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  1. Not to mention El Ghazi is a shit striker. Trez would be a better option.
  2. Yet some people on this site still feel the need of defending our recruitment team. Mind boggles.
  3. How do you explain that we showed that in the start of the season and last season? It's just a case of poor form, missing players, players out injured, low confidence etc.
  4. The problem isn't Smith methinks. The problem has largely been the recruitment. No idea who's responsible for that. Nor responsible for the absolute **** that we are in a situation where we are starting matches (in PLURAL) without a striker. What's clear is that this will be one tough battle for survival and that new striker better be good.
  5. Meh I'm gonna do other stuff. I hope for you lot watching Trez goes up top and Luiz comes on. UTV
  6. Happens in football. Which is why we need to be patient with a brand new team. Those asking for a sacking are just clueless.
  7. It's absolutely bonkers. Professional football club ran like a Tesco United.
  8. We need a change here to get Grealish involved. If he doesn't get involved, there's **** all chance of us getting points here.
  9. We always had a complete hoofball team. Goes without saying a team that's better on the pitch is worse on set pieces. The main problem is that we're not good enough at the pitch either. We got to turn this around, but it's hard when the idiots in the recruitment department got us starting matches without a striker.
  10. It reminds me a little bit of the French union signed 2015. It's like there's something missing.
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