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  1. Lol most of their bench would walk into our first team.
  2. I just think it demoralizing that anytime he tries to do something he gets fouled. And maybe, I am being whiny but anytime we commit the kinds of fouls that are done to him, it is a quick yellow. Every time it stops our run of play.
  3. This all the way. It was so blatantly clear in the first half that Targett had no help on the left and once Nakamba came on both could cover each other and actually put a foot in to get the ball.
  4. Being played out of position and asked to do things he can't. Falls on Dean for putting him in a position to fail while Nakamba sits on the bench.
  5. Sad performance after having a week to prepare and rest. I really think the staff needs to lock them all in a room and watch these films....it is pretty pathetic how bad some of these recent games were. It is hard to face Leicester, but we made it easy for them with countless errors and mistakes. Nyland and hopefully McGinn back for the next match to give us a spark because we looked dead out there tonight.
  6. Has to be benched after that game.
  7. My criticism of Smith would be: Give the boys some confidence to hold the ball and keep possession when we need to. Stop subbing AEG off for Trez, atm.
  8. I feel like I complain about it every week now...Trez is definitely a decent player but I don't think he is currently in-form at all.
  9. Reina deserves to be dropped after SOU game
  10. True but I think most are saying other players would play through the minor stuff. Not saying that applies to Saturday though, he clearly got clocked by a flailing arm.
  11. A lot of opportunity here, we have two games (Leicester and Liverpool away) which are probably write-offs but the rest if we show up we have a solid chance at getting at least a point.
  12. I don't think tactics were the issue against SOU...the execution was just really, really poor. That falls on the players. And sorry not sorry, these are grown men, Dean shouldn't have to bang on the drum to get them to put a shift in and actually do the bare minimum in their positions. I'd say at least 6 or 7 of them couldn't muster that Saturday.
  13. I don't know, replay showed him getting taking an arm to the jaw...not sure why everyone, including Mings, is assuming it was nothing and he wanted out 15 minutes into a game.
  14. I saw what Dean saw....honestly. No complaints about the formation or the subs. All made sense to me. These guys are professionals and at a certain point they have to do their part and barely any of them did anything correctly today. Guilbert, Konsa, Reina really, really bad today.
  15. Southampton worked hard and played a physical game, so credit to them. We couldn't keep hold of the ball at all and constantly made mistakes. Guilbert, Konsa, and Reina -- terrible today. Trez wasn't as bad as people are saying. Dean made positive subs, team just did not play well. Luiz, Targett, and Jack were the only guys who were acceptable.
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