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  1. The "up to" is entirely dependent on him breaking into the first team, so a bit misleading to phrase it like that. I think we learnt last season that Dean Smith doesn't really think in terms of "first team" and "backup" players. We saw with Whelan vs. Hourihane, Elmo vs. Hutton, Hause vs. Taylor, Adomah vs. Kodjia vs. Green, etc. So it's quite possible that we've spent whatever we spent on Targett (£14m?) without any guarantee that he'll have a place in the starting 11 every week.
  2. He's still a work in progress. With his height and power, he should be an aerial threat. As DS said when we signed him, "he scores every type of goal". I just don't think the things he was given the time and space to do in the Belgian league will be enough to make him a success in England. The defenders here are faster and more switched on. He has all the attributes to be a striker who beats defenders to high crosses, and if he can't add more of that to his game, I don't think he will succeed here. I'd also be tempted to bring Kodjia in on one of the wings, as a genuine "wide striker", as I think this will suit Wesley's game much better, and take some pressure off him being the lone man up top.
  3. I think Wesley shows with his cross to Trezeguet that he is more than capable of playing in the Premier League. That was really good work and a cool head in a key moment - deserved an assist. He's also a victim of several of our midfielders having good long shots on them, so there were a few times when they (legitimately) took shots at goal, where Wesley was in the right position for a through ball. Goalscorers come in a few different forms. He definitely isn't that fast predator type like Bent or Defoe who nips in behind or beats defenders to the low ball, and nor is he that Solskjaer / Kane / Fowler natural finisher type who always finds the corner. But I don't think we've really given him an opportunity to display his aerial prowess, and it could be that he scores enough goals with his head to justify his inclusion. I'm reminded a bit of how long it took Didier Drogba to really find his goalscoring boots in the Premier League, while still doing a good job for Chelsea. He scored 10 goals, Frank Lampard was their top scorer, they won the league. I could see a similar dynamic playing out with John McGinn as top scorer, Wesley getting a respectable tally, and a decent spread of goals from all the other midfielders. Not losing faith yet.
  4. It's hard not to feel an urge to kick him in the face, despite his genius. Moon River is about 1 or 2 minutes of beautiful harmonies, and 6 minutes of a homeschooled cult member wanking in your ear. I think I've found the least annoying Jacob Collier song, though. Skip past the first minute, or you'll feel the urge to kill quite a lot of people. But it really is an amazing performance.
  5. It's not arrogance really, but it is a bit of ignorance. I think several of our players would make their matchday squad. However, the broader point that they are much better than us on paper is true. It doesn't change the fact that 3 points are realistically available to us on Friday.
  6. I find weddings pretty hit and miss. Some people are just deluded, and their weddings are a big expression of that delusion. The low-key, unassuming weddings with few airs and graces often turn out to be the most enjoyable. A good band helps a lot. I'm amazed by how many people spend a fortune on what amounts to a couple of good Instagram photos, and then hire a budget DJ for the party. Blow all the money on a band!
  7. They adjust based on how people are betting, but they have to set an initial price, which they do based on their own prediction models. Man Utd finished 11 points ahead of Wolves last season, won their opening game 4-0, and despite being a joke of a club with a terrible manager, are still favourites to win most games they play. It's a nice thought, but I doubt many of them give a shit. The fact is that we lost to Spurs because they have a far superior squad, then more than matched Bournemouth, which on another day could have been a draw or a win. Our points total will start to look healthier soon.
