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  1. I think a lot of these were very harsh. He’s a massive unit who sends people flying, often legitimately. Often while they’re fouling him. He was poorly refereed because he was seen as a crap player who it was easy to penalise without taking flak from the fans and pundits. Notice how Grealish got a much better deal from refs when all the neutrals started bigging him up for Euro 2020 - especially after the Palace decision. Referees want to be liked. If Wesley becomes a fan favourite, the decisions at Villa Park will go his way. It’s just how football works. He needs to learn how to smile at the ref and do the innocent face when he’s knocking the life out of someone - Nakamba is good at that.
  2. That wasn’t my point (the psychology). My point was more pragmatic: I see us picking up points from teams like Chelsea, Man Utd, etc at Villa Park, because they just aren’t that good.
  3. Unfortunately they will be looking to break records and definitely won’t take their foot off the pedal.
  4. I think our fixtures look okay. We will be catching some of those “tougher” teams at Villa Park, and / or while they are going through a rough patch of form (a bit like Everton earlier this season). All the teams below Liverpool have lost to relegation contenders this season. All the teams below Man City have deservedly lost to relegation contenders. Liverpool is the only game left that we should fear.
  5. KentVillan


    Found this page on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_human_disease_case_fatality_rates The very scary sounding Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) - which is also a coronavirus - has a fatality rate of 35%. ~20 deaths / ~600 infected = 3.3% fatality rate. If that's right then that would be up there with stuff like measles, smallpox, and Spanish flu, but presumably the rate is significantly lower due to a lot of mild cases going undetected? Also, for it to blow up into an epidemic, it needs to be contagious enough for each person to infect, on average, at least one other person (I forget the name for this number, but if the number is <1 it will naturally fade, while anything significantly >1 becomes very hard to control without vaccination). Seems like the current reporting is that it is less contagious than SARS? (And people saying China are showing signs of being quite transparent and responsible about this, so no signs of a cover-up.) Think I might watch Twelve Monkeys before I go to sleep.
  6. It is my number one pet hate in football. Defence splitting pass or an unselfish lay off creates an easy goal, and the scorer celebrates as if he’s done it all by himself. These (American basketball coach) Dean Smith nuggets of wisdom keep popping up whenever I search for our DS, and you realise how much you can learn from other sports. Think basketball and football especially have a lot to teach other.
  7. I wonder how much Villa fans have learnt about basketball coaching from searching for “dean smith”?
  8. Nobody is deleting your opinions. They’re literally replying with their own opinions... classic desiples vs ekspurts debate
  9. There is no story here. Engels can’t play “outside centre back” because he’s too slow, and Smith prefers to have Mings central. He got dropped because of an injury. Why all the drama?
  10. Get where you’re coming from, but I don’t think he has abandoned his principles at all. We continue to attempt to play the ball out from the back, and have just brought in a goalkeeper who has improved that aspect of our play massively. If anything, DS has stuck too much to his favoured attacking patterns when we don’t have the personnel to convert them into goals. But it’s very hard to know what would have worked with such limited attacking options in the squad. I hope that the introduction of Samatta will make a lot of that play look far more productive. He strikes me as a manager who holds his nerve, but also isn’t completely resistant to trying new things. Yes he’s clearly felt the stress recently, but he’s on a learning curve like the vast majority of our players. I think it’s way too early to say whether he’s out of his depth at this stage in our progress. His only really glaring mistake this season (but it was a big one) was not demanding that we have more striking options from August. But that has been fixed, and I think Samatta could have a similar impact to Mings last January.
  11. KentVillan

    Pepe Reina

    We’re seeing the difference between a very, very good keeper - a la Heaton, Given, etc - and a world class keeper. Sadly not all aspects of his game are world class anymore, but his distribution and game management are as good as they ever were. I think defenders prefer playing with this type of keeper because he helps to stop them from making mistakes in the first place, rather than rescuing them from bad mistakes. He makes them look better players.
  12. KentVillan

    Pepe Reina

    We shouldn’t underestimate how much Reina’s distribution skills bring to a team like ours. He brought both the wingbacks into play over and over again, and we’d obviously practised the pattern as the knockdown header from Targett / Guilbert usually went to a Villa midfielder. Just can’t do stuff like this with Heaton in net. It’s a real shame we didn’t get to see Wesley link up with Reina this season. Not sure Reina can match Heaton for shot stopping anymore, but his all round game and leadership skills will make up for that. We basically have a Champions League player digging us out of a relegation battle. A massive signing.
  13. He's very good in the air, and Reina's pings out to the wings bring this into play a lot more. Smith was right to make the point in the post-match interview that we should be expecting Targett and Guilbert to attack the far post. They've both got it in their locker. Looks far more comfortable at wing back (in fact, when we play 4-3-3 he basically plays as a wing back, which is why he gets caught out so often). If Samatta is any good, we should also start to see Targett getting a few very good assists. Quite optimistic about the next few weeks.
  14. Noticeable how much our set piece defence has improved since he has been starting regularly. Don't think it's a coincidence.
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