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  1. Adam2003

    Dean Smith

    Yeah famous for our optimism are Villa fans!
  2. I agree that it would be nice if he isn’t berated for not being Messi, but just to point out he is in double figures for this season already... (assuming we count the Champions League, and as that included scoring against Liverpool I’m counting it!). Not sure I agree about the eye on the Championship - he looks to have the ingredients for PL. But I do agree he’d hopefully do very well in the Championship if we do slip.
  3. Adam2003


    Samatta signed in direct response to this thread. Nice work lads.
  4. It was him and it was a beautiful pass with his wrong foot - but I think not worthy of the same credit as Luiz because Jack still had to run from the halfway line beating two men (if it’s the chance I’m thinking of, right before Brighton scored). If he meant the pass it was sensational - equally if he was just lashing it long in hope Jack could catch it that’s exactly what he should have done in that situation.
  5. Saunders scored about 1 in 3 which must stand up to almost every striker we have had since he left!
  6. I don’t even remember him being that good for Stoke, he must have really come on over the past few years the way people talk about him! Haven’t seen much of him so will take everyone’s word for it.
  7. Adam2003

    Dean Smith

    That’s what you get with a good PL manager like Steve Bruce...
  8. Have to say watching him yesterday I thought he’d be a good inside forward in a 3-4-3 (ie with Grealish behind a striker) but I wasn’t sure we were missing out on much on him leading the line (well, I mean we currently have nobody, so obviously I’d rather have him than nobody). But then it’s all going to depend how Samatta does, we might be wishing for 5 goals from Maupay between now and June or Samatta might knock in 10 and we are laughing...
  9. Watford yes. West Ham don’t look to me like they are any better than the rest of us...
  10. Who is Noel Whelan? Edit - wait - the run of the mill Coventry player from 25 years ago Noel Whelan? Jesus. Your point is completely correct.
  11. Thanks, I was confused between transfers and wages clearly!
  12. I’m not sure it’s that classy of us to be throwing the word “alcoholic” around as an insult in this thread.
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