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  1. Football is not entertainment, you play the best way you can to get a result. If you only want to watch tika taka go watch someone else.
  2. Yea we should play 5 strikers to make it more epic.
  3. I remember at the time I was actually disappointed we swapped Baros for Carew. How wrong I was
  4. We need two strikers this window I would take Benteke as one.
  5. Pretty worried that all the strikers we are linked with are signing elsewhere. fingers crossed we have something under wraps
  6. paperweight player, bottles every challenge and is constantly injured.
  7. konsa takes the blame for me absolute hospital pass from the FK
  8. Well konsa has been poor decision making wise would drop of engels
  9. Targett bottles every single challenge and never tracks runners, also gets "injured" constantly
  10. I like him works hard and has his moments. For the money we can't expect much more tbh.
  11. He's shit but still prefer over that wet blanket targett
  12. Back to his best last night - if he can eradicate the errors he will be one the best CB's we have ever had.
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