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  1. I didn’t want to think of this game. I can’t handle this nervous. Last season waiting for our games against Boro and Fulham as well watching them. I’m trying to not think about going up. But still its really hard games coming up.
  2. Atleast in his last season he was a right back as Warnock went to play as a left back.
  3. Shall we win our next 5 with Leeds and Sheff Utd win less than 3 and 4 points respectively. Then we go up with GD. Anyway we have a good chance to be 4th which would put a lot of pressure into West Brom. Still I think we shall take it game at a time. Yesterday most of us would have taken a draw after the red card.
  4. If results goes against us we’ll be 1 point to 6th, 2 points to 5th. So basically its still in our hands, we have to play Bristol, Bristol will play Derby. We need Derby to lose points as soon as possible as their run is much easier than others.
  5. Thats why it was important to get 5th place for the grabs too. Hopefully they lose their game in hand and Bristol lose then draw with Boro. That outcome would make us in a very good position hopefully.
  6. Some people thinks we’re potentially 4 points to 6th if other teams play there games in hand. Actually that would be true just for 5th place. Worst case scenario is Derby and Bristol winning all (or Boro winning). But all of that would mean Derby are 6th and two points between us and them. Actual if they all win and Boro draw we will be 2 points from all 3 of them.
  7. Actually it will only be 2 points. I was mentioning Boro a while ago because when they implode we have a better chance. If Bristol and Derby won we will be 4 points to Bristol, 2 points to Derby. Which is 6th. Boro will be out of top 6. The best scenario is Derby and Bristol lose. Then Bristol draw with Boro. We would be 6th with two points to 5th.
  8. Boro won’t have the worst fixtures. But they play us, then Norwich and not sure when they play Bristol. They also play Forest. Apart from that, they play midtable and relegation teams. But still, Hull, Swansea and Stoke are tricky fixtures. You can’t also let the fact that relegation teams could do something, Ipswich has stopped Bristol and WBA although theyre almost gone.
  9. Thats why it was important when I mentioned Boro to lose points. Which has been the case of the last couple of games. As it stands, we’re maximum 4 points to 6th (if Bristol win at Boro). But at the same time 4 points to 5th which is Boro. While if Boro win it will stay 2 points to 6th Derby with a 7 points gap to 5th. If we could win against Middlesbrough that would be huge as it would put us 6th with one point behind 5th. Ofcourse games on hand for Derby and Bristol. Assuming they win. 5th will still be on 4 points at anycase. I think we must look out on Preston and Brentford. These teams are dangerous. They will be favorites potentially, if Bristol and Derby kept losing points which I think would be the case. We will still have to play Bristol at home so hopefully thats an advantage for us.
  10. Fulham built a huge team and tearing it up in the champioship. Look how are they doing up there. You can’t depend on players who you had down. So you’ll need atleast 6 starters either in the championship or the Premier League. Anyway I think we have a good board now, an a manager who knows what he wants. I would definitely look at going up. But still long way to go.
  11. Excluding Boro and even WBA potentially is wrong. Every loss from WBA and Boro will have affect relevant or irrelevant. If we can win at Forest, and those two fail to win we could be 4-7 points to them. Then a game at home against Boro will mean a lot. The fact that our opponents will play each other is also helpful.
  12. Preston and Brentford are doing huge work. I can’t even dismiss Sheff Wed. All of those and Hull were once battling to avoid relegation. Now all of them are battling for playoff spots. Actually Brentford could be potentially on 52 with their game in hand.
  13. The thing with loans is that you could get quality that you could not get at this stage apart from finding a gem out of nowhere as McGin, or have that quality from the academy as Jack. You might find good quality players at their late career as Terry. But you’d waste a lot of money and they won’t have legs for the whole season. Loans are tricky in a way, but even permanent players as Jack could always go if we’re not improving. If we went up then we would definitely have a good chance in keeping Jack and loaning Tammy again. We had Grabban last season, but we had an upgrade on him this season. Its not that you can’t replace a player with another. But loans definitely is a good weapon to use, especially down here.
  14. To be honest, Jack injury came at the beginning of easy fixtures, so we still can’t say how we’d look like with him in our side. Anyway, even Middlesbrough could get out of the playoffs (I’m not saying we’re the ones who are going to be instead of them. But we need to look at their games too.
  15. I’ve been at the UK before that and went to our game against Stoke at home 0*0. Then cup game against Norwich 1-4 away. Then Liverpool 1-3 away. Came back with a lot of hope, and was willing to go to Chelsea game but didn’t have the chance, and really glad I haven’t.

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