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  1. KMitch

    John Terry

    Yeah, just like Melberg and Laursen taking over at Villa... Not gonna happen...
  2. I don't know anything about Justin, but from my morning research, he just turned 21, already has ~90 League Appearances for Luton, played a huge part in their back-to-back promotions, and sounds very professional in his interviews. Villan4Life also rates him, so it looks like a no-brainer to me. Sign him up!
  3. How the Hell do these dinosaurs keep getting jobs? I can't think of another industry where you can publicly fail, time and time again, and still continue to make millions.
  4. I think the only difference this season is that the club has had 2 lists of targets to pursue this summer: One for the Premier League and one for the Championship. Until our 10 game run, the Premier League list was more of a pipedream, but now they're probably getting equal attention by the club as realistic possibilities.
  5. Smith has said that all transfers will be agreed upon by Suso, Purslow, and himself before the deals are done. They apparently have a WhatsApp group where they discuss transfer targets among the staff. If their system is set up anything like Southampton's, there will be a secret "War Room" where the scouting staff works out of and the group has all kinds of bulletin boards full of the club's top realistic targets/prospects for the next few seasons.
  6. I'm looking forward to putting on my accounting visor and going over to a Leeds forum to tell them how FFP is going to screw them over next season!!!
  7. r/soccer on Reddit is hilarious... Best comment was from a Norwich supporter: "Wow they must be the first team to win the league and not get promoted."
  8. I think our stumble against the Baggies and our failure in the Final last year will be a big enough wake up call for the team to not get complacent this time around.
  9. I bloody love the Championship! Best league in England!
  10. Derby will be tough, but it will at least be a fair game! Hoping for end-to-end footy! Congrats, Derby! See you in the final!
  11. OMG!!! I can't believe it! They're actually gonna pull it off!
  12. 8 Yellows... Unreal. Hope we get a ref like this in the final.
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