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  1. If we don't get a winger (or atleast a forward) I can see us trying to get him (if it didn't work for Sarr) after the deadline day.
  2. I’d like Sarr/Rashica. Sessengon seem perfect because he could be a bacup for LB and LW. To be honest it’s really interesting, especially with how we began. Hopefully we win tomorrow against Stoke and give ourselves a good chance for a cup run.
  3. To be honest I can’t agree or disagree, but that’s really encouraging.
  4. Who are England’s best CB’s by the way? To be honest I can’t decide as I don’t follow others and the amount of stress when we play games so I can’t notice individual unless they were standing out (usually attackers).
  5. The way I see it with Rashica is that it’ll go to the last day. We will have after that 10 days to deal with Championship team. Let’s see what we’ll do in the next couple of days.
  6. Great performance. So far all signings are looking good.
  7. Why won’t we look at it that Wolves might be slipping down to a lower top half team and we target them?
  8. abdulaziz1

    Keinan Davis

    I agree with what you're saying, however, I think Smith didn't help by starting Samatta in most of the games post lockdown. He could've done more to be honest. Samatta only had one shot which was shocking to be honest!
  9. abdulaziz1

    Keinan Davis

    I haven't seen the game. But from the highlights and that assist alone I could imagine that he's continuing to show what he's capable of. If Davis was the one to miss the two shots which Watkins miss everyone will criticize him. Who could've scored two (while the two weren't bad miss at all). Looking forward to see more from him. I don't think we shall sign a new striker (because to have an upgrade on him we'll need to spend a quite big money, if we did then he needs to go on loan, but I'd prefer to keep him and use him).
  10. Welcome 2-It would be mental to get two strikers now. I don’t think we’ll be able to get the quality upgrade on Davis just for him to come and set in the bench. We’ll have to pay alot too. I might get a winger who can play as a striker but not the other way round. 3-If you’re talking about our activities so far too, then we’ve already got Traore, and we need the other. 4-Cash 5-I don’t think it’s easy to attract an upgrade to Mings or Konsa, and if so it would cost too much. 6-Agree.
  11. He’s a RW and not so different from Traore (apart from him being slower). We need a LW now.
  12. The backup is Davis. Then it’s Traore. If Rashica came he’ll be an option. Wesley is getting back in a few months too. But who do we have as Wingers? Jack, Traore. Watkins could play there. We also have El Ghazi and Trez who I don’t think we shall look at them as a starters. I’m very happy with our options upfront, I rate Davis. Traoré first position was a striker. We need a LW, CM and CB (backup) before thinking of a striker.
  13. If this guy is considered limited, what would our current wingers (Jack aside) be called?
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