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  1. Ha, I wouldn’t go that far Kenji, but I think he’s been one of our better signings for sure
  2. Agreed. Let’s blame everyone else. It has nothing to do with the fact the bloke can’t dribble, shoot, beat a man, win a header or control the ball. Why on earth would we ever blame him. Its just like the situation with super Scotty Hogan, whom I may add, is world class. If we had played to his strengths, there is no way he would be struggling to get a game at Stoke now. Wesley is great and everyone else should be utterly ashamed of themselves.
  3. I used to love watching Abraham last season. Every time the ball went into the box he’d pounce and he was on his toes. Whilst not the finished article, he was a goal scorer and he caused so many problems. We might as well not bother putting the ball in the box now. This bloke is flat footed, slow and he’s never where you need him. He just looks disinterested, lazy and a very poor footballer. I’m thoroughly fed up watching him play. Have not disliked a player as much as him in a while.
  4. Comments. 1. We’re dreadful without Grealish. 2. None of our players can shoot. 3. Wesley is just so bad. 4. Our wingers aren’t good enough. They each show glimpses but on the whole they aren’t good enough. Both need replacing. 5. Defensively we look good enough to stay up. Targett and Guilbert aren’t world beaters but that back 4 gives us a solid base to build. 6. Konsa looked impressive. 7. Douglas Luiz continues to frustrate. Nowhere near as good as I thought he’d be. 8. When is Grealish back? 9. We really miss Grealish.
  5. I was just thinking that. We’ve got enough elsewhere to stay up, we’re just dreadful in the final third without Grealish. Really disappointed with Trezeguet. I thought he would be good but he looks dreadful too tbh.
  6. Brazil must be really s***.
  7. All of our wingers are poor tbh. If we can afford to replace them in Jan, we should. We’re having to play our best player on the left just to cover up their shitness atm.
  8. I can assure you, that isn’t tapping up. Tapping up is when they’d just ring him and tell him they want him, which pretty much happens a lot. If they want him, he’d know about it.
  9. I genuinely don’t. I don’t know what he’s good at. He’s so, so limited in what he can do Trent. People are clinging onto the fact that he ‘brings others into play’. I could do that. The only thing I’m clinging onto is the run and finish against Everton. I think he’s been exceptionally poor outside of that to be honest. Frustrating as I think we have a good team around him.
  10. That’s actually true. Hogan had a decent attitude but he had no attributes to his game to make him a decent striker. Wesley is exactly the same, he just throws his arms around a bit more and blames others.
  11. Wasn’t at his best yesterday but I like him. Unlike with Wesley, Marvelous has some obvious attributes that aid the team. He’ll get better and better for us.
  12. It’s Scott Hogan all over again!
  13. Some of his actions on the pitch have been a disgrace. Throwing his arms around, sulking, pretending to be unconscious, diving. I don’t like his attitude as a player and it just so happens he’s really poor with it.
  14. No, he’s saying he doesn’t seem to have any attributes that you can work with. He will develop, and I’m sure he will get better, but I doubt he’ll be anywhere near good enough even when that happens.
  15. And when he’s poor after 15, people will be saying 20. He’s a really limited player and we really can’t afford to be giving our striker 15 games to see if he’s good enough. That’s almost half the season in an unforgiving league. I’ve said it before, if Smith doesn’t fancy Davis, I’d be tempted to play McGinn up top. He’d hold the ball up, he can shoot, he’ll press, he’ll roll his man and he’ll bring others into the game. Basically everything Wesley doesn’t.
  16. Has anyone ever seen him beat a man with the ball at his feet?
  17. Fair. Genuine question, what do you think his strengths are as a player? (I don’t think Davis is great btw, I’m just desperate!)
  18. Was good against Everton and he played ok against a poor Norwich team. You can defend him all you like but he’ll be replaced soon enough and you’ll remember what a good striker actually looks like
  19. Don’t bother mate. The only argument the Wesley bandwagon has is that Davis isn’t prolific when the bloke hardly ever has a chance. Tbh, I’m not really arguing the Davis case as he probably isn’t the answer either. Wesley has just got to a level where he’s so poor I’m desperately hoping for an alternative. Id genuinely be tempted to play McGinn up top next game. At least he’d hold the ball up with the super ass.
  20. He’s blown hot once. The other 9 games he’s been f****** freezing.
  21. It is when said player is throwing his arms around blaming the likes of McGinn when he can’t control the football. His attitude is only marginally better than his ability. And he has zero ability.
  22. So why isn’t he starting? Wesley is an absolute donkey. Awful footballer who isn’t even likeable.
  23. That’s where I’m at tbh. The people saying he has a lot of potential can’t name one facet of his game that is half decent. He’s just a really poor player. It happens though. We got it wrong with him. I see no potential in him at all. Would loved to be proven wrong but he’s absolute garbage in a very decent team.
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