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  1. Then he needs to adapt and play more pragmatic.
  2. But isn't he keen on defenders playing out from the back? Can't this lead to individual mistakes? Then that is in fact the system i'm afraid.
  3. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. Just void it already.
  4. There are no guarantees for things to improve in August or even October
  5. And this guy is our captain. Disgrace. Give it to Tyrone
  6. How about a mega league? Championship and Pl all in one. You have to finish in the top 20 to stay in the league. You only play against the other teams once.
  7. Chelsea or bust just sound stupid to me. Either you believe in the man or you don't. Anything can happen in a one off game. Is he suddenly good enough if he get a result ? If he lose he is out? Ridiculous decision making.
  8. But with Elmo you know what you get. A 6/10 performance most weeks. Guilbert has been all over the place this season. And i still don't trust him.
  9. People are dying daily and the Premier League are so desperate to continue on with the league. Absolutely disgusting. I have no words.
  10. No guarantees for things getting better in July
  11. villalad21

    John Terry

    If Smith had sound defenses at previous clubs i would be less hesitant to agree with you. Ask any Brentford fan and ask the first improvement they noticed after Dean leaving. They would point to the defense. I personally don't believe JT is the issue. But the tactics, system and instructions. That stems from the head coach.
  12. It is often said that a team mirror it's manager. I think our player's softness is a case of poor coaching. Think we would see a totally different Luiz under Wilder or Pep.
  13. Conor is twice the player. I don't care what he did before. All i judge him on is games in a Villa jersey. And he's been horrendous
  14. How can you hand over the title to Liverpool when they havent mathematically won anything? With that logic you can also relegate teams who could still mathematically stay up with the remaining games to play.
  15. At least Conor have got some goals and assists this season. To your point. His past is irrelevant. His past won't make him play well in the current. Truly one of the worst midfielders i've ever seen in a Villa shirt.
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