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  1. Exactly, I’d lie if I see I watch a game for Watford, but even results wise they’re not easy to beat, and grinding some draws. No game is easy in this league, only Norwich are in a big free fall, others are grinding results and are hard to beat.
  2. Exactly. Every player will find it hard to play against.
  3. I agree on the psychological bit. You could see us losing yesterday since the beginning. I actually wanted to go to second half with 1-0 or less as I knew we could do better if we were mentally better. Which we've shown a bit the second half.
  4. We done that very well when we had Gabby, Tekkers, Weimann. Although the main difference is Wesley compared to Benteke. I remember that year we used Sylla in a very good way (which could be done with McGinn this year).
  5. Soton plays Arsenal, Watford plays Burnley and Norwich plays Everton. Tricky ones but still there is a chance that all of them would lose. Us against Newcastle will be a cup final. We can’t afford to lose wether we’re a full team or not. If our fixtures was easier I would have said a draw to end the losing rub would be fine, but with whats coming, we need a win.
  6. I think its ok given the circumstances of the match. This one and Palace were the worst. Still we managed to grow into games and almost got back. First half we surrendered. We were mentality losing before beginning. It could have been 2-3 easily.
  7. Something still annoys me, putting Taylor instead of Hause. Other than that I guess it wasn’t our day, we weren’t lucky at all. Two keepers out+our best player+a defender and our full back who improved the team since coming.
  8. Even Man City lost their two games with De Bruyne.
  9. Richarlison and Jesus are younger than Wesley? Anyway, this call up shows what we're up to. I don't think anyone would have thought that we'd get Brazilian players, now they're getting called to the national team through us. When you think of it, Mings, Heaton (potentially Jack) for England. Potentially Engels for Belgium. Luiz, Wesley for Brazil. I didn't mention McGinn, Elmo, Trez, Nakamba, Kodjia, Hourihane or whoever as their national teams are average. But when you have 6 players that could be within the best national teams in the world then thats definitely a good sign. It shows that our scouting team doing a fantastic job!
  10. Well, we bought more RB's and GK's in the last few years than the other 9 positions. lol Atleast we're finally getting it right.
  11. Bruce was always going to steady the ship in normal circumstances. However, it was toxic upthere in Newcastle, and they weren't doing that good last season. Put that over the fact that Toon fans can't stand Bruce himself. I knew he will setup the team and won't be easy to beat. But he exceeded our expectations so far. Winning against top side (although they aren't doing good) but that have been understandable. Now they're beating teams around them so its much serious at the moment. The league is tight so far. Brighton who we won couple of weeks ago and went above them, have the chance to beat Utd and go to 5th! Newcastle improved their form in the best time with some easy fixtures coming. But this will be their huge challenge actually.
  12. Although I agree with what you're saying, but still some variables play in. As long as we keep getting points here and there then yes. But a run of losing would be harmful to confidence level then affect GD. I remember when the scum went down the other year, they weren't doing bad, they had an ok GD and even didn't look like going down. Somehow they managed to do that!
  13. This game is huge, both mentality wise or even results wise. Last two wins were huge, before going into hard fixture. These two are the same, this one is against a local rival, and a potential midtable side which we could finish above. Next one is against a relegation candidate. Beating Wolves will give us a huge lift, confidence and even a good league place. Add to that it will give us more comfort about our chances of staying up. I think this game is the most one I’ve so worried about since the beginning of the season. I think its the most important game of this season. Well, Everton was important too.
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