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  1. If Westwood is good enough for the PL, so is Conor. That's not a knock on Westy either, a team other than us deemed he is good enough.
  2. My notes: Smith 95% right today, 2/3 subs were bad but the timing for all three was probably fitness related. We literally gave the game away in the second half...but it is not just Grealish's mistake, it was all half. Being caught out or missing fundamental passes. It suggests we were tired, honestly. Our luck eventually ran out. Still I hope Smith and the staff really get on the boys for things like that regardless. We need to set standards and we did not play well in the second half going forward. Defense and goal keeping was outstanding. A more open game will test their positioning but we showed we can defend well when protecting a lead, which has not always been the case. Ref was really bad today. Spurs fouled us every time we moved forward with the ball, almost all game. McGinn flat out got fouled in the box and no call. Ref needs to call that and let VAR decide because it really would have been a PK if so. Can't complain too much though given the no call on Kodija's handball. Overall: Yay, we are back and we are competitive! First half shows it just need to tidy up in midfield. We got dealt a shit hand, Spurs debut in new stadium, first game back.
  3. We threw this game away in the second half...we haven't had a single counter attack and have been awful on the ball.
  4. Winks off is really weird, he was playing well
  5. But you can't run straight into people and not get the ball. Get your eyes checked bro
  6. Luis for El Ghazi, push Grealish up the field imo
  7. Sorry but this ref is terrible. Make the call if its close and let VAR decide. That was a PK.
  8. Spurs foul us every time we have the ball, jesus
  9. Apart from one dive from El Ghazi, we have been getting hacked for the most part.
  10. Elmo might have just pushed Kane off on that...whew
  11. 10 mins later.... as Wesley gets absolutely taken out no call ...

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