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  1. abdulaziz1

    Ørjan Nyland

    I’m trying to be positive as I can. If you offered me a proven keeper I won’t say no at all. Its just that we’re a bit happy that he’s somehow having a better games. Although he has a lot to improve.
  2. abdulaziz1

    Ørjan Nyland

    Coupd be very well a confidence issue. I haven’t been able to follow Johnstone in his first season as most of games weren’t shown. But as I read he did have a bad start with us, yet we’re all gutted he left after what we saw last season.
  3. abdulaziz1

    Ørjan Nyland

    Indeed he stopped couple of shots, its not because he didn’t drop a clanger. I’m not saying he’s a good keeper though, he has a lot to prove, had many bad performances. Although he had couple of great saves this season which indicates that he’s a good shot stopper. But those easy gift and commanding his area was always questionable.
  4. abdulaziz1

    Ørjan Nyland

    Had a good game yesterday. He’s a good shot stopper. His worst side is commanding his area and being nervous.
  5. abdulaziz1

    Anwar El Ghazi

    The whole team wasn’t playing as good as they’ve been, guess it was Jack’s effect. I also think that Stoke played a good defensive game. I’m not too worried about Anwar, although he seem a very confidence player. I’m more worried about who can play instead of Jack while he’s out. Hopefully he’s back next week. If there other threat from the midfield, wingers could have some freedom, but if the other team doubled on our threats which are wingers things gets complicated.
  6. abdulaziz1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Norwich failing to win is a blessing, well, a lose would have been better but atleast that stopped their winning run. Now hopefully back to reality and back for them to lose points. WBA win was good to put some pressure on them (but in a longer run they’re a worry I guess). If we win against Leeds I guess we will still be having a chance of top two even though its hard to catch Leeds but our aim should be Norwich and WBA. Hopefully a draw tomorrow between Forest and Derby.
  7. abdulaziz1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Wasn’t gutted as I was against Forest. As we didn’t seem playing that well, and we missed Jack a lot. We came back twice but seem to mess around everytime we get back. We’re 1 point closer to Boro and Sheff U, hopefully a gift from Bristol would turn it to an ok week. We go again! Leeds game will be really tough, hopefully Jack is back by then, and we could somehow beat them.
  8. abdulaziz1

    Callum O'Hare

    I remember Jonathan Hog came out of nowhere against Man Utd at home 2010, 2-2. He didn’t feature a lot after that but had a good game then. It wasn’t a manager decision more than an injury crises that time. Anyway I’d prefer him to come for half an hour though. But I don’t mind him starting if he’s fit enough.
  9. abdulaziz1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    We’ve taken advantages on Leeds before. We have lost points to Forest and Baggies who are two among the best teams in the League. We have missed couple of chances and got robbed at WBA. We had a run of hard games yet Nyland managed to have 4 clean sheets. I’m not defending him and would like someone better, but its not as you’re saying. We will drop points and every team will. Hopefully we will beat Stoke and other teams drop points. If we win our next two games and Leeds lost their next game, we will be only 4 points behind them. If we can go in a run of 7 wins, things would look much different. Actually no one thought Norwich will be at playoffs let along being the league leaders. They were below us when we had Bruce. If they haven’t beat us I don’t think they would have been at playoff places.
  10. abdulaziz1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Why are you suggesting that? Our form says something different. We also had 4 Clean Sheets since Smith took over. Yes I agree that Nyland has a mistake or couple in him. But we have two important games coming in. If we win them then we definitely have a good chance. We also have to look at other teams results. You can’t just assume they will complete their form forever while we’re going to lose ours.
  11. abdulaziz1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    We can’t take it this way. We still have 25 games coming. What you’re saying is basically we need to win atleast 16. While drawing 8 and losing one. So still we could afford to drop points at 8 games and still go to 91 points. Anyway, it goes over the course of the season. Having a good form lets say 7 wins on row like last season will give you a space to drop points on half of your rest games of the season.
  12. abdulaziz1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Its not easy, we were out of playoff places I guess before our games at Boro on the new year day last season. It all changed after a run of 7 wins on row. We had a run of: Bolton W Derby W SHA W Nottingham D Boro W WBA D If we avoided the two draws we would be on 36 points putting us at 5th with 6 wins on row which is less than that 7. The only thing is that Norwich and Leeds are keeping their form up, which no one had during the season (well Sheff U did for a while after a bad start, the had another bad form). Lets take it a game at a time, two huge games are coming up. Two form teams coming to Villa Park. If we beat the two of them things would change a lot. The sooner Norwich and Leeds losing the better is that for the rest of the league. And I forgot to say that at the end of our run at the beginning of the year we’ve went up to second. But knowing our luck we played Fulham at the worst time with Grealish and Adomah missing. If we won that Cardiff would have slipped and we would have completed our form.
  13. abdulaziz1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I’m not watching most of other teams playing, actually most of indications I get are through results, what I read here and our games against those teams. For Norwich, I’ve seen our first half with them, while didn’t see most of the second where they’ve scored as I was at the airport. I haven’t seen that much from them although they seem a lot like Cardiff in terms of getting last minute wins, tough to beat. Growing with form. Leeds seemed to start strongly with their performances, they stopped getting results for a while and now they’re back into track. I guess that the Sheff U winning was good as its always good to have pressure into teams up there. The most problem comes when they get a bit far (which is happening at the moment). I think its WBA which we need to have the worst results, while Sheff U and Derby could slip anytime. So the best scenario is for them to keep a bit of pressure into top teams. Stoke game is very hard one, theyre one of the best squads and one of the in form teams. If we beat them then thats as throwing the main threat behind us to be far. The best scenario is that both of Norwich and Leeds failing to win, with us winning. That would make these two lose a bot of confidence early on.
  14. abdulaziz1

    January (we need a keeper) transfer window 2019

    Cahill and Baines on loan and I’d agree with him. Last season we had two good signings in Snodgrass and Terry. From what we’ve seen from Bolasie, I guess he’s an upgrade on Snoddy, so Cahill might fill Terry’s boots or even be a better short term signing. As long as we can have as much weapons as we could for this season, to help us go up, as much as we can build up a team next season. Fulham spent more than 100m. But it wasn’t the wisest movement. Cardiff are beingbmore realistic with less money spent (although Fulham have a much better chance of staying as a swuad and performances). We have some quality, we need to capitalize on that. We need Abraham or someone similar so thats a 25-30m player (or if we could have another loan of him up there while we look other places to find players). For now we need to go up, with spend as less as we could. We can’t attract promising players while we’re here apart from the likes of McGin who no one noticed him. We can only get some good PL players who are in their end of their football life. So for the longer term, loans are the best.
  15. abdulaziz1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Hopefully we’ll become eventually this years Wolves.