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  1. chips'ngravy

    Pepe Reina

    From what we've seen so far this season, Nyland seems to have cut out the howlers. The trouble is that he's also clearly been encouraged to play out from the back and does so in a lot less decisive manner than Reina. Definitely the better shot stopper though.
  2. chips'ngravy

    Pepe Reina

    I must admit I missed big chunks of the first half due to a dodgy internet connection. So what's the consensus then? Nyland back in?
  3. chips'ngravy

    Pepe Reina

    I don't really see that he had a terrible game but I do think his inclusion has been counter-productive in some respects. I know he made a couple of poor passes yesterday but on the whole his passing skills are pretty amazing for a keeper. Herein lies the problem. He's playing it out so much to a bunch of defenders that just aren't comfortable on the ball and we're consequently playing ourselves into trouble more often than not. Add to that the fact the defence are more involved in starting attacks than they were previously they are mentally and physically more tired. This may be taking its toll in key defensive moments. Whilst I'm all in favour of the manner in which Reina and Smith want us to play, the reality of our ability to execute this should have hit home by now. Reina could still be using his feet effectively but perhaps sending it longer more. Would definitely look to move to a 4-2-3-1 and start the attacks higher up the pitch. Being more compact in the middle would hopefully also stop the regularity of our attacks resulting in shots at our goal for the opposition.
  4. I'm with you other than Guilbert. He's dreadful. Elmo is not only better defensively but can actually cross a ball too.
  5. I think that was the moment Grealish thought 'what's the point?'
  6. In spite of Engels' howler last week he's still our second best centre-back. I'd have him back in there with Elmo at rb. Guilbert Hause Konsa Trez Nakamba Nowhere near premier league level. When that's so obviously the case the real blame for this lies with Pitarch and Purslow.
  7. Same old problem...conceding shots at a rate of knots. Should beat our average at this rate. Hause just really not up to it, I'm sad to say. Konsa not far behind him. Nakamba and Luiz has to be the weakest central mid pairing in the league. El Ghazi is a disgrace. Just didn't fancy it. We've seen it before from him. He actually looked quite reasonable when he had the ball too.
  8. Can't argue with that starting 11. First sub Hourihane though.
  9. Our big issue is the amount of shots we concede. We concede more than any other team in the league which suggests a midfield problem (not news to anyone, I know) conceding almost 18 per game. The next worst is Newcastle, but even they concede 2 less. Not addressing this in the transfer window was a huge error. I don't know how viable getting N'Zonzi was, but him on loan or someone of that ilk should've been a priority. Drinkwater is not a dm and rather than help seems to have actually made things worse with the amount of times he loses the ball in front of the defence.
  10. In spite of the understandable gloom we're feeling post Spurs, a win against Saints woupd probably see us move 4pts clear of the relegation spots and be within touching distance of Palace, Newcastle and Saints. Our closest rivals all have games you'd expect them to lose. It was a gut-wrenching defeat but we've no time to dwell on it. A big opportunity awaits us.
  11. To be fair he set up the Engels goal and put 2 on a plate for Luiz and Trezeguet which they duly f#*ked up. He should probably have about 20 assists this season if he wasn't surrounded by so much shite
  12. Basically, everything you have said in that paragraph, the opposite is true other than he's too good for the team. He clearly is.
  13. I'm sorry but that's just absurd.
  14. Green is a bit like Hourihane in the sense that he has an eye for a goal but can be quite anonymous at times too. Hopefully has a good run for Charlton till the end of the season.
  15. Grealish apart we were poor all over the pitch. Passing was painfully slow and off target more often than not. Plenty of sub-standard performances as I said but the two that stand out for me are Hause and Guilbert. Neither have a hope of being good enough for this level. Completely brainless actions throughout the game. In the case of Guilbert he has consistently failed to get the ball past the first man when in a good position to cross and then gives away silly fouls all over the pitch. Hause, quite good at winning the ball but then gives it straight back and likewise commits stupid fouls.
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