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  1. Beat Everton and Wolves, a point from one of the others is 7. Might slip up against Everton or Wolves, equally might beat Arsenal (look crap but we have beaten them too many times in a row to count on it again) or Spurs (just got battered by Palace). Assume nothing from United. So 7-9 I think.
  2. Adam2003

    Louie Barry

    Not any more he isn’t, poor lad. I’m still wincing and I just saw it on tv
  3. I have Richarlison in my fantasy team so it balances out.
  4. Oddschecker has us at 8/5 favourites and Everton at 2/1 so if you think they’re that good then you can triple your money on them.
  5. Adam2003

    Ezri Konsa

    All everyone’s players are.
  6. Think we will do Everton next week very comfortably.
  7. There were people on here saying the same about Grealish the season before last and he just went for £100m!
  8. I see this entirely the opposite way. After three years at a club is when I expect the manager to have had enough time on the training field with players to be able to switch between different tactical systems as he thinks best for any given game.
  9. Leeds have conceded 11 in 4 now. They have what is starting to look like a must-win against Newcastle next week - insane to say this early in the season but if they lose that they will lose a few more now and then a Bielsa implosion would see him walk. Shame as I like their football. On Smith - I’m delighted to see him adding some tactical flexibility into his game and we would have beaten most teams in the league this weekend. Would be great if teams couldn’t name our starting line-up in advance - if we could go 3-5-2, 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 it will keep people guessing a lot.
  10. If we had Messi instead of Ings likewise. The best player in the world in their respective position would improve anyone. I don’t think there is a defender in the world whose name you couldn’t swap for Mings in that sentence.
  11. Thought he was our best player by miles today. So much potential
  12. In general I agree with this but I don’t know of any successful team that has ever operated that way with goalkeepers. It’s the one position you don’t play around.
  13. Not his fault at all and I think even fine for an ok PL keeper. But I wouldn’t leave out a world class keeper for him as soon as we can make the change.
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