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  1. But since then we have only exceeded what we paid for him on ten occasions - not even a full team - have had to sign far too much quantity over quality across a whole decade.
  2. Apropos of this defensive midfielder chat you guys are having, I just learned that Nigel Reo-Coker from over a decade ago is still our 13th most expensive ever signing. Think that’s probably the issue when, never mind Fernandinho who TRO mentions, the likes of City can drop £50m on backups in that position. Thats not to say we can’t compete with Sheff Utd etc of course - but the gap is SO big to those top squads from a financial perspective. Maybe coronavirus will change it all... anyway getting off topic here!
  3. Haha let’s not go crazy. He was a standout player in a title-winning team... he might be rubbish now but he was getting £30m moves to Chelsea when Lee Cattermole was playing in League One
  4. Oh come on let’s have one thread without a dig at Wesley
  5. As I said earlier in the thread, a bunch of these young, bored millionaires will be doing stupid shit like this. Jack was just the first to get himself above the radar.
  6. And so further to my last post... if Liverpool spent £25m on wages, then that’s £12m in taxes... so the “taxpayer paying £840,000” is still £11m+ in credit...
  7. The piece I read made a point discussed on here - it’s all very well saying “players should give up their wages” but that would have meant a £200m loss in taxes that players pay... basically there are no winners in all this and that’s worth remembering.
  8. ‘Wiggle room’ isn’t going to be the thing... we will have lost a fortune from these games not played... I guess for us the question (beyond cash flow) is if the season is cancelled do they relax it enough for the owners to pour in more of their own cash.
  9. This isn’t that big a deal really is it? Basically it’s a £1m investment (£1.7m liabilities but £700k in assets) to start a restaurant employing 45 people - those numbers are not too different to many other restaurants I would guess. It is going to collapse because of coronavirus I imagine, but so will most other restaurants out there. I would guess all our players have investments of some kind, some doing well some not so well.
  10. I don’t think it will factor too much into their thinking... if they want him they’ll still want him. Half their players will be doing the same thing without being stupid enough to crash their car... as Eddie Howe was saying yesterday, all the single ones must be sitting there bored out of their minds. But agreed I hope he stays!
  11. Who could waive it? The FA? I agree they should. Also not saying the players shouldn’t be taking a paycut to support the other staff, I think they should, but I just mean I think it’s not as easy as “they have a rich owner”... and not like he can even pay them on the side (taxes) or some up with some other creative way (see what happened to Saracens on salary cap - rightly of course!)... the rules literally say you shouldn’t pay wages beyond what your income allows, and they don’t have any income...
  12. In Tottenham’s defence, even if the owner put in money to cover all salaries that would screw them on FFP as his money wouldn’t count on income but the salaries would count as an expense - right? FFP has to go...
  13. Sure but it was on here well before the newspapers had it.
  14. “I don’t know when this photo was taken” isn’t that wild a conspiracy theory. But to answer your question, probably a couple of hours? Which doesn’t seem like the end of the world. I can’t say it had my constant attention during that time what with a family and other things to do. I think people aren’t disagreeing with you as strongly as you think they are. Everyone thinks it was a stupid thing to do. Edit: and obviously as you’ve said you feel very personally close to it given your wife’s job and that’s totally understandable.
  15. My initial thoughts were “I wonder when that was taken, could be any time” and “it could be a photoshop or just a made-up claim” although also “probably the idiot has gone out and crashed his car during a lockdown, what a dick move, also why is he wearing odd shoes?” Its ok for all those things to co-exist and ok for people to wait to check that the third is the reality.
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