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  1. All, There's a meeting between the club and the supporters group on 24th June. There will be an update from Christian Purslow followed by a chance for us to ask questions on anything that's happening with supporters at the moment that you feel the club can do something about, so if there's anything that you have concerns about, anything you want to pass on or anything you feel can be improved, please let us know in this thread by the end of Friday 17th June and we'll do our best to get your question asked. Thank you!
  2. Hello all, I thought it would be easier to update everyone on the podcast by starting it's own thread! Limpid has kindly agreed to make this a sticky topic so that you can see which VT members are on the show and also leave your comments/feedback more easily. To confirm once again, the podcast in no way represents VillaTalk.com and is not associated with the site. We are merely closely intertwined with it and it's members! Again, if you would like to be on then please do let me know and I will try my best to schedule it in. We already have a number of members that are due to be on in the
  3. I was surprised to see that we haven't got a thread to discuss our famous fans (that I can find anyway) So here it is, talk away about the celebrity hangers on and obsessives. Hanks seems to be continuing his love in with us continuing social media posts. Probability the second most bizarre one for me behind Prince William. The Prince seems to have upped his fan game at this final, looked guninely emotional and over excited and has a new best friend in John Carew it seems. Anyone know who the kids were in the box with him, love the one at the front shouting "Yes Villa"
  4. All, There's a (virtual) meeting between the club and the supporters group on 8th April, where we'd expect the club to be talking about the return of fans and about next season and potential season tickets. It's also a chance for us to ask questions on anything that's happening with supporters at the moment that you feel the club can do something about, so if there's anything that's making you happy, or unhappy or curious or whatever the hell you are - please add a question below and we'll look to get it raised on your behalf. Thank you!
  5. We need to get continuity as to the chants we will be singing for each player for the team in general etc. Put your suggestions in this thread Villa [to this tune] Oooh, Aston Villa The mighty Villa Let's show the world Aston Villa fans are the greatest of them all and with this very anthem, we'll sing a little more [repeat] Holte Enders in the sky The greatest team [To the tune of New York New York: http://tinyurl.com/yp5yaz] Start spreading the news, The lions ready to roar We want to be a part of it – VILLA.. VILLA.. Ou
  6. There seem to be quite a few Villa podcasts that are about these days. I used to listen to the Aston Villa Review Podcast but Chris & Steven chucked it in due to time constraints. Anybody listen to any of the other ones and are they worth listening to? What's the best one going around?
  7. If I were to enjoy a beer during a match, what would I drink if I wanted to have an authentic Birmingham area pub/stadium experience?
  8. I thought it was about time we had a discussion on the Villa Park atmosphere. Personally I am pretty dissapointed in the current atmosphere, it seems to be toxic right from kick off every single week. We wonder why our form has dipped at home, and why the team look to be a bag of nerves at times but in my opinion we need to take a look at ourselves and realise that we aren't helping the problem. This isn't a rant at everyone at Villa Park as I know most on this forum have pretty grounded views on where we are now, that being a Championship football club in a transitional period under
  9. All, There's a (virtual) meeting between the club and the supporters group on 24th November, the club would like to talk in particular about bringing fans back into the ground and the new website - your thoughts on those two topics would be appreciated. It's also a chance for us to ask questions on anything that's happening with supporters at the moment that you feel the club can do something about, so if there's anything that's making you happy, or unhappy or curious or whatever the hell you are - please add a question below and we'll look to get it raised on your behalf. Please
  10. Christian Purslow met (virtually) with representatives of fan groups and websites on Tuesday evening. It was a bit of a departure from the regular meeting structure, which will be back up and running next month - for that one, please add any questions onto this thread and we'll do what we can to make sure they're asked to the right person at the club. The club's notes on the meeting are below:
  11. I've been looking up loads of stuff today on https://what3words.com I reckon my seat is "fleet.cheek.gladiators" https://what3words.com/fleet.cheek.gladiators Where do you sit?
  12. Thought it would be nice to collect amusing examples of people accusing us of doing a Fulham this season, as I imagine we'll be hearing this for at least the next 6 months (or forever, if we actually do a Fulham). Looking forward to the We're Doing A Fulham chants when we're three goals up against Wolves. Starting with last week's classic from Fat Sam. https://talksport.com/football/577298/aston-villa-fulham-spending-summer/ Keep them coming...
