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  1. Zlatan did his Manure stint at 34-36 y.o
  2. There are probably around 10 or so clubs that could potentially afford the buy out clause he'll be on next year but there are far fewer clubs that will be willing to pay the salary package and the agent fees that Haaland, his dad and Raiola will demand. Basically only City, PSG and Real who are realistic options. He want's 3 times than what Pogba is currently on at Manure ffs.
  3. https://whatsnew2day.com/toon-gets-toxic-graeme-jones-and-dwight-gayle-clash-bruce-lashes-out-at-hayden-and-players-ped-off/
  4. Not seen that one or read the book but yeah hope it's a good one. Should have potential considering who's involved.
  5. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/09/01/investing/premarket-stocks-trading/index.html https://finance.yahoo.com/news/analysis-chinas-house-cards-evergrande-141204358.html
  6. Episode 4 of s2 of Wu-Tang: An American Saga was easily the best ep yet. Really liking this series. The first ep of Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol was OK. Seen it all before but that's fine. Solid enough that I will give it another couple episodes.
  7. sne

    Jude Bellingham

    Do they have any sell on clause or did they do a Xia and cash in on it to make a quick buck? Might be quite a bit of money for a club like them when he's sold.
  8. sne

    Louie Barry

    I assume we've sent Jedi to visit him and see how he's fairing. If there is any issue I trust the club to do what's best for the player, if there isn't then I guess he'll stay and keep fighting for his place in the team.
  9. He's had cancer for 9 years apparently so sounds about right.
  10. Comedian Norm MacDonald 61 y.o. Cancer.
  11. First 3 eps of Y-The last man. Watched the first ep and it was passable but didn't really grab me. Not read the comic but the premise should be interesting. Don't think it will be for me thou as I have a feeling it will be too polished and frankly boring.
  12. Had to check if it was Mike Dean reffing but apparently it's some guy from Belarus so at least he's not as bent as Dean.
  13. Well deserved red from the look of it
  14. What's going on in the Sevilla - Salzburg game? According to Livescore there has been 4 penalties in the first 40 minutes. Sounds insane.
  15. sne

    New kits 21/22

    Every time I see that new Inter logo I mistake it for the Olympic Marseille one. Even has that little star on it.
  16. sne

    New kits 21/22

    It's different, I'll give em' that
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