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  1. If he’s not now I’m sure he will be by November. If he’s at the point that all he can do is come on as a sub and score v a team like Everton he’ll do fine. He’s scored v Barcelona in the Champions League and stepped up for us in our biggest game in 20 years last season. I’m not worried about him delivering even if it takes a few games to adjust to the top flight.
  2. They made themselves look like mugs when they said it in the first place.
  3. I think this is wrong. He’s a really good player.
  4. People say he’s hoofing but Smith said after Spurs they have been working on a quick release from him over the top for runners when teams press high - clearly today it didn’t work that well but that’s what led to McGinn’s goal. It’s not him panicking and lamping it, Smith has told him to do it when the oppo defensive line is high.
  5. Right, it’s every Man United player/fans’ favourite away ground because they always beat us and won a load of Cup semifinals here! Fingers crossed tonight - head says 2-1 loss, heart says 2-1 win.
  6. I’ll just pause until I’m sure he hasn’t been snapped up by another PL team and done a great job for them a couple of months from now... otherwise wish him all the best but think this is the right move for all involved.
  7. After a couple of preseason games, haha. Classic Villatalk.
  8. I think we are choosing and signing players very much with squad unity in mind... Edit: know what you are saying though obviously!
  9. I’m really not sure either of these things are true. I have no evidence to the contrary. I just haven’t seen any evidence to support them beyond people just stating it as fact. Not every contract has an automatic payrise written in and I’d be very surprised if we were paying him that much in the Championship. Personally I’d be thinking of selling him but I’m not sure where people get this very specific information on contracts that gets thrown around.
  10. Adam2003

    Keinan Davis

    Like Andre Green I’m surprised at people saying “get rid of him” - it does us no harm at all to give them a couple of years here and see how they develop. Otherwise we bomb people out on a free and someone else benefits - Mitchell Clark just signed for Leicester. I have no idea if he’s good enough for them or for us but either way I’m sure he’ll sit on their books for little money and might just come good. We have a tendency to dismiss someone if they aren’t first-team quality at 21, 22 - sometimes players take longer to develop.
  11. I can totally understand people thinking he’s not good enough and won’t make it. I can’t understand them wanting him out of the club. He surely doesn’t earn much, is a fan, will do his best and might turn out to be ok. Even if that’s all he ever is for us I’d rather that than we ditch him on a free like Albrighton and so many others - especially when we are in the middle of an overhaul.
  12. Seriously though I am sure all three will at different times. We will have rotation, there might be games Douglas plays further forward, I think Hourihane will be used off the bench more, but I think we will have much less of a “first 11” and much more of a squad.
  13. Adam2003

    Wesley Moraes

    Agreed but I loved how well he brought down long balls and brought players around him into the game.
  14. I also saw a lot of times he should have passed but kept the ball trying to do it all himself. Definite potential, definitely a long way to go. A season on loan would be better for him than a few substitute appearances for us, I would say, but I will trust Smith to make that decision.

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