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  1. I wish they removed the away goal rule, i think it's a stupid rule. Playing at home should be an advantage in itself.
  2. We will find it hard to play as we have done when they press as high as they do, i think you need to watch them more, Leeds doesn't give you any time on the ball. As well as we have been playing as of late i do not fancy us against Leeds.
  3. The reason i don't wanna play Leeds is their playing style, i can't remember us playing anyone that pressed us that much as they did at Villa Park. It's a nightmare to play against. Even when they were 2-0 down they kept coming at us, forcing us back and eventually scoring 3 goals. I want to avoid them at all costs.
  4. What a joke of a club they have become, would be surprised if OGS last longer than next Christmas
  5. He's insane in the air. Imagine if Tuanzebe were as good as him in aerial duels.
  6. Win the rest of the games and we're in the Prem next year. Sounds easy enough.
  7. Fair play. To win and create that many chances against a play off rival with only 1 natural cb available coupled with our most creative outfielder being out is an amazing achievement. I can't do anything more than to praise the coaching staff and players after today.
  8. You can blame him for missing opportunities. But you gotta credit Hourihane for getting into scoring positions time and time again.
  9. We had 2 good chances within 45 minutes, we need to create more than that. Jack's absence has been massive so far.
  10. We're back to being out of ideas without Grealish. Can't blame them for the effort, but there is just no creativity in this team without Jack.

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