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  1. Because most of our managers were actually cowards or dinosaurs. They were afraid to give young players chance, or just rely in old ones. Wether that was Mcleish, Lambert or whoever came since. Lambert and Sherwood began bravely. But by the time they went to be cautious to no limit. Bruce, well we all know. Now we’re having a good chance of getting proper players while we don’t have bright prospects. I could only see Davis who have attributes to be a PL player. Maybe the younger ones as Ramsey.
  2. You’ve been wondering this since the beginning of the window lol. I know your doubts but actually Benrahma is class. Him then Maupay and Konsa. Others are average or below. Also Brentford has a bad run since DS went, the won once in 10 or 11. Something like that.
  3. The good thing after that, we’ve beaten Newcastle, Arsenal away and Liverpool. All which I’ve been there. So my rate of winning was good. I think it was much more than winning. Even last season when we haven’t win, my last game was the one changed Steve Bruce. So yeah I assume I like going to the games lol.
  4. Lol, you've been harsh to me. Then I shouldn't come to the next game against them. lol To be honest, as long as we're doing good, always rivalry will be a good thing. I'm not sure how is it for those who live in the area. I haven't been to any derby games before. My only one was that Wolves game which didn't mean between the two teams anyway apart from escaping relegation. But in the last couple of years I'd say West Brom been our rivals, we've been around each other. Yet when it meant, we had the upper hand. We took them out of the FA cup. We promoted by taking them out of our way. The thing with Wolves and West Brom is that they have a respectable history unlike the scum. Although their 2 league cups could consider as 4 as they've beaten us in the 2 of them.
  5. We've got beaten by them 3-0 (after getting Hogan) then 2-1, then 1-0. All at their place. Drew 3 times 1-1 then 0-0 finally 2-2 at our place. (although not sure about the 1-1). I would like to know how many times Brentford was mentioned this summer? lol
  6. There is something which many people don't seem to know about and some of those are Muslim players. I was amazed when El Ghazi fasted in the playoffs semi's. I was planning to come and thought of breaking my fast during my time in the UK (let alone playing that early). While you're travelling then you're allowed to break your fast. When we're saying that, we mean even for those who are staying temporary in a another place. So unless you're a Brummie, you'll most likely be able to break your fast then. It's just you find it hard to make it later once people aren't doing the same. That's one part of it. the second part is that any away game you're considered as a traveler anyway.
  7. Are we playing Dingles home or away first? that would be a huge match. I think if things went well with us and two of us starting to establish themselves as top 10 then that's a rivalry on the making. My first game to watch Villa (or even to be at Villa Park) was against them. They've beaten us that day. So I have my own reasons anyway. But I think after the 4-1, then after their thinking of they're going to be the best midlands club for the next decade. We came out of nowhere. You can sense it from when we came up. Even before that, when we had Hause, with all their getting attention on us. I would definitely like to have the chance to be at VP for this match, or even home and away. I don't think any of the fans experienced this before. It's a strange thing. Being well run, having the 3rd and 4th wealthiest owners. High ambitions. The bigger team (Villa) are trying to catch up. Hate them or not, its good for us to have them up there, we need a proper rivals. The scum will only take us backwards. Tesco bags have their last chance (even then they don't seem to have a proper plans).
  8. If he was good enough to be a squad players then we don't have to pay big amount of money to get expensive players to be squad fillers. Whenever I saw him he had a goal or assist in him. He's unlucky as when he came back against the scum at home (if I can remember right) came for couple of minutes then went out injured. If he was fit when Jack wasn't playing I think we would have been a much better side than the dross we used to watch weekly. But that's it, I don't think he can play in any other position.
  9. He won’t surprise me. He definitely has talent. Its just you can’t rely on him as a lone striker. He don’t get other players into the game too much.
  10. A clause as we had would Bournemouth would be lovely. lol Match the biggest offer, would be much better than let’s 30m. Although thats City, I don’t think they’re easy to negotiate.
  11. Don’t think Kodjia is willing to leave. I think he wants to stay atleast until January. To try playing in PL. Even if he was a squad player.
  12. Not really. Jack, McGinn, Hourihane, Lansbury and Tshibola. Those are the only ones we have apart from him. So at the moment he's the first or second sub from the midfield. That all when we aren't saying that Jack and Lansbury are AM, the others apart from Tshibola aren't really a DM. We all know wether we'll start Thor or Tshibola. That's just to speak about the current CM depth. We had it last season with Whelan and Jedinak actually but not anymore. Anyway, I'd prefer us to get Luiz and let's say Soler rather than getting a backup for Luiz and someone less quality than Soler. I'd be happy to keep Thor as a backup to Luiz (with Hourihane being instead of Thor for the easier games).
  13. I think Davis have the most potentiial to play in PL from all of those. Whenever he plays he does good. He has attributes which makes him useful. It's his lack of confidence and game time which is letting him down. Green is an ok player at most. Can't say Bree had a proper run as fb, remember him coming against Boro in the playoff game to do a good job the season before last. Although I think Davis, Green and Bree need a proper loans to championship clubs. Charlton could get Davis for example. He's the most of those players that I think could useful for the next few years.
  14. abdulaziz1

    The Rebuild

    You got it all right mate. Apart from Stoke and Boro who let you down. lol

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