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  1. Closed league, trades, salary caps and drafts of young players outside the league...
  2. Marek Hamsik signed for IFK Göteborg Biggest foreign name along with Jari Litmanen (and Diego Lugano) to sign for a Swedish club that I can think of. Was told he was signing for 8 games only but apparently it's a contract that runs all the way to the 30th of August. I imagine he has some out clauses if a European club comes knocking. Salary supposedly only about £2300/w which isn't even much by Allsvenskan standards. In comparison he made £272k/w in china so he doesn't need the money. 33 y.o and by all accounts super professional he's only there to get in form for the Euro's in the
  3. Wouldn't that go against some EU free movement rules or something?
  4. Think Mikkel Damsgaard might be an interesting player to look at. He checks a lot of boxes for us and has played across all attacking mid positions this season but mostly LW when I've watched. For those who unlike me want to see Grealish in the middle he'd be a great option. With me being a Sampdoria fan I would have liked him to stay there for another season or 5 but I think that ship has sailed as bigger clubs are circling already and Sampdoria being a selling club. He's not the finished article yet but from what I've seen he's steadily improving and looks like someone who will onl
  5. Ex Entombed singer LG Petrov dead at 49. Cancer
  6. Yeah, problem is that they are all sitting on massive contracts that runs to 2023 or 2024 so no one will take them. Alba, Busquets, Pique they will have to give away and neither want's to move even if they could find a club to take them. The same goes for Pjanic and Coutinho. Messi they obviously want to keep but they can't really afford to.
  7. Perhaps. Real would have been equal on points with them rather than 2 behind and Atletico would have been 2 points ahead instead of 3. Depends on how the rest of the season plays out I guess and if Real is not seen as a threat then I would agree.
  8. Not seen him this season but not sure he's good enough for us or what we need. Wasn't impressed with his at Betis last season
  9. The financial situation at Barca means that they will likely be desperate to keep hold of those few players like Puig, Pedri & Fati who are on low salaries. But they will be desperate to get rid of the likes of Dembele, Griezmann, Coutinho and so on. Then again they are in serious financial trouble so might listen to offers for any and every player.
  10. Dream result for Barca in the Madrid derby, 1-1 and suddenly Barca are very much in the title race.
  11. The clause doesn't kick in until 2022. This summer he will be about double that or more. Still be worth it thou for whoever signes him.
  12. Not many 18 y.o kids who are not Villa players who have 2 threads on VT in his name.
  13. Took them a while to get going but Fulham have been really good in the loan market this season. Andersen, Lookman, Areola, Loftus-Cheek, Lemina & Maja. Will be a massive job in the summer thou regardless if they stay up or go down
  14. Bet he's actually quite happy now
  15. Oh dear Also bet this has Steve Bruce choking on his 0-0 win celebratory kebab.
  16. As predictable as our game against Wolves was to end 0-0 surely this one has to be one of the most obvious 0-0 games of all time.
  17. Deulofeu just signed a 3.5 year contract for Udinese in January. Doubt he will be moving again this summer. He's also been struggling with smaller injuries after getting back from that horror knee injury. Then again I guess things could change if Watford are not promoted and the Udinese/Watford owner needs to bring in funds
  18. They play in the CL in 3 days, probably part of it.
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