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  • Posts

    • Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?
      It's not the best show, but partly because my wife grew up in Maine, I've grown to like North Woods Law  
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      I would say it'd be difficult being put in charge of a squad of 25 or however many people who are used to a certain way of playing and then moulding them into a different style you want them to play. You would need time to get to know each person, what their strengths etc are, you need time to bed in regardless of "who's players they are." whereas if you inherit the team, and bring in your "own players" they're in the same situation that you are. You'll hopefully have found players that already play in a similar way that you want the team to. Its completely illogical to expect someone to be put in charge of a team and get positive results on the first day. Yes it happens, but it's a lot more complicated and involves a lot more factors than some are making out.
    • U.S. Politics
      Bush is running a great campaign for 2004 (hey, it's really the last campaign his team won).
    • U.S. Politics
      Around 1 in 20 Bernie voters in the primary only decided to vote for Bernie in the Democrat primary vs. for Trump in the GOP primary at the polling place.  Around 1 in 10 Trump voters likewise decided in the reverse way. There's a block of about 20% of the electorate for whom Trump and Bernie are their top 2 preferences.  That's the 20% or so of the electorate that went for Perot 20 years ago; a lot of them supported Ron Paul and Buchanan.  It's largely older, white, working class men angry that white American male privilege ain't what it used to be. Which isn't that surprising.  To the extent Trump has made actual policy proposals, he's running on strikingly similar proposals as Bernie, but with jingoism and explicit xenophobia thrown into the mix.  They're the two candidates who are making the strongest promises to increase Social Security and Medicare, Trump has stopped saying he wants single-payer healthcare (now all he says is repeal Obamacare and replace it with an unspecified improvement, which would still be consistent with single-payer).  They're the two candidates promising to rip up free trade deals.  They're the two candidates who like to imply that immigrants are "taking our jobs" (although Sanders, after decades of saying so explicitly, now leaves it between the lines: he supports stepped up (though more humane) border enforcement and using NAFTA renegotiation to cap the number of Mexicans coming over).  Trump is to the left (to the extent that's meaningful) on guns, notwithstanding Bernie's recent turns in response to Hillary's attacks on that front. I would like to see Trump vs. Bernie, if only because it would be a chaotic election.  Bloomberg has apparently set aside a billion dollars (unlike Trump, Bloomberg's an actual billionaire) to mount a third-party run if it looks likely that it would be Trump vs. Bernie.  Bloomberg could win enough states to move the election to the House, and considering the extent to which neither Bernie nor Trump is particularly liked by their parties' leadership, Bloomberg could end up elected by the House.
    • Gabby Agbonlahor
      It's almost like saying you should be able to penetrate a girl with a 60 inch booty equally as effectively from the back as you could missionary. too much?).
    • Scott Sinclair
      I'm so glad Remi realizes how awful he is, another feather in his cap. Honestly, any other manager would have continued to play him based on his reputation and the miguided hope that he'd eventually produce something. Remi gave him the Wycombe away game as his last chance to prove himself, which he didn't take and capped off with one of the most boneheaded plays ever witnessed. Sub appearances from now on if he's lucky.
    • Gabby Agbonlahor
      People keep speculating about Gabbys salary, I will not pretend to know it. However as far as I know, in the last contract he signed he took a pay cut. Am I wrong? (Seriously asking). Wasnt it Bent who was highest earner on around 65K? Isn't Gabby on 40 - 50 k? (Still great money obviously)
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      Any chance you can say what you've heard?