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  1. Any recommendations for things to do in Dublin that don't involve alcohol
  2. Recommendations for an autumn week in Dublin?
  3. Every **** season there is a manager of another club who is the chosen one. 2019/20 it was Wilder 2020/21 it was Bielsa or Moyes 2021/22 it's Potter If someone can show me any evidence that any of these managers are tearing away from Smith, I'd love to see it. Wilder got relegated the next year. Bielsa has 6 points so far this season, Moyes is only 4 points ahead, and no doubt Potter will have a bad spell at some point. Some people see all of our flaws, but go easy on all the clubs around us for some reason. Once you go below Chelsea, City and Liverpool every other team in this division has serious flaws, and will drop points in stupid ways on a regular basis.
  4. We've played 8 games out of a 38 game season, and we're mid table. We're 5 points off the Champions League places. People need to calm down. Yesterday was a sickener, and no doubt we made some big mistakes from Smith downwards. But the idea we should start questioning Smith's future now is madness.
  5. In fairness to him, he's captain of the team and leader of the defence, and to some extent he needs to show some swagger as one of the elder pros now at the club. That doesn't bother me. I don't think he's overrated tbh. Nobody is mentioning him in the same breath as McGrath, Laursen, etc. He's rightly seen as one of our best signings in recent years, because he was instrumental in getting us promoted, and has turned out to be a real bargain as a Premier League player. He also seems to genuinely love the club, and he demands the best from his teammates. The issue (and I don't think he'll ever fix this, because I think it's just who he is) is the inconsistency and the little mistakes. Partly that's just natural talent - he's a bit clumsy on the ball. Partly he seems to have 1 game in 5 or 6 where he really stinks the place out. But he's still one of the first names on the teamsheet for me. I don't really know what people expect unless we go out and spend £60m+ on a Champions League CB. Most of the English defenders who get listed as supposedly miles better than him... just aren't. It's easy for someone like Tarkowski to look like a great defender when he just sits on the edge of the box clearing the ball and bodying people in an unadventurous Burnley side. Those teams are set up to make the defenders look good. As for selling him? Okay yes, he's 28 and in England squad, so now's the time to cash in, in theory. But given the cost of replacing him with a reliable first-choice LCB, I'd be very surprised if this worked out in our favour. Who would we bring in?
  6. Luiz and McGinn, when they're both playing well, definitely have a big impact on how good the other player looks. McGinn is the energy and Luiz is the shape. Without the ball, McGinn is the one pressing and harassing, and then Luiz is the one cutting off angles and runs. In possession, McGinn is the one making runs, and Luiz is the one finding the deeper pocket of space. Without McGinn's energy, Luiz gets overrun. Without Luiz's positional awareness, McGinn's aggressive pressing leaves big holes. What we lost when Luiz went off was that composure and shape. Nakamba isn't that safe out ball, because teammates don't trust his touch, and he doesn't see good passes. I agree with you McGinn put in a better all-round performance, but I don't think it's a coincidence that we collapsed after Luiz went off.
  7. I think it’s a bit different with Marv than say Veretout or whoever. Marv is 27, this is his third season here, we’ve seen quite a lot of him. He’s done nothing to suggest he’ll ever be a top player. On a good day, his off the ball work is class, and he manages to lay the ball off quickly to the technical players. But there’s the problem: we’re delighted when he manages to find feet with a pass because we know this is a challenge for him. You only have to watch him in the warm up to see he’s technically miles behind the rest of the squad, and his peak performance in possession is normal for his teammates. That isn’t a long term option in a Premier League side. So no I don’t think he’s shit, and I like him, but he needs replacing eventually.
  8. Interesting that Leicester played 3-5-2 with specialist full backs at wing back against Utd yesterday, and also won. They also played a very aggressive press. Makes you wonder if it’s just a system that Utd are particularly vulnerable to.
  9. Yeah I mean loosely though, we're talking 11 games missed over 4 seasons (joined halfway through 16/17 and left halfway through 20/21), managed 122 league apps for Marseille, and no serious injuries. It's about as good as you can expect from most outfield players. Do we have anyone in our current squad with a better injury record than that? Probably just Watkins?
  10. Feel very sorry for him. He had a bad injury in 2015 at Montpellier, but he was ever present at Marseille from 2016 until he joined Villa. So he's been unlucky with how things have gone so far here. If you watch his Marseille videos, he's clearly one of those players like John McGinn who can do a bit of everything, and thrives on being first to the ball... very busy, strong, nimble, doesn't give up. We saw a bit of that vs Chelsea in the League Cup, so hopefully he'll get back to full fitness soon. The good thing is we have plenty of strength in depth in midfield, so no need to rush him back, but I would like to see him have a good run of games, just to see what he's capable of. My instinct says he could end up being a bit of a Villa legend.
