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  1. Good to see Daniel Johnson doing well for himself. Just gotta get Green on now
  2. Butland looks completely off to me. It's like he is not there. Wouldn't be surprised if there's something going on we aren't clued in on. No way he is as shit as the season so far suggests.
  3. My first shirt was the Müller home shirt in 94(?). Has some Coca cola cup winner thing attached, so maybe it's 95? Either way it's my favourite one because of memories and stuff, but from a design pov I think it's ugly as feck Quite like the Rover one from 2003(?). Kinda clean. Really liked the yellow away shirt from 2015. This years away is alright, but the shoulder ruined it for me. I never had the Mita one, but the Mita and 82 kit looks very good.
  4. Bet they feel pretty **** stupid if it's true they rejected bids from us and Bournemouth. His value must be a third of what it was.
  5. His confidence just left the stadium
  6. I just don't follow the logic that a manager failing at a club means he can't succeed at other clubs.
  7. KenjiOgiwara

    Tom Heaton

    I've never said I am not a fan of Heaton. I think Heaton is solid. But even solid keepers can need a kick up the arse. If he keeps dropping clangers losing us matches, I'd easily drop him for Steer. Who was exceptional and a big part in us getting promoted. We are however not there yet. Heaton was bought for a lot of money to come in with experience, like a lot of clubs do with the keeper position. He went on and cost us right away with rookie mistakes. Can't see that being impressive to anyone. 3rd choice all his career. Haha you are talking about a 26 year old keeper. He may have 14 years at the til level left. As seen from last year he may just be hitting that career sweet spot and develop a lot now. There's absolute no reason to suggest he will be inadequate in the PL. He may drop a bollock or two, but apparantly so does Heaton.
  8. I think Guilbert looked very good during preseason and I've got high hopes for him, but he did seem a bit raw and defensively suspect at time, so I am not surprised Elmo is playing. How Taylor is keeping Targett out of the team on the other hand baffles me.
  9. I will just point out his superb pass to McGinn on Saturday. That should have been a goal and was a great bit of football, but apparantly it's not even commented on.
  10. Unfortunately for me that's a catch 22. I think Dean Smith wants free flowing modern football. Thus we implement a DLP and 5 man midfield that ideally reverts to a 433 when attacking. He does however tell our wingers and playmaker to cut inwards a LOT, and thus we are absolutely dependant on wingbacks to charge forward and be part of our attacking play. If we play Taylor and Elmo this just doesn't happen to sufficient degree, especially with Taylor. So we might stick with Taylor and Elmo to stay defensively solid, but it will affect our ability to score goals and probably thus win matches.
  11. Looks like he tried undergoing mitosis and just stopped halfway.

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