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  1. In fairness to you, the switch to that free role on the left and bringing Targett in for Taylor have made a huge difference. I think he's been technically and physically superb in every game this season, but it's only the last couple of games where he's looked genuinely unplayable. That's because he has better threats around him in Targett and Hourihane (so can't be double/triple marked), and because he's harder for CBs and DMs to pick up drifting in off a wing. I doubt West Ham (i.e. Rice) would have handled him so well if he'd been playing wide left in that game. Fair play to DS for making this change, because I don't think it's Jack's preferred position, and I think a lot of fans saw it as a Bruce tactic.
  2. It's four weeks away. You are currently in the "montage scene" phase. I recommend pumping iron, jogging along a beachfront to Huey Lewis and the News, and sprinting up the steps of an art museum while wearing tasteful 80s flannel and a sweatband around your head, with a large Sony Walkman clipped on to your waistband. Do that for a few weeks, and it will distract you from how meticulously your inner child is planning on **** this up. Then on the day, have a good shower, spray some nice eau de villan, dress well, act yourself, be nice to her and don't overthink it. (Then FHUTA.)
  3. I'm sorry, I had to dig this one up
  4. Grealish today established himself as the best player in the PL outside the top 6 IMO. Won an extraordinary number of free kicks today, and got Mooy sent off, which changed the game. Was involved in almost everything we did, and kept it going for 94 mins. Heaton - very good today Guilbert - I think he sells himself too easily defensively, but his relentless running is always well received Engels - decent enough performance Mings - very good performance, although possibly at fault for Brighton's goal? Need to re-watch. Targett - a couple of times looked dodgy defensively, but was very good going forward (minus a few underhit crosses), and that goal was just Nakamba - another solid performance in a game where he didn't have a lot to do, but kept the ball moving quickly to the more creative players McGinn - not one of his best games, but the diagonal pass to Grealish for Targett's goal was casually excellent Hourihane - typically blew hot and cold, with an unreal finish for the disallowed goal; probably taken off because of a VERY unfair yellow card El Ghazi - dog shit Wesley - an okay performance - nothing obvious to complain about, but equally he didn't look like scoring Trezeguet - played well when he came on against tired legs Davis - there was one passage of play in the box where he brought a high ball down and shrugged off three defenders that looked clear PL quality, but he needs to do it more consistently; I also think he's too much of a like-for-like swap for Wesley Douglas - looked very good, nearly scored a very tasty winner, and is unlucky not to be starting Manager's performance: mostly okay I think. The subs all worked and came at roughly the right time, although I might have had Kodj on the bench? We need to establish what went wrong with that Brighton goal, because it looked like bad basics on set pieces to me. Then again our defending on most other set pieces was fine, so maybe just a player error. Referee's performance: not as bad as some people making out VAR performance: bunch of absolute **** words removed
  5. I think on balance we've done well out of the officials so far today. First goal, they missed a clear foul by Targett, which would have been a free kick in a more dangerous spot. So can't really complain about that (except for the Hourihane booking, which was ludicrous) Aaron Mooy double yellow is definitely fair but a lot of refs would have found a way of avoiding that. Hourihane VAR decision is a joke. So on balance, I reckon maybe we'd have been looking at 1-1 or 2-1 with 11v11 with another ref. Instead it's 1-1 with 11v10. I'll take that into the second half. I don't think we'll make the same mistakes as we did against Arsenal and West Ham. Good to have this situation pop up so soon after actually, as those lessons will be fresh in the players minds. I'm confident we'll do well here. I would possibly look at subbing Hourihane off as he's on a yellow and is prone to silly fouls.
  6. "Clear and obvious mistake" rule suddenly been edited?
  7. Brighton should have had a free kick anyway tbf for the Targett tackle. Bigger issue is the crap defending.
  8. That is a ****ING OUTRAGE that Wesley has been blown for the foul there.
  9. She clearly has better connections with all the various Tory factions than with Corbyn's team. That isn't entirely her fault - Corbyn, Milne, Murray, etc. have been consciously distancing themselves from the "mainstream media" for a while. I think the situation would be different with a centrist Labour leader, or even with the McDonnell faction running the show. This kind of unrepresentative network is obviously not a great thing, but it's hardly unique to Kuenssberg. All lobby journos have their best sources. Her flaw is that in a role where she is meant to present balanced coverage of political affairs, she chases the Kuenssberg Exclusive, and downplays anything that she can't take credit for, rather than just reporting the news. Since she gets a lot more of this info from the govt side (and indeed anti-Corbyn figures in the Labour party), it has the effect of doing what you describe. I don't think she's some kind of secret Tory operative. Where there may be some real Tory bias / conspiracy is above her, where somebody is allowing this to continue unchallenged. All it would take is balancing her team and the coverage out with some better connected journos on the Corbyn / Labour side. I really don't think she is working hand-in-glove with Boris Johnson and co to subvert this country's politics, which is kind of what is being implied by a lot of people.
  10. It's this kind of stuff that makes me think Kuenssberg is just sloppy with her fact checking and analysis rather than deliberately biased. There was little political benefit to making this claim - it's just a stupid thing to say.
  11. This could be hugely damaging to vulnerable minds, and I urge you to reconsider.
  12. Anyway, I came on this thread to say I've finally come round to the view that Laura Kuennsberg is a terrible, awful person. I still don't buy into the idea that she's a secret Tory / Brexiteer / whatever. I think she's just obsessed with getting scoops and pumping them out on to the airwaves as quickly as possible with her face all over the telly, and she's drifted into being the story, and editorialising everything, and not fact checking her sources. It's just hubris.
  13. It's always been terrible, hasn't it? I can't remember a time when it was good. It's more rabid and extreme now, but it's never been a forum for intelligent discussion about anything.
  14. Bang on. The Twitter mob "once a bigot, always a bigot" attitude is part of the problem, digging up things people have said decades ago. People mature and evolve. Not all people, mind, but it's definitely possible to be ignorantly - even proudly - racist at some point in your life, and then to reflect on it and fix it. This is why it's so important that people see stuff like this being dealt with assertively on TV by players of all ethnicities in a mature way. Stuff like this makes people think and in some cases will genuinely change minds.
  15. I think you can, but it's not something you can easily do with the data analytics or match footage that a lot of clubs rely on for scouting. Need to do good old fashioned background research, meet the player, dig up the gossip from people who know him, etc. What Dean Smith is obviously good at is building that club culture of "be a good teammate", which is something Klopp is also very good at, and Ferguson and Clough before him. It's all about playing for the team, not thinking you're bigger than the club, and rewarding players who bring that mentality on to the field, while not pandering to prima donnas. It's also reflected in the way we have signed players who are connected in some way - ex-Brentford, or ex-Brugge, or playing together at international level. All those little connections help the club find out about a player's character.
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