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  1. I am currently watching The First Team, and I am just despising the character Petey Brooks. He needs the Full Metal Jacket soap in a sock treatment from the rest of the team, and then sacked and sent away from the club as far as possible.
  2. " Refereed" by Michael Oliver.
  3. We look poor without Cash.
  4. Horrible fans, a broken stadium, clueless owners who don't really give a toss, no hope, no future, and a team of pub players who play like their games are straight after closing time. Any manager worth their salt would be tripping over themselves to jump aboard the mighty small heath choo choo. I don't know of any club that is more of a shitfight than small heath. For any manager to go there, even if their only motivation is a pay off, the humiliation of being associated with small heath would be the equivalent of being paid to eat a shit sandwich every day for the duration of their tenu
  5. Obviously Joachim Low is out of reach for them, but somebody like him personality wise would be perfect. .
  6. A bit late to the party, but the US version of The Office is pretty good.
  7. Also, when writing, lefties push the pen gracefully across the page. Righties drag their knuckles across it.
  8. Leftie. Oh, and to the person who invented ring binders, I hope you are pummeled to death by southpaws.
  9. I love this. I hope they make it to Villa Park some day. That Arsenal fan looks like a kid at a birthday party that nobody wants to play with.
  10. I finished my game week with 54 points, and I was relieved to see that my new signing Bednarek was my second substitute. Unfortunately Foden and Castagne didn't play.
  11. AJ

    U.S. Politics

    Really shouldn't have left Electric Sixx.
  12. Football over philosophy any day. I would always put Hause before Descartes.
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