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  1. I started watching that. Genuinly thought it was some of the least funny forced shite comedy I've seen. Same goes for the US office. Maybe I'm just outdated. Give me Fawlty Towers any day.
  2. Seems the US are basically stealing protective gear on airports that already were on it's way to Germany, France and Canada. Just when you think the Trump administration couldn't get any classier.
  3. I think we are a bit of an odd case really. We have one massive advantage in that we are a relatively big country with about 6 people. We also probably haven't tested enough. It's also rare to smoke here and obesity is not that normal as in the UK, and Norwegians in general (all ages) tend to be physically active. Doesn't mean we don't struggle with this cause we do, but it's not really a country for comparison. Germany I don't know much about. But I read they had some sort of advantage wgen it came to age groups, but didn't quite pick up on what it was. With 80 million + people you'd think they were in trouble.
  4. He looks a different player in 4 man defence rather than 3 man cb line. I think that's key for him. In a 5311 he looked like bambi.
  5. I understand losing money on market crashes and pull backs sucks. I've lost twice of that you list this spring. It's impossible to avoid. Just keep calm and you'll have that back in no time. Thing is that some of the best investors in the world has written countless books on exactly this bit of investing, i.e. investing in people and a fundamentally good company. And that's before you even discuss the quantitative side of it. There's plenty good reasons you could list to keep qualified people on the payroll when you could be doing otherwise. Certain hotels are already public about this now, as they know it's a brand builder and PR brilliance. Technical personal can also be very hard to recover on an upturn so it's a big picture and definitely not black and white as portrayed.
  6. I'd argue I know more about investing than most, but whatever makes you feel better.
  7. To anyone. Investing is investing.
  8. Well I'm pretty sure you can argue it different ways. It's not like a company have to take any option that offers the most liquidity or quick economic reward. All companies have to consider stuff like the value of a brand name etc. or the value of their current experienced staff. The action in this case could be highly detrimental to the future operation of the business, thus they could easily defend such a decision.
  9. Pretty sure it's very easy to defend such a decision in any case.
  10. YNWA, unless there's a virus about it seems. Shit club.
  11. You can see the crew's reaction on cnbc/cnn. It's videoed. Basically clapped and sung off the ship which was a nice touch.
  12. Remember the story about the US naval officer that asked to relieve his crew from theur duties cause they had corona on a carrier? Just read on CNBC he's basically fired from his position.
  13. Sorry just woke up, after having the shits all night AGAIN, so I'm not at the races.
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