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  1. From everything I've heard Resident Evil Village started life as a Revelations style spin-off title for the PS4/Xbox One. At some point during development though its status was changed to that of a mainline title and the focus switched to Next-Gen and PC. They also more than likely (90% certain) have the Resident Evil 4: Remake in development. This means Village will serve two purposes. It'll firstly be a new entry into the main storyline, but because it's set in a village and has a castle it'll also allow them to re-purpose assets to speed up development on RE4: Remake.
  2. Both the Physical Edition and Digital Edition are 825GB. The only thing different between the two is one lacks a disc drive.
  3. https://www.game.co.uk/en/hardware/playstation-5 Pre-orders open on the GAME website.
  4. Those making it are unfortunate. The game has been in development for 5+ years. For it to come out in with the IP now somewhat vilified by its creators antics is a huge shame.
  5. Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon's Souls are confirmed to be launch titles for the console.
  6. This show will hopefully clear up launch a lot. I think we'll see games like Demon's Souls join Spider-Man: Miles Morales as a launch title. I think Sony know that the games appeal to different crowds and will add more depth to a launch that has a very casual focus right now. We'll likely also get the price today and a date for when pre-orders go live. If we see any further out titles today it'll probably be things like Final Fantasy 16 which will no doubt be a timed PlayStation exclusive.
  7. Daweii

    Emiliano Martinez

    I loved that interview with Emi. When he was asked which games he's looking forward to and it was playfully suggested one of them would be Arsenal the smile went away and he said; "Nah, I wanna enjoy game by game in the Prem. We've got two good games at the beginning Sheffield United and Fulham, we need to stay on the front foot and win games, that's what we need" It was all smiles after that, but Emi is a winner, he's not coming here to be second best to anyone else and he's also not here to lose games. I like him already.
  8. El Ghazi feels like the kind of player that doesn't do well with competition. Since taking a place on the bench his form hasn't been close to what it used to be. You'd think with Traore and Rashica coming in he'd have used tonight to show how good he is, but he just didn't turn up.
  9. I love that Taylor looked back at Grealish like "pass! I'm through" and Grealish is like "look down you cockwomble!"
  10. At this point I think I only want Rashica cause its dragged on for a month. I think it would show intent from our management to cut our losses as it feels like Bremen are taking the piss. We need to be aware that viable alternatives like Benrahma won't remain viable for long.
  11. Just a quick search of Lyons history and seeing they won the league 7 times in a row gave me a pretty good idea on the type of fan they have. They have the Man Utd class of fan that expect everything and turn on anyone the moment they dip in form, which funnily enough probably contributes to their form declining for a longer spell than necessary.
  12. Exactly this. Has his form dipped a bit over the last season? Yes, but if he was still the player the big clubs were after 2 years ago he'd probably cost £60m this window. Sometimes it's worth taking a risk cause if he finds that form again we'll be set.
  13. We're not messing around are we... Matty Cash - £14m + add ons Ollie Watkins - £28m + add ons Rashica - £18m (likely + add ons) Martinez - £16m (likely + add ons) Traore - £19m (likely + add ons) £95m on 5 players if we get the the current 3 targets over the line, which is looking likely for Martinez and Rashica. I thought I'd be more excited to see Villa splash the cash like this, but I am merely cautiously optimistic. I really hope we're throwing the big money at the right players.
  14. English DJ and Producer. He's a Villa fan. His top 3 chart hit was used by the club when unveiling the 20/21 home kit. He also did a DJ set on the Villa facebook at Villa Park during the height of the lockdown. That's all I know about him. The guy likely has a few connections at the club if he's networking properly.
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