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  1. honestly can't be arsed. One of you mods just delete my account & all historical posts please. Cya .
  2. I would say it's strange that none of you are slating blandy & remarking on his every post for having some common sense when looking at the numbers despite him saying exactly the same as myself & a few others have said. Maybe because he's a mod?
  3. I know exactly what i said. If you do not agreee 100% with the twitter left you are classed as right wing, there is no middle ground & honestly it's as bad on here.
  4. Is the one with the bald head the right wing one ? Or the girl with flowers in her hair? Or Corbyns brother?
  5. can't wait to hear your thoughts on Michael Goves bookshelf snowychap...
  6. & quite a lot will just be normal people who want to see their families/go to work & are now being called right wing because of this opinion because it differs from what the left echo bubble deems to be right...
  7. I think some of the low testing numbers now can simply be put down to it being too late for many people. The majority of people do actually seem to have spent most of the last 6/7 weeks at home so are unlikely to currently have it & be in need of a test. If 100,000+ had been available a month or more back or if this was tests to see if you had actually had it rather than have it now it would be an entirely different story with queues everywhere for tests
  8. In a bit of a break from the usual teen angst stuff I seem to mostly watch lately I am enjoying upload on Amazon. It is something different than most of the other stuff around at the moment. Death/comedy/drama with a dead like me/pushing daisies vibe. Won't take you long to decide if you like it or not. *Now finished upload, most enjoyable & would quite like more of this.
  9. I know, Not really sure how these past few messages seem to have gone so backwards. I said it would probably make sense for the rest of the shops on retail parks to be allowed to open as half of them are open anyway and now with mcd/kfc reopening it seems daft that 60-70% will be open and the remaining bits like sports direct etc closed. They are huge stores where distancing is easy & people are already at the retail parks anyway. If anything it will spread the people already there out a bit if more shops are open. I would imagine that not many people walk to them given the out of town locations so once the car park is full that is the amount of people there at that time so they already have a somewhat inbuilt control on numbers . Surely spreading those already there out between 12 shops makes more sense than 8 shops
  10. i know other food places & fish & chip shops are open, they aren't in retail parks though are they...
  11. mcdonalds/kfc etc have all been completely shut for a month, only starting to open up for takeout & delivery now/next week
  12. The people are already there & will be in much larger numbers once all of the food places are fully up & running next week, seems little point in only having every other shop open at the rest of the site
  13. Think it will be extended again until the next bank hol at the end of the month but with a few more things given permission to open every few days starting with the larger stores that make up the rest of some of the retail parks as distancing is much easier in some of those massive places. Most of them will be pretty much half open now anyway with a supermarket/pets at home/b&q/Mcdonalds/KFC etc so makes sense to start there for other things like sports direct & whatever other stuff is there
  14. Free on gamepass for xbox/pc
  15. You can get them but they aren't cheap. Even the crappy disposable ones are at least £30 for 50, (If you have a b&m shop near you some of those have boxes for £30 & they are selling smaller bundles of 20 for £15) most places selling them for £50+. I do actually buy masks from time to time as part of my job and the same company i have used for over 10 years now are charging nearly £60 inc vat for the cheaper version of the box of 50 masks they usually sell for £6. If you want a mask that is actually any use for anything you will be paying £10+ per mask if you can find them
  16. Playing it now, Free with gamepass on xbox/pc looks & plays well, still the same issues as with any side scrolling beat em up really though in that it gets repetitive very quickly (mainly due to levels being too long at 10-15 minutes each, Hell you can finish double dragon quicker than you can get through level 2) but is enjoyable anyway. If you like the genre this is well worth a look. I know DF have made a bit of a feature out of intelligent AI constantly changing attacks but it's not something you notice too much ingame (at least on normal & hard so far)
  17. Should be able to see some actual games running next week including assassins creed valhalla
  18. messy further down the leagues too, Look at Wycome in league 1, currently sat 8th & out of the play offis but could go joint 2nd if they win their game in hand, tranmere are in the bottom 3 by 3 points but have won their last 3 games and have a game in hand over the team (wimbledon) 4th from bottom and still have to play them. They can't just promote/relegate teams on where things are now, Go back a few years and Leicester would have been relegated at this stage of the season, They pulled off one of the biggest shocks ever both by actually staying up & then winning the league a year on. Talk of playing the remaining 90 or so prem games at st georges park, 3 games per day, all on tv. Might be the only way it is actually achievebale in any sort of sensible format but who knows what will happen if some of the older managers/coaches end up getting it They need to make a decision on Europe too & soon, Wolves could end up playing qualifiers for the uefa league in a month or two so despite still being in this years and could potentially win it meaning they would be qualifying for the wrong competition next year ...
  19. Most watched premier league game ever is city utd in 2012 with just over 4 million, very few games get anywhere near 3 million viewers. Eastenders still somehow gets around 5 million viewers per episode
  20. Despite the hilarity of them missing out on the league the bad thing is that technically they would still be European champions, here's hoping they somehow manage to finish the champions league in Dubai or something
  21. Looks like it is at government level rather than fa level, just banned it until at least August
  22. Gears 'Tactics out today/tomorrow on Pc gamepass (console later in the year) & Streets of Rage 4 on Thursday. April has been a good month with football manager, nier, yakuza kiwami, long dark, stranger things, a bunch of smaller stuff & now these
  23. Think some of this must be heart related. Honestly felt like I was having some sort of heart attack ranging from fairly constant dull ache to shooting pains for nearly a month. At no point did I ever really feel like I was about to immediately keel over but it wasn't fun. Still don't feel 100% now 6 weeks later but thankfully the main pain seems to have gone for the most part but god knows what it has done to my insides & until we have gone back to some sort of normal & presumingI am still alive & can actually get seen by a doctor we'll never know I guess.
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