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  1. Waiting for the apparent droves of VillaTalk French football experts to come out of the woodwork and tell us how shit he is, just like they did with Traore... I have no idea who he is, but from looking at his WhoScored summary and the couple of YouTube compilations, seems to play a lot like McGinn. Tenacious presser, wins the ball frequently in the middle of the pitch then drives forward, winning fouls in key areas. Pops up with the infrequent goal. I'm fine with this signing, based on the fact that losing McGinn last year was a huge blow for us. Having another player comfortable pl
  2. KMitch

    Louie Barry

    Nonsense... Vardy has the most punchable face in the Premier League. Barry looks like he's a normal kid.
  3. Name a more iconic Premier League duo than Man United and being awarded soft penalties...
  4. Meatball runs like a Scooby Doo villain with his head down and arms/legs flailing about... I love it!
  5. MOM - Watkins - All 3 goals came from him and he could have scored another 3 himself on another day. His work rate is phenomenal and has improved our attack more than any other player this season. Martinez - How brilliant is this guy? I think we've picked up a genuine world class goalkeeper for a bargain. Hause - Most impressed with him this season. He's been fantastic these past three games and will keep Mings out of the team if he plays well next match. Targett - I'm glad he's cutting out the lapses of concentration and silly mistakes this season. He could make a late pu
  6. I can't recall a striker playing as Ollie has with as but not having a single shot go in... Unlucky... He could have had a hat trick by now
  7. On paper, those 4 are our obvious weak links, but in the dressing room, they're some of the key personalities. From what I hear, they're all model professionals who train well and provide a lot of leadership/guidance for the newer players in the team. We need to make sure we're continuing to also recruit more seasoned professionals to round out the squad, and not just loading up on FM21 Wonderkids. Squad chemistry is a real thing that gets overlooked by fans and with how well we're performing right now, I can seriously see the front office team hesitant to make any major moves in Janua
  8. It was Robbie Mustoe... Still one of your lot...
  9. Win both our games in hand, we're in 2nd 4 points from those games, and we're in 3rd 3 points we're in 5th (possibly 6th, if we lose to Man City) 1 point and we're in 8th, still within striking distance of European places 0 and we stay where we are at mid-table
  10. American commentators saying the penalty was a Grealish dive... hahaha... That was pretty stonewall to me.
  11. Good... Terrible challenge, no intention of getting the ball, just wanted to hurt Jack.
  12. You laugh, but that will be the story the media will spin following this battering...
  13. KMitch

    Dean Smith

    We're 4th in the table on xPTS with two games in hand. If we would have won the game yesterday, we would be in 8th place and exactly where we should be, again with two games in hand. Every team in above us in the table is overachieving, except for Chelsea and Man City. Deano has done a phenomenal job coaching the squad and setting us up for success on the pitch. This team is going places if we can continue to recruit well and invest in the right players to drive us forward.
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