Speaking of Nick Gage. He'll be making his AEW debut in a No-Rules match against Chris Jericho on the July 28th episode of Dynamite. I don't know if he'll be in AEW long term as I'm not sure the bright lights of a major promotion is really his scene, but he'll be facing Chris Jericho on Wednesday which should make for a fun match.
  5. Congratulations to the Bucks!
  6. eFootball is launching with 9 teams with no additional teams on the roadmap for the rest of 2021. eFootball does have their version of "Ultimate Team" on the roadmap, but no additional teams. So anyone hoping to play online with real world teams better be a Man United, or Barca fan because there isn't much choice there. It's very clear based on the roadmap which is on the eFootball website that there isn't much. eFootball Website scroll down a bit to get to the roadmap. It's pretty barren until they start adding their version of "Ultimate Team" and Match Passes.
  7. I read years ago that Pete Dunne is a Wolves fan. That said I have tried to Google it to find what I read, but all I could find is a picture of Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven stood on the pitch at Molineux. It's not definitive proof in the slightest though.
  8. All this release talk stuff is just another way for the words removed in the media to belittle Aston Villa. There is nothing in the rumours.
  9. He may have met him earlier when the camera wasn't rolling.
  10. Grealish did more in his limited minutes than most of the players that played every game and he can be proud of that. Hopefully he plays a bigger role in the World Cup.
  11. You'd think after the trauma of losing so many shootouts that every English footballer would practice them instinctively thanks some form of shared PTSD. Congrats to Italy,
  12. I was calm until penalties were nailed on to happen. Just had a few shots of vodka, I'll be calm again in a minute or two.
  13. Defensive worked against Germany, but lets be fair we could have likely played our usual formation against that Germany side as in hindsight they were toothless. Does a similar defensive line up work against Italy? I don't think it does, but I'm curious to find out.
  14. If they have to do more Abstergo stuff to make it work then there will likely be no real story attached to it. Infinity is a live service experience so Abstergo might be used as a Destiny style online hub. You do your stuff in Italy and you warp out, you walk around as your modern day character, you talk to vendors, get daily quests and then warp somewhere else. Abstergo has been an afterthought for a decade so I don't see that changing. It being an online hub might finally be the best use for it.
  15. Too many egos wanting to be the hero in this team. Kane and Sterling have done my head in ever since Grealish has come on.
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