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  1. Grealish you sexy bastard
  2. Bruce would be hounded for a performance like that. Nick an early goal and sit in. That as much of a Bruce performance as you get
  3. That's your definition of playing well? Sounds like a Steve Bruce team to me. I want us to dominate the ball and create chances.
  4. What's the point in launching it long with no purpose? Watkins isn't even a target man. Makes zero sense. If we played Davis up front i could sort of understand it.
  5. Or teams have figured us out
  6. We won the game. Didn't play well. Have not seen us play well since the first half against Burnley.
  7. We were complacent. That is it. The right mentality has not been instilled into the players.
  8. Even when they won the title they had shit possession stats. That will never happen again. The top teams plays possession based football. Controlling and dominating games. Football is a game of opinions and i respect that but for me i can't stand the way we play. Or the way Wolves play for that matter.
  9. We are currently playing Bruceball so, yeah.
  10. Poor coaching. Doesn't surprise me though that our possession stats are poor after bringing in Craig Shakespeare. Considering the type of football his teams have played. Sit back and counter. I hate it. It's negative by nature.
  11. Another Sheffield United game another tight game. Surprise surprise.
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