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  1. Sorry, but I think its just for us Johnny Foreigners.
  2. AJ

    John McGinn

    GoPro recording of John McGinn from 0653h to 0657h. During this time he had woken up, got dressed, gone to the toilet, made pancakes, ate them, walked the dog, checked VillaTalk to see if anyone was slagging him off, and finished a 1500 piece jigsaw of a robot fisting Katie Hopkins.
  3. AJ

    Tammy Abraham

    I couldn't care less if Nixon was at the game or not. How is Tammy?
  4. AJ

    Winning streak

    Breaking good records instead of bad ones, yes this must be the place. For a while, we stopped making sense and were cruising down a road to nowhere, but Dean and the lads have a once in a lifetime chance to set a bold new record of 10 wins. The team are playing like slippery people, and if we get promoted, I am burning down the house.
  5. AJ

    Tammy Abraham

    It depends. If he has dislocated that shoulder before, then he may be able to put it back in place himself. There might be no pain, or it could be sore for just a couple of days. If it is a first time dislocation, then it is a bit more tricky, and may need to be reimplaced by a medical professional. There are 5 nerves bundled around the socket, and then ligaments, blood vessels, and tissue to be concerned about when putting the wayward humerus back in its home. The usual time frame for being out from this is about a month to six weeks.
  6. My most vivid memory of Bolton was seeing Francis Muemba having a heart attack on the field. This club has gone through some really tough times. Despite feeling confident for the win, I do have sympathy for Bolton. They deserve better, and hopefully, they can bounce back.
  7. I don't think I have ever felt so confident for a Villa win for yonks. Good Friday for us, Bad Friday for Bolton.
  8. I would drop the anchor through the lifeboat and throw the life preserver in the other direction.
  9. Double negative translate: I am apologising for everything. Pity he didn't say that. It would probably have been the first time he ever showed any class.
  10. " Biting The Pillow" by Paul Mitchell retails at $5.99. Don't get too excited. Its mostly pictures and written in crayon.
  11. The unofficial word is the spontaneous hook ups in the showers is what he will miss the most.

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