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  1. Yeah. The showrunners stated in an interview that HBO gave them unlimited money and unlimited time to make this show. HBO wanted at least 10 seasons, GRRM wanted even more than that, but the showrunners decided they wanted the show to run about 73 hours so here we are with a rushed final few seasons for no reason really. They are writing for the upcoming next Star Wars Trilogy of movies. The issue is they are movies. They would have had time to do those movies and carry on the show. I think ultimately the showrunners just got bored of working on the same show for 8 years, and faced with a brand new project they figured out the fastest way to wrap up the show.
  2. Iceland had the best song of the night for me. I mean sure it helps that like @rjw63 said they were little bits of bands I like, but I like when countries take a shot in the dark with something different. Every other song just sounds like really average mainstream pop, it all sounds the same after 26 performances.
  3. If we get promoted I am not looking forward to facing this Man City team. Absolutely dismantled Watford today..
  4. McGinn did well in the 2nd leg. Albion set out to nullify everything that make us a great team and to great effect, that said I don't think we'll see Derby play the same stifling style which will play right into what McGinn does best.
  5. Lets hope it didn't happen too soon..
  6. I'm curious too as I don't see Leeds going ultra defensive just because they're down a man. This is Derby's for the taking.
  7. I am so glad to be wrong. When that Leeds goal went in Derby hadn't had a shot on target in this game, or the 1st Leg. Didn't see this coming at all
  8. What the **** is this game!? This is mental!
  9. Not sure I want to face the team that overturns this deficit against a strong Leeds side, but I'm not thinking about that right now. Get in Derby!!!!
  11. Casilla is like a modern day David James.. I recall James running out for every ball remotely near his box. It's going to bite Leeds in the ass if he keeps doing that today..
  12. One more to take this to extra time Derby!!
  13. They didn't have a shot on target in the 1st Leg either.
  14. The game is settling a bit. There hasn't been a yellow in 8 minutes now.. What are you playing at Leeds?! Get players sent off please..
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