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  1. Because of that there's extra pressure on him to perform and to perform almost immediately, which is not his fault and a bit unfair but nevertheless is the situation he finds himself in. Obviously far too early to make a real judgement on him but he hasn't really looked close to scoring yet. Arguably, he's not had much help and has cut an isolated figure up front but we'll probably need someone who can create something out of nothing, with or without assistance.
  2. I get the frustration with Taylor when it comes to the final third and the importance full-backs have in the attacking play of a team in the modern game. I wonder though if Targett is any better. One of his shortcomings according to Saints fans is his lack of pace which suggests he might disappoint a fair few people expecting him to hurt the opposition around their penalty area. Defensively Taylor hasn't put a foot wrong so far (we can imagine the reaction when he does) so calls for him to be dropped seem harsh indeed. First and foremost a defender has to be able to defend and he's done so with accomplishment. I'd imagine the time to try out Targett and Guilbert will be against Crewe and then we can judge if they really offer that much more than Taylor and Elmo.
  3. There seem to be a lot of people attributing our defeat to bad luck. I don't see it that way. We made fundamental errors and got punished, then we failed to convert all but one of our numerous chances (and that was goal of the month contender). Realistically speaking, we probably won't create that many chances on a weekly basis so we need to be more clinical when they do come along. McGinn aside you probably wouldn't back anyone else to put the ball in the net given a clear opportunity. I guess it depends on how much you favour the system over ability. Trezeguet has looked a threat so far but El Ghazi hasn't. Perhaps he'll come good next game, I hope so, but Jota doesn't have the pace to play on the wing in the PL. So if El Ghazi continues to look a bit flat I'd rather have Hourihane in and shuffle things around than stick Jota on the wing for the sake of the system. For what it's worth I have every faith in Smith to make the right decisions. It's a sharp learning curve for everyone, including him.
  4. Given our lack of a proven goalscorer in the side I think a re-jig of sorts is required to get Hourihane in, not as DM but further forward. It appears we're going to struggle to get the required amount of goals needed for survival so we can't afford to have someone of his goalscoring and set-piece ability on the bench. The obvious candidate to drop out is El Ghazi, who hasn't offered much so far. Maybe play Hourihane just behind Wesley, who has cut quite an isolated figure so far. I dunno....that's for Smith to work out, but a potential 8/10 goals on the bench is too much to pass up when you wonder if our main striker will make it to double figures.
  5. https://www.marca.com/futbol/celta/2019/08/12/5d514717ca47412f038b4588.html Reports in Spanish press say we had €10m offer for left-winger Sisto accepted but player turned it down. Celta pissed off he didn't accept it as he's not in their plans. Friend of mine who works in football describes him as 'talented but completely off the rails'.
  6. The only negative so far in an otherwise fantastic performance. Don't think he's impressing his teammates much either.
  7. chips'ngravy

    Tom Heaton

    Doffs cap to Private Eye reference
  8. L'Equipe going the same way as The Birmingham Mail.....'le club londonien'
  9. Wish they'd stop saying 'a small number' and face up to what it is.
  10. On top of this a Liverpool fan was arrested on Saturday for masturbating in public and then sexually assaulting a woman. I flagged this up on a Liverpool w@nkfest article in The Guardian, and questioned the lack of a mention in the English press. Within minutes I was ridiculed by red scouse fans. Then my comment was removed. It seems The Guardian's #metoo agenda still loses in a fight with keeping the scousers onside with their love fest.
  11. Was doing 237km/h apparently and had a blow out. Lucky he didn't kill anyone else other than those in the car with him. Idiot.
  12. Sad news. I live in Spain and almost everyone drives too fast and too aggressively, unfortunately.
  13. Interesting to see the difference in the two sides. What an old side last year's was by comparison.

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