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  1. So, they have pretty much gone full circle from the days of the Old West? Touch my car, that's a shootin'. Disagree with me on how much a dog should weigh, I put a bullet in ya. The colour of your skin makes me feel frightened, so here is a new hole for ya. And if you think I am doing the wrong thing or breakin' any laws, I have a magazine full of lead biscuits that might disagree with ya. Civilised country my ass.
  2. John Oliver explaining Murica"s new Stand Your Ground laws. This is some disturbing shit.
  3. I agree with your points, and I certainly can relate to the difference in rural/ urban attitudes towards gun ownership. Just crunching the numbers I mentioned above, total gun owners in WA make up about 330 000. West Aussies not living in Perth, about 230 000. So, either the stats are not clarifying numbers of weapons per person, or there are 100 000 Perthians running around with gats. In comparison to the rest of the country, there is a total of about 850 000 gun owners in the country. This is disturbing, as a state that makes up a 10th of the population nearly owns half of the guns. As for the attitudes you mentioned, I can relate to that. In my younger years, I lived in Mt Isa, and I owned a semi auto SKK. It was just an accumulated thing I just wanted to have. I wasn't really getting much use out of it, so I sold it. When I joined the Army, I learned to hate guns. An hour plus sitting around cleaning the things for a 10 minute shoot? Piss off. I have settled in Brisbane now, and I can't understand anyone wanting to own one, unless they were a competitive shooter, or a wannabe gangsta. I can understand farmers needing guns, but for them, they are pretty much tools of the trade. This is so different from the States. Any idiot over there who wants a gun can have one. I have also noticed it is now legal to murder people with their new " Stand your ground" laws. I will always be grateful my country will never get as f***ed up as that.
  4. That is very surprising, as it does seem unusually high. I just did the googly thing, and according to a recent study, gun owners in Australia make up 3.4% of the pop. If that figure of 11.4% is true, and considering that Western Australia only makes up 10% of the Australian population, it seems they have gone bonkers over boom sticks over there.
  5. Where exactly are you getting that figure? If you are just guesstimating, then you would be way off.
  6. AJ

    Dean Smith

    I don't think its right to gauge the quality of a manager by how many clubs they are linked with. 99% of links are generated by media, and most times, they are full of shit. One of the first questions a head hunter asks, are they obtainable? Maybe Smith was offered the Spurs job, and after he finished laughing, he told them to do one?
  7. A good cross section there. The first one I will have to recommend is Akame Ga Kill. Awesome story and good action. Other recommendations would be Killing Bites, Parasite, Tokyo Ghoul, and Samurai Champaloo.
  8. I asked this question to an ex girlfriend once. " Babes, what would you do if I told you I won the lottery?" i asked. " Why darling, I would take half and leave you, ha ha." she replied. " OK. Here's 8 dollars and 65 cents. Now f*** off."
  9. AJ

    Fifa 22

    The last FIFA I bought was 17, and it is bad, but I still occasionally play it. I just play career mode. My interest in it lasts for about six or seven seasons, up until the point where you are expected to win everything. As much as 17 sucks, I keep hearing that each game after just keeps getting worse.
  10. AJ

    Emiliano Martínez

    Probably should wash the shirt too.
  11. Wasn't Nuno Spurs 6th or 7th choice? Beggars can't complain. Who will they get who hasn't said no? Tim Sherwood?
  12. AJ

    Dean Smith

    He needs to make an appointment with the stonemason, so we can get the mold ready for his statue.
  13. A few things I have taken from this game... Water wet. Sky blue. Pogba diving. The confusing thing is, where and when in Dean's world is it a free kick when Pogba falls over behind our player? WTAF? Smeagol put in a phone order for more penalties. His order arrived, only to have rat boy send his delivery into orbit. lol. I gave Emi M MOTM for some brilliant saves and his Hannibal Lecter like head f***ery on rat boy. Alot of us chose someone different, and nobody is wrong, because all our players were brilliant. Dean Smith managerial ratings in numerical value : 11/10. We can beat anybody. I am just loving this team. Every season since Deano, Wes, and Nas have come in, it just keeps getting better and better. Up the mighty Villa!
  14. Hopefully not another SAF cameo at Stockley Park.
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