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  1. Best of luck to him. Think he'll need it coming into this squad.
  2. Article in the mirror claims otherwise, where they got Madrid people saying he's carrying a knee injury.
  3. Apparantly he is already injured for the next 4 weeks
  4. I'm actually inclined to play Ramsey over Hourihane as well. It's probably naive, but I just don't rate Hourihane.
  5. The difference is that they are just much better footballers. You can get away with lacking size and having an attacking line-up, if you just are that much better at everything else. Especially if the team are that much better collectively. Barcelona could also get away with Iniesta, Xavi, Messi, Mascherano, Alves, Puyol, Villa, who all were a bunch of midgets in their respective positions, but it didn't matter too much when they were so fecking good at football. We don't have that quality yet nor are we settled like a style to that degree. In fact settling and gelling all the new players will once again be a huge task for Deano. So we could and should easily use more physique and defensive traits in our midfield to grab points we otherwise won't get.
  6. Surely can't be right? Who the hell lives almost a decade in a country and doesn't learn the language?
  7. World class player. I'd love to have him here. But at those wages it comes at a FFP cost.
  8. That's simply not true, but whatever floats your boat.
  9. See Kappa is selling last seasons kit without sponsor in Norway. Think I'm gonna pick one up. https://www.kappa.no/catalogsearch/result/?q=aston+villa Aren't they legit or something? Seems cheap?
  10. I just pointed out I already covered that. I owned up to it. I didn't delete the post cause making mistakes or being wrong doesn't bother me. But I see I should have deleted the post, cause expecting people to read and understand two lines of text before they respond eager to score points was obviously too much.
  11. Pretty obvious a good record in a poor league means its relevance falls off. There's obviously good players to be found in France, but I would use statistics from that league, especially for players in the better sides, very carefully. Much like SPL and Celtic.
  12. Yeah. I wouldn't even be surprised if he performed better than expected. He's not a very good PL player, and it's probably okay to argue he's a pretty poor one, but I think with a season under his belt he'll do better. His work rate is pretty good and if he just learns to do the basic stuff better, he'd do a job. Ironically I think Traore or and Trez will show a lot of the same stuff, i.e. good work rate, poor footballing brain and some brilliant moments and some outstanding ones. Not sold on either.
  13. Good thing you're quoting things I already clarified. Impressed.
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