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  1. I think a lot of Villa fans don’t realise what a statement signing this is. He’s going to be a Villa legend 100%.
  2. I caught it on holiday in July. I didn't have any symptoms until 5 days after I returned, so must have been right at the end of the holiday (maybe even in the airport or on the plane). I was following the quarantine rules religiously, and given the incubation period, I'm fairly sure I didn't infect anyone. I was ill for about 2 weeks, but only 2 days of intense illness. Lost my sense of smell about a week in, and then regained it about 2-3 weeks after. No coughing or breathing difficulties. I was able to carry on working. I still feel the after effects when I exercise, but it's not noticeable otherwise. I'm not too bothered about it tbh, but equally wouldn't recommend catching it. It's a bit of a weird one. Closest comparison I can make is with glandular fever, which wiped me out for a while when I was 18, and it took a while for me to get back up to speed with sports and stuff. Edit: and given I caught it at end of July, it was very easy to get a test sent out first week of August, and I tested positive. Now I guess I would have struggled to get my hands on a test.
  3. What attitude problems? Edit: sorry just seen pasted article. Hmm - he doesn’t sound like a typical Smith signing. We’ve been pretty good at signing players with a good work ethic and mental resilience (AEG being the exception maybe). Can see why people are concerned, although in the grand scheme of things it’s a low price for a player with plenty of Champions League experience.
  4. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I think people who post very frequently are always going to get stronger reactions if they go against the grain. It's also very hard to follow a thread when half a page is just collapsed replies from an ignored poster.
  5. I think other teams' fans are going to start taking Dean Smith more seriously next season. A lot of people wrongly thought that he did a bad job with huge financial resources, but don't understand how thinly those resources were spread, and how little time he had to work with the players. The players really seem to like him - and most importantly, the *good* players seem to really like him. Jack wouldn't be staying at Villa if he thought Smith was holding his career back.
  6. Yeah don't think there's anything wrong with this interview at all. A Champions League quality player needing proof that his club won't be in another relegation scrap before signing a new contract is pretty understandable. He speaks highly of Smith and Purslow, and he clearly see Watkins as someone who'll be burnishing his assist stats. My guess is there'll be at least one real quality signing that hasn't been trailed already in the media. Maybe a CM or CB.
  7. After months of suppressed libido due to lockdown-induced depression, my balls are beginning to fill with very large quantities of love lotion, and I see a big and very vigorous accident on the horizon. I'll almost certainly need some Vanish Carpet Cleaner.
  8. Agree, I oversimplified a bit. Can’t turn over possession constantly either.
  9. I think his off the ball work rate and defensive contribution will be a major reason why Smith rates him. A winger who produces flashes of matchwinning brilliance every few games is okay if he does a solid job defensively every match. Also, it'll be nice for Fred Guilbert to have another French speaker in the squad. Wonder if Smith sees them as a potential duo down the right.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-54125690 Pasted in full because I think the whole thing is worth reading, including all the caveats.
  11. This is nonsense. Steer was Heaton’s number 2 and would have had loads more games than Nyland last season (probably all cup games plus the league games while Heaton was out), were it not for that injury. I think Smith has been more than fair with Steer, but the lad’s just been unlucky. Now a good, PL quality keeper’s on the market, and we’ve bought him for what is now a pretty bog standard fee. Don’t see what the problem is.
  12. Toots cancelled last minute at a festival I was at a few years ago. Shame I never saw him live. What a voice.
  13. Jack is staying. He’s going to score the winner in the opening game. When he does, John McGinn is going to take his shirt off to reveal a waistcoat and a striped tie which he has been wearing all match, and he’ll pull a very large prosthetic nose out of his pants, put it on his face, get down on all fours, and then Jack will ride him around the pitch.
  14. His movement for a lot of the “tap ins” is class. You can see he’d be a nightmare to mark because he’s always looking for little pockets of space and trying to get out of the defender’s line of sight. He has the pace to do this right at the last second, which is why he scores so many free headers and six yard box tap ins. With good service he’ll be very dangerous indeed.
  15. Samatta really isn't as shit as some are saying in this thread. There's a reason he started plenty of the post-lockdown games. His work rate is good, his tactical discipline is good (despite the occasional offside issue, but I think that's him trying to make up for his lack of pace). He's ideal 2nd or 3rd choice striker material. A good character who has found his level, and will likely be loyal to the club. I also think his confidence took a big knock as he struggled to adapt to the league. That goal against Man City was a thing of beauty, and if he finds form + confidence, I think we could see a few more of those. Really unfair to write players off so quickly. It's not always obvious who's going to do well - lots of signings from overseas stink the place out and then settle in and become surprisingly useful.
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