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  1. Courtesy of engrish.com If you like lost in translation stuff, this is a great site.
  2. Was going to give the ref an average rating up until the handball goal. That decision was beyond very poor, and giving the ref a very poor rating seems too kind. If it was the other way around, I would take the win but feel a bit shy about it.
  3. AJ

    Match Thread:West Brom v Villa

    The team playing very much like a unit tonight. We are going to do this.
  4. AJ

    Match Thread:West Brom v Villa

  5. AJ

    Match Thread:West Brom v Villa

    I would love to see us score a couple of early goals, just to shut these bagwits up.
  6. AJ

    The Film Thread

    Scratch scratch scratch.. " Danny. Open the window, Danny". That scene alone freaked me out. I didn't know that Tobe Hooper made it, no wonder it was so good. That guy knows how to scare people. As for the remake, I had never heard of it, and maybe that is a good thing. I still believe that a talented and ambitious director can turn this story into a decent movie though.
  7. AJ

    Villa FA Cup 3rd Round Draw

    Apologies, I geddit now. Unless it has something to do with Villa, I am very uninformed of what other clubs get up to. Very droll, Sir.
  8. AJ

    Villa FA Cup 3rd Round Draw

    Sorry @John, I don't get what you mean.
  9. AJ

    The Film Thread

    One story of King's that could probably do with a remake would be Salems Lot. The original was small screen ( and scared the crap out of me as a kid), but a director worth his chops could probably make this work as a movie.
  10. AJ

    Media and punditry

    How anyone with more than two brain cells can still actually believe this is baffling. But then again, it is Holloway.
  11. AJ

    Villa FA Cup 3rd Round Draw

    We get Spuds, and then a drinking game will be born by taking a shot every time a commentator mentions Jack's" disappointment" in not getting his" dream" move.
  12. AJ

    Keinan Davis

    I have a feeling that young KIenan will thrive and go up a level under Dean Smith.
  13. AJ

    The Film Thread

    I have noticed this. It, and more recently Pet Semetary. I just watched The Shining on TV. Like most of Kubrick's movies, they are timeless, It would be foolish let alone sacrilege to remake this, or A Clockwork Orange, or even to take a punt on a 2101 A Space Odyssey. They can fill their boots with Eyes Wide Shut though.
  14. AJ

    The Film Thread

    Whenever there is a classic 80s movie remake, an angel loses its wings and has a rectal prolapse.