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  1. Guilbert is too reliant on slide tackles, yes. But it’s not true to say a player has always made a mistake if he has to make a slide tackle. Sometimes the mistake is by someone else on the team, leaving him unavoidably exposed, or maybe he’s just up against an unbelievably quick winger. All the great full backs regularly put in big slide tackles as a core part of their game. In Targett’s case, it’s a slight lack of pace that forces him to slide tackle sometimes. He does it at the right moments. In Guilbert’s case, I think he does like a blood and thunder tackle... a reducer... a
  2. Can we all just accept that there are two types of DM and you can play a DLP at DM even at the very highest level, if your 8s are helping out with turning over possession? So much bullshit in this thread.
  3. So he's not a 6, but when Casemiro isn't available he plays at 6 ahead of all the other "natural" 6s in Brazil? Don't you think maybe that's because it's his preferred position?
  4. Already told you this is BS. Stop making things up. His last competitive start for Brazil was at DM. He’s a DM. He’ll end his career as a DM.
  5. Luiz is a regular starter in a "spine" position for a team that is 9th in the Premier League, and he's 22 years old. He must be doing something right. First thing I noticed today against Wolves was how good his passing out to the wings was. Constantly hitting the man in space. You just don't get this from a player like Nakamba. And you can say what you like about his defensive abilities, but we've kept 14 clean sheets this season, the vast majority with him starting. That can't all be because Martinez is a world class keeper (even though he is IMO).
  6. Agree, I think we can easily accommodate both.
  7. He played as a busy 8, linking up around the centre circle, and carrying the ball up the pitch a lot. He can beat a man and drive inside or outside. He has the engine to do this all game by the looks of things. Around the box, he plays with his head up, and is looking for dinked crosses behind the defence. Defensively, not massively physical, but great tracking. His yellow came from losing the ball and tracking one of their quicker players (can't remember who) about 40 or 50 yards - nearly won the ball legitimately. I think he's basically a tidier, less one-footed, less physical
  8. Seems to have a wise head on his shoulders as well. Can see him becoming an important player for us once he's settled in. Not a match winner, but a solid consistent performer who helps tie things together.
  9. Should have been a 1-1 or 2-1 game really. Hit woodwork twice, Emi's made an unreal save. I was pleased to see Sanson look bright on his first start. Think we missed him when he went off. I don't think we actually played that badly, but you can really see as we pick up knocks and have to start using the squad, that the quality drops off quite quickly. Was just hard to see who was going to unlock their defence.
  10. Daniel Lanois produced this album which is how I discovered it. But great track on its own merits.
  11. Still obsessed with any version I can find of this song.
  12. It's become boy who cried wolf now. It's just the same people saying "He's taken us as far as he can" and then he takes us another rung up the ladder, and then they say it again without the slightest note of self-awareness or embarrassment.
  13. Not a chance has Smith hit his ceiling. He’s not fluked his way up the leagues. He’s always learning and improving. He’s still young for a manager.
  14. Plenty of great managers have been quite reserved on the touch line. I think main thing is the manager has to be authentic and have the respect of his players. I don’t want him pretending to be someone he isn’t.
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