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  1. Hey all, Mrs MNVillan and I are considering making our first pilgrimage to VP this autumn. Coming from Minnesota in the US. We are looking at seeing Palace away on Nov 27th and Man City at VP on Nov 30th. I’m a MN Lions Club member, and will try to arrange tickets through them. What I’m looking for from you lot is recommendations on where to stay, where to eat, and what to do in both London and Birmingham. We’ve never been to the UK, so we’ll be doing all of the touristy things in London, but still need recommendations on things to do off the “tourist” list, as well as any must-do or must-avoid things in both cities. Any and all help appreciated. Mods: I wasn’t really sure where to put this. Apologies in advance if it should be elsewhere, feel free to move it (obviously).
  2. I am currently reading "Leading" by Alex Ferguson. I dont like Manure, but tbh some of AF's thoughts, opinions, general ramblings about how to effectively manage a team (in his opinion ofc), etc are really insightful and interesting. Anyway, to the point, AF mentions that during his time at Manure, there were only two clubs that he was always concerned that the atmosphere was capable of being so noisy/hostile that it had the ability to impact the performance of his players, one was Elland Road (Leeds), and the other Anfield (Liverpool). So my question is, why are we unable to make Villa Park such a hostile/loud/threatening location for opposition teams to come and play? Are we too busy getting on our own players backs at times rather than making life hard for the opposition? (at times), are we just more quiet generally than say Anfield or Elland Road?, something else? I would be interested in your thoughts on this, as tbh, we have a fairly large stadium, at the moment it is regularly full, why arent we creating an atmosphere that makes it consistently difficult/uncomfortable for opposition teams to come and play?
  3. Villatalk was represented at the meeting that took place last night with Christian Purslow and the club's management team to discuss a number of issues that are currently affecting the club and supporters. Mr Purslow and the whole of the exec team spent more than two and a half hours with fans groups discussing the Premier league, Covid, performance on the pitch, the redevelopment of Villa Park and season ticket prices. The club are preparing some notes on the meeting which will be released hopefully on Monday. Given that the club gave up so much time to speak with us and were open and frank with those in attendance, we 're going to respect that and not comment until those notes are out -with one exception. I can tell you that the meeting was a really good one, that the exec team and Mr Purslow spoke openly about our ambitions and some of the exciting things that are coming up - hopefully that's reflected in the notes and if not, I'll spill the beans! The one exception in terms of reporting back is on season ticket prices where there had been some talk before the meeting and where the club are happy for us to begin discussions now rather than waiting. We have a thread on season tickets for 2022/23 here: And there will be some information from the meeting in there shortly. Notes on the rest of the meeting and some comments will appear here as soon as they are released.
  4. Apologies if this thread already exists, but I couldn't find it. People have been talking about adding more songs to the repertoire. This is a good singing melody and cadence..the "Hurrah" part could be replaced with "Villa"...and all the other lyrics changed, of course.
  5. I was surprised to see that we haven't got a thread to discuss our famous fans (that I can find anyway) So here it is, talk away about the celebrity hangers on and obsessives. Hanks seems to be continuing his love in with us continuing social media posts. Probability the second most bizarre one for me behind Prince William. The Prince seems to have upped his fan game at this final, looked guninely emotional and over excited and has a new best friend in John Carew it seems. Anyone know who the kids were in the box with him, love the one at the front shouting "Yes Villa". Hopefully some future captain of industry who can buy us in future when he makes his billions. Not heard much from Nigel Kennedy lately, he was usually the one you saw quoted. Anyone reckon a Prince William posts on here in disguise. Who do you reckon is his alter ego. I am going for @lapal_fan as the most likely Unroyal imposter.
  6. So I have a membership for the club (I think claret membership) just for priority access to tickets (I don't get to go often so it's nice to know I can get a ticket when I'm available). Long story short, I'm planning on taking the wife to the Watford game but I only have 1 membership (usually a mate also does it so we use each others but he hasn't this year). I'd like to get tickets before the season ticket holders take them all, there's about 300 different memberships to choose from, does anyone know the cheapest membership to get early tickets, or does anyone have a membership that they aren't using for the game that I could borrow this once? Appreciate any help guys, thanks all!
