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  1. All in all a very good show. Wasn't sure this kind of format would work to be honest, but it really does and feels more like a comic book on screen than the films do. Was concerned about all this stuff coming to Disney+, but this and The Mandalorian have definitely made it a promising start.
  2. He was about the only player that tried to run in behind when we had control in their half. Everyone else stood on their man waiting for a cross
  3. I think we need both to be honest. Jack drifts centrally often anyways and we still struggle to create in many games. I don't think having 2 creative players in the middle is the end of the World, particularly against opposition we dominate in possession.
  4. kurtsimonw

    Keinan Davis

    Andre Green struggled to get regular playing time for Portsmouth in League 1, and showed far more than Keinan ever has. I think he's a League 1 player at best and it's pretty concerning that he's our 2nd option up front at the moment. We knew Wes wasn't going to be playing for a while so I'm really not sure why we haven't bought someone in. This is the kind of situation where a loan isn't a bad thing IMO.
  5. Definitely not the problem. He will lose the ball, make bad decisions, but we didn't expect that we were signing Ronaldo or Messi. He's improved our first XI and after Jack is about the only player in the side that can make things happen on his own.
  6. All 3 of England's games are qualifiers
  7. I've never wanted a team to fail so much.
  8. Not true at all. Look at Liverpool and City of the last few years. They play the lineup to give them the best tactical edge. It often requires a couple of changes week to week. I'm not suggesting we change the entire midfield every game.
  9. Depends on the opposition. Ramsey, Nakamba and McGinn were superb against Leeds, but madness that same midfield 3 started against a completely different opposition with an entirely different way of playing.
  10. I don't think anyone has said any differently. Comparing a player negatively affecting his own teams result to a neutral affecting a teams result is so completely bizarre.
  11. Players and referees definitely don't do the same job. But I couldn't really disagree with you any more so a pretty pointless debate between us when we see it so different.
  12. Yep, desperate need for a number 10 this summer. We go behind and just struggle to break teams down, this goes for when Jack is playing too. Another good player in that kind of area would take pressure off him a bit and hopefully give is a few more cutting passes.
  13. Deano's had a mare today. Terrible team selection that didn't work for the opposition and it showed. Probably his worst "performance" as Villa boss so far.
  14. Protecting to the point where nobody can talk to them, nobody can talk about them, nobody can question them... that's overprotected and part of the reason why the standard of officiating is so awful. Referees make mistakes which cost teams points. Costing team points costs league position. Costing league position costs millions (per position).
  15. A bit late to the party, but have been watching Fargo the last week or so and it's incredible. Probably one of my all-time favourites already.
  16. The BWT sponsor still being involved is a big concern. Could end up with a monstrosity like #4. .
  17. I found BvS a bad, mildly entertaining, film. I thought Justice League committed the worst film crime in being boring as well as awful. I would rather watch BvS 100 times before I watch Justice League once more. I'm sure the Snyder version can't be any worse than the theatrical release, it's probably not possible, but I have no desire to hunt it down.
  18. The top of the engine cover area on the Merc just looks like they've borrowed part of a Haas. All look good so far. Hopefully Aston Martin and Williams don't let the grid down!
  19. Paul Scholes wouldn't really know what it's lie to look this good without being surrounded by World class players, so not fussed what he has to say.
  20. I think so too. They get too much abuse, but I also think they act like Representatives for Wellingborough on the pitch. The complete refusal to talk to any players or explain a decision half the time is shocking, and it's no wonder players feel like they're being completely cheated. Plenty of people in the World do difficult jobs, and you know what? They're held accountable for their mistakes. Premier League referees cost clubs millions and millions, but aren't held accountable by anyone. Nobody can talk about it or they get a fine. They're way over protected.
  21. At least we have a Leeds fan who admits Kalvin Phillips isn't good enough for the PL, let alone England.
  22. This is something oft ignored by Leeds fans. Whenever it's mentioned that we're above them, having games in hand, etc. the common retort is "We're newly promoted, we're doing better than you in your first season". As if it's somehow our fault they bottled promotion in Bielsa's first year and Deano didn't.
  23. Thanks mate. That's great to hear, particularly as I am with Nationwide.
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