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  1. Yeah but this guy is supposed to be this wonderkid. At least that's what he is hyped up to be. There's a difference between talents and wonderkids. Wonderkids tend to blossom early. Like Greenwood, Rooney, Lukaku etc
  2. Wilson really f***ed up his decision last summer.
  3. Reckon he'll get at least 25 % less goals in the Prem. From highlights reel I've seen from the Bundesliga the defending is laughable.
  4. Actually don't mind Liverpool anymore. Used to absolutely hate them a few years ago.
  5. If we lose here we average less than a point per game. We should expect to at least get a draw.
  6. Rafa will change formation mid game if things are not working, did so against Burnley. Will be very difficult. Actually think Spurs will be an easier game.
  7. Too many tinpot clubs in Europa League for me to take any interest in it. Semi finals and onwards I might watch it.
  8. Cazoo derby, let's get it.
  9. He is doing the bare minimum required. Calling it a good job to win no trophies with over 400 million spent is a little odd.
  10. Funnily enough the atmosphere was way better in the early 2000's when they were a mid table club.
  11. Couldn't care less about the stuff he does off the pitch. Need him to perform on the pitch and cut out those mistakes. But being in his late 20's odds are he won't do. He is at an age now where his value will decrease every year. Club needs to consider offloading him if they want to get decent profit out of him.
  12. Bit funny that people were bashing City for spending 100 M on one player when Arsenal outspent them. It really isn't that much money for a big club in this market. Why does it matter if you spend 100 M on one player versus 25 M on 4 players?
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