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  1. Does nobody else see the irony here? Brentford got rid of their academy because they produced **** all over the years, and now this clown is berating Villa for not developing our own???
  2. I'm incredibly nervous about the upcoming season... On one hand, I'm extremely excited to see how all the new players perform, but on the other, I think that if we don't get off to a flying start and have the squad start to gel by October, we're going to be in a hole that will only start to widen from that point on. I think over a 3 season timeline, Deano will have this squad raring to go, but we don't have the luxury of that kind of time. We need to survive this season, which means a haul of points on the board within the first 10 games or so. We could potentially have a starting lineup of just 4 players from the playoff final in it (Grealish, McGinn, Mings, & El Ghazi) and it's going to be a toss up to see how everyone else adapts.
  3. Nah... Pretty sure they'll be "there or thereabouts"...
  4. KMitch

    Said Benrahma

    There isn't a problem with that at all. TBH, there are lots of shitty biases toward Arab players because of politics, racism, and ignorance around Islam, but players like Salah & Mahrez have shown that there are world class talents in that area of the globe. Honestly, give me a devout Muslim player, who doesn't go out boozing with the boys after a loss, over some of the "proper men" wasters we've employed over the years.
  5. KMitch


    He got his coaching badges with Sherwood... I can just imagine those two knuckleheads sitting in the back of the class trying to debate "tactics" with the FA course instructor over the finer points of 4-4-2 hoofball.
  6. KMitch

    Said Benrahma

    Wasn't L'Equipe the first source to break the Engels signing?
  7. KMitch

    Ezri Konsa

    Why is it whenever we have a CB who doesn't just hoof the ball into touch, we get into this whole "He should play DM" debate?
  8. In a heartbeat... Even with his injury problems, he's still one of the top 10 players in the world and would singlehandedly win games for us. Bale is still an absolutely phenomenal player and can play at a top level for another 3-5 seasons.
  9. Assuming Douglas & Trezeguet go through this week, this is how we look: Midfield depth scares the crap out of me. Green needs a full season of starting games in the Championship still, Lansbury is made of glass, and Thor isn't good enough to play Premier League football. If we have to add only one more player to the squad, it needs to be another CM.
  10. Everyone we've signed under Smith have two things in common: They're good with the ball at their feet They work their socks off for the team For the longest time it seemed like we could only sign players who only did one of those, if we were lucky.
  11. KMitch

    Douglas Luiz

    "Premier League? Nah... We'll be there or thereabouts next year... Only the smart ones will understand that..."
  12. No, he was awful. His WhoScored ratings were hilariously low and they rated his performance as 17th best in that awful Fulham squad last year. He's another overhyped young English player who the media is talking up.

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