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  1. This Bielsa v Smith thing is such an absurd argument to be having. Bielsa has been a top-level manager for 30 years. This is Smith’s second top flight season. Of course there are aspects to his coaching Smith doesn’t have. Smith would probably be the first to say that. Same as Roy Hodgson, same as any older manager with varied experience. Doesn’t mean the right long-term move for Villa isn’t investing in Smith’s growth and learning with the team. My boss is 15 years older than me. There are parts of our job he is definitely better than me at. Doesn’t mean that’ll be the case a few years fr
  2. I’d go same team for Leeds today but vs Southampton wouldn’t mind seeing Conor come in for McGinn for a game to give SJM a week’s rest.
  3. Even the bit when he ran 40 yards and lashed it in the top corner? I’m not getting carried away, they might be the only goals he ever scores in the PL. But weird to say you think he’s not a threat at all. We will see I guess.
  4. You might be right but it’s weird to post it a couple of weeks after he bullied Virgil Van Dijk for 90 minutes and knocked in a hattrick.
  5. Adam2003

    Matty Cash

    Yeah agreed. Wouldn’t have been right to be a red card but at that level of blatancy it kind of should be! Hilarious to watch.
  6. I agree totally with this. Assuming we are not actually good enough for CL and the revenues it brings, I’d rather miss Europe altogether - especially as we probably wouldn’t be going on memorable away trips as a fanbase anyway... Europa more pain than it’s worth for a club at our stage of development, much as I love European nights.
  7. Yes, I guess objectively without context or understanding of sportsmanship that is absolutely correct. However in reality if a player was clearly going to knock it out of play so another injured player could get treatment, and someone just tackled him, we would call that person a dick. In sport as in life it’s ok to expect decency as well as strict adherence to rules... same way we tend to see teams give the ball back after those incidents. Anyway as you say it’s done and honestly even at the time I don’t think the players will have carried on thinking about it - it’s a thing for the fans
  8. They’d have missed it
  9. I think it would actually be worse than their cheating if we saw one of them going to kick it out and then tackled him... And I’d just add I like Leeds and love watching them under Bielsa - but that one incident still annoys me.
  10. I’m a big believer in culture. So my issue with that whole thing was even though I admire and like Bielsa, the culture he oversees is the one that cheated to fake putting the ball out, cheated when Bamford went down holding his face, etc. I think he was mortified by it and hence gave the goal back but if my son stole from another kid I’d pay it back and be mortified... I still raised a thieving little scumbag. I wouldn’t expect an award for it...
  11. An Everton fan’s take when I asked is: “£40m deal agreed in August then he got injured. He (not Chelsea) cancelled the transfer, got fit, then moved there for £15m in January as he only has six months left on his contract. Got significantly higher wages by saving them £25m on the fee. Mayor of Liverpool wanted an investigation into fraud. Got to be a bit of a scummer to cost your boyhood club £25m.” Now presumably if it’s all true (which who knows) it would be his agent not him, but that’s the perception of him there. So definitely not amicable on the fans’ side! Which is great for us.
  12. You or I have a better chance of being welcomed as an Everton player than Ross Barkley after how all that went down.
  13. Southampton have looked very good in some games. Never bet against Ings. But I hope you are right on both these!
  14. Agreed but these are not the worst teams in the league we are playing - some good sides in there! Still, no reason to doubt Deano can keep things going. We did ten in a row in promotion season!
  15. Slightly worries me in terms of expectations that most people are saying 10+ points. 2ppg over a season is 76 points... I don’t think we will be close to that. Optimistically we can hope we keep winning games but I don’t think we should expect Champions League form from this point. That said, there are a few games in there we would have been targeting for wins... if we get 8 points from 5 and are on 20 from 9 games we will still be (I would guess) in the top two or three. That’s how well we have started.
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