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  1. 20 % win rate after being appointed permanent manager. Dear...
  2. Would you look at that. Arsenal conceding after a set piece. Shocker.
  3. On par with Salah atm. Not too bad edit: not anymore
  4. Watford having a daymare of a start to they're season.
  5. I think McGinn, Grealish, Jota and Wesley will be too much for Palace. Oh and btw based on xG expected goals were 2.24 for United and 0.64 for Palace. They didn't play well by many means.
  6. Let's just enjoy this. Hope OGS is still they're manager when we play them.
  7. To be fair. Palace has been garbage. Not worried the slightest.
  8. What a result for Palace this will be.
  9. Clear pen yeah. VAR is just inconsistent
  10. Palace look dreadful. How are Man Ure losing this
  11. Point is it would possibly be an easier game if Palace lost this.

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