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  1. Amazon seem to have a shaky grasp of UK geography.
  2. Can't get the alcohol Listerine any more.
  3. Fair enough. I can only go by the ones I've met.
  4. I will defend to the death your right to be wrong.
  5. We've discussed this before. The people who live in the satellite towns around Manchester, mostly seem keen to align themselves to the 'Manchester brand', while those in the Black Country fiercely reject any suggestion that they are anything to do with Birmingham.
  6. Finished The North Water. Many similarites with The Terror (even some cast overlap, with the Inuit woman), but definitely benefited by substituting the insurance scam/Hull scenes for the CGI creature.
  7. There maybe some legal/security issues with sending bills & statements over email. Banks won't do it, for example.
  8. Neither have I (but I don't find that bizarre, obviously).
  9. Hence my comments on my local FB group on VE Day, asking why people had decked their houses in British, French and American flags, but not a Soviet flag in sight.
  10. Opposite problem here. I'm on a busy main road with a streetlight right outside our bedroom. A few years ago the council replaced the dull yellow ones with blindingly bright incandescent white lights. We have to use blackout blinds, but even they don't totally block it out. It's bloody annoying.
  11. Surely if they've got actors playing the composers, it's a drama, not a documentary?
  12. You wouldn't like the Cambridge Folk Festival, then. On Sunday morning, they apparently broadcast The Archers Omnibus over the P.A.
  13. I trust you haven't told the wife, Bicks.
  14. That reminds me of the time at work when one of my colleagues was introducing the team to some newcomer. He got to this one guy and said "This is Pete. He's a nice feller until you get to know him". It was true, too.
  15. I just read that Reddingtons is closing down.
  16. All this has made me feel even older than I am. I've just seen a picture of Hill Street as it is now. The one underneath is as I remember it. Not that I'm saying the old dirty town was better, it's just that if I visit now it would be just visiting a new city, with zero nostalgia value.
  17. Doesn't this catch out loads of out-of-towners? Is it well advertised, with bus park-and-ride schemes, etc.? Must admit, it's put me off the idea of visiting Brum at all, if I can't just have a drive around.
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