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  1. How can you guys see us down and surrender? We showed fight and it should’ve been a draw really. I know its hard to accept, but the last minute winner against Watford is much more valuable than the draw that been a lost yesterday. As long as we’re pocking points and fighting and not even in the relegation zones then thats great. A huge huge weekend at Southampton. We need something from that. With the hope that our rivals keep losing points. The 4-0 Arsenal gave Newcastle might help dragging them, Palace have tricky 6 pointers. Southampton form is declining and we could pull them down to the race. Nothing has finished. The best scenario is if we can be out of relegation zone even when we don’t play against Sheff Utd. Still long way to go, and we’ve shown fight! Some says Spurs don’t have their best striker, then again we don’t have our best defender nor midfielder.
  2. Spammers aren't gone yet, Bournemouth, Brighton, Palace, Newcastle, Southampton aren't out of it yet. Especially the first two. A draw would have been perfect, but I had a friend watching it with me, he said the game is finished. I told him knowing my team in the last two years, we'll either win or lose in the last minute. It ended dramatically but we go again. We won against Brighton and Watford the same way. We went to Wembley in a last minute winner. So can't complain. I didn't want to open the forum as it was hard to accept. But in reality it's not as we use to be by just losing in the last minute. We're doing both. We played ok. I think we have a good chance giving anyone a good game. If we can be out of the relegation zone going to the final, I think that would put us in a good position.
  3. As it stands, we could drag Southampton with us again. We’ve got a quick revenge on Watford, now its time to revenge Saints. If we can somehow win tomorrow I think we’ll be in a very good position.
  4. They’ll play regardless. Actually could win a CL spot. Imagine, Liverpool, Leicester, Sheff Utd and Dingles?
  5. abdulaziz1

    Ezri Konsa

    The problem is that we lack quality in midfield or upfront. So giving Targett himself much freedom would benefit us more than some other players. It gives us the chance to play Hause because he’s the best we have on long and high ball without having to depend on him as a second defender.
  6. I'm sure the players will disagree with you, especially as we played Leicester after beating Watford, we were in a good position in the league compared to the couple of weeks before. I'm sure if you asked most of our players (possibly the manager) wether Spurs game (considering that we are out of relegation zone) more important to win or the Leicester semi, most would say the Semi. The only down side of it is that we were expecting Man City to play us. If we had a chance to play a lower team then that definitely important. I'm also sure if you gave any Leicester fan the choice to either beat us in the league or the cup (during the circumstances) they'd choose the cup. Spurs game won't defend our whole season. Yes I'd agree if it was a 6 pointer, but as it stands, the cup is important. I'd take beating City at the final than beating Spurs in the league. We just need to slowly take ourselves out of the s**t, but once we do that, we might not find another chance to win a trophy. All of our players are having more pressure during the semis or the final than playing top 6 in the league.
  7. Now Watford play Man Utd and Liverpool, hope they lose both. It will affect them mentally. I can’t believe how was Mings/Konsa goal this important! Could be the goal the keeps us up!
  8. So far great, three teams are where we wanted and expected them to be before kick off. If it completes tomorrow with Bournemouth and West Ham losing. It would be fantastic week. Even if we lost it would be an acceptable week. A draw would be good. Win is fantastic.
  9. Great result. The only way to get to the bottom three is West Ham to beat Man City or draw. So hopefully that would give us a space to breath before Spurs game.
  10. I think a defeat would make it hard for Watford to follow up. I know we can’t depend on Man Utd this season but still it can’t be considered as an easy fixture for Watford. If Brighton won today, then Watford could very well be on 23 points after two rounds. Even if we managed two points from our next two (and zero the week later as it will be postponed), that would put us 4 points above them with a game in hand. Palace will play a huge part themselves. They’ll either help some teams to relegate or find themselves relegating. Brighton in the other hand have some hard fixtures coming but they’re capable of getting results. They also have 26 so far. A draw would be fantastic but even a Brighton win would be ok.
  11. They either make it or get dragged to it. 4 six pointers on row. Two wins will see them almost safe. If they drew all that would be fantastic from all respects.
  12. We were 28 points under Mcleish at this stage of the season. We were 15th with all three below us having 21 points. We've only won once after that "that famous Weimann goal against Fulham" (total of 7 wins). We had the second fewest wins that season behind Wolves (5 wins). We managed to stay up on 38, QPR stayed on 37. I think the point tally now is a bit higher, still not sure if 38 will be enough. But I still think that needing above 40 points will need a lot of freaking results.
  13. I think the best results for today are a Brighton win and an Everton win. Well, I'd prefer a draw for the first one, all but a Watford win. They have some tough fixtures coming and they're lower in terms of points. Brighton are still playing Palace which is another 6 pointer actually. I agree with @useless that the last thing we need is to go to Spurs games needing something to get out of the relegation zone. We'll have a blank round two weeks later so it will be good to have the bonus game while we're still out of relegation zone. I hope results goes our way. I still see Palace, Newcastle as relegation candidates. Even Burnley or Southampton aren't far from that, I think the loser in their might get dragged to it. So even Palace and Newcastle games going in our way would still be important. There is a good chance that we go into our game while the league looks this way: 13. Newcastle 31 14. Palace 30 15. Brighton 27 16. Bournemouth 26 17. Villa 25 18. Watford 24 19. West Ham 24 20. Norwich 18 With all but us and Newcastle played 26.
  14. I agree that some people supports the club because of certain players. Especially us from overseas. I liked Villa at the beginning because of Angel and Melberg. At the same times I liked the colors and after reading the rich history I started to fall in love with the club. By the time, I found a small thread which was as an Arabic association for Villa fans. We've came to 10 or so then started to gradually be more. We had some who were just liking the team (but not supporting), but we came out with around 10-15 fans. Then we've gathered in whatsapp group and we're now around 20 most of us are hardcore Villa fans. The reasons were different for everyone, but you could since the love of the club. The thing with whats happening with Trez, Nakamba and Samatta is that most of them hasn't feel the love for the club yet. I think Trez is overshadowed with Salah anyway, and I don't see a huge future as a starter here. For Nakamba and Samatta they're the best players their countries has produced. I think they have potential with us. So I think the love of the club will grow with some of their fans. Any amount would be a great base to start from. It's not easy to keep supporting a team without interacting with other fans. So having a base in Zimbabwe or Tanzania could help the club in setting up a lion club there. I think we'd get benefited from that in terms of number. Although I'm happy with what Samatta said, because the amount of rubbish comments are getting annoying. I think he himself could influence his fans and by time they can admire the club itself and like it more.
  15. How aren’t we getting points from those around us? We’ve just had a draw and a win. Against Brighton and Watford. Before that we won at Burnley. We’ve beaten Norwich also. Thats 10 points in less than two months from teams around us!
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