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  1. How the hell does she ever manage to dress? Buttons are ubiquitous.
  2. This is the weirdest thing I've seen in a long time. EDIT: Is it actually a phobia, or just an OCD type thing? Like, I can't stand to see shoes put down with left and right the wrong way round. But it doesn't disturb me or anything - I just tut and switch them round.
  3. New 600 seater concert venue opening up near me soon. Brave move (or possibly perfect timing).
  4. Oops, yes I did. In my defence, I have seen some FB posts today showing long queues for the jab, which was why I initially took it at face value.
  5. Surprised by your wait times. I had mine done at a local hotel, and I walked in at the appointed time, was jabbed and out again. No waiting at all. Discounting the unnecessary 'wait for reaction' afterwards, the whole thing was done and dusted in five minutes, tops.
  6. So we are constantly told. I don't believe it.
  7. I don't care what anybody says. He's Hewitt's son, not Charles's, and he's known it for years. That's what's behind all this, why he married someone who was the very antithesis of 'suitable' and why he's finally walking away from them.
  8. I had two or three like-minded mates there who liked a beer. One of them was the personnel manager, which was fortuitous.
  9. I'm just wondering what my workmates and I would have done, were we still working during this pandemic. I suspect a slight variant on the old method - block out Friday afternoon in the calendar, with spurious 'meetings', then set up a social zoom chat with beers.
  10. That's an outrageous breach of your human rights!
  11. I had AZ, and I was 'advised' to give it 15 mins before driving - but the guy added that tbh if you're going to get an allergic reaction it would probably be in the first minute. In other news, my wife has still not had a letter, but - as suggested in this thread - she went through the website and got an appointment for March 19th. So thank you, VT.
  12. While we're on comedians singing the blues...
  13. Hugh Laurie is indeed a bloody good musician.
  14. Well, that's me staying out of On Topic for a while. And after all these years I think I finally need to resort to the 'ignore' function (although I don't know how to trigger it).
  15. Can I just remind people that there was almost unanimous approval for the starting lineup in the pre-match thread.
  16. Define 'not good'. They are playing with passion and commitment, they've been first to every 50-50 ball. Player for player, our team may be 'better'. As a team, Sheffield are playing better than us, so far.
  17. And I guarantee that supporters of every club say the same.
  18. Here we go, VT. A goal down after half an hour, and Smith got it wrong, we hate various players, we are crap, the ref is corrupt, everything's a conspiracy, etc. Give it a rest and grow the **** up.
  19. Not at all. Possession is what counts. Our misguided tactic of scoring more goals came to nothing against Leeds, who beat us decisively with their possession.
  20. Huh? I had no idea he'd ever acted! 100% musician to me.
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