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  1. These guys worked in close partnership with Valve. They were one of the first to get the Valve Index almost 12-16 months before it was released, so I wouldn't be surprised if some of the tech these guys created winds up in Half-Life: Alyx.
  2. Daweii


    As of March 2019 there were 250 million registered accounts and it's likely higher than that now. While the last tracked numbers had Fortnite on 8.3 million concurrent players with its highest peak being 10.8 million. That said Epic Games haven't given an update on concurrent player counts since November 2018, so that may mean the number has dropped since then. Statista (stats) and VG247 (article) These are impressive numbers, but the game is free to play which does make it vastly easier to grow if you become a phenomenon like Fortnite did.
  3. Most of the franchise. Sonic Mania was incredible though and that released two years ago. It's literally the Sonic 4 we all deserved 20+ years ago. When you remove Sonic Team from the franchise good Sonic games are made. Hopefully Sonic Mania gets a sequel cause it's our only chance of getting another good Sonic game any time soon.
  4. Days like this make me glad my Game Pass Ultimate doesn't run out until 2022. Microsoft are killing it and I love the company they have become. They're not perfect by any means, but this customer first mentality is so good.
  5. Ozzy is back!!.. Well, he never left to be fair, but this is his first new solo song in 10 years and it's pretty decent.
  6. Same way there are movies made that aren't intended to be "fun". Now they aren't insanely successful movies to be fair, but cinema has a whole sector of art house films that are meant to provoke thought and get a reaction aside from "that was fun". Games don't have to be fun to be good. 'This War Of Mine' isn't a fun game due to the subject matter, but it's one of the best games ever made. Games don't have to be fun and as this industry grows and evolves we will get more games that exist to offer different emotional responses. If you don't like the sound of games that aren't fun then that's fine, there are 7000 games released every year and 99.99% of them are made with "fun" in mind. This is one game that isn't and that's okay because it will find its own audience, and that audience will love it for all sorts of reasons aside from "that was fun".
  7. It's legal in the UK. It has to be kept under a certain strength, I can't remember the percentage, but it's legal.
  8. When we let Liverpool attack with very little reply since the 55th minute they're going to score. I'm more surprised it took them this long, I'm glad it took them this long as we might still get a point.
  9. I don't think he is. He was limping when the teams came out in the 2nd half. He likely got a knock that was more uncomfortable than anything, but as the intensity has picked up he's been removed.
  10. Wesley just stood outside the box watching is frustrating.
  11. I want us to go back to the days where ref/linesman calls were final whether they were correct or incorrect. I think those that created VAR thought that every VAR event would be like a "We'll find out after the break" moment on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, but it's not even tense, it's just annoying.
  12. It ruins it for the fans and the players. Trezeguet was super happy until he realised it was up for review. His first goal for Villa distilled down into a low key fist bump after it was allowed.
  13. I hate VAR. If you have to get a ****' digital ruler out then it's a goal.
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