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  1. The only issue is that very few major cities in the southern hemisphere get sufficiently cold to match the conditions we had in northern Europe, northern China, New York, etc. The most vulnerable place is likely to be New Zealand, but they may have succeeded in completely shutting it out. But the strong seasonal pattern of every other endemic coronavirus suggests seasonality of Covid-19 is plausible (maybe even probable): I think what's really interesting, though, is that experts are starting to revise their views on what % of the population are susceptible, and therefore what % infection is needed for the virus to run out of steam. Originally this was thought to be 60% - now more people are suggesting figures like 5%, 10%, 20%.
  2. Good thread on why second wave is unlikely in the short-term (more likely to happen later in the year).
  3. KentVillan

    Pepe Reina

    In fairness to Reina, the lockdown in Spain has been very intense. I have friends in Spain, who definitely aren't right-wing, who say Spanish lockdown laws have been too extreme - locking children indoors all day long for weeks on end hasn't gone down well. So cut him some slack, please, unless you genuinely understand the situation yourselves. Let him Tweet what he wants to Tweet. Having said that, I think he's a pretty shit goalkeeper these days, and I can't wait for Heaton to return.
  4. It will be interesting to see if more Tories (and especially Brexiteer Tories) start to line up against Cummings. Sky News are planning to prevent Grant Shapps from replying with "I'll need to check that for you", by publishing several questions in advance of his interview: Feels like we've reached the end of Series 3 of a particularly violent box set, perhaps around the episode 7 point, and the villain who was previously regarded as indestructible has, lined up in front of him, all the many people he has wronged. They are armed to the teeth, and motivated by vengeance.
  5. KentVillan


    Thanks for sharing this. I'd say probably the main reason at 35 I don't have children, despite a few relationships where that was on the cards, was I just felt completely unprepared to bring another human being into the world who would have to go through what you've described. Maybe it's a convenient excuse for more general commitment phobia or whatever, but I have this genuine desire to be a parent who provides an emotionally stable environment to a child, and I'm terrified of not being capable of doing that. When you come from a family with a history of mental health and alcohol / substance abuse problems, as I imagine most of us in this thread do to some extent, it's very hard not to worry that you "carry the gene". It's quite uplifting to hear from people who have that experience lingering somewhere in the background, but haven't let it define them.
  6. I think she disputes how many fatalities attributed to Covid-19 are actually caused by the virus. So not as obvious a mistake necessarily as would appear. 0.01% does sound very, very low though, I agree. 0.1 pretty plausible still?
  7. I remember when Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba used to divide opinion on whether they were good enough to play at this level. A lot of people said Ronaldo had no end product (lol). Drogba didn't hit double figures in a league season until he was 24. The fact is you just can't reliably predict how much a player will improve over the course of his career, nor when that improvement will happen. Some players get better year after year until they're 32+ (Milner). Some peak at 22 (Joe Cole). Some look crap until they're 26 and then suddenly become elite (Vardy). I don't massively rate Wesley, but I've seen enough of an impact in a few games (Everton, Man Utd, Burnley) to suggest he's worth persisting with. I also think he has the right attitude. He'll never be the most technically gifted player in the league, but he's very strong and causes defenders a lot of problems. When he learns how to channel that physicality effectively, he'll be a menace. And he is a tidy finisher. I find it embarrassing when some lads who supposedly support Villa act like we're Man Utd and should just be shopping around for the best established talent worldwide. We have to develop talent, we have to take gambles, there's no alternative. Do I wish we'd signed a more experienced striker last summer? Yes 100%. Does that make Wesley a bad signing? No, there's still loads of time for him to improve.
  8. KentVillan


