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  1. Void season **** liverpool no relegation lets go
  2. Complete and utter nonsense there is no way you can claim these teams are this much better than us. Slightly better maybe but this gulf in quality/points, laughable? Also Burnley's wage bill will be lower than ours. Only point I agree with is that they have had longer to gel together but again that does not excuse the considerable gap in perfomances / points.
  3. The players are crap is a complete cop out. Look at Sheffield Utd, Burnley, Southampton are there squads really this much better? A more competent manager could get much more out of these players.
  4. Someone taking some sense finally. Big Sam gets results and would improve our performances no doubt.
  5. I thought he was on loan somewhere since Jan!
  6. Some people got a serious chip on their shoulders try to move on guys and stop derailing the thread. Feel free to DM me I'm happy to give you a quote to explain basic maths to you.
  7. You still waffling ? I already said I'm ready to eat humble pie start of next season.
  8. Getting back on topic you know what is madness - defending Dean Smith's record.
  9. Let's come back to this topic start of next season - I'll be ready to eat lots of humble pie then.
  10. Prefer to be paid for my work.
  11. Not back tracking at all clearly you have interpreted how you wanted too.
  12. Yes in response to we have 90m to spend on players. Ofc we will have some money to spend nowhere near what people seem to think here.
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