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  1. Obviously I've barely been paying attention since about gameweek 3, but how the **** are they only 1 point above Forest?
  2. To be honest, we're all going to get covid sooner or later, even if you (like me) haven't had it yet. It is inevitable, and that is the implicit logic in removing restrictions. But it really does make a difference if you get vaccinated: (from: https://twitter.com/PaulMainwood/status/1449062935469379589 I know most people commenting in this thread have already been double jabbed. But maybe there are some lurkers out there who haven't, or maybe the commenters know somebody who hasn't, and I just really recommend you get yourself vaccinated, for your benefit and that of everyone around you.
  3. Was also quite good on fire safety as he chaired the relevant committee:
  4. We'll find out soon enough, not sure what benefit there really is in speculating.
  5. Exactly this. Violence against the people's representatives is always wrong. It was terrible when Jo Cox was stabbed and died, when Stephen Timms was stabbed and survived, and it's no less terrible today.
  6. Seem to recall some people On Here who had symptoms but also negative test results? Anyway, if that was you, maybe you were one of the 43,000:
  7. I can't believe you say it like that. Only posh people put a showy /w/ sound in. Do you also over-pronounce 'whisk' as well?
  8. 20 months in and found my immediate family for the first time, as my dad's got it. Glad he's been double-vaxxed as he's in not the best of health, so I think he could have been in problems. Seems to have hit him quite hard as it is.
  9. There have been a number of polls showing Greitens in the lead, this poll is confirming what seemed to be the case before anyway. But i agree with @villakram, it's an interesting race because Greitens is so Trumpish, it's quite a good measure of how important he still is in the Republican party (very!). He has a number of sex scandals, so he might end up running quite a weak race in the general, but it's Missouri so he'll be fine I'm sure.
  10. Typically, I missed the Wolves game but saw the QPR one
  11. Released today but with casework from before and during the Labour conference: Not sure whether Kantar also usually give Labour on the low side.
  12. Got to be! At least twice that for a fully-functioning magic wand these days.
  13. I just think this media-led narrative that the Tories are operating on very uncomfortable or unfamiliar ideological terrain is at least 9 grains of bullshit for every grain of truth.
  14. (from: https://twitter.com/MapPornTweet/status/1448612168354631681)
  15. Seems like a bit of a silly debate in as much as both sides are clearly 'right': he is a phenomenal player, but somewhat less phenomenal than he used to be. Just seems like everyone basically agrees with that point but wants to argue about it!
  16. Based on nothing more than watching him in a couple of those games, he seems like a classic 'rough diamond' in that he has lovely skill, nice ball control, bags of confidence, but also seems to take unnecessary risks, move out of position, and lose the ball in dangerous places. But I suppose those things are easier to teach than the raw talent stuff.
  17. Yeah, it's tough, especially Kane. But man alive, he's been rank so far this season.
  18. It's not you, he's the second highest scorer (Depay has one more; Zahavi has two more than both Lewandowski and Ronaldo, and three more than Haaland, Lukaku and Kane)
  19. Kane really was awful, but he didn't actually do that much of the popping up all over the place stuff by his standards. I agree with your analysis of the lack of movement up front otherwise though. It's a challenge for Southgate that Kane and Sterling are so out of form. Obviously he likes, rates and relies on the pair of them, but there does have to come a point when questions need to be asked about whether they should be guaranteed starters. I don't care that Stones isn't playing for City when he keeps playing well for England, but for Kane and Sterling the situation is a bit different.
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