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Doing a Fulham


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Thought it would be nice to collect amusing examples of people accusing us of doing a Fulham this season, as I imagine we'll be hearing this for at least the next 6 months (or forever, if we actually do a Fulham).

Looking forward to the We're Doing A Fulham chants when we're three goals up against Wolves.


Starting with last week's classic from Fat Sam.



Fulham did a similar thing last summer, splashing out more than £100million to completely overhaul their squad after winning promotion, and went on to be relegated.

Speaking on the Sports Breakfast, Allardyce said: “It’s too many players; it’s too many to deal with.

“You can look at similar clubs that have done the same…

“Everton, when Romelu Lukaku left, they brought in seven or eight players and it became a struggle.

“Fulham brought 11 [sic] in for £100million, and for me, for £100million I’d like to see three players – not eight or nine.

Keep them coming...

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We might end up doing a Fulham and we might not. Only time will tell.

Buying 10 + players in one window is never ideal. It's alot of change in a short space of time and a lot of new boys needs to settle fast.

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Even if we go down, we should be in a much more stable spot than last year. Between money gained this year just by being in the PL, parachute payments from then going down, and our current investment in young players, we would be in a position to bounce back up immediately. I am not too worried about it. We had to invest in bolstering the depth in our squad. We had too many contracts expiring and loan deals, it was not sustainable. 

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A lot of people on social media who think we're 'doing a Fulham' must not realise the massive improvements we had to make to the squad just to stand a chance. Had we not done much then we would have done a Fulham, relegated with no hope of staying up with months of the season to go.

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Lets walk the walk, before we dismiss the notion we might be doing a Fulham. So far we've spent a lot of money and we just don't know how it pans out. 

I agree it's a lazy comparison, but if you consider the fact that we need to build new relations in a team with probably 11-13 new signings come 8th of August, and some of them will have had less than 2 weeks at the club, then I can get nervous about us doing a Fulham as well. It's a HUGE job in front of Deano, the staff and the players... make no mistake about it. 

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1 hour ago, chrisvilla4 said:

I'm the eternal optimist but I hope this thread doesn't come back and bite us on the bum

Same here, Like it or not there is a slight element of us doing the same as them. Sure we needed a whole new team/squad but there are massive risks that go with that, especially at this level where there are plenty of teams capable of giving you (& each other) an absolute hiding. We could actually start against Spurs with only 3 players that have ever even played a competitive game for us

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