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  1. Curious to see if they leave him out for Bailly like the return fixture - credit to Ole that team selection worked well in terms of marshalling Watkins. Last time I remember Bailly playing, not that I watch them closely.
  2. Oh well let’s move this topic to other football then
  3. I might have missed something here but are we saying that after a covid outbreak saw a number of our players contract the disease, it’s ludicrous to suggest that one of our players has shown some of the symptoms for a few weeks?
  4. I’m still bitter though that they let Arsenal sign Arshavin two days after the Jan transfer deadline because of snow in Russia and he tore the league up for four months and fired them past us.
  5. I’d love Pereira from the Baggies. And agreed McNeil looks very good as well.
  6. I agree with you it’s the target but Liverpool, Everton and Arsenal are also all outside the top six and will be saying the same thing. Like it or not we are still playing catch-up on a few years advantage for them. There’s no room for failure or poor runs if you want to hit the top 6 - it is the highest level we have hit in 30-odd years - so it should be the target but if Pep came in tomorrow it would still be a big challenge. Let’s hope we get the squad additions to give it a good go though!
  7. I doubt it has even crossed their minds. Zero percent chance it happens this summer. They’ll be delighted with the move from fighting relegation to mid-table comfort. Down the line of course if Smith fails to deliver continued improvement I am sure they will make changes but he’s been arguably the most successful manager in the league over the last 2.5 years - from 13th in the Champ to comfortably established in the Prem, a cup final thrown in last year. No room for sentimentality but they will keep him because the club has achieved its targets again. This is all a conversation for a
  8. I agree and think he has been a great signing and will be a fantastic player for us but he needs to stop giving away penalties and silly cards before I put him up with that group over the season.
  9. Straight shot between him and Martinez in my view. Grealish, Konsa, Targett also all very good the vast majority of the time.
  10. Sure it’s the same with our players eh. Talk to a non-Villa fan and McGinn is sensational. Come on here and he’s Chanpionship standard.
  11. In injury time he was the one who worked back to put a foot in and kill their last real break. Admittedly not a sentence I expected to write.
  12. That’s fair, and I do trust whatever they think is best in terms of developing him.
  13. Came on and just looked levels above our other midfielders. I’d start him the rest of the season, let’s use it to give the likes of him, Davis, Wesley minutes and see how they can contribute next year when the battle starts again.
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