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  1. sne

    The Film Thread

    Is a remake coming early April as well. And it's actually gotten pretty OK reviews
  2. Be interesting to see how much the TV series ending will differ from the book (if he ever gets around to finish it) I imagine there will be a lot more fan service in the TV series than in the book. Jamie (or Aria) killing Cersei, The hound killing the mountain, Jon and Daenerys living incestually ever after...? Martin will probably kill em all and leave the Night King or someone not even in the TV show on the throne
  3. sne


    So Roman out and Sir Ratcliffe in? Can certainly see why he might be fed up considering he isn't even allowed to enter the country anymore, and with the transfer embargo to boot. Not that I care about Chelsea but might be good to have another top club with a British owner?
  4. 2 eps into S2 of American Gods and I'm already starting to lose interest. It's a 500 or whatever pages book and they are stretching it out into a 3 season (so far) series, and it shows. Will give it a few more weeks but I imagine that'll be it.
  5. All of them are too busy for my liking. I think they are best when they make simple clean ones. Fwiw I found some concept ones made for Betis for next season that are pretty OK Not sure about the collars
  6. sne

    The Film Thread

    Was planning on catching up with a few more recent movies I hadn't gotten around to watch yet on the flight home yesterday. But ended up watching Alien, 28 Days Later and the original Predator movie for about the 20th time. I made the right call, love those films
  7. And that's not even showing the 6 regular starters that got injured days before the game.
  8. sne

    Dean Smith

    Pretty sure it's the Steve Bruce thread.
  9. Playing for the 0 - 0 win perfected.
  10. sne

    Scott Hogan

    Perhaps. we are not the only mugs in this division thou. The big issue will be his wages IMO.
  11. sne

    Dean Smith

    Any manager would struggle to get a tune out of this current Villa side without Grealish. At the same time we should not be completely hopeless without him. There were loads of reasons we looked so hapless for a too long period this winter, Jack out was one of them. Some of the old players downing tools was another. the squad being lopsided and unbalanced another, Smith being a Championship level coach (hopefully with bigger potential) and not the second coming of Jebus another yet, and so on.
  12. sne

    Scott Hogan

    It's a catch 22. He's not good enough to start so he won't get enough game game time to regain his confidence, and he won't regain his confidence without game time. We paid way, way over the top for a limited Championship poacher and expected him to do things he's not capable of. In the world of striker a couple of goals can totally transform even a mediocre player, and that might still happen for Hogan somewhere. But I won't be here, and it won't last. Really hope we can get £4-5m for him in the summer and his wages off our books to be put to better use.
  13. sne

    Dean Smith

    Agreed! I'm 43 and still no where near as good as Grealish.
  14. Yes. Not seen enough of the other young players so there might be some more in there to keep. and with Taylor I meant the ageing LB not the Corey one.
  15. So S1 of The Passage turned out about as expected, not quite as bad as I feared. They never got the atmosphere right, nor the sense of impending doom. Also focused too much on the wrong parts IMO and left some of the best parts too little focus. But still, could have been worse. As expected the whole season was used on the "before" part of the story. Remains to be seen if there will be a S2, reception has been OK-ish.
  16. sne

    Dean Smith

    Agreed, but that's like a non handicapped athlete winning in the special Olympics
  17. sne

    AVTV 2018/9

    Still a car crash? would really like to get it for next season if we are not promoted, but I'm not going to spend any money however little on a service that isn't working.
  18. Hope we can get rid of at least a few out of Tshibola, McCormack, Gardner, Kodija, Adomah, Elmo, Thor, Lansbury, Taylor, Hogan and Nyland as well while at the same time extend the contracts of O'Hare and Clark.
  19. Kits for Copa America has started to drop. Puma doesn't even seem to be trying with their one for Uruguay.

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