    Usually hate TED Talks, but this one struck a chord. I think his talk is slightly mistitled - he means "great leaders should do what recovering addicts do" - many addicts don't recover and are bad role models for just about anything, besides tips on how to kill yourself as quickly as possible. But he's right that recovering addicts are forced to abide by principles that non-addicts can ignore on a day-to-day basis. Recovering from addiction teaches you the value of discipline, resilience, and integrity. (Of course the ideal is that you learn these qualities without ever going through the experience of addiction... there really is nothing good about being an addict.)
  9. Wait a minute, can we conduct a full investigation into this? Does this happen everywhere?
  10. Worcester sauce or HP sauce. Hoisin sauce is very good as well, although can taste a little bit too much like liquid sugar sometimes. I also like that really thick, dark soy sauce for dipping spring rolls in. And that Vietnamese fish sauce (I think?) that you dip fried spring rolls in. Actually is there such thing as a bad sauce?
  11. https://unherd.com/2020/05/oxford-doubles-down-sunetra-gupta-interview/
  12. Went for a walk and finished with a couple of bottles of Cellar Head Amber Ale Try not to drink these days, but after 12 miles of hiking I felt like I'd earnt it.
  13. This explains many of your opinions on football
  14. If anyone's wondering, this is Latin for clothing that you wank into
  15. Reality is he probably didn't love himself at all. Behind the ego there's usually a little insecure boy trying to impress someone. Thought he came across really well in all three episodes of Harry's Heroes, and looks like he's still a very useful player. Still got that edge to him when he got fouled twice in the San Marino game, which was good to see. It is a shame he didn't make a bit more of his talent. He broke into the Villa squad at a time when there were a few well known pissheads in the squad (Merson!), and the club hadn't really kept up with the times. Wonder if a better run club with more role models in the first team would have sorted him out. Sadly we'll never know, but pleased he's got his life back on track. Good to see Darius Vassell popping up on Harry's Heroes as well.
  16. Only have vinegar with fish and chips. But in that case it's loads of vinegar, and it's delicious.
  17. Where does this back thing come from? I knew about pugs but never heard of this with German shepherds (not v clued up on dogs!). Does it cause health problems? I’ve been interested in getting a dog for a while, but not having come from a dog owning family, I’m completely clueless.
  18. I honestly think this is the power of the 12 programs. Recovering addicts have that awareness of what other addicts are doing, and don’t brush it under the carpet or make excuses for people. ”Normal” drinkers / users don’t always appreciate what’s going on - they see a health problem, definitely, but they don’t always see what’s happening inside that person’s head. I finally got round to watching this today, and it had me in tears to be honest. You can see Razor has just surrounded himself with enablers and hangers on for decades and has dug himself into a pantomime geezer hole, and it took massive balls for Merson to call him out on it like that. One of the hardest things on the road to recovery is working out who the negative influences on your life are - the ones who refuse to be a positive influence - and ditching them. Not always easy when the positive influences are the ones saying very difficult things about your character.
  19. He comes across really well here. Thought a few of you might get something useful out of this one.
  20. Pires and Cole stand out as the players who came closest to “greatness” in their primes. Crouch is probably the biggest disappointment because all the other failures can be easily explained by joining too early / late in their career. Crouch should have been much better for us.
  21. How do we feel about chucking the relevant sauce all over everything on the plate? For example, if I have a lamb roast, I put mint sauce on everything. Same with horseradish and roast beef. The carrots, potatoes, parsnips, Yorkshire puds, stuffing, etc are all getting sauced. Based on the number of incorrect and extremely ignorant opinions being expressed about mango chutney in this thread, I'm not confident I'll be getting intelligent feedback on this question, but just wanted to throw it out for discussion.
  22. Total prick, but he was class at Forest, and really wasn't that bad at Liverpool. Much better player than Heskey on his day, but Heskey was a better pro.
  23. One thing I'd suggest to anyone who finds walking / outdoor spaces beneficial to their mental health. Instead of going to parks and beauty spots, look for some more obscure walking trails on the Ordnance Survey website (you can order paper maps or you can use their web maps to find a route). Those of you who are city based will probably need to take the car to reach a suitable starting point. So long as you don't pick obvious beauty spots, you'll probably find there's very few people around. I've been amazed how easy it is to avoid the crowds if you just go a bit beyond the obvious outdoor spaces.
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