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  1. The game is brutal and I love it. Sekiro really feels like hitting the reset button on many of the skills I learned over 10 years of Soulsborne games. Sekiro is a blast to play so far, but I can see many gamers quitting after just a few hours.
  2. Puts them 18th and 5 points above the drop during their worst spell of form all season. They have lost 4 games on the bounce with West Brom, Leeds and Sheffield United as their next three games. They weren't comfortable enough for this points deduction to not matter.
  3. Daweii


    Microsoft's Project xCloud that they announced last year at E3 is likely a better implementation. xCloud is going to supplement the more traditional console space rather than attempt to replace it and that's a very important difference. xCloud will coexist as Microsoft understand that it's going to take years, maybe even decades before xCloud is good enough to replace everything. On the other side Stadia lives and dies solely based on how well it works at launch, and based on initial reports of latency and compression then it's not looking great given it launches in a matter of months.
  4. Daweii


    Not sure I'll ever be fully on board with this future. Now my reluctance isn't because of a lack of ownership of my games, I quite honestly don't give a shit about that. My reluctance comes from the latency. I game primarily on PC at 144Hz so I am used to almost non-existent latency. Stadia on the other hand has a latency of 188ms running Odyssey at 1080p 30FPS. Now sure Odyssey on Stadia looks about as good as the PC version, and it's far and away the prettiest "console" version of the game, but 188ms of delay is absurd. I just can't get excited for a future where gaming feels like a spongy and unresponsive mess which is Stadia as it stands right now.
  5. It's an improvement on the first game in many minor ways and those improvements add up quick, but the biggest improvement is the sheer amount of content that's in the game at launch. Division 2 is a massive game that can take 30+ hours to complete and then has an end game that is arguably even bigger. This game launched with more content than many games have after several expansions and it's set to get more content for free over the next year. If you want something with lots of content now and plenty to keep coming back for then Division 2 will offer that.
  6. Only just saw this thread. I have been playing this pretty constantly since the early access launch and I love it. I am a huge fan of loot grind games as it is, but this game just goes above and beyond providing content on top of content to play through. I fully recommend this game, it's going to be one of the best looter shooters for the foreseeable future.
  7. Going to become more common unfortunately. Those into Airsoft have been working hard for years to help companies like GoPro to dial in settings to allow livestreams during their matches. Unfortunately the downside to this is that now any nutter can strap a GoPro to their AR-15 and make their shooting look like Call of Duty to an audience at home.
  8. Daweii


    Just tested the scaling "bug" in Anthem. Enemy health scales based on the weapon you're using. So if you use a Power 47 Legendary Assault Rifle it will do more damage on paper, and on screen, but the enemy has more health so it's meaningless. On the other hand equipping a Power 1 Common Assault Rifle causes you to do less "damage", but because the enemy has vastly lower health the time to kill is comparable to playing Battlefield V. I tested this on Hard, Grandmaster 1 and Grandmaster 2 and it was substantially easier to clear mobs with the Level 1 starter rifle than with my Legendary rifle. This game seems to be faking progression as no one is going to equip worse gear. So to the average player they get better gear, the damage numbers go up, the enemies get harder and they feel like they are progressing. This entire system falls apart though the moment you go backwards. The enemy health scales based on what you shoot them with. So the best strategy to doing the hardest content is to get a 4-man squad all using the starter weapon. Though no one should try that because BioWare are banning players for the tiniest of infractions. Anyone that discovers an exploit and tests it for longer that 10 minutes seems to get banned, so try at your own risk I guess.
  9. Daweii


    The gameplay is what keeps this game afloat right now while the rest of Anthem is relatively poor. If you can stick with it until endgame to get all the really cool weapons, abilities and skills then there is some fun to be had here, but if you get bogged down by the tedium that is the missions, story, quest objectives, free roam and hub area then you might not make it to the cool stuff. Anthem is likely one of those games that will be transformed 6-12 months from now, so waiting to play it is likely the smarter option.
  10. That kill was great @PieFacE nicely done! As far as websites that track wins or kills I don't know of any right now, though I am sure one will pop up soon enough. It took a little while for Fortnite to get a stat tracking website, so I assume the same will be true for Apex. I agree with you about the final circle thing. The game has announcements for all sorts like "first kill", "kill leader", but it doesn't have one for "final three teams remaining". Sometimes one of the heroes will mention it, though that seems to be infrequent at best.
  11. Me and my squad are still chasing that elusive win. We got to the final two several times tonight, but constantly got outplayed each time.
  12. The toxicity issue is mitigated by the fact you don't need to talk as the game has a robust ping system. You can ping anything and the character will say it for you. Need ammo? Ping the ammo you need in your inventory and the character will say to the squad "I need more heavy ammo". Found a weapon someone might want? Ping the weapon and character will say "I found a Peacekeeper shotgun, Level 2" and the weapon will appear on the map, and will be highlighted in game. You can do this for everything its amazing. You can literally win matches with your random squad with your voice chat 100% muted. Whether people will start throwing games? I don't know. Right now the community is having way too much fun to tank a 15 - 20 minute match. A round in Apex is about as long as a round in Battlefield, but the former in my opinion is vastly more fun.
  13. I really hope so. I think entrance music is a very important aspect. I remember when WWE licenced music for their biggest stars and it made them feel even bigger, but those days are gone aside from Ronda Rousey. The Khan family will do well to make sure their biggest names have the best music regardless of how much it costs.
  14. BR as a genre has been flooded by a lot of bad games trying to get that Fortnite money which has hurt the genre a lot. I'm just glad that based on the AAA BR games that the genre is heading in the right direction. I'm also liking that the AAA devs aren't afraid to experiment in their BR games. It'd have been so easy to just make a AAA PUBG but none of them have. I suppose Blackout is the closest to PUBG, but even then Blackout has areas with zombies and helicopters, and other things that no other BR has. Not one AAA dev has played it safe so far and I like it.
  15. This game is forced 3-man squads so you can learn the game while potentially better players carry you. Plus it's 20 teams of 3 on a smaller map so you're pretty much always fighting something. This is likely the best BR game since The Culling which was also pretty fast paced on a tiny map. In the end it's free so all you have to lose is some space on your hard drive and an hour to see if it grabs you. Most matches are over in 15 minutes so you could get a fair few matches done in your first hour.

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