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  1. sne

    Copa America 2019

    Impressive game by Peru, they play some nice football. Bolivia might not be world beaters but Peru really dominated them after conceding that early penalty.
  2. sne

    The Film Thread

    This looks like something some people might enjoy Not sure I'm one of them but who knows.
  3. Am I the only one who didn't think he was THAT good? I mean he was fine for a young CB in the Championship, bit weak in the air but solid with his feet. For £8m I'd certainly take him as a squad option and investment for the future, but I think he might struggle a bit as a starting CB in the PL. Plenty of room for development thou.
  4. sure he can, he's supposedly turned down a coupe of clubs in Sweden already. Think he takes it slow on purpose
  5. Ex Egypt president Mahammad Mursi collapsed in court and died from a hearth attack a few days back. He was suffering from a benign tumor but there are reports that he was denied medical care in prison and that he was tortured.
  6. sne

    Jack Butland

    Not sold on the idea of signing Butland for £20m or such figures.
  7. Olof Mellber on his way to Danish second division side Fremad Amager to serve as assistant manager to Azrudin Valentic. Azrudin Valentic was assistant manager to Olof Mellberg at Brommapojkarna.
  8. Olof Mellber on his way to Danish second division side Fremad Amager to serve as assistant manager to Azrudin Valentic. Azrudin Valentic was assistant manager to Olof Mellberg at Brommapojkarna.
  9. True. This is a good piece on it. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-cup/2019/06/15/debate-smaller-goals-womens-game-cannot-simply-cast-aside/ Kathy Whyatt at the Telegraph has a couple of good articles on the women's WC.
  10. Had to google encroachment but yeah. Funny that...
  11. Then again the hurdles in athletics are lower for women than for men for that exact reason. The baskeball is smaller for women than for men because they have smaller hands, same with handball
  12. Michel Platini has been arrested this morning for corruption around the Qatar 2022 WC More to follow. edit: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/breaking-michel-platini-arrested-amid-16535358
  13. I know the owners have money, but does the club really have £20m to blow on a back up striker considering how many holes there is to fill (giggity) in the squad and starting 11.
  14. Once again the home nation France gets an iffy penalty. and when they miss it they get to retake it because someone in the VAR room alerts the ref that the Nigerian keeper was 1 centimeter early off her line. Neither calls would have gone the other way, VAR or no VAR
  15. I remain hopetimistic that we will persue the possibility to maybe sign someone, in the near future.
  16. sne

    Kalvin Phillips

    Not saying he can't or wont leave, just that they can afford to keep him and I doubt he'll go on strike to force a move. Phillips is a Leeds lad, better comparison is Grealish who almost moved but ended up staying with the club he loves. Phillips could still move but with Bielsa staying the chances are slightly lesser imo. Then again I know nothing about him as a person so who knows...
  17. Nice, the top one looks a bit Chelsea away top but still nice.
  18. sne

    Kalvin Phillips

    We had like 10 players on those kind of wages or much higher. sure we had parachute money, but they can handle a few big contracts. Philips has 2 season left on his current contract and is playing for the club he supports. Doubt he will have unreasonable money claims even if he asks for a new contract. Unless he switches to Raiola's agency.
  19. Hopefully only 3 or 4 of these players will be regular starters for us this season. Lots of work still.
  20. sne

    Kortney Hause

    Hopefully a solid squad option with ability to improve.
  21. sne

    Kalvin Phillips

    Net spend in of about £15m in total in the last 3 seasons combined. Think they'll be fine even with his salary. Not that many players there on Villa level wages surely?
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