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  1. I want to see two strikers on the field. One winger off push McGinn out wide
  2. This team drives me nuts. When we actually pass the ball, we look good. We may have had 3 good possessions all half. Not a good goal to concede but Wolves have been better, no question.
  3. Great movement when McGinn and Luiz touch the ball. Everytime we have possession one of them should touch the ball.
  4. Midfielders need to start asking questions. Playing the wing every time is predictable.
  5. Subs wouldn't have been a problem if we didn't give up a softy on a corner. That is what we should be griping about. Highly doubt Lansbury or Konsa fix what happened on the corner, we were just not in position.
  6. Yeah, I agree. Especially the game last saturday was ridiculous.. I saw at least 4 or 5 no-calls that didn't go in Wes' favor. I wouldn't mind bringing in a pacier striker to harass teams on the counter attack.
  7. That was probably the plan until Guilbert got hurt...I really think that hurt our sub strategy.
  8. The issue I have with the ref is that it just gives Liverpool the complete advantage in defending counters when they can make challenges, especially on Wesley, when we are going forward and get everything to go their way. Stops any threat we have. I mean, he only let the boys play when it favored Liverpool.
  9. It's the players. They need to keep composure and value possession.
  10. Dean needs to be in the ear of the 4th official. Wesley is getting hacked
  11. I swear Wesley gets no calls. It's ridiculous to watch
  12. Brighton had some good spells and counters. Really like the way they play. Maupay would have definitely been worth it. The VAR callback was completely bullshit. I am a fan of VAR overall but it should not overturn 50/50 things. It's needs to be obvious. Regardless the call was wrong because not only did the goalie win the ball but Brighton played on and turned it over. Grealish, McGinn, and Nakamba were great. Davis should start for me. May not be as talented as Wesley but he is a hard worker and wins possession more often.
  13. Great game from the team! The **** VAR chant at the end had me in tears.
  14. I'm not sold on the opinion that Wes isn't enough. I am not sure we are finding him enough on runs. We are very quick to play it out wide and most of our offense is run that way. Usually he is drawing defenders and that allows others to get open in crossing situations. I only remember the exchange with Grealish this past game as being a bad play but usually he makes the smart play with the ball at his feet as well.
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