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  1. As it stands now, I am very disappointed how things have panned out, but it has all happened now, so it is just about acceptance. He is gone, and any arguments about his motivations, and opinions about other clubs is pointless and wasted energy. The only thing left is the future. Villa will always be a giant in my eyes, and I am sure they are in yours too. I am looking forward to this season more than ever now, as some have said we are drifting from being a one man team, to being an actual team. That is something we all want to see and be here for. We shouldn't pin our hopes on one player to make that happen. Anyhoo, UTV and stay safe.
  2. Absolute fraud. Him being a great manager is a myth. He has never had to build anything. I wonder how he would go if he was managing, say, Watford or one of the Sheffield teams?
  3. Yes, we should move on and focus on the positives. Grealish is just another player now, there is nothing special about him anymore. We have great owners, as well as an excellent manager. I will put faith in Deano creating a great team. Onwards and upwards.
  4. Or, " Yeah, I have just signed a new 5 year contract, but if I have a good season and a cameo at the Euros, and and become the pin up boy for the England team that guarantees my girlfriend gets death threats from 13 yo girls, and the most corrupt football club in Europe which has spent nearly a billion pounds in transfers yet hasn't won the Champion's League and the biggest lie of a manager who ends up at clubs that are well established and heaven forbid working at a club that has to have a project and build something, and want to sign me for a British record transfer, then screw Villa, I might move next summer to be honest."
  5. So all that My City My Club My Home stuff was just bullshit to appease the unwashed Villa fans. He may as well change his name to Gardner.
  6. We have a hundred million pounds. Woohoo. We can now have an even more expensive squad to make up the numbers.
  7. The investigation into $hitty can't come fast enough. It's quite possible this transfer was funded by their continuous rorting. If or when it comes to light, and they receive their punishments for it, it won't mean jot. Jack would still be gone, and we would have lost momentum in our progress in rebuilding this great club.
  8. With the extra pay and less game time, I hope he gets fat and useless.
  9. There are no winners in this. There is only a loser. That loser is football.
  10. Sorry, Dave. I stand by it. For starters, they are a member of the scum6, and they sit at the very apex of that shit heap, and I say that with all due respect, even though there isn't any. $hitty are anti competition and anti football. I wish they folded yesterday, and footba[l would be better for it. For balance, I honestly thought the JWP and ESR situations a bit cringey. I didn't have much to say on those threads, unless it was to take the piss. I am really not a fan of tapping up other team's players who are in the same league. Buying Buendia gets a hairline pass from me, as they were willing to sell, and they weren't in the PL just yet. If I had my way, I would make it law that a team cannot approach a player from another team in the same league, unless they were in the final year of their contract. Signing a lad from the Championship or League 1 or 2, that's fine. Doing the scouting leg work in other leagues around the world, fill your boots. Scouting is a club's skill and talent. It is a gamble, because it doesn't always work out, but when it does it's awesome. Compared to just cherry picking established footballers in the same league? There is no skill in that, it is just lazy, and the money disappears in finding the replacement so they can remain competitive.. As for money, buying in a lower or another nation's league, that money is more likely to benefit their club, as well as giving some kid a break in the big league. As for $hitty, since they fell backwards into blood soaked oil money, their only strategy is to monopolise and destabilise. F*** em.
  11. You have probably noticed. They are in this thread right now.
  12. So, how did they manage to make a 600 million more profit than the other scum6? During Covid?
  13. If Jack leaves, he wont be the first, and he wont be the last to choose money over loyalty. I will be disappointed in him, but I couldn't be bothered being resentful. I wont waste energy or effort hating the player. I will be all about hating the game.
  14. I think all the snake calls are a wee bit premature. Lets just see how this all plays out first.
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