  7. Not sure if this is real - but theres to be a movie about 1980/81 League Championship Season* https://just14themovie.com/ *We beat Liverpool 2-0 in this season
  8. There will be a meeting with representatives of the club on the 7th December to go over any issues affecting or concerning supporters. We'd very much like your input here on what you'd like us to raise and discuss. We're already looking to talk to the club around the following issues that have been raised: Socios AVTV content and charges Season ticket holders and membership rights Season ticket delivery Matchday ticket returns and resales Matchday ticket transfers and the threatening note that the club issued around them Fan ID's, the website and how difficult it is to use Transport issues around Villa Park Communications from the club Merchandise supply issues So we'd be very interested in your experiences around those issues as well as any issues which are affecting supporters that we've missed out. The more info we have and the more detail we have, the better prepared we can be for the meeting and the better answers we'll be able to get on your behalf. Thank you.
  9. All, There's a meeting between the club and the supporters group on 24th June. There will be an update from Christian Purslow followed by a chance for us to ask questions on anything that's happening with supporters at the moment that you feel the club can do something about, so if there's anything that you have concerns about, anything you want to pass on or anything you feel can be improved, please let us know in this thread by the end of Friday 17th June and we'll do our best to get your question asked. Thank you!
  10. All, There's a (virtual) meeting between the club and the supporters group on 8th April, where we'd expect the club to be talking about the return of fans and about next season and potential season tickets. It's also a chance for us to ask questions on anything that's happening with supporters at the moment that you feel the club can do something about, so if there's anything that's making you happy, or unhappy or curious or whatever the hell you are - please add a question below and we'll look to get it raised on your behalf. Thank you!
  11. We need to get continuity as to the chants we will be singing for each player for the team in general etc. Put your suggestions in this thread Villa [to this tune] Oooh, Aston Villa The mighty Villa Let's show the world Aston Villa fans are the greatest of them all and with this very anthem, we'll sing a little more [repeat] Holte Enders in the sky The greatest team [To the tune of New York New York: http://tinyurl.com/yp5yaz] Start spreading the news, The lions ready to roar We want to be a part of it – VILLA.. VILLA.. Our European blues, are fading away Were the very heart of it – VILLA.. VILLA.. We wanna wake up and beat City.. to a pulp, To think they're Premier League.. that's just a joke! Those small time blues, Oh we’ll make them pay We’ll make a brand new start of it - in Villa Park If we can make it there, we’ll make it anywhere Its up to you – VILLA.. VILLA.. Management Randy Lerner: There's only one Randy Lerner! [To the tune of White Christmas with scarfs held aloft - awesome scenes] I'm thanking one Randy Lerner, he's come and saved our football club. He has given us money, to spend quite freely, and we are gona win the European Cup! General Krulak: [i'm thinking something along the lines of the chant you hear on American army films] Sound off, 1, 2, sound off, 3, 4. General Krulak knows the score. Sound off, 5, 6, sound off, 7, 8. He's a Villa fan make no mistake! [To the tune Le Arse used to sing - Viera, ooooo Viera] The General, oooooooooo The General, oooooooooo The General, A vetran from I-Raq, He's got the Villa's Back (repeat) MON Martin, Martin give us a wave. Martin O'neills Claret and Blue army. Players Gareth Barry [To the tune of Captain Bucky O'Hare] Gareth, Captain Gareth Barry, He plays for Aston Villa and he is the key. Gareth, Captain Gareth Barry Chelsea, United, he'll have you for tea! OH DEAR, NEEDS ALOT OF WORK {to the tune of my old mans a dustman] Gareth Barry's magic, He wears a magic hat. He should play for England, But McClaren is a clearing in the woods John Carew Carew, Carew, Carew is on fire John Carew, John Carew, John Carew, John Carew na na..... Bigger than me and you etc. Gabby Gabriel Agbonlahorrrr Fast as ****... Ashley Young [to the tune of mickey mouse] A.S.H.L.E.Y - Y.O.U.N.G Ashley Young (clap, clap, clap) Ashley Young (clap, clap, clap) He'll skin you down the flank and he'll stick one in the bank Ashley Young (clap, clap, clap) Ashley Young (clap, clap, clap) His feet are really tricky and he'll make you look shitty Ay Ay Ashley Freddie Bouma Bouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuma Bouma, Bouma, Bouma Boom Boom Boom let me hear ya say Bouma, BOUMA!' (like we used to sing for Savo) Petrov [To Royal Britannia] Stilyian Petrov, he came from Celtic Park. Now he's a Villan and that is just the start. He's here to score goals, from close up and a far. We've got him so who needs Steve Gerrard?
  12. There seem to be quite a few Villa podcasts that are about these days. I used to listen to the Aston Villa Review Podcast but Chris & Steven chucked it in due to time constraints. Anybody listen to any of the other ones and are they worth listening to? What's the best one going around?
  13. If I were to enjoy a beer during a match, what would I drink if I wanted to have an authentic Birmingham area pub/stadium experience?
