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  1. How isn't Watkins in the squad... Would be such an amazing option for England
  2. I would not play Kane. Been England's worst player so far
  3. They look in way worse shape than what the men did coming into their 2nd season in the top flight. Shit ton of work to do it seems.
  4. I think Foden is better centrally.
  5. A Watkins type. A Jesus Gabriel type.
  6. Mount and Grealish aren't competing for the same position
  7. Kane isn't a Guardiola player at all neither is Haaland. Be surprised if there's anything in it.
  8. Wolves is done pal. What will they do without Nuno and Mendes?
  9. He is 36 years old buddy. Get a reality check, he is getting Elmos role. Serie A is a much less demanding league. A lot less intensive and it's slower paced. Cash and Targett will start every week when fit. Grealish and Buendia will start every week on opposite wings when fit.
  10. Almost faultless so far Only thing missing is the theme park
  11. Loving the quick decisions though. In the prem those major decisions seem to go on for minutes
  12. I'd be absolutely amazed if this Italian side isn't playing the final. They don't look like a national side, they look like a club side that's had a full pre season. Organized, patterns of play, crisp and quick passing. So far Germany and Italy have looked the best teams thus far to me.
  13. Agree with that. They have skillful and tidy midfielders. You can't get the ball off them.
  14. Look how hard Italy are working to get back when they lose the ball. They look incredible
  15. Even with a weakened side Italy is still looking decent This is coaching
  16. Grealish and Sancho should start. Foden been underwhelming tbh. I think he is better centrally
  17. Well he ain't replacing Targett or Cash. We aren't using a 36 year old as a winger. Simply because he doesn't have the legs for it and he isn't that player anymore. That Ash who used to beat people with explosive pace and agility isn't the Ash who we just signed. He will play cup games and cover for Cash/Targett during suspensions, injuries etc. Can't see him playing more than 5-10 league games tbh. People says it's disrespectful but he is basically Elmo 2.0
  18. Got to say despite the loss to France i've been hugely impressed with Germany.
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