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  1. If pubs are open and showing the matches then you can certainly envisage a scenario where football fans will be flocking to see the games there. With decent weather it will be like a World Cup atmosphere. The chance to watch the games with a beer and other fans was always going to be a more attractive proposition than standing outside the ground I'd have thought.
  2. I'd have it in the ground though. Might give us 'home advantage'.
  3. Watching the Gladbach game I like the cardboard cut-outs. Looks better than empty seats. Would like to see us do the same but go one step further by adding in some crowd sound. We could get a DJ to mix in sound sampled from previous home games at appropriate points in the play. Would be better than hearing the echoey shouts of the players. You'd hardly notice the difference watching on TV.
  4. Given there's a strong chance the season could be suspended again I'd expect Villa to be lobbying hard to get the Sheff Utd game played as soon as possible so we're not in the position of being potentially relegated having played a game less.
  5. In reality, this enforced break and all that comes with it has presented us with a pathway to survival that was seemingly beyond us. Whether we are able to take advantage of it is obviously debatable but the unique set of circumstances we are facing can only serve as a leveller when the competition eventually resumes. A combination of lack of fitness, lack of match practice, eerie atmospheres and fear will have an undoubted impact. I'm more optimistic we can stay up than I was after the Leicester defeat.
  6. Watched it today. It's a mixed bag alright. Quite enjoyed the football match parts and the bits where Merse talks about his addiction problems and confronts Ruddock with the reality of his own destructive lifestyle, but there's a lot of lame banter in there too which can make it a difficult watch. Knowing what we do about Hendrie and his mental health issues it was a bit sad to see him leading the way in the drinking stakes. I imagine this was quite representative of many a dressing room culture where attempts to fit in have slid into alcoholism. There's definitely a tabloid feel to it (it is ITV I suppose) which was apparent in the pre-meditated move to leave the lads to their own devices and put Razor Ruddock, an obese alcoholic in need of heart surgery, in charge. Hmmm...what could possibly go wrong, eh Harry? Harry does, of course, express his disappointment at their booze and dietary habits. Found it quite cringeworthy at times and was shocked at just how little most of them seemed to look after their health. Probably wouldn't ever bother with anything like this, and wasn't aware of the first series, but given there's little else football-wise on then I might carry on watching a bunch of middle-aged men huff and puff their way round a pitch. Oh yeah....and Merse has still got the magic
  7. That, unfortunately, appears to be true. Although I've yet to see how they are calculating the weighted PPG
  8. According to Dan Roan on BBC this would see West Ham drop into the bottom 3
  9. I agree we've had some bad decisions go against us but I don't agree that there are 3 worse teams than us. We might've produced a few moments of quality over the course of the season but we're arguably the worst side in the league. Architects of our own downfall time after time due to the repetition of basic errors. I watched the last MOTD before the lockdown the other day and it highlighted for me what was the biggest mistake we made. Not re-signing Gary Cahill.
  10. That may well be enough if you include Southampton and Newcastle in that group. Would they be that confident that the 7 and 8pt gap they have at the moment is enough to guarantee safety. Dangle the carrot of cancelling the season in front of them and I'd expect them to play safe. I'd imagine Purslow is lobbying hard amongst those down there to vote against the neutral grounds proposal. Only realistically need one of Saints or Newcastle to agree for the proposal not to be carried.
  11. I did think of that re: West Ham. My original thought was they would play Watford for the right not to play us, but that's unnecessary as they had already earned the right not to by being higher placed in the league on goal difference. As far as the last play-off place is concerned it may seem harsh but provided they're on the same number of games then I think you'd just have to have a cut-off point as to where they currently stand. It's only 2/3 matches per club as opposed to 9/10. A significant difference, and only for a handful of clubs involved in relegation/promotion. Not ideal, I know, but workable. And of course, I don't think for a second it would be adopted or supported....as I can see from here
  12. 1 Because it's effectively a play-off 2 It represents a solution 3 Not really as they don't have a direct impact on the following season's league 4 Yes, but crucially over the same time period 5 The higher placed side. Pretty irrelevant anyway as they'll be no fans. 6 See 5 7 Play-off with Man Utd It's a solution under extraordinary conditions. Not perfect, but perhaps a way of avoiding all the legal ramifications of cancelling the season. Sorry for offering an alternative suggestions to yours
  13. So let's say we get to a point in June where football can resume but it's in everyone's interest to wrap it up as soon as possible. This could be done in a week to decide promotion and relegation in a form of play-offs, pitting the top 3 of the Championship against the bottom 3 of the Premier League. But how do you decide who those teams will be? Starting with the Premier League, as Villa have played one game less it would only be fair to look at where an extra 3pts would elevate us. That would be above Watford, in turn dropping them into the relegation zone. So, Watford vs Villa would decide who ends up in the drop zone (a draw would keep Watford up recognizing their 2pt advantage) and the bottom 3 would be decided. In the Championship, 3rd would play 6th and 4th would play 5th as in a normal play-off scenario with the winners meeting each other to decide on 3rd spot. The difference being that the semis would be single games. Then top of Championship would play bottom of Premier League and so on and so forth in one off games, winner takes all.
  14. Remember being gutted when I heard he'd gone to Arsenal. He was a stand out talent in the England under 18s (I think it was). It was clear he was a special player. Strange he lost his way so quickly.
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