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  1. Wouldn't sell him. If we do we're short of options in the wide areas.
  2. villalad21

    Keinan Davis

    He could have put faith in Davis at the start of the season. Davis is a better player than Wesley imo
  3. Even if he were called up Gareth would have no clue how to use him effectively. He would probably use him as a wide player with little freedom.
  4. Luiz is better suited in any game. 10 times the player. Do not rate Drinkwater at all. Even Hourihane and Lansbury are better imo
  5. Can't see how Guilbert if a better attacking fullback. Guilbert's end product is not good. His crossing is weak. If anything i'd say Guilbert is better defensively.
  6. We wouldn't be in a semi final in the first place if it wasn't for Lambert. Sherwood did well to beat Liverpool but he can't get the majority of the credit for getting us to the Final because of one game.
  7. Would take a point right now.
  8. It was his best game in a Villa shirt. Especially considering the level of the opposition.
  9. Depends on the performance. If it was a good performance and we lost i wouldn't give him stick. I'd take 17th over relegation and a cup final and we all would.
  10. These are not the games he will be judged on. Even Lambert took us to a cup final. Expect to see the same aggressiveness and desire against Bournemouth.
  11. And leave out Nakamba? No way. You might call me mad. But if Luiz and Nakamba keeps performing the way they do and we keep the same formation i can't see McGinn getting into this team.
  12. Surely Chester and Engels is better than Hause? Hause is decent enough in the air. But Christ. His passing is horrendous.
  13. villalad21

    Keinan Davis

    He deserves a run of games. Never really been given the chance under Smith.
  14. Are you serious? These aren't even decisions. Team picks itself. Play your best team and you have the chance of winning. .........................Reina................... -------------Konsa..Mings..Hause..... Guilbert.................................Targett ...................Luiz..Nakamba............... El Ghazi............Davis.............Grealish With all due respect to Drinkwater and Sematta. They are both miles off the pace. Luiz and Davis are miles ahead of them in terms of fitness and i would even say in terms of ability.
  15. I think it will be the Scholes situation all over again. England got no clue how to utilize such exceptional technically gifted players.
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