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  1. I personally think Benrahma will be great in the Premier League and wish we had signed him but we still have to see how he copes with that step up. Be interesting to see how he does if Brentford come up or if (I assume) someone snaps him up.
  2. I thought his best games this season were when he filled in up front and that just makes me think he’s more a ‘forward’ (not a striker of course) than a winger. I still think there’s plenty of potential there but he’s been way below par since Christmas.
  3. Oh agreed we don’t know if Pep would sign him tomorrow but we definitely know he tried to get him there for two years and paid £10m as part of that.
  4. I just can’t imagine that if we get relegated we will keep a player who Pep would gladly take at Man City. Not saying he’ll end up there but surely if one of the world’s top teams want him then someone like Brighton would take him. But I hope I’m wrong (and I hope we stay up!)
  5. The problem is we so often need an immediate solution. We actually have a good track record of spotting some good players but for the last 8ish years if players can’t deliver immediately for us we have either been in danger of missing promotion or getting relegated... if you brought Luiz in as a prospect and he slowly worked his way into an established midfield we would all be less impatient, but we haven’t often been able to do that.
  6. And the more I look at it the more I do think we will need seven points to survive.
  7. Adam2003

    Ezri Konsa

    You can say that again... After a performance like that, other than any injuries I’d keep things as much the same as possible.
  8. I think this is right and he will turn out to be a good signing but we may as well have 100 pages calling him garbage first - see Douglas Luiz thread. Seriously though - both sides of the argument are right here. He’s been terrible since the restart (better today) but your points as to why that might be are entirely correct. He’s probably been living in a hotel room or one-bed flat bored out of his mind. Think he’ll be a lot better once he’s settled. And definitely if we go down he’ll be fine in the Champ.
  9. I’ve read this in about three different player threads today which gives me an idea......! (But I think we tried it v Bradford a few years back in that terrible cup semi...)
  10. Adam2003

    Ezri Konsa

    I think he will go on to be a very good defender. He’s not there yet but I think he will be starting for us next season whatever division we are in and doing a good job.
  11. Adam2003

    Dean Smith

    Even if it’s all too late to stay up I’d rather we went down fighting and see it make a difference in mentality going into the summer.
  12. He’s hardly the best winger in the league but those saying he couldn’t even do a job in the Championship are really overegging it. I’d be happy to have him in the squad next season while at the same time trying to improve the overall squad.
  13. Adam2003

    John Terry

    100% agree - as a player a big part of stopping the rot for us a couple of years ago.
  14. I very much assume the club is approaching some ridiculous targets - Pochettino etc - and likely getting knocked back. If one of them says yes we can cut Smith loose and go for them. But let’s not sack Smith then start a recruitment process. Big clubs always have the man lined up before any change for obvious reasons - then you are comparing apples and apples when you make the decision.
  15. Yep, I do think it’s that simple. Also think we would have scraped stayed up if we had brought in Bowen in Jan. We just missed that cutting edge.
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