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  1. He doesn't necessarily need dropping. Just ease his training workload a bit, and give him 55 mins vs Leicester. He'd probably benefit from picking up a small knock or illness which forces him out for a game or two. He's a victim to some extent of his own consistency - never gets injured, battles for the whole 90 mins week in week out. But he is definitely starting to look a bit depleted. Next summer he'll have a longer break, with no play-offs and no international football to worry about. I reckon 2020-21 will be a huge season for him. Edit: also, I agree with @useless that at Villa Park we really should be treating Leicester as a winnable fixture. If we can run Liverpool close at Villa Park, then we can definitely pick something up off Leicester.
  2. I disagree with this. Whether Wesley is a dud or not, I think we're going to stay up regardless. Our fixture list is a touch easier in the second half of the season, and all of our players will improve as this squad gels. We've played Man City away, Man Utd away, Arsenal away, Spurs away, Chelsea away. We still have loads of winnable home fixtures left to play - Norwich, Southampton, Watford, Sheffield Utd, Palace - and our home form is good enough to pick up points from the big boys, as well. I really don't think Wesley will be the cause of us getting relegated. My bigger worry is a season-ending injury to Grealish or Mings. I do accept the argument that with a better striker we would be higher up the table, but I'm not sure who that striker would have been. People saying Maupay would be tearing up trees with the service he'd get at Villa are massively underestimating Brighton.
  3. This Tweet cheered me up. Expect Musk to be called a paedophile everywhere he goes, which I hope will bring a small sense of satisfaction to Britain's favourite non-paedophile cave explorer.
  4. The human aspect is really important. Dean Smith said in pre-season that Wesley had formed a good relationship with Jota, because Wesley speaks good Spanish. Who sets up Wesley for his first Villa goal? Jota. The run and the pass were perfectly coordinated. The only player I've seen Wesley properly celebrate a goal with is Douglas. That genuine happiness for someone else scoring comes from having a good relationship with that player. Football teams are built around mutual understanding. It's not just about understanding the tactics, but understanding the footballing style and quirks of each of your teammates, the way they talk among themselves, the culture, what impresses the fans, what enrages the fans. Unless you've lived in another country where you don't speak the language, I don't think you understand how mentally overwhelming it is. Every day you're baffled by something someone has said to you. Or even worse, you think you understood, and then it turns out you've done completely the wrong thing. A few months is nothing. I know Wesley speaks decent English in the environment of an interview where someone is speaking to him slowly. But that's miles away from being able to handle a group environment where native speakers are shouting at each other in slang, with several different strong accents. I also know you have players like Aguero who have succeeded in England despite speaking English like a 2-year-old. But Man City have a special setup which allows all the Spanish and Portuguese speakers to thrive. It's very different from Wesley rocking up at a club where the main men are Dean Smith, John Terry, Jack Grealish, John McGinn and Tyrone Mings. Brummie, Cockney and Glaswegian is a language learner's nightmare! Look, I'm not saying that this explains the issues with his first touch, or his inability to attack a high cross (although when you're in a good place mentally, all this stuff tends to come more naturally). But it might explain issues with his movement, with some players not linking up with him, etc. I would expect a lot of this stuff to improve in the second half of the season.
  5. Looking at these teams, my only thought is what a bad decade it was for this club. Glad it's nearly over! I would just have Grealish and Milner, and leave the rest of the positions unfilled.
  6. The 19 includes home fixtures against Southampton and Norwich. I think it could well change things radically - we're only 6 points off 7th place.
  7. KentVillan

    Ezri Konsa

    Do we all agree now that dropping Mings is not the answer?
