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  1. How much did they pay for Pepe again?
  2. Do you really think the squad and Jack himself don't know exactly what's going on? I suspect they all know just about when he'll be back in the side. That's how businesses work. And we are a business. There's absolutely no reason to tell the fans however. Telling the fans is the equivalent of telling the world. Why would they? A small retail investor won't know the month by month actions of a big company. The employees probably will. At least that's how it function where I work.
  3. Really struggle finding anything to be criticising Deano for. I guess some will say subs, but the matches we've been crying for subs are often matches we've ended up winning as well, so it's easy to argue he got it right. I guess you can be cfiticising the decision to sign Barkley, but I think at the time it happened we would all have done it. There's been signings I thought we overpaid, like Ollie, but even that is looking the right decision at this point. We have managed to retain and build on our youth teams. Football has largely been very good, bar 3-4 matches.
  4. Remember reading one in university that stuck by me. "Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without getting your facts straight." Might be getting the quote slightly wrong, but I remember it was E.B. White.
  5. I know it's a dumb thing to whine about, but it's puzzling to me. It's like people feel morally supreme when giving a book as a gift, cause everyone needs books or something. And you can't possibly not want books. And then they have to put zero effort into something a person might actually like. I like books, and books are what they are. You must like them, or you are mentally dead. That train of thought. I see now I possibly should have put it in the pisses you off thread, but I honestly hoped some of the readers here (since we have that what do you read thread, I assume there are some h
  6. Happy to see on the top of the page cause I have something that's bothered me for a while. What's the thing about people who read a lot, who think giving books as presents always is an acceptable gift? Okay, I'll use myself as an example. I come from a family of largely language teachers, journalists, with a small mix of lawyers and doctors. Fair to say they read a lot. I've never been part of the club. I'm the only one in that family that studied engineering. I read books, but I tend to read non-fiction, and I often buy books read a few chapters and drop it. I think of novel
  7. Neither should Barkley. That's the point. We don't have a ton of options. Ramsey > Barkley thus he should start
  8. Well each to their own. I think Ramsey has been better in all of his matches (including subs) than Barkley has been since Christmas.
  9. I've seen more of that from him than Barkley tbh. Then again I think there's more important qualities in football than being a good cage ball player.
  10. I'm am absolutely astounded by anyone thinking he should come back into the side because Ramsey had a quiet game. I know it's a complete overreaction since we lost a match against 10 man sheffield and thus we have to make all the changes we can , cause that's how football fans think. But no. Barkley has been consistently shit for about 10 matches in a row. Ramsey worked more in a quiet game, than Barkley ever has done for us. How anyone can forget how shite Barkley has been cause we just lost a match is beyond me. Ramsey needs to start all day long.
  11. I generally don't invest much these day except DCA'ing my salaries, but I have a dividend PF that is more like a pension plan of sorts. More actively managed, but pretty long term holdings. I normally buy blue chips that are struggling where I have a decent recovery potential and dividend secured at some level. My last big buy was Bayer AG. Now my question to you guys, ideally some of you who actually knows something about it, is how's the future for GSK looking? It's a pretty huge company that seems to have hit a wall, but the dividend attracts me some what. And big pharma tends to alw
  12. I'm too cheap to buy cars. Prefer to have my money where they don't depreciate. BUT I really fancy buying a Jeep Wrangler and an Audi RS E-tron GT. I keep having new car infatuations every month to be fair haha. Need more money tbh.
  13. If last night showed me anything it's that we need to sign a creative player. When Jack is out, we got nothing. Barkley isn't fit to lace Jack's boots.
  14. I don't think moving too many players around to fit an individual is the way to go either, but for me the inclusion of Davis is to change things up when we're struggling. I wouldn't start him over Watkins, but matches like yesterday when we look as a potent going forward as a potato, and that vs 10 men. That's when I think we should throw him on earlier and mix it up. I'd also move Watkins wide, exactly like we did. Traore didn't do a whole lot methinks, and for all his technique and nice touches there wasn't much end product to it. If we don't switch things up when we are at our worst, w
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