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  1. ds has zero motivational or man managment skills - it's clear as day to see his talks have 0 effect.
  2. cheating word removed missed the header at least
  3. Woeful but we cant expect any better apparently
  4. Yes and these performances are not reaching that so why are you happy?
  5. Still waiting for you to tell what your expectations are ? Meek loss every game finish bottom seems to be the height of them.
  6. What is your expectation then, that we loose meekly against all teams and finish 20th. Maybe that's even to much to expect from our lord and savior DS.
  7. It's a laughable argument - no has said we should be beating Wolves easily - the lack of effort and why were in this situation is the problem.
  8. It's not nonsense its clear as day - open your eyes. I think your confusing effort for aimlessly running around not stringing more than 2 passes together while having 1 shot on target.
  9. played well ? hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha ok chief
  10. pretty sure mings is better at attacking the ball aswell !
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