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  1. It just looks like his legs are gone.
  2. It just wasn't meant to be... All three goals were luck honestly.
  3. I thought we played really well. The penalty is tough but you can argue it. Not sure how the El Ghazi cross/handball doesn't get more of a look. Spurs are very lucky to have a lead, honestly.
  4. Not gonna worry about Jack leaving, if he does in the future, I understand. I doubt he is even thinking about it right now, so why are we?. We have lost players, club continues onwards... Leicester lost Kante & Mahrez. Now they have Maddison. Look at them. Wise investing and player development are what we need to worry about, regardless of Jack.
  5. Spurs previous line-ups don't look too imposing in midfield. I guess the one guy we would struggle with would be N'Dombele, if anyone, but he has only been a sub. Claret & blue glasses maybe, but I think we should be expecting a point at home.
  6. It looks like a lot of our tougher games are at home, so we have that going for us. Also, I'm not entirely sure the teams hovering around 30 points are safe just yet either.
  7. Yeah, both plays were basically the same. Soft but both got clipped.
  8. Luiz at least started our goal yesterday with a great pass out wide. He also shows for the ball a lot for our defense but they would rather hoof it into the stands (Mings, Hause).
  9. Shaky game in the second half...but once again I'll raise a point. We subbed off our RW and didn't replace....so he was isolated.
  10. Pathetic subs today. Up a man, keeps 5 defenders on the field.... Takes our RW off and doesn't replace anyone there? What are you doing? If anything, that was when AEG could make an impact with space and 1 on 1s. Trez didn't even go to the right or do anything.
  11. god things happen when we switch the play...not rocket science mings
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