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  1. Absolutely. We need a world class no.6. Someone at the level of a Buendia/Watkins but in the defensive midfield role. We only need two more first team signings to really push on. An AMC/DMC.
  2. The narrative of the Kane and Grealish transfer saga’s is so different and annoying if I’m honest. With Kane, it’s very much, the player wants to leave but Spurs won’t let him and he’s not for sale. With Jack, it’s about if he wants to leave then it will happen. Nobody seems to mention what Aston Villa want in all of this. What if we just flat out refuse to sell? Nobody mentions that.
  3. He’s become quite the athlete. Absolute unit. Sounds as though he’s the model pro.
  4. Talksport debating this now. Tbf, speaking sense. Saying 100m won’t be enough and Jack might want to stay and be ambitious with his boyhood club. Think this week is the week we find out. There is no need for it to drag on any longer.
  5. Talkshite talking about Villa now. Saying we’re going in for Leon Bailey with a second bid. And saying we’re in for Cantwell.
  6. We’re kidding ourselves if we think Nakamba is going to push us to the next level. He’s the same level as Hause in that he can do a job when called upon. We need better in that position.
  7. This wouldn’t be the end of the world. Younger, knows the league and puts a shift in. You know what you’re getting. I think Burnley will price us out of a move. They’d want 40m+ I think.
  8. That is absolutely what we need but not sure we’ll see all of those. The RCB and Striker just need to be competent young players who can do a job. The DCM and the new winger/10 need to be where we spend the bulk of the money. Honestly, if we get those positions right, we’ll have a really exciting team. For example, if we got Bissouma and Bailey and Grealish managed to stay fit, I could see us finishing in the top 6 and pushing the top 4. We’re constantly improving. We have great owners and now is the time to kick on and demote Arsenal and Spurs to mid table clubs and become a force again.
  9. If Traore was so good, we wouldn’t have broke the club record transfer fee on a player that plays in the same position as him. Nor would we then go and bid £25m on Bailey who plays…. In his position. Luckily, the management team knows where our deficiencies lie and want to sign players that will push us on from our 11th place finish.
  10. I don’t like Traore because he’s rubbish at most things.
  11. Good. He can have a rest now.
  12. That was genuinely bizarre. I think he needs a loan more than Davis does tbh.
  13. If we genuinely want to challenge for Europe then we need to sign two more starters in our central midfield (unless Buendia plays as a 10). That’s just the way it is. Our current team isn’t good enough in the middle of the pitch to finish higher than 8th. We finished 11th last season and a large part of that was because at no point during the campaign did Smith know his best 3 in the middle of the pitch. Every now and again we’d look ok in there and it would work but it was always an uncomfortable watch.
  14. Watkins Buendia Grealish New McGinn New Cash Konsa Mings Targett Martinez Is what the recruitment team should be looking at. Personally, I’d like Bailey to come in and we play Buendia as the 10. We then just need to find a better no.6. Bissouma would be the dream signing in this position for me.
  15. He’s got one of those Aston Villa injuries. You know, the one where it’s only a slight knock but it leads to the player disappearing off the face of the earth for 6 months.
  16. It’s the weakest area of the side and it needs fixing before the start of the season. Need two new players in there.
  17. Needs a loan to league one playing 30 odd games.
  18. I don’t get these kind of posts (no offence). I’m well aware it’s a pre season game. I know it’s worth nothing if we win/lose/draw. I don’t care if we lose. I don’t even really care how we play as a team. But. I do care about individual performances as several of those players will be first team regulars this season or certainly pushing for a starting place and it just reinforces the fact we need two more signings this summer to really push on. We need a defensive midfielder and an attacking midfielder/wide forward. It will be negligent if we don’t sign two more first team players because we have a real opportunity to push Arsenal and Spurs out the way on our quest for the top 4. We can play and win/lose another 50 pre season games and my opinion won’t change. We need two more first team players in midfield.
  19. I want [insert name] instead of Anwar. Painfully poor at this level.
  20. If we don’t buy a decent defensive midfielder this summer, we’ll have really missed an opportunity to push on. We need a DMC and a AMC. It’s so painfully obvious.
  21. Not working with Ghazi and Ramsey out wide. Daft playing AEG on the right.
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