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  1. 3 goals conceded in the last 4 games. I'd say that's a decent improvement. With a lot of key injuries even.
  2. Yeah and it looks like they have addressed it now.
  3. We're not as open against the bigger sides. Against Soton, Leeds and Brighton we've conceded 9 goals 9 goals conceded in 3 games is just horrific
  4. It's a price you have to pay with Dean's system. He has abandoned the post lock down tactics. It's there for everyone to see. We are incredibly similar to Leeds. This season will be very hit and miss. I just hope we can avoid big defeats as it can suck the confidence out of the players.
  5. I wouldn't say Brigton is a counter attacking side. Potter identified our weakness and exploited it. It's a thing good coaches do.
  6. Guardiola has previously stated Man City can't afford Grealish.
  7. I do get the feeling we have gone back to that "You score 4 we'll score 5" sort of approach. At least against the lesser sides.
  8. If Barkley is unavailable all other options are worse than Conor imo
  9. Release the shackles on him Barkley out with hamstring and is likely to be out for a few weeks. Hopefully Conor gets his chance now.
  10. If Barkley is out with hamstring i recon he will be out for a few weeks. This could be a decent game for Conor. Moyes teams aren't exactly known for their high pressing and intensity
  11. No one could foresee Sheffield United and Burnley being this bad The fact that Fulham are above the dropzone with 4 points after 9 games is incredible
  12. They lost to Bristol's B team. Shame on them. They deserve nothing.
  13. So we are not entitled to criticize when we see the same defensive mistakes to last season? I thought we played a way too high line and counter attacking teams will expose us for it.
  14. Bilic likely to be the first to get the boot. Won't help them much though. No one is saving them with that squad.
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