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  1. Really? I can see nothing happening. The season will finish, the Super League teams agree to some sort of payment plan with the FA, and they leave at the end of the season. Maybe I'm just completely cynical, but I don't see the FA or UEFA doing anything more than write some angrily worded press releases before money gets discussed.
  2. One American to another, do you only watch college sports and Villa? Hell, even during playoffs it's hard to replicate the sort of atmosphere college sports create, but that still does not stop me from watching professional sports. Why would this be any different to you and me, who are not Brummies?
  3. Serious question to everyone: If Villa's owners joined this super league in one of the remaining spots, would you stop supporting the club? I think many of us would be outraged for a few years, but we'd get over it and continue supporting Villa, no matter which league they played in.
  4. If you read the Super League statement, they are saying that 3 more clubs will join the 12 before the start of the first season. The last 5 spots will be filled in the next year or two, probably sold to the highest bidder.
  5. Not true. They command the largest fanbases, therefore have the biggest draw for advertisers and will have lot of bargaining power. Regardless of which league they play in, these clubs will make a lot of money. The financial knock on effect for domestic and European football for all these teams leaving will be massive. The FA and Premier League alone will lose billions in advertisements and TV revenue over the next few years.
  6. Those clubs are leaving. That ship has sailed... At the end of the day, it comes down to money. FIFA, UEFA, and the FA will all posture and act tough (threatening bans on clubs/players from national teams, competitions, etc.) but I'm going to bet that by the time next season kicks off, they'll all come to some sort of financial agreement with the Super League teams with some sort of massive parachute payment schedule coming over the next several years.
  7. I just want to say that if this is true, we've gotten a huge bargain in Cash at 15 million pounds. Aarons is a talent, but at double the price for Cash, IDK... I think another year of sensible transfers to beef up our positions with expiring contracts and then we'll make waves in '22 with 1-2 blockbuster transfers to add some real star power to the team and we'll be in serious contention for the Champions League.
  8. The thing that concerned me the most at the start of the season was injuries to 1-3 key positions would absolutely destroy our season. Losing Jack, Martinez, Watkins, or any of our starting back 4 for an extended period will severely hamper the the team. I'm just glad it happened after we already picked up 36 points this time around.
  9. 6:03 - "Villa could have been so much more up the way that fookin' Booker T was doing spin-r-oonies in the box..." I'm dying...
  10. No chance Southampton sells Ward-Powse, let alone to us. He's their Grealish, meaning best player, captain, talisman, and their his boyhood club. He has no intention of leaving and they have no intention of selling him either.
  11. I love watching Arsenal fans lose... They're the biggest crybabies in the Premier League. Blamed Wenger for all their problems for years and look at them now... Threw away stupid money on terrible players and now are in the cycle of revolving door "up and coming" managers who just aren't good enough. I love watching the car crash that this club has become! UTV! 3 more points!
  12. KMitch

    Dean Smith

    I have all kinds of respect for Pep, Klopp, Ancoletti, Mourinho, Wenger, Ferguson, etc. but I wouldn't trade Deano for anyone else now, just like I wouldn't trade Jack for Messi AND Ronaldo at the moment. We're building something special here... You get the feeling that Smith and Jack aren't here for the money, they're genuinely here for the love of the club, and that enthusiasm and passion is oozing over into the rest of the squad.
  13. He's the poor man's Mourinho. He lacks Jose's charm, his suits aren't as nice, his tactics are duller, and his trophy cabinet is much more bare, but he sure can make excuses to the press just as well as The Special One. He can only win when he is at the richest team in the league (Porto, Zenit, & Shanghai) but underperforms where he's at a second tier club in terms of funding. Was lukewarm at both Chelsea and Spuds and is getting found out again at Marseilles. I have a feeling this will be the last time he'll get a job in one of the top 5 leagues in Europe for a while.
  14. Can you imagine going in to negotiate a deal with Villa and see this man walk in and sit down across from you at the table? You've got no chance...
  15. Reading OM's forum right now is hilarious. I stopped by when the first rumors broke and many were glad to see him off, with one even wanting to buy him some "fins to swim the Channel" to get the deal done. The mood is much different now. Most are upset and it seems we robbed them for the reported price. "1 year ago, news spoke of 35 / 40M ... then 25/30 and barely 15 today ... if we don't sell it this winter (or this summer), it leaves for 0 in 18 months"
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