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  1. Too risky. It will take you too long to work out which one is the pig.
  2. Thought I would do my bit for the environment , and switch off the lights. Gave that idea up after I ran over a cyclist.
  3. A little old lady was at the ATM, and she asked me if I could help check her balance. So I pushed her.
  4. My mate has been shagging twins, who both like it up the wrong un. I asked him, " So, how do you tell them apart?" " Oh that's easy. Carol has big jubblies, and Barry has a mustache."
  5. AJ

    Jed Steer

    I am pretty much the same. I haven't seen much of Kalinic, so I cant really judge him. Nyland, however, his goalkeeping was just pure comedy relief. The manager and coaching staff see the players more frequently, and understand them better than any of us could hope to, so they chose Nyland over Kalinic, then eventually Reina. This probably means that they don't think much of Kalinic at all. As for your question I have in bold, we pretty much were in that position last season with both Heaton and Steer out. Reina did OK, but not really great. If we had all three unavailable, I would p
  6. AJ

    Jed Steer

    I agree with you, and I think Smithy does too, but we really had no choice. When Tom got injured, Jed was called up, but got injured in the first 10 minutes. Both our competent keepers were out, and we had no choice but to play Nyland until we could borrow Reina.
  7. AJ

    Jed Steer

    Despite the injuries, he is still a very good keeper. Very capable backup, and I hope he stays.
  8. Not too sure about this. He sounds like another Nzogbia.
  9. I spent the day there last year, and I was very impressed with Birmingham. Mind you, I didn't see all of it. We went to the Villa Shop, and then killed the rest of the day in the Bull Ring. I though it was very nicely set up, and the food choices seemed a lot more appealing than they were in London. I tried chips and curry sauce for the first time, and thought it was brilliant. The people were quite friendly, and there was lots to check out and explore. The only negs was that a guy begging for change saw all our Villa merch, and started slagging us off. He really needed to work on hi
  10. AJ

    U.S. Politics

    Either this Tybring - Gjedde is an imbecile, or he has been paid off at an appropriate timing. To understand how much a man of peace Trump is, you only have to look as far as his " backyard".
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