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  1. On top of that, we're clearly targeting attacking set pieces as a big area of improvement. The problem is our best 11 on set pieces isn't necessarily our best 11 in open play. So getting that right will be an interesting challenge for him. I think that's one of the reasons he'll keep trying to shoehorn Ings and Watkins into the side... Ings is so important to that setpiece threat, while Watkins contributes so much in open play. It's a bigger test of his tactical thinking than he's probably had in a while (maybe since the promotion season).
  2. I was looking at Jorginho vs Douglas Luiz on FBRef from last season. Basically, Dougie isn’t too far behind Jorginho on defensive stats - a little more improvement on fitness and aggression, and he should be able to get there. The big difference is Jorginho has unbelievable passing numbers. But this may be because Chelsea deliberately play through him, whereas last year we were always looking for Jack. If we can start getting more of our build up play going through Dougie, and if he can just improve his defensive stats a bit, then I think there’s a happy medium between what @TROis saying and what @Keybladeis saying re McGinn and co pressing higher up. The thing we know for certain is that very few CMs peak in their early 20s, so Dougie should keep improving year on year for some time. A lot of CMs hit peak form around 28/29 which is a long way off. I think he’s going to be very good and will benefit from having harder workers in front of him, and a more balanced possession game now Jack has gone.
  3. He was badly let down by an unfit McGinn and a lazy Barkley last season. With McGinn back to full fitness and Ramsey/Buendia/etc doing their job ahead of him, he's able to just control the space in front of the defence and shut off passing channels. That's what he's really good at. And then when that's going well, it seems to give him more confidence in possession. He just looked effortless (in a good way) against Chelsea.
  4. It's possible Louie just isn't physically ready for men's football yet, despite having loads of ability. Might be worth bringing him back in January so he can carry on with the youth setup and bulk up a bit more, with a view to a more productive loan spell next season.
  5. If you fancy a laugh, just search for "wayne veysey" on Twitter. Almost every single story he's named on is wrong. I did notice he managed to call a loan move for a 21 year old who can't get into the Leeds team... minutes before it happened. So fair play, he must have a source somewhere.
  6. I would be really disappointed if Smith got sacked before the end of this season. I'm completely open minded about another manager coming in at some point, but a mid-season sacking while we're building a new team would just be a shame. Really want to see what Smith can do with this new squad. Edit: and obviously, Football Insider is a massive load of shit btw, so I don't think this is going to happen. But just in case Purslow is reading: don't sack Dean Smith.
  7. Because some people think that once you’ve won the ball you can basically do anything in the follow through. I don’t know, it’s a grey area, but IMO he clearly went in deliberately to endanger the opponent, and does so on a regular basis (tried to do something similar to Richarlison last night). He tackles dangerously, on purpose, but Burnley seem to have a free pass for some reason. Just like with Shawcross, if you let people do this, they will ruin careers. We all know that you don’t need to fly into a tackle like this. The ball is winnable without trying to melt space-time.
  8. I feel really optimistic at the moment. Just seems like we have a squad where Smith can spring a surprise every week, which makes such a big change from before when we basically knew it would be Targett, Grealish and Watkins linking up down the left most of the game. Reminds me more of our promotion season, where Smith did juggle things a lot more, and made some interesting calls (not all of which worked, but at least it was unpredictable). My sense is we just need one of our star players to really find some form at some point - probably one of Ings, Bailey or Buendia. Or potentially even someone like Ramsey. Then solid performances from McGinn, Watkins, etc around that and we could start turning a few teams over properly. Hopefully there’s a big win coming up in the next month or so that will galvanise things. But my expectation is still that Smith will keep experimenting and dropping points, and then we’ll find some serious form I the second half of the season.
