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  1. In his time at United his record against the big clubs was abysmal. Recently against Liverpool he was appalling. Flat track bully.
  2. If you can even count Arsenal these days he has 3 goals in 16 appearances against them. 1 goal in 10 against Chelsea 3 in 11 against Man Utd 4 goals in 14 against Man City 1 in 12 against Spurs 5 in 11 against Liverpool Doesn't sound elite to me.
  3. Lukaku doesn't score goals against the big teams that should be the worry. At United I think he had 1 or 2 goals against the top 6 in total or something like that.
  4. How many of those 15 goals are from pens? Just out of interest.
  5. Leeds will rarely play a team as bad as Newcastle. They really need to be winning this.
  6. Will be interesting to see how Leeds adapt if they keep not winning
  7. Joelinton scoring would be the ultimate embarrassment for leeds
  8. Say what you want about Newcastle but they have an unbelievable support.
  9. Watch a relegation battling Newcastle filling their stadium while City can't
  10. I don't see any difference in him from the United days. The only difference is he is playing in a system that gets the most out of his qualities.
  11. It tends to have the opposite effect to what the fans want. Fans think booing puts players off their game but in most cases it just makes them more hungry to prove them wrong and actually lifts their game in many cases.
  12. Steve Bruce won't get sacked because Ashley will have to pay out.
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