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  1. AJ

    U.S. Politics

    Its a turd! Its insane! No! Its...Stupourman!
  2. Highlights. When I heard of the pitch invasion, my initial thoughts were " oh no". But, on seeing it, it was actually good to see, especially seeing Trez chaired and Nyland getting a lot of deserved love from the fans. What a club.
  3. To divert attention from the wookiee in his pants.
  4. AJ

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2020

    Due to a number of deaths from military helicopters crashing into the sea, we had to undergo helicopter underwater escape training( HUET) every 2 years. The question was never raised what to do if it crashed on land, as the answer was obvious. You're f***ed.
  5. AJ

    Glenn Whelan

    I think he would be a Championship level player still. He should boss it down there.
  6. What is going on with those teeth? How can you eat with that?
  7. Sell Jack, and we will be in the Championship longer than three seasons.
  8. If this happens, I will be confident that Crystal Palace got the better deal.
  9. Dude, really? There is no such thing as love in football. If you expect Benteke to make you romantically nourished, you are going to go thirsty.
  10. I disagree. He is a Premier League passenger, at best.
  11. The only way I would want Benteke back at Villa Park is if he is playing for the other team.
  12. Oh stop it, or its the naughty corner for you.
  13. Just couldn't help taking the piss? Dammit. Too slow.
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