  8. I know plenty of fans here are just genuinely concerned about his progress. But there is a hint with a few of wanting to be the first ones to call it - three games in and "Wesley will be a flop, you mark my words" kind of attitude. I think football fans turn on players far too quickly. We have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. Dean Smith watched this lad at Brugge and starts him every single week for Villa. So when people are looking around for his playing strengths and trying to find examples of his contribution, it isn't us making "excuses" for him, it's us trying to work out what Smith's thinking is. Smith is not a stupid man, and nor is he afraid to switch things up, so I don't buy the idea that DS has just completely ****ed up this signing and is now sticking to his guns because he spent £22m on him. Strikers come in all shapes and sizes. You don't need to be good in the air, or fast, or able to skin a defender in a one-on-one, or able to pluck the ball out of the sky with your eyes closed. You do obviously need to have something about you, but there are plenty of strikers who have built successful top flight careers around a very limited skillset. I agree things are looking a bit bleak at the moment, but it is possible that Wesley will just be one of those players who is awful to watch, but somehow delivers the goods. And no, that isn't an "excuse" - he could also end up being a flop. I'd just rather call it at the end of the season.
  9. Truth is that a lot of sad words removed have a massive erection at the moment over Wesley failing.
  10. Sean Dyche was always going to make this list. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50650790
  11. He did earlier in the season, but I don't think Wesley has been doing this in the last couple of games.
  12. I tend to agree that one of Wesley's biggest problems is he doesn't "look" right when he plays. There's not much elegance about his play. His body moves like he's a pantomime horse being played by 2 or 3 people. That would make him a classic fit for a moneyball signing. The issue is we've spent £22m on him, which isn't very moneyball. I personally think if we'd signed Wesley for about £15m and signed another decent striker at the same time, the narrative around him would be very different. We'd all be giving him time to adapt, and seeing him as a strong prospect. He's been thrown in at the deep end, and we can be a pretty unforgiving crowd.
  13. I would ask a PT to give you some deadlift and squat variants that are safe for your back, because you are missing two really key exercises here. They aren't 100% necessities, but I don't think you can get into really good shape without doing some form of squat, since it recruits the largest muscles in your body, which will have the biggest effect on your metabolism (also same reason why @KenjiOgiwara is feeling so burnt out after squatting to exhaustion). For example, a good bodyweight squat variant is to step off one leg from a seated position, and then slowly lower yourself back into the seated position. The balance required will also test your body in useful ways. Eventually you can progress the seated squat to pistol squats. I don't believe these exercises are dangerous for someone with back problems, but please confirm with a PT. Also, I suspect you've done more good work in the past 5 months than you realise, but it's still at the stage where the cosmetic changes aren't really visible yet. I definitely wouldn't write it off just yet. One thing I would say is if you're carrying a lot of excess weight, there's no harm in doing a bit of cardio (especially high intensity interval training) to help shed some body weight. A lot of serious gym bunnies don't like cardio because it can burn muscle and fatigue you, but there is definitely a "newbie gains" stage with cardio, where you can find yourself shredding through a lot of fat very quickly. Also, good cardiovascular fitness will improve your sleep quality and make your body better at repairing itself post workout. This definitely isn't a time to be writing off your chances - you've laid down the foundations now to get into really good shape.
  14. What's with the political interview attitude? My saying it wouldn't be a red is consistent with also saying it wouldn't be a foul. There's no goalpost being shifted, I was just reacting to the discussion. Calm down. I honestly think the way the ex-pros interpreted it on Prime at half-time (a clearance where he's accidentally followed through) would not have been a foul or a red card in the recent past. Perhaps 10 years is too recent, since I remember Nani getting sent off for something similar in the Champions League. But 20 years ago, this was never a red card in the Premier League. It used to be much more about the intent. Now it's more about the action itself, regardless of intent. A two footed lunge tackle would have always been a red, but accidentally planting your foot on someone with your follow through would be fair game, unless you made a deliberate second movement towards them. I personally don't think Sakho's clearance was actually that dangerous, and the other player (who appears to be uninjured) has made a meal of it. Lots of sports have an element of danger, and trying to completely legislate danger out of the game takes something away from the spirit of the contest for me. I don't want to see broken legs, but I do want football to be a physically tough sport. Why is that medieval?
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