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  1. villalad21

    Dean Smith

    There's nothing wrong with Big Sam. He got West Ham promoted on his first attempt and stabilized them in the Premier League, you can't argue with that. When was the last time a Dean Smith team got promoted? When was it? If we get in financial problems that is on the board, the board have the final say in what's happening with transfers and wages.
  2. villalad21

    Dean Smith

    Yay let's become the next Brentford. young and hungry players and mid table. Looking forward to it
  3. villalad21

    Midweek Football 18/22 February

    Sarri, Emery and Poch getting tactically done by a manager with no managerial experience at the highest level. Must feel bad for them.
  4. villalad21

    Dean Smith

    If he is at a win percentage below 30 at the end of the season i don't think he will be here.
  5. villalad21

    Dean Smith

    Very unlikely. I'd be happy if we got another win before the season ends. We're awful. I've forgotten how it feels like to win. That pathetic Ipswich game seem ages ago
  6. villalad21

    Dean Smith

    Are you actually serious? I'm just a bit curious, what if we don't win a single game between now and the end of the season, you would still stick by him? The idea that a manager is immune to the sack in his first season regardless of what happens is something i will never agree with. To me he has to earn his right to keep the job in the summer, there are still plenty of games left for him to win me back, but as of now he is failing on all fronts.
  7. villalad21

    Dean Smith

    Would you take them over Rodgers?
  8. villalad21

    Dean Smith

    The rebuilding job is happening regardless if Smith is here or not. I don't get why we have to stick by him when there are better options available.
  9. villalad21

    Dean Smith

    Same happened with Lambert. I remember we played some great stuff in his first season, but as time went by we played more and more defensive.
  10. villalad21

    Dean Smith

    Even if we did that we would still have a lot more money to spend if we went down just for being there for 1 season. That's why it get's harder to get out of this league the longer you stay in the championship. Relegated teams from Premier League will have a huge advantage because of all the income they gain through television rights.
  11. villalad21

    Glenn Whelan

    Got found out yesterday on multiple occasions. Players running past him like he wasn't there. Against good teams with some pace Whelan is a liability.
  12. villalad21

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Yes, sack managers every 10 games and secure infinite new manager effect.
  13. villalad21

    Dean Smith

    Patience or not. There are better coaches out there that can do the same rebuilding job far better than Smith. Why stick with Smith if we can get a more capable coach in?
  14. villalad21

    Dean Smith

    I agree, but you don't have to motivate players in derby games. Let's see if we actually turn up against Stoke.
  15. villalad21

    Dean Smith

    He's already brought some of "his" players in. We've only gotten worse.