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  1. The only thing that matters is the season defining games coming up. We are only goal difference away from being in the bottom 3. We're in a real dogfight and the players need to start acting like it. After watching Everton beating Chelsea i realized what we are lacking. Teams simply want it more than us. Chelsea and Leicester both outfought us. We are losing 50/50 battles and second balls. There is not enough fight in the team. The Everton players fought like their life was at stake for every ball, in every duel. As @TRO has mentioned, we lack aggressiveness.
  2. It's sad how much stick you get on here for saying something positive about Bruce.
  3. Not sure if i agree. He was part to blame at Leicester's first goal by not getting off the pitch and was also to blame for Man Utd's first goal. It was Mings who caused an unnecessary corner which ultimately ended up in a goal. As well as plenty of other goals being a result of his errors this season. So far he's been the most disappointing player for me apart from Wesley. And he is costing us more points than he is gaining us.
  4. Checked out our start to the 14/15 season just for fun and what a start we had. Stoke (a) win Newcastle (h) draw Hull (h) win Liverpool (a) win We were 3rd on the table at this point. Sadly it all fell apart from here and we went on to lose 6 games in a row. Actually felt we had a half decent team. Vlaar, Clark, Lowton, Westwood, Delph, Cleverley, Gabby and Benteke
  5. Goals changes games. Before a bit of magic from Conor we struggled to break them down. When they went 1-0 down they had to try to get forward more leaving more spaces for us to exploit.
  6. I think Luiz is a bit like Conor in the sense that he doesn't really flourish when we don't dominate the ball. I thought he were excellent against Newcastle. What Luiz does best isn't tackling or defending as some may think. But by picking passes and trying to control the tempo of a game. That's why i think he would be outstanding in Man City. He is perfect in the way that they play.
  7. Stan saying it how it is. Wesley is a liability.
  8. I don't get the Kodjia hate. He played the majority of the games last season as a winger and still got 9 goals + 2 assists. He may not work as hard as Wes but he will bring genuine quality.
  9. But Kodjia get's in the box and get's at the end of crosses. He also have the ability to get a worldie of a goal once every 10-15 games or so. And his first touch and ball control is miles ahead of Wes. Wes isn't doing anything at the moment.
  10. Let's see. But it's a bad comparison. Mings and Engels has had many games together at this point. Engels and Konsa barely any. But i do hope Konsa and Engels do really well and keep Mings out of the team because that means that they have done well.
  11. For all his faults, at least Kidjia get's at the end of crosses and is a genuine threat in the box. He may not work as hard off the ball but he would offer us more at the moment. And his first touch and ball control are miles ahead of Wes.
  12. The point is Wes is doing so little at the moment that i don't think Engels would do much worse up front. That being said. No one is suggesting to play Engels up front. Speaking for myself i'd give Kodjia a chance, he's never started a game this season. But i'm also ok with either Anwar or Trez playing up front.
  13. I reckon they will draw quite a few so they are probably only 4 wins away from staying up.
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