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  1. I can get mine as long as that ponytail. After I fold it in half.
  2. Just to be fair, this should set the precedent to allow Andre Marriner to ref our games.
  3. Have we forgotten that we beat them in a pre match this season? We can do this.
  4. I wont put up a list. You have done mine for me.
  5. They wouldn't have had to go to hospital if they had put their boots on and dust themselves off.
  6. AJ

    Brad Young

    Seeing this thread, I remembered this.
  7. I think that is a good step in the right direction from him. Some where inside that meat packet of his, there may be a decent person in there. He seems to be toning down his s**tf***ery lately, and if he is trying more to play in the spirit of the game, then I am all for forgiving him.
  8. Is getting booked for simulation a thing anymore?
  9. The governing bodies have to do something. They have to show at least, there are consequences for being a threat to the game. All these so called " big clubs", have gotten to where they are while playing under the FA and FIFA. If they want to form their bullshit league because they either want more, or they believe it is their only course for survival because they are so badly run, it isn't the current governing bodies fault. It doesn't necessarily have to be motivated for a desire to punish, but a need to protect itself. Not only to show consequence, but also to take away from thes
  10. If you want a successful chicken farm, you have to deal with the snakes.
  11. If UEFA, FIFA, and the FA are serious about taking the game forward, then they must deal with the forces that seek to cause it harm.
  12. How scumbag clubs act when they believe they are bigger than the game itself. I would like to see some clauses in that also forbid them from transfers from the non SL clubs. They can either transfer between each other, or they can try the trendy idea of developing players from their academy. They should be able to do that easily since they are so much bigger and better than every other club. Otherwise, f### em.
  13. AJ

    Pre-match thread

    No thought for result. Villa no effort or fight. So alas, a loss.
  14. We are talking about Leeds though. They are more likely to attack their gay cavalier, and abandon him minus his wallet and train ticket.
  15. Drought breakers 'R" us.
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