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  1. Adam2003

    Wesley Moraes

    Well Davis as well - I guess I meant our one striker who has started a PL game! But you are right. Kodj an international as well...
  2. Adam2003

    Wesley Moraes

    I’m obviously delighted for him but also worried that our one striker is now off on international duty...... Still can only be good for his confidence!
  3. Adam2003

    Wesley Moraes

    I can’t find any good Drogba goals from his Ligue 2 days, why not share your links instead of being passive-aggressive? Edit: Have to say I am surprised at his Brazil call-up though, haha.
  4. Adam2003

    Wesley Moraes

    Show me the footage of Drogba at Wesley’s age that you I are referring to please. I will very happily watch some old Ligue 2 goals on a quiet evening. Although not sure how you could use it to compare to a player playing in the PL! Edit - agreed I think we need another good striker in the squad.
  5. Adam2003

    Wesley Moraes

    When Drogba was Wesley’s age he was a bit-part player at a Ligue 2 team. Wesley has lots of room to improve, agreed. It would be nice if we had other striking options, agreed. But give it a rest with the tiresome writing off of a player who is settling into a new country, a high standard and not even close to his potential. It’s as silly as the idiots who thought Tammy Abraham wouldn’t ever be good enough for the Premier League because he didn’t do well for Swansea as a kid.
  6. I agree with wanting Nakamba in vs teams as good or better than us (which for the sake of argument can include most PL teams in our first season back) but I think playing Douglas Luis there is a handy option when we are the team likely to have the vast majority of the ball.
  7. Adam2003

    Wesley Moraes

    ...and I’d be interested how many of the people (not just on here, I mean more generally) saying Wesley definitely won’t be good enough for us also swore blind that Tammy wouldn’t cut it in the Premier League...
  8. Adam2003

    Wesley Moraes

    I’m old enough to remember when we gave players a season to show what they could do in English football, not 10 games...
  9. He’s in great shape after the pregnancy.
  10. Adam2003

    Wesley Moraes

    Vs Brighton his hold up play was crucial to the equaliser. Exactly what we want him to be doing. I’d like the Wes vs Norwich every week as well but that player would not have been signing for Aston Villa... still, I think he will find more consistency as he moves forward. Still only done two months in the PL.
  11. Glides across the turf. It’s like watching a swan go past a bunch of dogs paddling after a ball.
  12. If the player’s wages are above the 75th percentile of qualifying wages that gets you 3 points towards their permit. If 50th-75th percentile that’s two points. We got the points needed based on fee (as you say) plus wages. Fee alone wouldn’t have been enough points. Just FYI.
  13. I don’t think most of them will be able to get near him. Not a complete player yet by any means, but I’ll back him to always find himself a little space.
  14. It’s how I intend to celebrate everything in life from now on.
  15. We need a gif of him dancing with Wesley ASAP.
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