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  1. Gil Had couple of an ok games until the whole team went on a bad run. That Leicester game was the main issue of that season! Had we won that things would've been much different. Even Leicester most likely wouldn't have won the league. I can't say I've been able to watch much of McCormack games with us, that season I only watched couple of those games in tv. But his outfield problems makes him up there. Lescott was bad with us, and his attitude makes him up there too. Amavi was promising but he came back from an injury, and the whole team weren't at their best anyway. I think if he was given the time things would've been different. Bradley didn't have a proper chance. Anyway, you can't expect from promising players to show what they can be by only playing them for 5-10 mins. Everyone used to say Traore was rubbish, although everyone saw his capabilities. Only his selfishness and decision makings were the worst part of him and both could get fixed. He was trying to impress to find his way in the first team. Why don't the manager give him some starts to build the confidence needed? The whole team was bad, we wouldn't lose anything by giving chances to players. I don't think it's easy to judge a player who just comes in the last 10-20 mins. Especially players that depend on confidence. We had many bad players who played as a starters for a long or short period. Some which we can't remember any good memories from them.
  2. I've played with: Cafu Marek Hamšík Lukas Podolski Luís Figo Maxi Rodriguez Miroslav Klose
  3. Let them cancel the CL. What's football without Aston Villa anyway?
  4. I don’t think EFL has the same power as PL, although I do agree with you, but how can they give Plop and then not promoting teams down there? I don’t care to be honest, I care about this matter to go safe then after that in the football matter I just want Villa to stay up. Wether Plop win it or WBA are up or even SHA. Actually them not achieving anything would be a bonus but that’s selfishly thought. It’s hard for Liverpool not to win the title tbh.
  5. But they’re 16 teams so much easier. Anyway I think it’s an ok solution, as long as they don’t relegate us.
  6. Sylla was ok in his first season. He contributed a lot in our run 2012-13. There are much worse players than him. Some players had a good season or half atleast. But other never. If we put attitude in the equation things would be a bit different.
  7. I’ll be there to cheer for Villa then.
  8. I meant Salah, but you’re right, I got it wrong. My bad. Last thing I thought is that they didn’t play together in the same two teams. @kurtsimonw you got it right.
  9. I’ve played with: Fabian Schar Joaquin Filipe Luis Diego Costa Lucas Digne Juan Cuadrado
  10. I think whoscored like and admire Aston Villa. They’re one of the few that give the club and fanbase the respect they deserve. For example they’ve put 31 teams, every team as one day of the month and you start putting you day of birth to know which team then you start complete the puzzle to see which player you’ll be matching. Villa was one of those 31 international teams. Many wouldn’t have been bothered to put it. Basically it’s one of the best pages that I like to follow, good stats and good content generally.
  11. It’s not warrior properly, its more like a raider or invader, warrior is called (Mohareb). I wasn’t sure how to get the best vocabulary for it. But anyway, in Arabic we have a lot of vocabularies for a certain name anyway. So for example, there are more than 300 names just for lion. Which I don’t even know most of them. Or that I know the name but don’t know it refers to lion.
  12. It doesn’t have to be, but the lockdown would be useless if you stopped it even if you’re improving. If the peak is 12th of April, then you’ll need another month or two to start settling down atleast. So we’re looking at June, but even then I don’t think we can go back to normal life then. Our country started locking down partially three weeks ago, we had small cases, two weeks ago they stopped international flights, couple of days later they stopped government work and made it from house, and stopped local flights. Before that they stopped school and football. After that they’ve done the curfew for half of the day, restaurants are only take away for two weeks. Basically with all of that, the numbers are still increasing, even though it wasn’t big originally. The curfew is for 21 days. I think it will improve but they will need to be strict atleast for two weeks or a month even if there were no numbers by then. Because if not it will start again. So not playing football isn’t a sign of things getting worse, but it’s the process of controlling the situation. You don’t want to do this while restrictions and then begin again.
  13. Yeah, I thought you got it the moment I saw that you’ve put a replay.
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