  11. I would love to see him starting soon, but equally I don't want us to rush him back. Got to get it right. He's the X factor player in this squad. We have plenty of brilliant attacking players... Ings, Buendia, Watkins, Traore, El Ghazi can all make things happen in the final third... but Bailey is the one who can do it out of literally nothing. Backs against the wall, shit afternoon, nothing going our way, Bailey's the one you back to wriggle out of a challenge, bomb up the pitch, dance into the box, and bury it. Against the run of play. Oppo fans shell shocked. Villa fans shirts off. That's how I see him.
  12. Chilwell was brilliant in the Champions League final starting ahead of Alonso. I think that's a bit harsh on him. My theory with Southgate is that he got bullied a bit in the dressing room as a player, and there's a certain type of player nowadays who reminds him of the players he didn't like in his day... the loud flashy chavvy lads who are a bit too sure of themselves. I'd put Grealish, Chilwell, Madison, Lingard, and Greenwood in that category. And to be fair to him, he probably has a point. Some of those lads are absolute bellends. But I've never seen a successful football manager who didn't know how to accommodate a few big personalities in his side. That's the art of management, surely. Especially at international level, where you have to make do with the players available to you.
  13. Well shows how much attention I was paying
  14. Hungary’s goal was correct decision for the pen, but one of those bizarre goals that didn’t really mean anything. Southgate’s basic problem is that he doesn’t know how to really batter a team with all the attacking talent he has. A team parking the bus like Hungary are only getting unlocked by players like Grealish, Foden, etc. His obsession with playing pacy wingers against deep defences makes no sense - there was no space for them to attack. Had he kept Grealish on, I think we would have scored another goal. Saka belongs in a different kind of game. But ultimately it doesn’t really matter. Drawing 1-1 away from home isn’t the worst result in the world. I can’t stand Southgate, but people are reading far too much into this one. Phil McNulty at BBC blaming it on the switch to 1 holding mid lol… Edit: of course we were playing at Wembley But point still stands, we drew to what was basically a freak goal.
  15. Oh I **** did it. Southgate even credits himself with improving Jack's play while on England duty: Laughable.
  16. Southgate is a **** word removed. So fed up of this new narrative that he's spreading about Jack being a different player since he joined City. He's basically identical, and will be until the World Cup tbh. Guardiola rarely transforms a player in the space of a single season. It's just an arse covering move by Southgate to deflect from how badly he **** up the Euro final. The sad thing is Jack's bought into it (and in many ways been proven right) because of course his City move has had the very real impact of allowing him to be a regular England starter. But I think most objective observers would struggle to see any measurable difference in the way he plays. Where exactly are the improvements? Maybe slightly better set piece delivery? Remember when Guardiola was touting him as an 8? Lol.
  17. Absolutely love this from Dougie
  18. They give guidance to refs on top of that, though, don’t they - I think they could be a bit more explicit about why that type of tackle is dangerous and unnecessary. I remember a lot of non-Villa fans felt the Mee tackle on Wesley was legit, but that raise the question why something that dangerous is up for debate. Especially when same player has injured several opponents with the same technique.
  19. What bothers me is there doesn’t seem to be any real legitimate case for ever doing a scissor tackle. The only reason for that second movement is to take the player out. And yes, you’re right - anything that takes out the standing leg is always going to do more damage
  20. Agree with your point that shoehorning players into a formation usually sees them drift into their natural roles, but I think Buendia has the potential to be a legitimate centre mid from what I've seen. Obviously the most attacking mid of the 3, but I don't think we'd see him doing what Barkley did last year, for example.
  21. There's nothing inherently wrong with a front 2, especially when it's two players like Watkins and Ings who are good at tracking back. Real Madrid won 2018 Champs League with a front 2, and Atletico Madrid won La Liga last season often playing a front 2 (including 3-5-2 at times). Formation is very rarely as big a deal as fans make out, anyway. What matters is how the individual players play within the system. 4-4-2 can be a very loose, attacking shape, or it can be a very tight defensive shape. Same for 5-3-2 / 3-5-2. Man Utd used to play a 4-4-2 which turned into 4-5-1 in defence, with Rooney or Tevez tucking back wide. Arguably that's similar to what we're asking our front 2 to do at the moment. FWIW I think we will switch tactics when Bailey is fully fit and starting games, but for now I understand why we've gone with a front 2.
  22. Partnerships take a while to gel. I’d rather we gave it a chance before deciding it doesn’t work.
  23. One thing I think Smith needs to be more open to is the idea of playing our strikers wide or as 10s. It would open up formations like 4-3-3 and 3-4-3 while still getting both Ings and Watkins involved in the same lineup. You look at the great strikers of recent years like Henry, Rooney, Ronaldo, etc and so many of them have played like this, I don't think it's an insult to the player to make him play a bit wider or deeper. From what we've seen recently, Ings and Watkins are both more than willing to track back.
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