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    Keinan Davis

    Perhaps, but it might also be a mixture of our striker situation and the fact he’s injured so nobody is coming in for him. The last 3 years should have been so different for him. He should have been loaned out 2/3 times and developed as a player by playing more minutes.
  2. Delphinho123

    Keinan Davis

    He’s only an option for 2 games a season though. Ability wise, I really like him and think that when fit, he’s a better player than Wesley. That’s not really the debate here. I don’t really know why I’m so angry about his injuries. I think it’s a mixture of absolutely no information from the club and the fact that we’re so poor in that position. He seems to suffer a muscle strain and rather than ‘oh, he’ll be back in two weeks’, it puts him out for 6 months. The guy looks like an athlete but clearly his body can’t cope.
  3. Delphinho123

    Keinan Davis

    Is he fit yet? I’m close to giving up on the bloke tbh. He takes a slight knock and it puts him out for 12 months. It’s a bit pathetic really.
  4. I’d go with that too but the Premier League might have something to say about it.
  5. If you’d said to to me after the playoff final and having spent 140m that Indiana Vassilev would be starting in a key game against a relegation rival in late January, I’d have called you mad. For what it’s worth, I very much doubt he’ll start, but bizarre it’s come to this. I don’t want to turn this thread into a stick to beat the club with though so hopefully he comes good and best of luck to the lad!
  6. Thoughts on Kodjias performance in the away game?
  7. We’re arguably a better team with el Ghazi up front anyway. If we’re being honest, we’ve played the entire season without a striker really.
  8. Hasn't this just been rubbished in the Transfer thread?
  9. You’ve gotta love it. Never change, Screwdriver. Never change.
  10. He could have the best attitude in the world, he’d still never cut it in the Premier League. Whilst attitude is important, it’s no substitute for ability. Lansbury is a middle of the road championship player at best.
  11. You'd be as mad as me if you had my username and no idea how to change it.
  12. Same side Villalad gets out. I'll snap out of it soon enough and I'll get back to slating our summer business instead of how 16yr olds dress whilst pretending they don't know their photo is being taken.
  13. If we can get Lansbury off the books too, that would be excellent business. We still need a combative midfielder and an inside forward if possible. Bowen and N'zonzi would cap a good January for me. As things stand, I still don't think we have enough.
  14. Yep, won't believe that one until it's confirmed by the club. I can't see anyone paying 3m for a player with 6m left on contract. Especially one as disinterested and crocked as Kodj. That said, they sound Middle Eastern, probably got loads of cash to burn.
  15. What's Instagram? That's a waste of time too. Worlds gone mad.
  16. You must be able to watch all the Jupiler league games on terrestrial TV in Spain. Only reason I can think our scouts are over there.
  17. I think we're all treading carefully around the fact that he looks like a complete, f***** bellend. And as for those handbags that all the kids are wearing these days, they're shit as well. Use your pockets you stupid pricks. Sick and tired of it.
  18. I think Wesley and Trezeguet are the only two players we’ve signed, or been linked with, where I couldn’t find a YouTube video to get excited about. At least this Samatta fella has a half decent YouTube compilation. In truth, I’m a bit skeptical as to whether he’s the answer but will definitely get behind him. I just hope he’s more Mane than Salifou!
  19. Whoever manages that account deserves a medal. It must be a bunch of them running it, scouring the internet for obscure links. Fair play to them.
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