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  1. The aim should be high, last season I wanted Europe before the season began, although I knew it would be hard. But we were really good (above expectation). We should’ve build on that but we have some new players and without the Jack factor it will be tricky. That’s why we shall aim on building a solid base. If we went to Europe then fine, if not then we’re building a good setup, so 2-3 quality additions and we’re flying last season. We were in rush to go to Europe because Jack, now it’s less pressure. Yes the likes of Konsa, Watkins, Bailey and possibly Buendia would have some big offers. But we can hold on them for another season. We just have to show some promise that we’ll be good without Jack. I saw a lot of good things against Chelsea, but there are some challenges which might be hard for us. Our slow start, bad schedule now could mean we’re fighting for avoiding relegation on Nov/Dec. The long that takes the worse for us. We’ve found a way of playing Ings and Watkins, but not yet for Bailey and Buendia. The longer we don’t get results the worse it will become even if we’re showing good performances. We have a lot to build on, but we have things to worry about.
  2. I don’t think our real aim is to improve on last season finish. It’s to get more stabilized, integrate youngsters and hope most of our players improve. Jack going have hit us, and for me I’d be hoping for some cup runs, and general improvements. But I don’t think we should pressure ourselves.
  3. He was unbelievable today. Fantastic performance. A lot to take from this match.
  4. I don’t think we need to make profit in each player, if you used the player for couple of season and he helped in achieving the club targets then that would make it a good transfer regardless of his price now. It’s when you’re improving and get players below your standards, and don’t use them enough (or at all) then sell them for peanuts is the problem. You also don’t have to make a profit if you got a lot of good seasons from a certain player, if you return a good amount of what you’ve paid then you’ve done well considering age, market...etc
  5. He’s now a player of another club, how can express his emotions to Villa all the time? Add to that the fact that he did the hard decision, he can’t even look at the down side of it. I don’t think Jack was lying, but sometimes as life goes on people start consider things they didn’t, wether that’s because of opportunities came up, or them going into new societies which make them consider what they didn’t (such as Jack going with those England team players)....etc You could see Jack being happy last season. But when things started getting bad, he seemed fed up, he clearly wanted a quick progress. England was one of the most important reasons for that.
  6. To be honest he still follows Villa in his social media. I think what @danceoftheshamen saying is right.
  7. It’s worth to note something, Ramsey is now our most player that can give other teams bookings and possibly sent off. He done it even against Stones last season. He’s winning us some fouls. We will be missing Grealish on a lot of aspects including this, but, Ramsey and McGinn should keep helping us. Especially Ramsey seem so clever in that.
  8. Him, Targett, Konsa are the ones who’d potentially might be called to the England squad. I’d like us to get to higher number than Tottenham again. It’s just a stat, but at the end of the day a nice one.
  9. Don’t worry, he somehow played as CM last game and done well.
  10. Who are the most highly rated coming academy players? Apart from those who are featuring with the first team?
  11. Didn’t he came back from vacation earlier than he should because we’ve needed him? Isn’t that a big wign about how much he cares?
  12. I don’t think it’s gaps we choose not to fill for the sake of it. I think it’s gaps which we weren’t able to fill with the right quality. J.Ramsey looked more benefit than Barkley last season. Why should we get players to fill the squad if they were only little better? Possibly might not even be better? Now it’s the next stage of the rebuild. Better platform, better financially, building a squad which could look even better. If we had 14-16 players which are bought who are real qualities, then the rest of the squad are from those who we develop them (with high potential), I think we’d look really good. This what we’re look to be. We’re ready to shift (Trez, El Ghazi, Nakamba, Guilbert, Hourihane, Wesley) if Carney, JPB, Archer, Barry, Raikhy, Kesler, A.Ramsey and Caleb stepped up. We might not even find different in quality, actually if it’s not better won’t be worse. El Ghazi and Nakamba are still playing their part, but if JPB stepped up then he’d easily take El Ghazi place. Imagine how will we be financially and also as PR for all bright youngsters? We don’t need all of those to be superstars, if we got 3 of them to fulfill their potential the couple of them been an ok players to fill the squad, that would help us improving without worry about the squad. We could only look at first team players. At the end of the window, I think we’ve done really well. We just need to be sure we don’t go into a relegation battle, and complete our build up.
  13. They had a hard start. I think they might have a chance to be above us and I won’t panic. I think we’re building a much better platform with a clear vision. For them it’s a mix between vision and other financial agents pushing.
  14. Grealish took more than 6 years to make his move, including relegation. Totally different situation. If we were more stable, we would have benefited more out of Grealish but we were a bit late compared to his.
  15. Physically Carney is in a better shape than Grealish at the time. Although technically Jack something else. As long as Carney didn’t look out of place I don’t see why don’t use him as we did with Ramsey last season. He definitely offer something different than our other players. The main reason I used the Grealish example is that even if the youngster isn’t a finished article he could be better than some average players or atleast offers what they don’t. Targett although wasn’t that young but benefited physically by playing a full season. I have been questioning DS, although never been in the camp of changing him. The moment I saw Carney starting I felt relieved. That’s the only way to take us to the next level (rather than risking FFP...etc). Greenwood and Foden being used for their teams and national team.
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