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  1. When will the refs realise they don't have to work against us? We are cursed enough.
  2. Mings our best player tonight. It would be nice if an attacker got MOTM for a change though.
  3. AJ

    Pre-match thread

    Even though lately it has been ruining the rest of the weekend, watching Villa is part of my Saturday.
  4. Missed the original telecast of the game, and had to work during the replay, so I recorded it and watched it when I got home. It made me question why I was forsaking sleep to watch that crap. Sadists would love a masochist like me. From a forgettable game, there was a WTF moment. I watched Glen Whelan charge in, insist he was first receiver from the throw in, then heads it straight into the 12th row in the stands. Why would you do that? Whelan is an enigma, a phenomenon if you will. Or is he just trolling us? Why do you do football, Whelan? Also, for that pathetic dive, Canos is an animated turd disguised as a human. Diving to claim another player hit him in the face is way lower than a blatant dive in the box. May karma be in a never ending bad mood during his life. As for the game, Villa are like an American Airlines flight. Too many passengers. Its just a shame we don't have bonehead security staff to kick them off the plane.
  5. AJ

    refereeing standards sub standard?

    What a prick. And this is one of England's best? Anyone who thinks that should be forced to bungy jump without a rope.
  6. AJ

    refereeing standards sub standard?

    The ref from last night, Tony Harrington, is from Cleveland, of North Riding Yorkshire. I understand that referees want to be regarded as professionals, especially under the glare of TV coverage, fans in the stands, their peers, and their bosses. However, when it comes to 50/50 calls, a person cant help subconsciously gravitating towards their favoured team. Looking back at previous results which he officiated, gives no indication at all that he is a Sheff Unted fan. The results are all over the place, so I wont go so far to say he is corrupt. He seems to be more likely an incompetent tool rather than a cheat. However, regardless of all this, I have a great idea. How about when selecting officials for matches, they don't choose refs for teams from their home area? I hope that is not too hard. Mike Dean however, now that is a #%$#@(! cheat.
  7. Granted, we played poorly, but it feels to me like we won 3 -2 against 12 men.
  8. AJ

    Ice rink

    David Carradine was a ninja turtle?
  9. AJ

    The Careers/Jobs thread

    It has been 6 months now since I left the Army, and I am loving it. I have joined a nursing agency, and I could not have wished for anything better. I am well paid, and I don't have to work a mandatory 9 to 5, 5 days a week sort of thing. If I only do two shifts that is plenty enough to cover my living expenses, but I have been doing about 3 to 4 shifts a week. Nursing is such an easy job too. In between, my hair hasn't been this long since I was a kid, and I have become quite proficient on Fortnite. My girlfriend has told me I seem much happier and healthier since I quit, and, I guess I am.
  10. What, he has been busted spending all night at strip clubs?
  11. AJ

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Ipswich

    Overall, not too bad. Tammy was awesome, and so was McGinn. If only he could get his shots down. If any player deserves a goal, it is our McGinn. For Ipswich, I thought their goalie and Sears had a good game. For all the work he had to do, he made some very good saves. As for Sears, that was quite a wonder strike that Kalinic couldn't do anything about. He worked his socks off for them. Dishonourable mentions to Taylor and Elmo, who both play like they hate football. Elmo was right in front of goal, but instead of shooting, he back passes to an Ipswich defender. He is so bad, I would play anyone or anything instead of him.
  12. AJ

    The Manager thread

    ( Kudos for the pic, @AvfcRigo82)
  13. AJ

    Match Thread: Villa v Ipswich

    Good grief. Why does Elmo hate Villa so much?
  14. AJ

    Match Thread: Villa v Ipswich

    I thought that there was a large pregnant woman on the pitch, until I realised it was Collins lifting up his shirt to wipe his face. He doesn't look very fit.