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  1. Just got home & no girl on girl action. Just 2 cats & one of those has shat on the floor so on that basis the head to head deciding a place seems unlikely
  2. Well there's about the same chance as me getting home to find Scarlett Johansson, Ana De Armas & Kelly Brook warming each other up but i guess...
  3. As stupid as it all is, It does actually make sense to try and do everything possible to avoid a play-off, The logistics of trying to arrange an extra game immediately after the season are a pain and you don't really want potentially the league title or a european/relegation place decided a week after the season has finished let alone if it was just an entirely pointess play-off to decide who finished 13th or 14th
  4. And yet 24 games into the season their biggest losing streak is the 3 games they played between xmas & new year, They lost the first 2 games of the season but other than that they have got at least a point every other game. They are not losing 10 in a row anytime soon We also lost the first 2 games & also had a 3 game losing streak but we have also had an additional 4 game losing streak on top of that
  5. Head to head is ony taken into consideration in the event of teams being on the same amount of points, with the same goal difference and exactly the same goals for & against. This is incredibly unlikely to happen and has never actually happened anyway but in the event that it did a play-off would previously have been used to decide who finished higher. Now it would be head to head scores and if they are still unable to be split a play-off would still happen. It's a pointless 5th step to possibly fix something that has never happened and may not even fix it anyway
  6. Makes you feel old when you realise this kid is 20 & made his debut for Watford tonight. Glad they lost given the outcome of that final
  7. The Resident isn't too bad if you like hospital stuff, Bit melodramatic at times but enjoyable enough & Emily Vancamp is in it & she's purdy
  8. You think ours are bad? Look at West Hams run until easter 3 of their next 4 games are Home & away to Liverpool & Away at city. We could easily be 8+ clear of them going into March Liverpool H, Brighton H, Man City A, Liverpool A, Southampton H, Arsenal A, Wolves H, Spurs A, Chelsea H, Newcastle A. They have a bit of an easier run at the end of the season with Burney, norwich & watford to playe before going to old trafford & then playing us on the final day but they could be dead & buried by then
  9. & United, Could do without a 5 point gap to burnley. 3 home wins would be good for us tonight but got a feeling we may end up with 2 draws & 1 away win which would be shite all round
  10. 60 minutes in i was convinced we were finishing bottom of the league, Now if we can beat Bournemouth things would look an awful lot rosier
  11. all that does is show how completely meaningless that xga stuff is, only 7 of them are within 2 goals scored totals & 3 of them within 2 goals against. some of them are well in to double figures off. May aswell just roll a dice to predict the score rather than take any notice of that. Out of the 60 things they could get right 7 are there or thereabouts correct. Seems to be as much use as Lawros predictions on BBC, & would say even those are more accurate...
  12. Mings has been given the goal as it hit him on the way in
  13. 2-0 down at Everton going into the 94th minute. Lejeune scores in both the 94th & 95th minute to make it 2-2. They aren't going down this year.
  14. guessing he has never seen us play if he's really excited... Chelsea V Arsenal starts at 8.15 if the first half is as terrible as last week and you want to put him out of his misery Just show him this gif : Sums up being a villa fan pretty well, the odd moment of joy followed quickly by reality coming crashing down.
  15. Won't be easy given our pathetic performance against them 3 weeks ago but we will/should have a much different starting 11 tonight with perhaps only 4 (possibly 5) players on the pitch that started the previous tie. Mings back should help deal/cope with Deeney if nothing else. This is how we lined up in December : Heaton Elmo, Konsa, House, Targett Jota, Luiz, Hourihane, Lansbury, Grealish Wesley
  16. Isn't that just about a fairly basic salary in thailand? Minimum wage is 330 baht per day which is about £8.30 so if people are being offered £2.49 p/h it seems that they would be much better off than a job on the minimum. Anyone getting paid £2.49 per hour would be on 17,150 baht per month if they worked a 40 hour week A police officer only gets 14750 baht per month, a teacher gets around 30,000. Seems the story is "man offers reasonably well paid jobs"
  17. Well that didn't last long, Interesting use of the shoulder from McGregor & all over after the kick really
  18. Yup, since the liverpool loss they have only conceded 2 goals in 6 games, winning 4 (utd, us, wolves, Bournemouth) & drawing 2 (sheff utd, spurs). Only Liverpool have taken more points in that time. It has only been 3 weeks since they tore us apart despite having 10 men for well over half an hour BUT we will have almost a completely different starting 11 this time though as only 4 of the 11 are likely to start (Hause, Konsa, Targett &Grealish, 5 if Luiz does) and the formation will/should also be different so who knows what will happen other than if we play like we did in the first half today they will hammer us again.
  19. Doesn't look quite so rosy if you include the 5 before those though. 7 points from our last 5 games Is good going and that average would be fine to keep us up over the course of a season but we only have 8 points from our last 10 games which is nowhere near enough. only Bournemouth & Norwich have faired worse & we have also managed a -14 goal difference along the way
  20. This is season 3 of playing the same way... Only difference this season is they are winning more games
  21. I can guarantee that nobody associated with Newcastle in any way gives a flying f**k that their expected goals or possession stats are low. They are scoring a goal a game and bar a hiding here & there don't concede many. I would much rather be beating utd, Chelsea & spurs rather than Burnley & Norwich. Newcastle had 30% possession against Chelsea had 2 shots on target & won 1-0 We had 35% possession against Chelsea had 3 shots on target & lost 2-1. Which would you prefer....
  22. Much better after the subs, Vassilev is very raw & not the answer to our striker situation at the moment but he was a pest & chased everything when he came on which seemed to wake a couple of the others up a bit
  23. Most predictable result ever. Easy money 6/1 at home
  24. Said before the season that we needed a milner/snodgrass type experienced workhorse to drag everyone else along with them when things get tough and a horrible bastard like costa/deeney up front. People said we have McGinn & didn't want a forward like that...
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