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  1. -3 to Bournemouth. -6 to Watford. For us to get 4 points and look at GD, Bournemouth should not win more than 3 points, Watford win nothing. Which means Watford should lose all 3 games, and averages -2 goals a game. Same goes with Bournemouth, we need them to be on -3 in the three games. Man City could very well help us in terms of GD, we just need to focus in Everton now and hope for the best to come. With West Ham, there is no chance for GD.
  2. I think Brentford are more threat than WBA, Fulham or even Leeds.
  3. I’m think about that but to be honest, the worry about Everton for now is the biggest feeling. It feels like the second leg of the playoffs. But let’s see.
  4. I think the perfect scenario is that West Ham win. Hopefully we can beat Everton. But even a point could keep us with a slim chance to beat West Ham and stay up. If West Ham wins, 4 points won’t be enough to keep us up.
  5. I thought before the game today, it’s like a playoff. Actually more likely the one against Fulham. We had to win a tough two legs against Boro, with delaying the achievement until the hard deal with Fulham. Less likely against Leeds as we were in a better form, but still we would have a huge days before Leeds. Derby was a bit calm feeling. We’ve celebrated winning at WBA, but knew the hard was coming. We’ve celebrated against Boro, but knew it’s hard to make it against Fulham. Now it’s as if we made it to the playoffs. A win against Everton as if we won the first leg. That’s how I feel these games. We’ve made it hard, but I very much prefer this scenario than us losing to Palace and Watford losing to Newcastle. We have some momentum. And I think we’re the only team to win all days of the week since the 80’s which happened with Spurs.
  6. As much as I want us to build a team, I think we’ll need to use loans again to have the quality needed. I’d possibly buy 2-3, loan 2-3. Depending on Who’ll be going. Assuming it’s only Grealish.
  7. To be honest I’m not sure. I think Smith would be fine down there, he’ll have more time and experience with the team. Are there another choices? Im sure there are, but I’m not sure we’ll get it right.
  8. But who should we get? Do we have time for a new manager? This time we need to build on what we have. I don’t think there are a lot of available managers that would accept to come to the championship. If there are, will be the likes of Smith actually.
  9. Relegation is decided by small factors, that Brighton goal against Arsenal, two penalties for Watford, West Ham win against Chelsea. Ofcourse Watford mini run at Christmas. Us and Bournemouth didn’t have anything remarkable apart from our last minute goal against Watford. It’s up to us to do what Watford done last Christmas. Let’s just put Palace to the sword and see what can we do. A win would give some confidence going to Everton. I won’t get my expectations high, but let’s play as we’ve done earlier the season. Watford were bad, yet had a good second have against Newcastle.
  10. Them abd WBA bottling it would make it easier for us to accept relegation.
  11. It’s so depressing, I actually only accepted relegation after Man Utd game. Now it’s eveb more worse. Will we win against Palace? If we do the would have we done that if Watford lost? Will it make us play a bit freely? If we win, will it give us a boost going into Everton game? There are glimpses of hope, but I’m really depressed. The way Watford won their two games without even being good, but the fight to cone back from losing position showed strong character. West Ham showed their quality in the worst time.
  12. I don’t know how am I going to handle Palace game. Really hope we can beat them and get the hope back.
  13. It’s not guaranteed, Watford were almost going to bottle it. But ofcourse they’re likely to win. But even a draw would be huge for us. If Watford and West Ham failed to win (preferbly lost) then that would give us a huge advantage going into the last couple of games. They’ll play each other then 2 hard games for Watford, one hard one for West Ham then they play us.
  14. I think we’ll give them a game, hopefully we’ll win something out of it too.
  15. I just hope that Burnley could complete their favor and beat West Ham. That would keep it a race of 3 instead of 2. Then we see what will happen in the next couple of games.
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