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  1. Luiz attacking regressed since he played DM, so I’m not really worried about Onana failing to do his attacking job. Hopefully Tielemans does though, to help getting our performances from early last season. Regarding Dobbin, he’ll most likely go out on loan, Iling however we’ll need to be around. We need different kind of players around. I agree that certain games some of them will not be around the bench. But again I doubt we’ll have 4 defensive players each game. We could have 2-3 especially when Konsa is playing RB, I think Hermoso and a RB will be there. Then 2 CM. 4 forwards, such as Ramsey/Rogers/McGinn/JP/Iling/Striker. Depends who’ll be starting. Adding Felix however will make one of those definitely out of the bench and most likely it will be Iling as you said.
  2. Could happen but I doubt Emery will approach that unless maybe for injury times…etc Some games such as Chelsea at home last season, last couple of minutes were horrible to watch.
  3. Hermoso, Felix and the Turkish striker. I think those 3 will be perfect. Other than that we could do with a RB if Cash was sold. We’ll have a slightly + net spend, but putting it all together it seems we’re going on a very good direction even regarding PSR. Hopefully we’re able to offload Dendonker. Next season we can see Coutinho again and Olsen. While still having some sellable players with Buendia hopefully getting back fit, Mings, Carlos…etc We could still sell one of our LB’s and Archer as well, if we can get more than 20m our of both we could be near to a 0 net spend!
  4. I’m not sure selling Carlos right now is a good thing. We’re light there. Get Hermoso and ggive Mings more time. We can revaluate next winter. I think we should add Hermoso especially if we’re selling Digne. If we want a more defensive LB then Hermoso is our Konsa there. Otherwise backup to Torres.
  5. I agree, but people need to compare with our team without Kamara. It’s not that we don’t have Kamara because our choice. We might find it challenging as we’ll start a new midfield.
  6. If there was no FFP we’d have a less chance to compete. The restrictions although it could set us back but in general it restricts all big teams from trying to buy everyone. However a small amount of loss (as we’ve suggested) could be good. But in general I guess it’s not the worse thing that can happen.
  7. Usually I’m against getting big/fancy names. I’ve never been interested with what’s called (marquee signing). But this is different. His fall out was with Simone who’s hard to deal with, he showed he can take pay cut to revive his career (so no issues regarding desire). Already had his dream by playing in Barca and now will focus in his own career. Not many competitors so we can push for a good deal. His wage demands won’t be as high, since he already reduced his current contract. We’re one of the few clubs that play and depend on SS. So he’s perfect in that aspect. He won’t be in his own, he’ll probably rotate with Rogers. So we already have a replacement just incase. Most signings I’ve seen failing are the SS position. Because most managers doesn’t really play them, yet they try to utilize them which sometimes affects their whole career. Felix, Haverts come to my mind right now but many more.
  8. I don’t think he was even bad at Chelsea. He was one of their best players every time I saw them (to be honest not saying much about them that season). However before getting Lampard they were atleast performing better.
  9. Stats itself don’t show the whole story. Grealish stats at City are bad, actually last season with us El Ghazi scored more than him, Traore had 7/7 g/A. There are a lot of factors to be considered.
  10. I’m one of those who don’t like big/fancy names at all. I wasn’t impressed with Coutinho before he came. I usually get interested with younger players coming which have potential. But for Felix it’s totally different, he plays in a position most teams don’t play. Issue with those players is they go to teams and managers forced to play them, where they fail. If we were playing 433, I would never wanted him. But as we’re playing SS, he’s the perfect player as his value is reduced much and not many buyers down there. I’ve only watched him somehow regularly at Chelsea, and I was impressed every time I saw him (not sure how people say he’s bad), the whole team was bad, even when we played them, I was only afraid from him and Chilwell. Missing a lot of chances isn’t always indicator to keep away, it’s actually being able to position for those chances or creating them. Watkins was missing a lot of chances, but he used to get them and fight for them. Right now his finishing improved and he has the most assists in the PL.
  11. Felix already reduced his wages to 125+ as what we read here. So it’s different.
  12. I don’t prefer to get any deal from Barca (loans might be ok though). Gladly we don’t have to as well. We don’t need overpriced players especially on high levels which are regressing.
  13. totally different. I might agree on the Luiz loss, but we were already weakened even with him after Kamara injury. During Smith days, Grealish was the team. DS without Grealish had a real horrible times. During Championship we’ve only won 2 out of 13 when he was injured. We’ve regressed a lot after his injury 2020-21. So in reality we can’t compare a one player team/manager to Unai team. We’ve won 3 and drew 1 without Luiz. Yes we had a bad performance Brentford away, but life goes on. Totally different than being clueless without Jack. Then it’s not as we didn’t add to our team. Without Kamara we were going to suffer anyway, we’ve added Onana and Enzo both can help. We’ve already got Tielemans. Barkley if needed. Diaby wasn’t a starter all games, definitely wasn’t planned to start most games this season. Again it’s not as we haven’t replaced him. We’ve already got JP, Iling and Ramsey, Buendia coming back. Then Rogers who have began last season with us. We’re definitely much better than our team post Man Utd home. Now it’s a case of how to be better than how we began last season. We could already be, but still we need to do more work.
  14. No one is saying we’re winning the league, however once we begin the league we shall look at the maximum amount of points and see where it takes us. We look at every rival match and wait for them to fail and win it (from City down to Utd and Newcastle). Take it game at a time. That’s the only aim. We can’t start conclusions that we want 70 points or 90 or 60. The same goes with CL and cups. Until we come to a deciding point, there where we should know which game to prioritize for the certain week. Wether it was league cup final or CL decider or PL 6 pointer. We can’t start assuming from now. but the best thing right now is, that we have a good squad. We could change 5-6 players and don’t know which team is better. Which would be our strength to approach each game alone. That gives us chance to rotate easily without prioritizing one and leaving the other.
  15. They still have 2 years, only enter last 12 months next summer.
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