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  1. I have Vardy, and he is my captain this week. In later news, James Vardy is subbed off in the 6th minute after acquiring a calf strain/ hamstring injury/ dislocated hip/ tourettes, and will be unavailable for the following 6 weeks, and producing nada for the gameweek.
  2. True to form, my team is sucking again this year. I am now hoping at least I can recover enough to do well in the cup.
  3. What seems evident after the Leeds and Brighton games, maybe we should look for some good quality non internationals, so we can counter the post international break hangover?
  4. Gave MOTM to Barkley. I was just so disappointed with everyone else.
  5. I am never feel certain of the final score unless @Designer1 gives his prediction.
  6. He looks like he is trying to find someone to ask where babies come from.
  7. This looks interesting, and I wish them well.
  8. AJ

    Heir hunters

    The now factor will usually win over the wow factor.
  9. AJ

    Heir hunters

    If you use their information, what could stop you from using your own initiative and cutting them out of the equation? By contacting the estate handlers yourself, you would probably avoid paying these heir hunters a commission.
  10. AJ

    U.S. Politics

    If Donald Trump Jr 2032 or 2036 happens, I want out. He would be much much worse than his Dad, and I think it could be a real possibility. All bets are off, and nobody will be safe from that dickhead.
  11. I think in this window it might be best to offload some of our understudies, without getting too sell crazy. Any of our first team players should be off the shelf. When watching Southampton, I was quite impressed with Vestergaard, and I wish we had a basketballer turned footballer playing for us. Mingsy and Ez are excellent for us, but to have a big bastard as a tactical option could help, especially defending and attacking on set pieces.
  12. AJ

    Dean Smith

    I wouldn't complain if Wes and Nassef extended his contract for another 5 years. Besides downing records like they were chicken nuggets, he offers something much more special and coveted. Stability.
  13. It is getting ridiculous now. Leeds' disallowed goal is all over the Australian news feeds, with the grab line of " Worst decision in the history of football". Wot? Never mind anything else that happened during the round, this is apparently the big story. Firstly, no, it really isnt. It was a crap call from VAR, and by rights, it deserved to be a goal, but worst decision in football? Gimme a freakin' break. Last season against Palace, Kevin "No" Friend carded Villa into submission to the point they didnt dare fart in case they got a red, while Palace were given free reign to do as they l
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