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  1. I don’t really understand how the England games tell us anything about Jack’s position. The PL is a much higher level of football than international football. Iceland are basically a League One side, and we all know Jack was class through the middle in the Championship. I think this role of starting wide but coming inside suits Jack well. Plenty of top “number 10” players have had a lot of joy in this role - C Ronaldo, Messi, Hazard... I think Smith is using Grealish correctly.
  2. The Grealish + Douglas Luiz to City rumours are horse shit. Lazy journalism 101. They'll definitely enquire about, and maybe buy, Douglas Luiz (but that's been obvious ever since he arrived...) and Grealish will be on every top club's radar. Beyond that, there's no real reason for Villa to allow it to happen. Whatever City are prepared to pay will be less than his spiritual, footballing, and financial value to this football club. If he was desperate to leave we'd know about it by now. It'll be around age 28 where if we've hit a ceiling, then I think he might seriously consider going
  3. Good news for us, but why has Mings been dropped for the Iceland game when he was our best defender against Belgium? Bizarre.
  4. Yes “if he is fit”. That’s my whole point. Very few players manage 90 mins a game for a whole season. You need a squad. Wesley will have to feature at some point.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHtBXH2ggLl Whatever you think of Wesley's ability, I think he has good character and will do everything he can to recover from this. I also think a lot of his problems last season were mental, and will improve over time, regardless of the injury. Be keen to see him given a proper chance in this side. We can't rely on Watkins to put in a shift for 90 mins every match.
  6. Sterling played this role in the World Cup, didn't he? More of a striker than a midfielder, but he was playing centrally and giving Kane licence to drop deeper. These heatmaps are quite interesting: https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/eng-30-0624-eng-pan-playersheatmap-pdf-2967278.pdf?cloudid=ab5wmqruavc9ucve0gkz https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/eng-62-0711-cro-eng-playersheatmap-pdf-2985126.pdf?cloudid=cwdi0e2ztlq6umhq29fc I think we could play a 4-1-3-2. Very attacking lineup, but gets most of the best talent into the side, and Mount/Kane/Sterling are all
  7. Yes, he's been doing this for the last year or two at Spurs. I don't think it's an issue for Jack. It does mean England need at least one winger/forward who gets in behind, though. I'd really like to see Kane, Grealish, Sterling all starting together.
  8. Can't see Grealish ever leaving now. Last season's relegation battle was the turning point. We'll keep building around him, and he'll become an all-time legend like Totti at Roma or Gerrard at Liverpool.
  9. Just a quick gloat on this post from July 2019. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/alan-shearer-goes-nuts-over-19251279
  10. I do understand your point, but I think what he said was very uncontroversial: He speaks well on this subject. Yes it could be a bit of a distraction from football, and he will sadly attract attention from some of the more moronic people who float around football like unflushed turds. But there are plenty of worse distractions than talking eloquently about equal opportunities. Personally I think part of the reason he has thrived at Villa is that Smith has let him be himself. TM has certainly hinted at that a view times.
  11. Let's credit Suso here. Trez cost £8.75m and is currently rated by WhoScored.com as the 18th best player in the Premier League this season. He definitely has some limitations, but you can see why Smith stuck by him. Gives 100% every week, and when we have players like Grealish and Barkley in the team, we don't need every attacking player to be a creative genius. Something I think Trez doesn't get enough credit for is his ability in the air. Not sure if been mentioned already, but he cleared an Arsenal corner at one point with a header that nearly reached the halfway line. Trez, Luiz
  12. It is so dense. This thread is page after page of the same few people (it's literally 2 or 3 people) finding their next excuse to want Smith out, while this club climbs from 14th in the Championship to 3 points off 1st in the Premier League. Fast forward a couple of years... "I wish Smith had let Messi take our last penalty in the Champions League Final so that he could retire on that note, but NO he had to let his darling Jack take it. Has really taken the shine off the Champions League trophy for me, and shows one of Smith's glaring weaknesses at picking the right order in a penalt
  13. He has 5 wins in 7 games. We have a game in hand on 1st place, and are 3 points behind. He's done all of this with a young squad, and barely any options on the bench. I'm not sure what more you can realistically ask of him.
  14. 6 in 7 I know it's hard to keep up...
  15. One of the most complete strikers I've seen at Villa. Superb in the air, finishes off both feet, great work rate, intelligent movement. Maybe lacking the technical class of an elite striker, but doesn't really matter with players like Grealish and Barkley around him. Hope we can keep him fit every week!
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