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  1. Ballsy decision indeed. But they obviously had great belief in Pochettino and fair play to them they were proved right despite heavy criticism from the media. Ultimately this season will tell us if Dean has hit the ceiling with us and we're gonna have to move him on or if there's yet another chapter to be written in his villa career.
  2. Brighton looked miles better than them. Which teams are worse?
  3. Can't believe we need to point this out. Literally basics. Should be a given for any professional football club. Bare minimum expected. That being said we looked a lot better post covid break. I hope we can keep on building from there. Will he play gung ho football tomorrow? Or more balanced?
  4. Mate, football is a brutal game. Leicester sacked Ranieri after he won them the league. Southampton sacked Adkins after he got them promoted and kept them up the season after. And in hindsight both were correct decisions by the clubs. What he's done in the past doesn't matter. All that matters now is how he performs this season.
  5. Owners showed great ambition. Now it's time for a statement win. 4-0. Watkins x3, Davis
  6. Watkins won't be a villa player for long then
  7. The Glazers have given OGS 220+ M Arteta been given peanuts in comparison and is clearly outperforming him. 2 Trophies already
  8. I'm really interested seeing how he does in a box to box role. He got all the attributes to do well there.
  9. Nobody expected Watford to go down before last season. Anything can happen in this league
  10. Recon he will be very frustrated with Mings at times. Remember Reina hammering him on occasions.
  11. Managers are just like players. They can get over the top if they don't continue to develop and adapt.
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