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  1. Fair enough, if that’s the case. Either way, I don’t rate him that highly but we’ll see what happens. Hopefully he comes back a man possessed. (Please don’t tell me we can’t sell Samatta either..)
  2. He also struggles to control the football 50% of the time.
  3. Yes, I am! Maybe I just don’t understand. Either way, I don’t rate him and would rather Davis be our third choice striker behind two new signings this summer.
  4. As much as I like him, he definitely isn’t a champions league striker. He’s a good, Premier League level striker. One I wish we had in our side.
  5. I don’t get you here, rodders. You think he’s crap, but you wouldn’t sell at a loss? Do you expect us to turn a profit on someone who, in your opinion has been largely poor, and is coming back from one of the most serious injuries a professional footballer can sustain? For fear of sounding like our resident Leeds fan - Villalad, I’ll shy away from the hyperbole but I just don’t rate him. I want him to succeed but I can’t see it and I would take a loss right now if it meant we could sign Watkins and say, Edouard. Our sporting director was sacked for a reason and that’s because the players he signed - Wesley, Nakamba, Trezeguet etc. - have all been underwhelming.
  6. I’m glad you’re not in charge of our recruitment
  7. I would sell Wesley in a heartbeat for anything above 10m. He's not very good and may even be worse after his ligament injury. He's a classic case of a player getting better on Villatalk whilst out injured. Honestly? I think he's rubbish. (sorry).
  8. I'd take 13m. I'd snap their hands off at 10m tbh. It's a helluva deal. He has been largely poor. Comically poor at times showing very few attributes to suggest he would make it at this level long term. If someone wants to offer us £13m for a dud who is coming back from a long term cruciate ligament injury, then get the f*** in. Cut our losses. I don't rate him and I'd much rather have Watkins and another striker if this helps fund the deal. (Appreciate this may be an unpopular opinion with some)
  9. The Brentford fans on here are definitely my favourite from any other club. Brentford are my second team now. Which is why I'll be sad to see Watkins leave us.
  10. If anyone wanted to give us €15m for Wesley, i'd say they were a) clinically insane, and b) where do we sign?
  11. I'm being genuine now when I say this - I've heard the first signing will be Watkins and it will be next Wednesday.
  12. This is exactly where I'm at. I just don't see anything in Samatta at all. Would rather we let go of him above both Wesley and Davis.
  13. Sarr, Benrahma, Watkins, Grealish. Thats the front 4. That’s the front 4 right there.
  14. Benrahma is a winger, you do realise that, right? Everyone’s telling you that, but then you keep comparing his goal output (which is seriously impressive) to the output of a striker. You then claim we shouldn’t sign Benrahma to be a winger and we should sign Jimenez and Danny Ings instead? What are you talking about?
  15. So, just to confirm, we shouldn’t be looking at Benrahma. We need to instead look for a winger who scored 17 goals last season against some of the best defences in the world. Bet there is plenty of them about. Lol.
  16. Cool, ok then. Let’s go and spend 200m and double the wage bill. Of course, when FFP does kick back into gear, we’ll be absolutely fine.
  17. You’d need at least 80-100m to buy someone at that level. They also wouldn’t want to come here.
  18. That’s because FFP wasn’t a thing when they did it.
  19. So there are absolutely no top drawer players in the Championship then, no?
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