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  1. The keepers are seriously struggling. After watching some more games i just feel bad for them. Not their fault really, the goals are simply too big.
  2. Elmo has done a bloody fantastic job then if he is not a rb. Been outstanding the last 2 months.
  3. How can you say Guilbert is a better rb than Elmo? That might not be the case at all, i will judge him after watching him some.
  4. villalad21

    John Terry

    Yeah. JT obviously got lots to learn from Axel and Mings!
  5. Hopefully he will become Benteke 2.0 for us!
  6. Mings and Tuanzebe in would be fantastic Not saying signing Tuanzebe on a permanent deal is a very realistic thought, but at the same time Manchester United is known for making bad decisions.
  7. Curious to see if Smith stays strong and sticks with his system if/when a bad run of games will inevitable happen.
  8. It would be such a Manchester United thing to do to pay 90 mill for someone like Maguire.
  9. Still not sure if he's Premier League quality. The only thing we can refer to is his time at Swansea. You need more in your locker than just being a fox in the box to make it in the Prem. How many goals does he actually score from outside the box?
  10. They'll finish mid table this season.
  11. Steve Bruce signed McGinn don't forget that.
  12. Newcastle fans seem salty about it
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