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  1. abdulaziz1

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Our last season we’ve a top 10 Premier League team we had him and Dunne as our CB’s.
  2. abdulaziz1

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Its Anwar. Which is coming from the arabic word (Noor) which is (Light). I’m not sure how to translate it perfectly but (Anwar) means (has been lighten). Anyway I hope that (Noor) is back soon to Villa Park again. My opinion about Anwar is that he has the ability but we’re still not playing a proper attacking football. After I saw Blackburn game second half I’ve said that we’re getting to play like last season (which is ok in general). Bruce got the best possible squad last night. We would now play either Axel or Mile depending on the game. We will rotate between Bolasie, Anwar and Kodjia I think.
  3. abdulaziz1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I thought it was Leeds
  4. abdulaziz1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    For me its about our momentum and form. If confidence is back we might have a good chance. Last season we were at some point 15 points below the promtion places (or 13). Yet we made it to second and then blowed it. As long as we keep in touch while we get playing better we could make it. If we played the whole season like we’ve done in our second part of the season we would have gone up. Ofcourse there are always ups and downs even when we are on form (QPR, Bolton, Hull and Norwich) for example. But tbh what harmed us alot was the Fulham game, if we had beaten them their confidence would have been low and we would be second for two weeks which would make us believe in ourselves. Sheff U began with two losses but with their way of playing and turning there results to wins gave them a huge boost. Same with Derby. We have the better players but we lack a lot in defence and coaching. We only want Bruce to do what he done last season (we were winning with Jedi in the side by the way).
  5. abdulaziz1

    Conor Hourihane

    For now I think we need a temporary fix. It will sort us up for this season. If we’re up we’ll need atleast 7-8 players anyway. We have a better team this season to build up from. But it lacks a lot in thr defensive area.
  6. abdulaziz1

    Easah Suliman

    I haven’t seen any of our youngsters (apart from Green, and whoever played in some cups games). I’m just speaking generally. They don’t have to be worse than Jedinak to not play them. Bruce doesn’t give chances easily. Unless he’s stuck with someone. He didn’t start playing Bjarnason until he scored against Bristol last season. He was playing Elmo ahead of Adomah last season until he somehow scored then get Elmo to play as a fullback again. You can’t expect that a new player (especially youngsters) would shine in 5-10 minutes every two games! You need to give a player a proper run to know what he’s made of. Ofcourse I’m not saying we should try players instead of in form players. But Jedinak is costing us a lot at the moment, we need to try something else. I don’t mind Jedinak by the way, he’s done ok in many games last season. But this season him and Bruce are being worse than I could imagine.
  7. abdulaziz1

    Conor Hourihane

    I’d play him on home games beside McGin. But still I won’t start Kodjia and Abraham at once as long as we’re having only Grealish and McGin as midfielders. Kodjia would be a good option if we’re playing 433, or even 442 diamond (but in that case where to put Bolasie and El Ghazi)?
  8. abdulaziz1

    Easah Suliman

    I don’t think Andre Green going was bad at all. We got two wingers and still have Adomah. If we shipped Adomah I’d say say Green would have been a good backup. Although playing regulary down there with a good team hopefully will help him more than being just an impact sub who lacks confidence.
  9. abdulaziz1

    Easah Suliman

    Yet many of them are between Premier League or in some ok teams in the championship (Sheff W, Preston, Bristol...etc). He doesn’t have to be bad, we have a manager who doesn’t have the courage to try, even if he was forced to play some youngster, he would need to be impressed from the first chance he gives. Yet for players who he likes they could do mistakes for god knows how long and it won’t change the fact that they will start.
  10. abdulaziz1

    Conor Hourihane

    But you can’t find a McGin gem everytime you’d like. We’re not playing a proper football, its helping no one at the moment. McGin also helped us in our last win against Wigan and even his goal against Ipswich.
  11. abdulaziz1

    Steve Bruce

    The team is much better than last season, Apart from the defence (we played some big games with Jedi last season). We have Mcgin, Grealish and Kodjia (two to begin the season), El Ghazi, Bolasie and Abraham. We have a World Cup player in Birkir (who aren’t playing every game) and couple of good backups. Yet we aren’t playing football, we’re more clueless than last season. If it wasn’t the takeover, we would have definitely gone down at this rate and pathetic tactical approachs.
  12. abdulaziz1

    Albert Adomah

    Not only this, but we were saying we could sell him (and keep Green as a backup) but as long as only loans were available, and with Green going on loan (which is quite good for all parties) we should keep Adomah as a backup. We can’t rely in Elmo to be honest, even though he scored this season but he’s very limited for a winger. Adomah is a much bettet choice.
  13. abdulaziz1

    John Terry

    We are getting ripped apart even without any kind of pace. He’s more than welcome, the sooner the better.
  14. abdulaziz1

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    We don’t seem to have been worried while agreeing 6m for Bryan, didn’t we?
  15. abdulaziz1

    Steve Bruce

    The sooner he go thr better for us. This time has no colour nor desire, bad tactics. We just need some courage and try to start players in their own positions. We have one of the best attacking players yet we can’t build a play. We played with Jedinak last season even against Cardiff and won, why does it have to be this way? I think everybody gave up on Bruce. Us, players and maybe himself too.