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  1. No one is saying we should get rid of or replace Luiz. But some folks feels he is deployed in the wrong position. Incident with Pogba is the perfect example why he should not play at DM. Pogba's size alone, Luiz couldn't get near him and got bullied.
  2. I would make a bid for Berge from SU and have Luiz, McGinn, Ramsey ad Sanson fighting it out for the box to box roles.
  3. Not sure if i agree with this "modern" DM thing thrown around in here. McToinay is less talented on the ball than Luiz but id have him at DM every day of the week. Good big one better than a good small one still applies in the modern game for certain positions.
  4. So they are letting a Villa fan go and planning to hire a blue nose as a permanent manager?
  5. When people are referring to what he does well it tends to be when he is in possession and going forward. And when referring to what he doesn't do well it tends to be off the ball stuff, particularly when defending. Think i see a pattern here. DM should be first on our transfer list in priority. If Luiz is our main dm next season we have massively failed in the marked.
  6. Really hope Emery wins that final
  7. No it's nothing to do about it. Sadly abuse is a part of human nature. There is no way around it. Social media boycots however long they do it won't do anything. Just have to report them or simply try to ignore them. But it's important to remember the vast majority are not like that. Vocal minority.
  8. He clearly loves the club and gives his 100 % every game. Fans going out of their way to slate him on his personal Insta are disgraceful. I really hoped players would turn on restricted mode in the comments.
  9. Thought he looked crap but it is to be expected considering his injury.
  10. Will never get into the top 6 if we don't find an upgrade on the likes of Mings and McGinn. Sorry to say it. They could be useful squad players but they aren't good enough to start week in week out if we want to go to the next level.
  11. Get rid? I think Luiz is an awesome player. Just deployed in the wrong position.
  12. So much for the social media boycott. Didn't do anything. Shitty people do shitty things. Nice people do nice things. No boycott or protest will ever change that.
  13. Can't believe that he has caused 2 penalties against the same player twice.
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