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  1. Can we stop purchasing players from the Belgian league? They are all so shit
  2. I think we need a manager like that to make us a mid table team in the PL. We then can attract bigger names. Look at how Everton got Ancelotti.
  3. So much for Mr no relegation on CV.
  4. A fit and motivated Kodjia would be so much better than what we got right now.
  5. Papering over the cracks. Man U should have scored 5 or 6
  6. Need a passion merchant. Timmy on a 4 game contract anyone ?
  7. My condolences to any PL club buying this fraud.
  8. Embarrassing. It's unbelievable how fragile, soft and passive this team is. If you love the club you resign tonight Dean.
  9. Expecting club statement by tomorrow morning.
  10. Purslow in the stands. I'm sure he is mightily impressed with his boy Dean.
  11. Dean looking at JT like. "Please man help me out here. I don't know what to do"
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