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  1. Sure, and I'm not disagreeing with the basic sentiment that we should be financially prudent. My point was that it's possible to spend "big" in a sensible way. The £69m that Wolves supposedly spent was much more sensibly invested than the £67m that Brighton did. I think the unfashionable positions - full back, keeper, defensive mid - are where we can afford to fork out a bit of cash on proven talent, because the premium is lower for those positions, and they will significantly improve our chances of nicking points and hanging on to leads. Wolves apparently picked up Joao Moutinho for around £5m, and Rui Patricio for £16m. Those are the kinds of transfer I'm thinking - players with real class, who have perhaps dropped a level with age, but can solidify the team while you develop your youth (exactly what Whelan did for us this year, to be honest). If they're good pros and enjoying their football, you can still get several years out of them.
  2. I disagree to some extent. There are sensible risks we can take in the transfer market which will improve our chances of staying up. We just need to get the maths right. In some positions we look weak even by Championship standards, and these weaknesses will be ruthlessly exposed in the Premier League. I'd be willing to pay a premium for a defensive midfielder with some top-flight experience, and likewise for a couple of decent full backs. Ideally players with a good injury history. The premium for proven quality players in these positions is less financially risky than forking out on a big name striker, and I think it would be money well spent. But I agree in the sense that we shouldn't just start flashing the cash at old players with no resale value, or injury prone strikers, or a Billy Big Balls who's going to upset the changing room. We need to have a long-term plan, and part of that plan should be accepting that we may be scrapping with Brighton etc for 17th place.
  3. This makes sense. Which Villa penalty taker has Johnstone spent the most time facing in training? Almost certainly it's Kodjia. Taking a one-off penalty against a keeper is very different from taking several penalties. Remember Cristiano Ronaldo scored a penalty in open play for Man U v Chelsea in CL final, and then missed in the shoot out? Think that's quite a common occurrence in World Cups as well.
  4. Yeah, and however much I love him as a player, any transfer fee needs to take into account the injury risk.
  5. If we go up and buy him (we should), El Ghazi might benefit from us playing against better teams. Could see him being more dangerous on the counter or against a high press, which we haven't really seen much of this season. You look at his early career stats and reputation at Ajax, and we could have stumbled on a real gem here. Ajax fans seemed to have a fair amount of sympathy for him after his falling out with Peter Bosz, and the way that all unfolded suggests that while he might be humble in conversation with a journalist, he's not lacking in ambition. Definitely the kind of personality we'll need next season.
  6. I think one of the things DS has instilled in us is good discipline. You watch that Leeds v Derby game, and you see two teams, gloves off, just having the footballing equivalent of a 12 round brawl, with all tactics out the window. West Brom tried very hard to throw us off our stroke, and ended up picking up two red cards in the process, without particularly riling any of our players. I could easily see something similar happening to Derby. I just don't see us letting Derby turn it into an end-to-end free-for-all in the same way Leeds did. The Berardi red card was so stupid. The only player on our side I could see doing something as stupid as that is Hourihane, and DS seems to be getting a better tune out of him recently. Our good discipline, and the options coming off the bench, mean we should win it. But obviously Derby have some dangerous players and a bit of momentum... not writing them off. It's going to be a nervous bank holiday weekend
  7. The media will report this as Fat Frank and Cashley vs. JT, only angle remotely interesting to them... maybe something about Jack going to Spurs. Anyway, **** off Leeds.
  8. Got to say I think West Brom were the toughest opponent for us. They had a good system for frustrating our attacking players and exploiting our high line. I think Leeds and Derby will both let us play football. Not saying either of them will be easy, but think it will suit us a bit more.
  9. This is much better to watch than West Brom parking the bus and kicking the shit out of Jack for 3 hours. And my blood pressure is nice and steady. Derby looking useful now!
  10. Yep I wasn't really talking about his passing. I meant his shots and set piece delivery. And tbh, I don't think you understood the point I was making (in the bit you didn't quote).... I wasn't really praising him.
  11. Give Hourihane the ball in space, a bit of time to tee it up and think about what he's going to do, and he looks Champions League quality. Put him under pressure, make him use his feet, and he looks League One. That's the dilemma. I'd keep keep him on the bench -- I reckon he's more dangerous coming on against tired legs.
  12. I don't see anyone being "flakey" here. I assume everybody agrees that you can't just chant whatever you want in a football stadium - otherwise we'd support the right to make monkey noises. So given that everybody has a threshold of what's acceptable, we're just arguing over what that threshold is. Most of us think this song is crass and unnecessary. It's not about being a precious little snowflake. Doubt Tammy will lose any sleep over it, but he deserves respect from us.
  13. No because you're just describing him to someone who's never seen him play before. If you're shouting "you're a big black bloke" to his face in a song, then that's slightly different. Anyway, I'm not trying to police what anyone says or thinks, just explaining why I think Stan might have a point here.
  14. Usually if you don't care about something you don't mention it. It's like when people say "I DON'T GIVE A F*** WHAT YOU THINK", they actually are the people who care the most what other people think...
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