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  1. What about playing Hause at Arsenal?
  2. Who did standout from our wingers this season? Jota first half against Everton, flashes of quality from Trez at Spurs and a goal from El Ghazi. For that alone, I think trying Elmo would be worth it. Especially with his defensive capabilities.
  3. The whole league was different. 5th was 10 points, same as 2nd this season. GD were -9 and -7 yet most this season -6. Anyway, Fulham are an attacking side, we're a defensive side that alone change the whole equation.
  4. Watford are playing Citeh. Dingles at Palace, Newcastle and Brighton. Burnley and Norwich. Everton and Sheffield. I can't see City losing twich on row. Palace are capable of getting a draw from Wolves. Newcastle and Burnley could go either way but we really need Burnley to do it. If these results happened atleast we'd have a big chance of staying out of bottom 3 even if we failed to get points from Arsenal. Burnley and Norwich, hard one really. Not sure who'll be down there but I guess Norwich has a better chance of going down than Burnley. A draw would be fine. Everton should be capable of beating Sheffield. I think these small factors affects teams, so we need to keep in touch even if it was by other teams losing rather than us winning. Newcastle will have couple of bad games after Brighton. So if they lose this they could be in a big trouble.
  5. abdulaziz1


    It's not as Wolves done that well against the lesser teams last season. These type of games is where they used to get their points from. Anyway we need them around us, it would be fantastic to be above them coming end of next season.
  6. I think he needs to start at Emirates, maybe keeping one of El Ghazi or Trez to come towards the end of the game.
  7. I hope he's back soon, I really think he could give us another dimension in the way we are playing.
  8. I think he did great. He lost the ball once, yet I was impressed with how well he did get back to clear it again from their player.
  9. I think he didn't trust most of our forward. Mostly our left side. Although we could have scored if he left that cross to Taylor. (Well, we might not lol).
  10. Fantastic. What do I know not to get that excited with this signing!
  11. Saw a lot from him this games and Walsall to say that he's a good player. He had 3-4 bad passes which could have led to something, but other than that I think very promising performance.
  12. The main difference between us and Fulham last season is: They were an attacking side. We're playing a defence game. For that alone, there is a huge difference.
  13. Actually don't think Benteke would have been bad for us this season. A loan would have been perfect.
  14. He had a header which was really dangerous. I didn't think he gave Mings an easy time. But that's something good from our defenders. Really impressed with what we watched.
  15. Only 3 teams conceded fewer than us, all whom are top 5 teams currently. Well, couple conceded the same amount we did but still it's something to look at.

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