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  1. Excuse my lack of research on this thread, but aren't we in for Eze? If not, why not? I see Palace have had a bid rejected and that QPR are holding out for 16m. Surely that puts him in our sphere of attainables?
  2. chips'ngravy

    Pepe Reina

    Definite no. Aside from his far-right sympathies he's just not good enough. Often caught flat-footed and rarely pulls off a save you weren't expecting him to save, which can be the difference wherever you are in the league but all the more telling when you're a struggling side. No idea what the budget is or what the strategy is but he can't be the answer either way.
  3. We were much more positive and Guilbert didn't look as ropey as he does today
  4. Need to be more positive. Can't bet the house on not conceding with our record of conceding. Suicidal
  5. Unbelievable. Places going back into lockdown over here in Spain and they just showed those images on the national news along with the Leeds fans doing the same. Leeds players were out on an open-top bus ffs! Not seen any criticism of it in the UK media.
  6. He'll go and it could be the best for all parties concerned provided we get an enormous fee and we spend the money sensibly on improving the team. Southampton are a model of how to do it right and make a better all round side. Losing your best players now and again is a fact of life for all but a handful of clubs in the world. It's what you do with the cash that counts. I wouldn't begrudge him the move either. Put simply, he can do better than us at the moment. He'd be well into double figures for assists if he'd had some half-competent players around him this season. The El Ghazi and Davis misses merely underlined that. Time to look forward and not shed tears. I just hope Suso is not around to decide who we buy
  7. Samatta and Trez were awful from start to finish. That seems to be a pretty unanimous opinion on here. Now, you can understand him going with a player that has just scored 2 goals in the previous game. Samatta, less so. Nevertheless, that's what he chose to go with. The annoying thing for me was not making the change in the first half. We have 5 subs. When something is so clearly wrong then change it, that's what a good manager does. The protocol has always been 'give them an hour no matter what'. Well, we couldn't afford that luxury. Likewise, having got our noses in front and being so close to the finish line, make a sub or two...break up the play...do whatever it takes but just see the game out. Across the course of the season this naivety has relegated us. We just haven't learnt.
  8. Unbelievable that such a shocking display was allowed to continue for an hour. Should have been hauled off after half an hour along with Samatta. Very disappointed in Smith for not having the balls to do so.
  9. Ffs Dean...get Samatta and Trez off! So f**kin obvious. No time to wait! Should have taken them off after half an hour
  10. Gotta get Samatta and Trez off. Can't do the basics
  11. Some good stuff but all breaking down with Trez and Samatta. El Ghazi and Davis please
  12. Don't get me wrong, not saying he doesn't care or isn't making an effort. Just wondering about the emotional side of it from his perspective. If we stay up he could probably still make an argument to stay with the club he loves. If we go down it's a no-brainer.
  13. Couldn't watch the game live today but just saw some, admittedly dodgy, highlights. It was hard to ignore the apparent lack of emotion from Jack when we scored our goals. Now I'm not questioning his loyalty or desire for us to stay up but I wonder if in the back of his mind us going down would make his decision to leave more straightforward? I think if we did stay up, albeit by the skin of our teeth and having played as poor as we have throughout the season, it would still represent a big wrench for him to leave.
  14. Pearson, possibly. Always had my doubts about Chris Moyles though.
  15. Had we got Benrahma and Maupay, as were Dean's preferences, instead of the shite Suso gave him, they probably would've been the difference.
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