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  1. AJ

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I am a bit late to the party, but I started watching The Inbetweeners, and I powered through the 3 seasons as it had me hooked. Brilliant, and absolutely hilarious! The last ep where they go camping nearly killed me. I read somewhere that the Americans made a version of it. Is it shit like everything else they get their hands on?
  2. AJ

    The Boring Thread

    Yes and no. Humanising office equipment would either indicate I am bored, insane, or I work for Disney.
  3. AJ

    The Boring Thread

    I remember when the photocopier broke down. It was keen on the fax machine, but found out that the shredder heavy petted its mother board. After much consoling, it is happier to move on once it was reminded there are plenty more appliances on the shelf.
  4. AJ

    Dean Smith

    I have kept my opinions of who our manager should be on the low, as all I care about is whoever it is, as long as it works. I just want Villa to be winning again, and it is good to see a good ol' Villa fan taking the helm. As long as it works out. It is going to take a little bit of time. The players are going to need to refamiliarise themselves in their natural positions, and need to unlearn hoofball. Once that is out of the way, hopefully we can watch football how it is meant to be played, competitively with the intention of winning. I am looking forward to seeing how we play come December. Do your thing, Deano.
  5. AJ

    New Manager Speculation

    If he did claim that, he couldn't be further wrong. The reason he wont get it is because Dwight Yorke is to Aston Villa as a worm infestation is to its host.
  6. AJ

    *spoilers* The Walking Dead *spoilers*

    I just cant do it anymore. I was a big fan of the TV show, as I love the comics. I am turning off the TV show as it has drifted too far off the source material, and it is turning into shit. I really expected much more from the war with the Saviours, instead it was just done quite weakly. With the oversaturation of zombie themed TV and movies, the show needs to offer more than dead bitey people, and they could have had that if they stuck to the source material. In the comics, the story revolved around Rick and Carl, and you could sense it was going to be more about Carl. Losing Rick and Carl, they should have ended it, instead of just powering through. The show is just another Z Nation now. Just like Brad Pitt's World War Z, the show is only that in name now, and has no connection with the source material. This show is done.
  7. AJ

    New Manager Speculation

    I thought that was his Bloser supporting uncle Darth Yorke. You know, the one encouraging others to embrace the dark side, and becoming one with the farce?
  8. AJ

    New Manager Speculation

    Rogers taking a page out of Mick's book of putting one in the hole? Or, does he want to see more balls into the goal mouth?
  9. AJ

    New Manager Speculation

    My take is that Rogers is a bit meh, but he will have my support. I was unsure about Henry, as he was too much of a gamble, ,but I am warming to him. I read his Wiki page, and he is such a winner. Captained Arsenal at some stage, leading goal scorer, POTY, 9th most marketable sportsperson, lots and lots of international caps, yada yada yada. If the guy fell off a cliff, gravity will decide to take the day off. The guy cant do wrong. As for Dwight Yorke, I am glad some comedy has come out of all this. Having Dwight Yorke in a managerial race is like those " fun" candidates during an election, which somebody puts up their cocker spaniel as a candidate. Thanks Dwight, very funny, but no.
  10. AJ

    New Manager Speculation

    Have a like for using the word plethora in your post. It means a lot to everyone.
  11. AJ

    Steve Bruce

    " except" " accept". Dumb ass detected, move on.
  12. AJ

    The Cabbage

    A bit too keen. They should have waited until he was in the stocks first.
  13. AJ

    Steve Bruce

    So, in The Journey, do you play as Alex Bruce?
  14. AJ

    Steve Bruce

    A frightening thought.... What if Bruce thinks that the answer to solving the centre back issue is to sign Alex? If that ever happens, I will be on the next 20 hour flight to Bodymoor to stab him with a trident.
  15. Maybe. " Brexit is creating an atmosphere of uncertainty, and many of the players are questioning whether they are real or imaginary people." " I don't care what the fans think. They are hysterical. If I was a billionaire and it was a medical condition, I would give hysteriactomies to everyone so I could concentrate on getting on with the job." " I am afraid that a lot of the players have had their heads turned. They are considering joining Space Force."