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  1. Their 2nd and 3rd goals were caused by our CBs not closing Bamford down. Had too much time and space to shoot instead of just clobbering the fooker.
  2. What a mess that back line is...
  3. Been waiting for this game since that shitshow of a match at Elland Road two seasons ago. I really hate Leeds... Scumbag fans, scumbag players, scumbag club... No issues with Bielsa, but I want Villa to completely dismantle this overhyped team today. 4-1 Villa.
  4. Oh no! A Villa fan and professional dullard said something stupid about the messiah Bielsa on Twitter! The horror! We might lose now...
  5. Props to Tim Howard singing our praises on NBC right now. Says Villa is the story of the weekend. In 2nd place "by merit", bought very well this summer, and absolutely flying right now.
  6. I was on the edge of my seat the entire second half... Could have gone either way, TBH. MOM - Was a tough one here, but it's Martinez for me. Leicester never looked like scoring with him in the net. Special mentions for Cash, Konsa, Targett, McGinn, & Barkley. Trez also played well (screenshot this, because it's a rarity coming from me). Jonathan Moss needs to be put out to pasture. Awful, awful, awful performance and we're lucky one of our players wasn't seriously injured.
  7. This game is a shitshow because of this buffoon. Consistent fouling is stopping all our attacks. Someone will get hurt with these challenges starting to pile up.
  8. "Traditionally West Ham fans like a bit of flair... a bit of something different" has to be right up there in the Hall of Fame of stupid commentator soundbites with "They really do LOVE a number 9 up there in Newcastle".
  9. I still think the FA's master plan is to continue to massively cock up VAR decisions so that way the teams will vote to repeal the system all together and trust the ref's decision on the pitch. None of the other top European leagues have such a hard time using VAR consistently, so this has to be down to some sort of referee union politics...
  10. Spurs had a massive injury crisis last year. Just as soon as one key player came back another went out on a stretcher. He set them up to do what he could to get points on the board. As for the Madrid comment, you're right... It's easy to set the all time La Liga record for the number of points acquired and goals scored while playing negative football.
  11. Mourinho's Spurs are fantastic to watch. They are the best counter-attacking team in Europe at the moment. If Bale hits his stride, they have a great shot at the title this season.
  12. He looked like Beckenbauer reincarnated in that Champions League game against Chelsea for Nordsjaelland... The only reason we were able to sign him is because he was 5'11". If he was any taller, one of the top Champions League clubs would have made a move for him before we did.
  13. As funny as it is, Liverpool really got robbed today. First, Pickford didn't even get a yellow for absolutely destroying van Dijk's ACL (He's out the rest of the season now), but to get completely fook'd over by VAR for the winner is criminal. There needs to be some accountability for these horrendous VAR decisions.
  14. Gotta love Bruceball... Fluke an early goal then put 10 men behind the ball and defend for ~75 minutes, getting beat 4-1 in the end.
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