  14. I thought it was about time we had a discussion on the Villa Park atmosphere. Personally I am pretty dissapointed in the current atmosphere, it seems to be toxic right from kick off every single week. We wonder why our form has dipped at home, and why the team look to be a bag of nerves at times but in my opinion we need to take a look at ourselves and realise that we aren't helping the problem. This isn't a rant at everyone at Villa Park as I know most on this forum have pretty grounded views on where we are now, that being a Championship football club in a transitional period under Dean Smith. I also appreciate that we have had to watch some pretty poor performances this season (and the 10 years prior) and atmosphere in most cases is generated from the performances on the pitch. But so far this season from the Holte End I have witnessed, people booing or taking the piss out of goalkeepers (new goalkeepers who are finding their feet at the club), booing substitions, booing players for passing sideways or back to the defence, abusing players consistently throughout the 90 minutes even if they have had a fairly decent game (see Whelan, Elmo, Hourihane, Kodjia, Adomah, Elphick, Chester, Taylor, Nyland)... and a cabbage thrown at the manager. We seem to be a fan base that love a scapegoat. Currently it seems to be Hourihane who gets the brunt of it, with fans divided in opinion on whether he's just a set piece merchant or a good midfielder. I personally think he's a good player playing in a weak midfield with a weak defence behind him. Again I understand that everyone has different opinions at a football match, but we are supposed to be turning up each week to support and get behind the football team, no matter who is wearing the shirt. I go to a lot of away games, and the difference in atmosphere is like night and day. People turn up week in week out and get behind the team from the first minute until the last. This is what we need at Villa Park, we saw it last season where we sold out and got behind the team for 90 minutes and helped drive the team over the line. See the Wolves and Bristol City games where we were magnificent for the entire game both on the pitch and in the stands. We are lucky enough to have a stadium like Villa Park, with 30-40k people turning up week in week out. Let's start using it to our advantage. It would be interesting to hear other peoples opinions on the current atmosphere and also what it's like around the ground from the other stands.
  15. All, There's a (virtual) meeting between the club and the supporters group on 24th November, the club would like to talk in particular about bringing fans back into the ground and the new website - your thoughts on those two topics would be appreciated. It's also a chance for us to ask questions on anything that's happening with supporters at the moment that you feel the club can do something about, so if there's anything that's making you happy, or unhappy or curious or whatever the hell you are - please add a question below and we'll look to get it raised on your behalf. Please note, we need to get questions submitted by 17th November. Thank you!
  16. Christian Purslow met (virtually) with representatives of fan groups and websites on Tuesday evening. It was a bit of a departure from the regular meeting structure, which will be back up and running next month - for that one, please add any questions onto this thread and we'll do what we can to make sure they're asked to the right person at the club. The club's notes on the meeting are below:
  17. I've been looking up loads of stuff today on https://what3words.com I reckon my seat is "fleet.cheek.gladiators" https://what3words.com/fleet.cheek.gladiators Where do you sit?
  18. Thought it would be nice to collect amusing examples of people accusing us of doing a Fulham this season, as I imagine we'll be hearing this for at least the next 6 months (or forever, if we actually do a Fulham). Looking forward to the We're Doing A Fulham chants when we're three goals up against Wolves. Starting with last week's classic from Fat Sam. https://talksport.com/football/577298/aston-villa-fulham-spending-summer/ Keep them coming...
  19. There's a meeting of the Fans Consultancy Group prior to Tuesday's game with Barnsley and VT have been invited. If there's anything you want to raise about the club, the matchday experience, ticketing, hospitality, merchandise, the club website or anything at all that isn't player performance, please let us know in this thread and we'll raise anything that people want raised at the meeting. Thank you!
  20. It’s nearly that time again. Next Tuesday night, again with CP. Anyone else going ? What a difference a year makes !
  21. Not directly related, but thought I'd ask it here. Usually get down to a few games around Christmas and to a few London away days while we've been in the championship. Imagine this will get tougher now we're in the Prem though. With that in mind, are there any major benefits - booking tickets wise - of being a Claret member. i.e. is it pretty superfluous for London away days etc. as I won't have a decent booking history?
  22. My daughter has just turned 2. She obviously doesnt understand the inner complexities of the beautiful game but loves seeing villa on tv. She recognises grealish (gree-wish), mcginn (ginn) and mings (ming) pointing at them and says villa at the tv. She even claps and cheers when we score. How young is too young to start attending games? What age did you start going or take your own kids, if you have any? Is the north stand still considered the family stand? Interested to hear your views
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