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  1. Danny Drinkwater was a bad signing, for fitness reasons. No doubt about that. But the idea that he is a worse footballer than Conor Hourihane is completely mental.
  2. I think he has promoted it himself a fair bit on social media, unprompted. I get that journos ask him about it as well, perhaps my original post was a bit harsh.
  3. I agree with you. But she wasn’t being a silly cow Genocide is far too strong a word (means same thing in Spanish). But certainly some of the government’s decisions may amount to something closer to manslaughter. The doctors themselves, I agree, you worry greatly about their mental health.
  4. She is just translating, word for word, what that Spanish doctor is saying in the video. He clearly says “genocidio” (sounds like Hey-no-see-dio).
  5. My Spanish isn’t perfect but I think this translation is basically accurate:
  6. I hope one political ramification of this is that a better calibre of person goes into politics and voters reward traits like honesty, intelligence and competence.
  7. This explains why you not only want to lockdown, but want to restrict travel between communities. It very elegantly explains why holding mass gatherings with wide catchment areas (like Cheltenham Festival) was such a huge mistake. It's not just about the risk of transmission, but the risk of transmission across communities. Another example would be: a Liverpool Champions League match is far more dangerous than any Bluenose match - not just because of the massive difference in crowd size, but because the Bluenose match probably only involves 2 main communities of people, whereas the Liverpool v Atletico match would have had Liverpool fans from all over UK + Europe, plus Spanish fans. If one "super-spreader" at the Liverpool game transmits to enough people, victims will take that home to all corners of the UK, and you have maybe 4 or 5 different regional outbreaks that will grow independently, and be difficult to trace. A super-spreading event at the Bluenose game is much more containable, because it's probably siblings, cousins, second cousins, etc. who can all be pinpointed to one caravan, which can be burnt down. I don't think people are quite appreciating at the moment how momentously bad the decision to not cancel mass gatherings was, but it will become very obvious in the next couple of weeks. Feel sick thinking about it.
  8. The panic buyers have become a convenient target for the usual Facebook grandstanders, but they are a side show. The core problem is Boris's unwillingness to attack this problem head on. Crises like these call for an obsessive - someone like Margaret Thatcher or Gordon Brown, who for all their faults would have been working 20 hour days to sort this out. Boris is too much of a people pleaser. He looks visibly uneasy whenever Chris Whitty tries to inject some realism into a press conference.
  9. Spoke to my 90 year old grandma today (over the phone) and she told me this whole thing reminded her of the outbreak of WWII. She was only a child of course, but she said she clearly remembers everybody stockpiling food and supplies, often to ludicrous degrees. Plus ça change... I wonder if the government will have to step in and implement temporary price controls for certain categories of essential good (e.g. paracetemol). The problem with food is that nowadays people eat such varied diets, it would be a nightmare to decide what counts as "essential". And no doubt businesses are struggling with increased supply costs, and will want to reflect that somehow in their prices. It's tough to strike the right balance.
  10. What is rage-inducing is that there were doctors in Bergamo two weeks ago, painstakingly detailing what was going on for the benefit of the outside world. A lot of it was translated into English. Not enough people paid attention. They warned about all of the things that have since transpired here: non-compliance with social distancing measures complacency among policymakers / media which fuels complacency among population misinterpretation of "slow" growth rates which are in fact consistent with ultra-fast spread overload of available medical resources large numbers of young patients in intensive care very long occupation of ICUs / ventilators I'm glad I went into "lockdown" with my family early last week after reading a particularly harrowing account of the situation in Lombardy. But solving this problem will require clear, strictly enforced rules, not half-arsed suggestions that the dumb, ignorant and selfish can freely ignore.
  11. It seems to me like Chris Whitty (the technocrat) is really pushing for a more negative, realistic tone to the press conferences, and Boris (the populist) is keen to be optimistic. I'd be more inclined to go with the technocrat. People won't forgive Boris if he misleads them into taking life-changing / fatal risks.
  12. Interesting take from the States (I think they're a week or so behind us in the debate).
  13. Thankfully, demographics and climate might be on their side.
  14. Thought Sunak gave a good press conference, and the measures announced were good. I think he will have to go further at some point - but he was clear about that. It is a bit unclear to me whether I'm eligible for the £10k grants or not, so would like to find out ASAP. Likewise, how will the govt deal with the inevitable late payments / non-payments that will be affecting all kinds of business. This isn't just a problem with pubs, leisure, hospitality, etc. Economy has been tanking for over a month now, and will be in bad shape for at least a year, you'd think. I don't say this to criticise Sunak, but just a dose of realism. Edit: also agree with @snowychap that there seem to be more people moaning about the moaning, than doing the actual moaning. The amount of grandstanding you see in the newspaper comments sections by people flying the flag for Boris the Great is a bit depressing. The govt will make mistakes, and you are still allowed to criticise them for it. I don't really get what the benefit is of keeping quiet - our enemy is a virus not a hostile govt, there's no propaganda benefit to glossing over everything.
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