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  1. AJ

    Australian Football

    Crowds are pretty good. Not massive, but the atmosphere is quite lively. They play out of Lang Park which is a strong rugby league bastion. In the past, I have been there to watch rugby and to see the Roar, and the atmosphere between the two sports is very different. I would say the Roar fans tend to take it less seriously and are out to have a bit more fun, as opposed to parking their butt on a plastic seat and watching cross country wrestling. The new season doesn't kick off until October, and I haven't been there since 2012. Hopefully its still the same, because I remember it as a good day out.
  2. AJ


    Unleash the mice! Then, it will feel so London.
  3. AJ

    Australian Football

    Back in Brisbane, so hoping to see some football this year. No more Thomas Broich, but at least we got..ahem... Brett Holman.
  4. AJ

    Australian Football

    Never heard of him whatsoever. That must be some player radar the blosers are using.
  5. AJ

    Jack Grealish

    Since the question of whether Jack is staying or going has been answered, it is on to the next burning question. How does James Nursey live with himself?
  6. AJ

    Jack Grealish

    I don't believe a word of it that Jack is disgruntled. # fakenews
  7. AJ

    Jack Grealish

    If this is what he should do, then it would be something new.
  8. AJ

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    I am seeing a bunch of Frenchmen who dive more than Jacques Cousteau ever did.
  9. AJ

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    I would like to see Belgium and Croatia in the final, as neither team has won it before, but best of luck to England. As long as France doesn't win.
  10. I see your point, and that is fair enough. Tonight's game has so much potential and I have been looking forward to it. If either England or Belgium go out on the field and play for second, that would be disappointing. As for Columbia, they shouldn't be a worry. I think they will play in the brown pants when they face England. ( Or Belgium)
  11. To hell with the draw. You win it by beating everybody else in front of you.
  12. If Poland were to set the record straight, they would have done it when it mattered.
  13. AJ

    The Careers/Jobs thread

    Tomorrow is my last day. After having my notice in for a few months now, I will be released back into the regular world after 17 years in the Army. I am feeling mainly relieved, then excited, and a little apprehensive. My send off is tomorrow afternoon, and my Sergeant Major wants me to give a spiel to the junior soldiers about what it means to commit to the Army for 17 years, as he believes it is something that means something or something. I don't bloody know. I just want to fade away, because in the end it does feel quite meaningless to me. I am not one to give sermons, just let me throw out a few jokes or so, such as there is a zimmer frame out there with my name on it somewhere. I honestly feel like I am reclaiming more from life by getting out than I did when I was in. If there is still a Villa Park this season, my plan is to make the pilgrimage now that I have the time and freedom. I would need help from fellow VTers in helping with the logistics, such as how to get tickets, otherwise I have no idea. But this another story for another thread later. The company I am angling to join actually offers positions in the UK. Who knows? I find this optimistic wondering of what could happen quite exciting. It feels like my life truly begins at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.