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  1. Didn't have a great game but he'll have better days. Get the feeling if his first few touches are good then he'll have a good game. Very much a confidence player. Still early days for him as a starter.
  2. Thought he played well and looked a threat on a number of occasions. Genuinely surprised at the amount of negative comments about his performance. I think he'll only continue to improve given the game time.
  3. No excuses for not excusing yourself when we do.
  4. It certainly didn't seem to be in the offing on the evidence of that match. Admittedly, we've played pretty poorly in a number of games since Christmas but there have been a number of games where we haven't had the right break in front of goal or have missed chances you'd otherwise have expected us to put away. On many occasions these have come at pivotal moments in the game. West Brom, on the other hand seem to be getting all the luck going. Last minute goals, deflected 20 yarders and handballed efforts. As poor as we were against Brentford we had 2 great chances to score which would probably have been enough to win the game had we taken either. By all accounts we were the better side for large parts of the game against West Brom with Tammy missing another sitter at 0-0. It's not hard to envisage a situation where with a bit of luck we could be in a lot better position. I think the 4 above us will drop enough points for us to still have a chance. Bristol City surely can't keep on winning? And Derby, Forest and Blues' form is all patchy. Obviously, the counter argument to this is that our own form is terrible. But that could change quickly with the return of Jack and the rub of the green here and there. Confidence is a fluctuating state. I can't see us winning 7 or 8 in a row, but 3 and then a draw followed by the same, and once more for good measure? Probable, no? But not impossible. Yes, to all intents and purposes it feels like the season is over and we're too far off the pace now, but it's still February and we have games against our direct rivals in the coming weeks. As a natural born pessimist this is probably the most positive thing I've ever written. I'll go and have a lie down now.
  5. Brentford have the sixth best home record in the league whilst our away record is very similar to our home record...bang average. At best I can see another high scoring draw. I expect them to be full of energy in midfield in stark contrast to our lethargic approach. Not confident at all, in spite of our comeback. Fingers crossed I'm proven wrong.
  6. It is very reminiscent of 2016/17. Comparing the stats from when Bruce took over with Smith taking over this season gives us an idea of where we are likely to finish. Bruce took over on match day 13 with us 9pts off the play-offs and took an average of 1.47 pts per game up to match day 31. Smith took over a game earlier and has a pts per game of 1.61. That would see us finish on 68 pts. Almost certainly not enough for the play-offs. To get into the play-offs we'd need to up the pts per game total to around 2 which translates as needing about 9 wins and 3 draws from our last 15. Not looking likely at the moment based on recent evidence.
  7. Sheff Weds average attendance: 23,739. Yesterday's attendance for Bruce's first home game : 23,412.
  8. Golden opportunity to close the gap today. We can't pass this up. Have to go all out for the 3 points.
  9. If the Wigan performance told us anything it's that those kind of stats have no bearing on this Villa side.
  10. Absolute must win today. Reading are the weakest side we'll play for a while. If we're to have a realistic chance of making the play-offs we'll need to string 3 or 4 wins together this month, otherwise I fear we'll be left on the periphery as the season rolls on. Rode our luck last week and I'd take the same again today if we get the 3 points. Have to start building momentum and then depend on a fit Jack to do the rest.
  11. Baggies start with an 18yr old in midfield and bring another youngster on in Field who's just scored. Why are we so scared to give our young players a chance?
  12. Get El Ghazi off. Terrible. Bring on Adomah
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