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  1. You just won't cut it in Premier League with no pace as a winger.
  2. We got rich owners so compared to previous years we don't need to sell. Unless we get a ridiculous offer of 80 mill or more we won't sell.
  3. SAF likes a good Scotsman
  4. Oh my god, what a player. edit* It's San Marino, ok then...
  5. Stop with the formation changing. This is our best team: -----------------Heaton----------------- Guilbert--Engels--Mings----Targett -------------------Nakamba------------------- -------------McGinn----Luiz------------------- El Ghazi---------Wesley--------------Grealish
  6. Mings would have been better off training with Villa if he's only going to be a tourist during every call up.
  7. Everyone and their mother is a genius regarding team selection post game.
  8. Never change a winning team! Same team that started against Norwich for me.
  9. Football is a business no matter how you look at it. Business people are interested in making money. Female teams generate much less income than men teams. That just a sad reality. For many owners it just isn't worth the investment. That being said I'm glad Aston Villa got a women team. Hopefully they get promoted.
  10. That's why i wanted Maupay in the summer, sadly it didn't happen.
  11. International break arrived at the worst possible time. Hope we won't lose any momentum.
  12. Why are we disappointed Jack and Mings not playing for England? It's just good for us. Less spotlight on them and less of a chance in them picking up unnecesarry injuries.
  13. Didn't say he was small. 6'1 isn't particularly tall though. A bit above average. Regardless, if you look at Pep's trackrecord using strikers him playing taller strikers is more of the exception not the rule. I would be really surprised if Pep were in for this guy, i really would. Not his type of striker.
  14. Lewandowski isn't really that tall. It isn't really Pep's style to use tall strikers. That has almost never been the case. This guy would be perfect for someone like Mourinho
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