  13. There's a meeting of the Fans Consultancy Group prior to Tuesday's game with Barnsley and VT have been invited. If there's anything you want to raise about the club, the matchday experience, ticketing, hospitality, merchandise, the club website or anything at all that isn't player performance, please let us know in this thread and we'll raise anything that people want raised at the meeting. Thank you!
  14. It’s nearly that time again. Next Tuesday night, again with CP. Anyone else going ? What a difference a year makes !
  15. Not directly related, but thought I'd ask it here. Usually get down to a few games around Christmas and to a few London away days while we've been in the championship. Imagine this will get tougher now we're in the Prem though. With that in mind, are there any major benefits - booking tickets wise - of being a Claret member. i.e. is it pretty superfluous for London away days etc. as I won't have a decent booking history?
  16. My daughter has just turned 2. She obviously doesnt understand the inner complexities of the beautiful game but loves seeing villa on tv. She recognises grealish (gree-wish), mcginn (ginn) and mings (ming) pointing at them and says villa at the tv. She even claps and cheers when we score. How young is too young to start attending games? What age did you start going or take your own kids, if you have any? Is the north stand still considered the family stand? Interested to hear your views
  17. You'll never guess who's back... Arrrrgggghh me mateys! Already banging them out, "Henri hoovers up" for the 2nd goal. What. A. Signing.
  18. So, another weekend has come and gone. A weekend that most people in the world won't have ny memory of in a few years time or so. But for 69 swedish Villans it will probably stay in their memories forever. Although, some will probably never remember some parts at all. But we've had a great time. For me it started on Wednesday. Flight to Manchester, with what I suspect was a couple of manure-fans going over to watch their game against barcelona. I think I know which one of us who was the happier later that night. Their I met a friend from the really grim north of Sweden, Gällivare which is
  19. https://rewards.avfc.co.uk/login So, the club has launched the Pride rewards system of points that can be redeemed for a variety of things - it's finally up and running as of yesterday and there's some interesting stuff. The way you earn them seems simple enough, as per the above - to me it seems fair and pretty reasonable. I guess the only thing missing is any sort of link to the money you'd spend in the shop - I'm guessing Under Armour chose not to be involved or that this sort of thing exists outside of their contract, but you ca't earn points by buying kit or training gear
  20. I was at Edgbaston last night for the England v Australia T20 International and spotted a St Georges cross with a Villa badge on it. This was in a prime spot in the Eric Hollis stand. I was in the opposite side of the ground and thought i'd take a photo of that and went over there to take a pic. It got me thinking of how many Villa flags are out there at either VP or different sporting events. Even seeing someone in a Villa top when the cricket is on in, say Australia or the West Indies makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand up as does seeing a flag. So here is the pic i took
  21. The Tim Sherwood thread contained quite a few posts about our support, triggered by the post below. Thought it might be worth creating a thread for anyone who wants to talk about our home support. gilbertoAVFC: get a respected player (Lescott or Grealish - Villa fans) to get the crowd going when they come out at kick-off. Holte would love that..... Agreed, but us fans could do more to get ourselves going IMO and and that includes fans in the Dough Ellis and Trinity! We criticize the players and the manager very harshly but how did we perform as a crowd yesterday? Did everyone at
  22. Don_Simon

    The Fans

    Put this in the match thread, but thought perhaps it could be in main forum... My level of respect for those Villa fans there tonight is at never before seen heights. The absolute shite they have had to put up with over the years, yet they continually invest time, money, effort and hope into what some would say is a lost cause. I don't think its really reported quite how rubbish its been for Villa fans, and how brilliant our fans are. Kudos to all concerned.
  23. On the Football Manager thread a bit of Anglo-Norge respect just unfolded, appreciating our Lions from abroad. They could have picked Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, hell... even Birmingham City. But they chose us! This is just a thread to appreciate our overseas fans and also see (from outside of the UK) who is on here and from where. Me, I'm just some English dude, in England, but I'm curious to do a little audit. Ours are amongst the best fans in England and we are bettered further with your membership! You picked the right team and we are glad to have you! Answer however you want but I'
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