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  1. KMitch

    Dean Smith

    No, they haven't figured him out. He's rusty after being out of the team for 6 months...
  2. KMitch

    Dean Smith

    Before his injury, he was one of the best players in the league... Short memories around here...
  3. KMitch

    Dean Smith

    Mourinho would struggle to coach this dreadful squad... We were better last season with Tuanzebe, Abraham, and Whelan in the team. Grealish, Heaton, Mings, & McGinn are Premier League players. The rest aren't good enough.
  4. Joe Fookin Kinnear or I'll set BMH on fire!!!
  5. He's the Egyptian Brett Holman... Runs a lot, but does nothing else...
  6. KMitch

    Dean Smith

    McGinn coming back is going to be crucial... We're playing a lot like we were last season without Jack, disjointed, unorganized, and unlikely to make things happen all over the pitch. Jack came back and we went on that marvelous run... We really fell off when we lost McGinn this season and hopefully his presence back in the team will help inspire the squad like Jack's return last year did.
  7. We really are a miserable lot, aren't we? hahaha
  8. I would take Frazer in a heartbeat... He's much better than Treze & El Ghazi.
  9. Has been hyped as a future star in Germany for years, but hasn't delivered on any of it yet and is now 25. He's clearly a talented player who would be in the Wesley-mold, but has only scored 4 goals in his last 41 appearances...
  10. Reminds be a bit of Tammy. Makes so much difference to our system to have a forward who doesn't drop deep for the ball and makes runs in behind defenders.
  11. By that logic, Jack is injury prone because he's missed lengthy spells just about every season except this one... I think Deano would take Axel in a heartbeat, if he thought he could get him.
  12. Hause had one of the worst debuts for us since Curtis Davies, but Drinkwater's performance yesterday was pathetic... Both Hause & Davies got a lot better for us, so I'm hoping Danny will turn out good, too.
  13. Don't really care about the results around us... Need our players to focus on the only thing they can influence, our own results.
  14. Nyland was a fookin' disaster in the Championship last season. I don't want to count on him because he had one good performance before his season ending injury last year and has had one good performance so far this season. He was so far out of his element last year that Smith couldn't wait to get another goalkeeper in BEFORE the window even opened last January. I'm glad Nyland now actually looks like he has played football before, but Reina is still in another class above.
  15. Heaton Elmo - Konsa - Mings - Targett McGinn - Nakamba - Hourihane El Ghazi - Wesley - Grealish
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