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  • Posts

    • Jack Grealish
      If he wants to be a top, top footballer like he has the potential to be he needs to change his ways fast. I remember hearing a story recently about Ronaldo where Real had played an away game and came home at 6 in the morning and the first thing all the players did, except for one, was to go straight home. Ronaldo went straight to the training ground to recover for the next match, taking an ice bath and letting the physio work on him. Another example, a little closer to home for me, is Gylfi Sigurdsson. He refuses to touch alcohol while he's a professional footballer. It's a short career and you need every advantage you can get he says. If Jack had the mentality of those two he could go very far, but he needs to change drastically for that to happen.
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      I'm sorry but Amavi is 10 times the player Richardson is. His injury is nothing short of a disaster for our survival hopes and suggestions to the contrary are baffling in the extreme.
    • The Chairman Mao resembling, Queen hating, threat to Britain, Labour Party thread
      The Murdoch papers back who their proprietor wants them to. Currently that's Ham face. and has been for about 6 years plus. The FT, Indie and Grauniad, the Metro too - none of these back Labour. The grauniad and Indie are left leaning, but have tended to go for some Lib Dem-ish type of view though I think Guardian was Labour last time? if any and the FT seems to be largely case by case - i.e. it's pretty neutral, with a bias towards whatever it thinks will be best for the accountancy people who read it. The metro doesn't seem to support anyone. Express  - Right wing, Mail, Telegraph, Sun, Times ditto. Mirror  - Labour. Wikipedia covers it pretty well. ----------- National newspapers[edit] Daily newspapers[edit] Newspaper Party endorsed Notes Link Daily Express   Conservative Party   [1] Daily Mail   Conservative Party   [2] Daily Mirror   Labour Party[1]     Daily Star   None[1]     Daily Telegraph   Conservative Party   [3] Financial Times   Conservative Party Backed Labour in 2005. [4] Guardian   Liberal Democrats[2] Backed Labour in 2005. Backed Labour in 2015. Supports anti-Conservative tactical voting with view to pro-electoral reform coalition [5] Independent   None Supports proportional representation. Urged anti-Conservative tactical voting. [6] Morning Star   None Calls for a Labour vote where Communist or similar left-wing candidates are not standing [7] Sun   Conservative Party[1] Backed Labour in 2005. [8] Times   Conservative Party[1] Backed Labour in 2005. [9] Sunday newspapers[edit] Newspaper Party endorsed Notes Link Independent on Sunday   None[1] Supports a hung parliament. [10] Mail on Sunday   Conservative Party[1]   [11] News of the World   Conservative Party[1] Backed Labour in 2005. [12] Observer   Liberal Democrats[1] Backed Labour in 2005. [13] Sunday Mirror   Labour Party[1]     People   None[1] Supports a hung parliament. [14] Sunday Express   Conservative Party[1]   [15] Sunday Telegraph   Conservative Party[1]   [16] Sunday Times   Conservative Party[1] Backed Labour in 2005. [17] News magazines[edit] Newspaper Party endorsed Notes Link Economist   Conservative Party Backed Labour in 2005. [18] New Statesman   None Anti-Conservative tactical voting. [19] Spectator   Conservative Party   [20] Regional newspapers[edit] England[edit] Newspaper Party endorsed Notes Link City A.M.   Conservative Party   [21] Evening Standard   Conservative Party   [22] Express & Star         Liverpool Echo   Labour Party     Manchester Evening News   Labour Party     Metro       Yorkshire Post   Conservative Party     Northern Ireland[edit] Newspaper Party endorsed Notes Link Belfast Telegraph   None[3]   [23] Irish News   None[3]     News Letter   None Pro-Unionist Parties. Back Unity candidate Rodney Connor. [24] Scotland[edit] Newspaper Party endorsed Notes Link Daily Record   Labour Party   [25] Herald   None   [26] Scotsman   None    
    • Jack Grealish
      Completely off topic but I really want chocolate buttons after reading this post. Hmph
    • Jack Grealish
      Is he actually that good? I can't remember the last time he won us a game or put a in a great display. Was it as far back as Liverpool in the semi? Overrated. Like many of our youngsters before him.
    • Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe
      @Snowychap I don't believe that taking action in Syria will reduce the threat in the short or medium term, primarily because the threat vis a vis terror attacks in UK is primarily from passport owning UK citizens who are in the country. That situation may well improve once IS has been destroyed as a fighting force (no one volunteers to die for a defunct organisation), but that could be a very long way away as things currently stand - politically. 
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      To clarify, John, my comment "He's been good on the infrastructure  - appointing and trusting good people" was specifically about the people he got to do the ground, the training ground, etc. i.e related to infrastructure  perhaps I should have been clearer, but it just seems striking to me that for something involving managing "tangible assets"  i.e. building etc. he's bee spot on. But that as we both agree, I think, when to comes to the more human side of it - the managing people, or managing people who manage people all his appointments have gone wrong. The same applied at the American Rugby club he owned - apparent good intentions in hiring people, but the same result of rubbish on field performances.