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  1. This is why it’s great as well to be bringing players like Sanson in so if we do lose Barkley and/or Douglas Luis we aren’t rebuilding from scratch. I’m not saying he’s a replacement for either, just that it’s good forward planning whatever happens.
  2. I think Chelsea will want closer to £40m and that’ll mean it doesn’t happen... but who knows, all depends on their new manager.
  3. Adam2003

    John Terry

    If I were Abramovic I’d throw money at him to come in as Tuchel’s assistant - be good PR with the fans after sacking their other big club legend. I don’t see it happening for a second - just saying I would do it if I were Roman. That said he’s not short of cash is he - clearly not doing this job for an assistant manager’s salary.
  4. I think it’s sensible planning. Get in a good CM now in case Barkley doesn’t come permanently and/or City buy Douglas Luiz. If we end up keeping all of them then fantastic.
  5. Burnley are looking really good lately. Well not ‘good’ because it’s horrible to watch, but hard to break down and dangerous on the counter. They will finish comfortably clear of the relegation scrap so let’s not underestimate them - they are 15th now and I think they’ll overtake Palace, Leeds and maybe Wolves by the end of the season for a midtable finish. All that being the case I don’t think we will be peppering them like earlier in the season but hoping we have the quality to win it.
  6. VAR did call it in our favour. VAR reviews every goal.
  7. Adam2003

    Ezri Konsa

    Arguably the best centre back in the league full stop this season. Don’t get me wrong he needs to keep that form up to be considered at the standard of the very best but no-one has outshone him since September.
  8. Well so far it’s 146 minutes in the last 72 hours. I reckon we can allow him longer than three days before we jump on him.
  9. Oh I guess that answers my question of why people are commenting but I totally disagree. Just watched it back 4 more times - he’s behind the ball as far as I can tell.
  10. I have seen a couple of people mention it as controversial. I don’t get why? He was behind the ball when Targett passed, still behind it when the defender touched it - when are people saying he might have been offside?
  11. Dubravka can’t even get in the Newcastle team, let alone Southampton’s Your point on 13 places is probably right. I’d put it more simply though - I think Southampton are slightly better than us and Newcastle are significantly worse. Edit: ‘not much in centre backs’ I can’t agree with though! Ciaran Clark plays for Newcastle. Ciaran Clark!
  12. I agree with your post’s sentiment but have to say I would say every single Southampton player is better than their equivalent at Newcastle.
  13. Adam2003

    Louie Barry

    Agree with your point generally but it’s a bit early to be using Nketiah and Connolly as warnings - both look great at this level and I think will go on to be fantastic PL players. As so many have said the coaches will judge what’s best for him (youth team, loan, training with our first team, place on the bench). But the fact he looked good vs Liverpool shows he can compete at this level. The other thing for me though is longevity and as you say his body which is clearly not yet a man’s body. They have to make decisions now that mean he is able to play until he’s 35 - not throw him i
  14. My read on this is he’s so good at goalkeeping he sometimes needs to let the strikers have a really easy chance so that it’s fair. He has been top two or three best keepers in the league this season no question.
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