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  1. I think the club hierarchy know that the real "finished article" CL quality players aren't really attainable yet. The ones with CL talent we can attract usually have issues with attitude, injuries, or consistency (Barkley being a good example). So it makes sense to buy youth, or players like Buendia who still have a point to prove. Also, I wouldn't be that surprised if Buendia turns out to be one of those players where in 12 months everyone is saying "why didn't Utd or City sign him?" Seems like the club have clocked that the real value in the market is at the youth level, where you
  2. Discovered a new search on YouTube for high quality, hilarious content: dads sports day
  3. I just don't understand how Mings gets dropped after that performance against Croatia. I rate Maguire, and I think most non-Villa fans (not just bitter Bluenose types) would say he's usually a better player than Mings... but straight after an injury? Nah. I would stick with Mings and let him fight to keep that shirt. Sadly Mings seems to be a focal point for criticism, including amongst our own fans. I've never really understood it. Yes he has a mistake in him, but you can say that of pretty much any CB. People are talking about Maguire as if he's Bobby Moore, Tony Adams, Sol Ca
  4. He's leaving Madrid. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57505988 A pantomime villain, but in footballing terms, probably one of the greatest footballers of all time. 5 league titles, 4 Champions Leagues, two Euros and a World Cup, and he was a central figure in all of those. The goalscoring record for a defender is also just incredible. Be interested to see what he does next. Hope Purslow is lining up a cheeky bid.
  5. Not sure I agree with this. We have more money to throw at players than the vast majority of clubs in the PL, which is the world’s richest league. The main reason we aren’t throwing £100m at players is any player genuinely worth £100m wouldn’t come to a non-Champions League club. Yes we are smart and are always looking for good value in the market, but I’m not sure we’re in the same position as (eg) Spurs who need to fund transfers with revenue. We’ll be running at a loss for a while, and our owners are comfortable with that, because they can afford it. Just my take, anyway - ca
  6. I mean yes, if the options are only Villa or Burnley then it makes sense. But I imagine there's quite a few places he could go, and I doubt he's struggling for cash. Just interested in what he's been promised in terms of long-term opportunity - my guess is a chance to get involved with coaching.
  7. If Percy says it's happening, it's happening. Clever signing for us, but still a bit bemused as to what Young feels he's getting out of it. He surely won't start many games? Is he being given an opportunity to join the coaching staff post-retirement?
  8. Btw, am I the only one who thinks Kane's new role is a bit of an indulgence? It's good for his own goal/assist stats, but Spurs finished 7th last season. As I see it there are 3 players in top level football who are allowed to play this completely free striker role (Kane, Messi and Ronaldo) and despite all having great seasons individually, none of their teams did well (Spurs finished 7th, Barca 3rd, Juve 4th). The problem is when the 9 drops into the 10 position, you need runners either side. That really stretches the midfield. Some teams (e.g. Liverpool) are set up for this kind of
  9. I think it makes sense on our side, but I don't really see why he'd do it - unless it's a route into coaching at Villa or something.
  10. You're missing the point. I agree with you on how good Grealish would be in this team, and think he should be starting. But Southgate has a particular way he wants to play, and there isn't a lot of room for more than one creative player in that. Mount isn't playing as a 10. He's a pressing CAM who keeps the ball ticking over and tries to make runs into the box. That's completely different from what Jack would do at 10, where he'd be looking to hold on to the ball and create things. Jack is just a victim of Southgate's system more than anything. His best chance of getting into the sid
  11. Why a grudge? Why not just the more obvious fact: Southgate is a very cautious manager, who doesn't like to play more than one creative player. It's not just Jack who's struggled to feature. It's also Foden, Sancho, Maddison, Alli, etc. At the moment, Foden is the one who's getting minutes, but I think anyone hoping Southgate will start Grealish and Foden (or Grealish and Foden and Sancho) is going to be disappointed. If Foden got injured, then you'd imagine Grealish would be getting a lot more game time. Btw, not saying I agree with Southgate on any of this. I think he sho
  12. I think the truth is more mundane than GS having any personal issues with Jack. He prefers pacy wingers who run in behind (Sterling, Rashford). He likes to play two holding midfielders. And he prefers his CAM / 10 to be a hard-working presser (so Mount, basically). Once you set up all these limitations on your thinking, it's hard to see how you keep Grealish, Foden, and Sancho happy. At least one of them is going to be a bench warmer for most of the tournament, probably two of them.
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