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  1. Thought he was alright yesterday. Worked hard, but like people say I have no faith in his shooting ability. Akward and unnatural. It's his first season abroad as a young man mind. Have to give him time. But we need to buy another striker for competition alone. If he breaks 12 goals this season I think he's done well.
  2. Thought he went to Merseyside
  3. De Gea is playing mate. Martial maybe. Shaw I doubt.
  4. Where's that sulking Frenchman they gave away and resigned for a fuckton of money ?
  5. That's their best team though? I've said it before, but their squad simply is amazingly poor considering the money spent.
  6. I think the biggest positive for me ignoring the 3 points, is how we mentally came over dropping points against 10 men.
  7. Yup. And whoever that is I want him or her to have excellent pace. Total digression, but are we allowed to field a woman if she was good enough?
  8. KenjiOgiwara

    Keinan Davis

    Thought he was alright. Did some poor stuff, which almost seemed due to concentration or nervousness, and did some good stuff as well. It's just impossible to judge a player on a short cameo. He had some decent movements in front of the box as well, but for some reason our wide players decided to whip the ball in behind him.
  9. Definately. I never saw him as a winger, but just roaming in the hole suits him. I thought personally he'd be better as a CM than what he was, but fortunately he found his place in the end. What was weird was him insisting on being a number 8 or whatever.
  10. Excellent today. Completely different player than who we saw started the season. Unfortunately people did him the disfavour of excusing him from poor performances when it was obvious he was below par. Anyway easily motm.
  11. Bought a couple of "how to raise a dog" books, as I've got no clue, but I feel filthy. Got to read these and bin them, just can't keep this crap in my shelves. It's like bought a couple of signs for my home that said LOVE and HOME. Embarrassing doesn't cut it.
  12. Not sure what you mean by a fair fight, and this is largely unimportant (especially as they hunt in packs), but a grown Lion would easily take down a moose. I've seen my share of them, and while they are big, they are still a moose. Lions take down animals about the same size of a moose all the time, it's a part of their normal non-hipster diet.
  13. If you actually read what I wrote it would make things easier for you. I'll help you. "As close to correct projection as possible". If you need that further explain let me know. But I know you don't, as you understood well what I asked for.
  14. I did. Didn't find a good download link, thus I asked on here. Clearly a mistake when you're not looking for smart arse relies. Or help as you called it. Hah.
  15. I did, but I didn't find a good download link, thus the question. Cheers though
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