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  1. He has shown glimpses of good play. Definitely not for us, but I was thinking of a lower league team, he might be. Probably a good candidate for the MLS, or one of the Scandinavian leagues. He will be better than most there. Regardless whatever happens with his career, I wish him well.
  2. I am hoping he can find a club where he can be the main man in the midfield. He is still a good player, but with Jack , John, and Conor,there was just too much competition for him at Villa.
  3. AJ

    London and England

    Oh definitely. I chose this time because Villa had 3 games scheduled that week. I passed on the Chelsea game because it was ridiculously overpriced, it was the one most likely to be rescheduled, and if it does happen, I might just enjoy watching it at a pub. The Man U game is a doable bonus. The main attraction for this trip is the Leicester game at Villa Park. It is going to be so cool watching the games when I get home, and thinking " I have been there."
  4. AJ

    London and England

    Just an update on how things are going. I have opted to go through my insurance to try and get my money back from the Thomas Cook affair. Not the best option, but my bank wants something in writing from the UK FAA that I can receive a chargeback. The FAA are not too forthcoming, as it is fully understandable that their focus is getting stranded Britons back home. My problem is first world compared to those who are stuck so far away from home. As for tickets, I am checking out a site called Sports Events 365. Same deal though, unfortunately, they put us with the Man U supporters. So it would be another exercise in joyful misery or miserable joy, depending on whether we are winning or losing. Through that website, I can also get tickets to the Villa/ Leicester game as well. Manchester itself looks like an interesting city. There seems to be a lot to see and do there. We are there for two nights, and we are staying in the city centre. Another thing that is a pain is the exchange rate. I would have thought with all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the exchange rate would be a bit more favourable, but it seems the Australian economy has dropped the ball there. I am starting to get that tingly excited buzz now. I tend to get that feeling whenever I am going somewhere new and exciting, and it doesn't seem like it wont be long. ( End of next month). Anyhoo, that's it so far. Thank you everyone for your help, and UTV.
  5. AJ

    Dean Smith

    Good post and good points. The only one I could think of was Thor, but he has moved on now.
  6. AJ

    Dean Smith

    It would have been justifiable for Wes to be dropped to the bench, as he would rather flop for a free kick instead of playing football. It is no wonder fans think that Keanan offers more. Instead, Deano has shown faith, and has gotten Wes to actually play football this week, and has produced. Manager has managed.
  7. After a fantastic game, both teams are where they should be at the end of the season. Some momentary lapses here and there, but I thought everyone had at least a good game. Awesome watching prince George go mental over Conor's goal.
  8. AJ

    London and England

    Thanks @villa4europe, I thought that was the case regarding food in England. It is a cliché, but one that doesn't really make sense. There will be times when we will take the quick and easy option, and by taking up that option, as long as it is edible or doesn't keep us confined in the loo, that should be fine. As for Thomas Cook, I have already started going through my travel insurance, and they have forwarded me a claim form. I will try again tomorrow to see if I can retrieve my money through my credit card, that way I don't have to pay an excess. At the moment, I am currently trying to Skype the hotel in Manchester to see in the unlikely case that my booking actually went through. I don't hold much hope for the Man United tickets though, which is a bummer.
  9. AJ

    London and England

    With recent revelations, it seems I may be in a spot of bother. I acquired my Man Utd tickets and a nights accommodation through Thomas Cook. I checked through their website, and it appears that I am not ATOL protected. It seems I am now down about 270 pound, and back to square one. This also leaves a hole in my plans, as I have booked accommodation in London up to the Friday, and returning to the London hotel on Monday after spending the weekend in Manchester. The hotel in Camden and the Sunday night in Manchester, thankfully, is not through Thomas Cook, so those bookings are still solid. I will have to check with the hotel in Manchester and the Old Trafford ticket office to see if my purchases are still honoured, but it doesn't seem likely. I still want to go to the game, so I will have to now pay close attention to the AVFC OS for tickets. If I do manage to wrangle some tickets, at least now I don't have to impersonate a Manure fan in doing so, and I get to hang out with Villa fans instead. On a positive side, I managed to book a table with the GF at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in Chelsea on the following Thursday, and I am quite excited about that. It is a 3 Michelin star rated restaurant, so I am hoping it is a great night. This is something I wonder... England has many highly acclaimed chefs, but food in in England doesn't have a very good reputation, is that really warranted? I am flying over with Korean Air, and one thing I have learnt is that because my flight is an overnighter in Seoul, the airline provides me with a night's accommodation and food vouchers, which I am very happy about. I have never been to Korea before, so it gives me a chance to also check out Seoul, even if it is just for one night. Anyway, despite the Thomas Cook hiccup, I am still very excited and looking forward to coming over. Villa Park is the bucket listed main reason, but also to experience England in all its glory and all it has to offer, and that should make it a great holiday as well. Anything to get me away from this boring southern hemisphere sunshine!
  10. I gave the ref a " Good" rating, but to be honest, I cant stand the prick. As for the overall consensus, I have a theory. After the corruption impersonating officiating during the last match, it would have been easy to expect an improvement. Lets say you were at a talent show, and you had to endure "The World's Tallest Midget", and the following act was an octogenarian playing the chorus to Nine Inch Nails " Closer" on the harmonica. Not great, but at least he made an effort, and much less fraudulent than the previous act. Mike Dean blew his notes at the right time. This might be the case for some. As for myself, and more likely as well for many, he did have a good control of the game, and did allow it to flow. Mr Dean has a penchant for attention, but I believe he gave both sides a fair game. I don't like him, but credit was due. He gets my "Good".
  11. Not touching it until they overhaul career mode.
  12. Pulp Fiction, Leon, and Se7en. Those movies are evergreens, I never tire of watching them. Special mention for Fight Club. The first time I saw it I hated it, but it became another movie I could watch again and again. Chuck Palahniuk is my favourite author, and is such an untapped source for some potentially great movies. As for Shawshank, I actually preferred Green Mile.
  13. AJ

    London and England

    @choffer thanks mate, I might take you up on that.
  14. Just wow. Kevin Friend has made Mike Dean look like Andre Marriner. Something was off during the first half. Fouls were even, but the cards were all going in one direction. Even before the final stoppage time, I had my broom handy and was ready to call shenanigans. The disallowed goal just cemented my opinion that something stinky was happening in Kevin Friend's integrity. With his " performance" over the whole game, he needs to be thoroughly investigated.
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