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  1. Thanks for everything, hope him the best!
  2. abdulaziz1

    Keinan Davis

    Watkins seems very dangerous when he have the ball in the wing. I think he’ll offer a lot more than Trez and El Ghazi offensively. Anyway its just a case of trying something new possibly during the game.
  3. I think it was better that we haven’t played City by then. Our 4 wins start might not have come if we began with a loss. For me, City is in another level than other teams. They go into bad runs because of their focus, tactics...etc. But in their day I fear them the most. I used to tell my friends that I don’t mind playing any of the top 6 (last season) apart from City. They’ll likely score more than one which makes it hard to get back. I know some of their games this season with the failing to score a lot, but they’ve improved a lot defensively. Saying all of that, I think wit
  4. To be honest even those stats aren’t accurate. Traore hasn’t started for atleast 6 games, hasn’t completed others too. Eze started most while didn’t complete couple.
  5. abdulaziz1

    Keinan Davis

    So you’re telling me that you’d prefer someone who doesn’t appear offensively rather than who’s always threating opponents? I very well remember Davis chances, and those actually which made me liking him and putting faith on him. For me, I’d worry if he isn’t having chances. I remember a stat that Samatta didn’t have more than one shot post lockdown. If we started counting the chances missed by Watkins we won’t stop. Yet that’s exactly the interesting part. For me, it’s not only about finishing, but positioning and the ability to be at the right place. Trez i
  6. It’s because of Newcastle and the double game. Don’t worry Jack is fine. Just hope everyone get fine soon and keep well.
  7. abdulaziz1

    Keinan Davis

    Having chances more than other strikers is a good point actually. I worry more about players failing to get chances. El Ghazi missed a lot against Burnley, but that showed us and him that he can score.
  8. Has Smith mentioned anything regarding players in or out? And how is Rashica doing so far?
  9. abdulaziz1

    Keinan Davis

    How would he score while he plays less the 10 minutes? He only started 3-4 games last season. Twice were against Liverpool and Man Utd. Let’s play him against lesser teams and see. Samatta only had one shot last season post lockdown. Davis used to average one or two chances whenever he gets 20-30 mins.
  10. I don’t think they’re as bad as that. They have quality in them and I think they’ll atleast finish comfortably midtable.
  11. They have Big Sam, I think with a bit of luck he could achieve something. They’ve had an ok window, Brighton rarely wins (although they play good football), Fulham seem to think wins and draws are the same. Burnley could get dragged again. Newcastle aswell. How good is it to look at a relegation battle and start cheering for who to stay without you being there? Been so long! For me, I want these tesco bags to stay up, having derbies is always fun.
  12. Last season they didn’t begin well, wasn’t losses but lot of draws. I’m not sure how many points they had at this stage last season.
  13. Agree on that. It’s time to find quality and additions to the squad. If there were short term solutions I won’t be against it such as Barkley. But most quality players will come to start.
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