  8. I think your hurt is understandable, but you're showing a little bit of inexperience about weddings. They are intensely political, complicated events that unearth all kinds of histories, insecurities, lies, fantasies, etc. You definitely aren't the first person to have raised an eyebrow at the choice of best man / groomsman / bridesmaids / etc. but it's really not worth the pain. Ultimately, it sounds like you have a decent friendship with this bloke, and reading between the lines, you're not 100% sure about his relationship, and you think he lets her wear the trousers too often. We've all been there. Remember the best thing you can do is support him with whatever decisions he makes, as he goes through one of the most stressful moments in his life. He obviously values you as a friend or he wouldn't have asked you to help organise the stag do, so try not to let bitterness affect the way you speak with him. As for the wedding itself. 100% Polish, no parents on the top table, etc. - not your problem. Write them a nice card, lie about how happy you are for them if you have to, get them a nice present. Don't be snide, don't give any hint that you feel aggrieved. Get smashed, shag one of the bride's sisters. Have a good time. He'll still be your mate afterwards, and once they've got bored of spamming social media with their shit photos, you'll forget it ever happened.
  9. You asked to be condescended by calling people rocket polishers, the butthurt Grealish fan club, and that anyone who said Grealish set up the goal was talking horse shit. I would have responded more politely otherwise. I'm a bit confused about why you've tried to turn this into a YouTube comments thread!? You're allowed to criticise Jack, but you don't seem willing to listen to the counter arguments without being abusive. It's Jack's run that pushes the offside trap back, sets up the potential ball into the box, and allows everyone to pile into the box. Compare the back line in the first two pictures. How can you ignore Jack's role in creating that space for Luiz? I honestly don't think any of our other players has the close control to bring the ball that close to the defender while still playing with his head up, aware of all the options around him. Whatever you think about Jack's overall effectiveness, he has a superb touch and the ball sticks to his feet in a way that not many players in the league (let alone in our squad) can match. That allows him to do a lot of things that look deceptively simple, but are only possible because of his technique. We're not trying to glorify him, but he's taking a lot of stick at the moment for some reason, and he deserves to be defended.
  10. Spot on. You look at the most successful false 9s, and they usually have a couple of goalscoring wide forwards either side of them (e.g. Firmino with Mane + Salah, or Benzema with Bale + Ronaldo). El Ghazi is arguably a wide forward, but Trez and Jota both look like conventional wide midfielders to me. So it looks like Wesley will need to attack the box a bit more. But that's something that can be coached and that he will get a feel for as he settles into the team.
  11. Let me explain football to you. You're right, Luiz still has a lot to do, so it's not like Grealish has created a clear-cut scoring chance, but he has done a lot more than you realise. Here's where he receives the ball. Notice where the Bournemouth midfielders are. Now here's where he takes the ball. Have a look at where all the Bournemouth midfielders are now. The defenders have come deep and everyone is focused on Jack. Now here's the situation when Douglas Luiz receives the ball. Look where the nearest Bournemouth player is. Why does he have so much space? Because of Jack's run. To someone who knows nothing about football and has never played it and likes to get their opinions from places where people say "butthurt", this might look like a very basic backward pass (and as we all know, passing backwards is the work of Satan). But it's a well worked move, and one that Jack has done for us before (e.g. Hourihane's goal against West Brom). Most wingers would be too focused on beating the man and trying to drill a percentage ball into the six yard box. It takes a lot of skill and awareness to be able to carry the ball that close to a defender and still be able to look up and pick a surprise pass. Jack makes it look quite easy.
  12. Could work if he's showing signs of complacency or poor attitude, but as far as I can see that isn't the problem. He just needs to sit down and analyse his performances with the coaches, and go again next week.
  13. To the tune of La Bamba: Wa-la-la-la-la Nakamba (dum dum dum dum) He's a holding midfielder (dum dum dum) He comes from Zimbabwe (dum dum dum dum) His name is Marvellous Nakamba... (whisper) Na-na-kamba (whisper) Na-na-kamba NA-NA-KAMBA Wa-la-la-la-la Nakamba!
  14. I misunderstood, sorry. You were talking longer term. I guess a lot depends on how good Nakamba actually is. We knew Luiz was going to be half-decent because he'd put in solid shifts against Barcelona and Real Madrid. Nakamba feels like much more of a gamble. I think it might be a while before we see what he has to offer (probably a cup match, or coming on late in a game we're winning).

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