  9. Possession (per 90) Touches Dribbles Carries Receiving Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Touches Def Pen Def 3rd Mid 3rd Att 3rd Att Pen Live Succ Att Succ% #Pl Megs Carries TotDist PrgDist Prog 1/3 CPA Mis Dis Targ Rec Rec% Prog Tyrone Mings 2020-21 eng ENG DF Aston Villa 35.5 56.5 10.8 34.3 23.4 2.37 1.04 55.0 0.23 0.37 61.5 0.23 0.00 30.5 201.7 95.7 1.52 0.25 0.03 0.25 0.20 34.2 32.9 96.3 0.31 Ezri Konsa 2020-21 eng ENG DF Aston Villa 35.5 45.2 9.32 26.5 18.0 2.14 0.87 43.9 0.17 0.28 60.0 0.17 0.00 25.2 97.5 38.9 0.62 0.08 0.00 0.14 0.14 27.4 26.1 95.4 0.17 James Tarkowski 2020-21 eng ENG DF Burnley 36.0 45.8 7.31 24.6 19.6 3.67 2.00 44.9 0.31 0.36 84.6 0.33 0.00 18.5 99.3 50.1 1.14 0.17 0.03 0.33 0.19 23.0 21.6 93.7 0.47 Passing (per 90) Total Short Medium Long Player Span Nation Pos Squad 90s Cmp Att Cmp% TotDist PrgDist Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Cmp Att Cmp% Ast xA A-xA KP 1/3 PPA CrsPA Prog Tyrone Mings 2020-21 eng ENG DF Aston Villa 35.5 35.5 44.6 79.6 841.2 333.1 8.11 9.13 88.9 19.9 21.6 92.1 7.24 13.0 55.6 0.06 0.02 0.04 0.20 3.38 0.17 0.06 3.04 Ezri Konsa 2020-21 eng ENG DF Aston Villa 35.5 30.3 35.0 86.5 684.9 168.4 7.04 8.00 88.0 17.3 18.5 93.5 5.69 7.89 72.1 0.00 0.01 -0.01 0.03 1.07 0.06 0.00 1.01 James Tarkowski 2020-21 eng ENG DF Burnley 36.0 23.3 32.4 72.0 576.3 213.2 6.14 7.94 77.3 10.4 12.7 81.7 6.67 11.1 59.9 0.00 0.02 -0.02 0.28 1.92 0.36 0.06 2.11 Not sure if this has pasted properly, but you can have a look for yourself here: https://fbref.com/en/stathead/player_comparison.cgi?request=1&sum=0&comp_type=by_type&dom_lg=1&spec_comps=big_5&player_id1=8397a50c&p1yrfrom=2020-2021&player_id2=0313a347&p2yrfrom=2020-2021&player_id3=15ea812b&p3yrfrom=2020-2021 These are last season's Possession & Passing stats for Mings, Konsa and Tarkowski. Basically, Mings is making himself available for the ball more often than the other two players (or Smith's patterns of play involve Mings more often). Either way, that's naturally going to lead to more mistakes. But he is actually a progressive player with the ball who usually makes the right pass, as the stats show. Mings and Konsa are both much better passers than Tarkowski, who is more of an out-and-out defender.
  10. https://dean-magazine.ghost.io/the-cold-dead-world-of-the-extremely-online-liverpool-fan/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Interesting (long) piece. Guess all clubs have the same online fan dynamics to some extent.
  11. Konsa has an elegance to his game which Mings lacks, and is a much better long-term prospect. I think he's got that balance and acceleration over 5 yards that marks out some of the really elite defenders, whereas Mings can get stuck once he's been turned. Whether these attributes are reflected in stats I don't know, but I can see why people rate Konsa above Mings. What I think is a little farfetched, is the idea that Konsa is miles ahead of Mings right now. Better signing for another club? No doubt. Better player for Villa right now? Yes, on current form, but Mings has those organisational qualities and also takes much more responsibility on the ball for Villa - so often that accurate ball to Watkins is coming from Mings, whereas Konsa is usually just knocking it around the back or into Douglas Luiz. As for that video of Mings gaffes. Yeah, he makes mistakes. Some of them are shockers, and not being the most elegant footballer, his mistakes look extra bad. Do we need to replace him? Well, if someone significantly better becomes available and wants to play for Villa, then sure. But some of the names that have been given (eg Tarkowski) just don't seem like massive improvements to me. It's much easier for a CB to look good at a team like Burnley or West Ham, where they tend to play percentages, and avoid defenders looking silly. Stick Tarkowski in a passing team, and he'd have his own video of gaffes. Edit: just realised @Aston_Villan4 already posted these vids. But yeah, fails vids tell you as much about a player as a highlights reel.
  12. When you do loads of work preparing for a project for a client who's too embarrassed to say the project isn't happening, so strings you along for months.
  13. What a goal. Townsend is the English El Ghazi
  14. Mee just been hit in the knackers. What a rollercoaster this is for antifans of Ben Mee
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