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  1. Please nothing yellow. Never again.
  2. I'd say Ramsey is doing rather well, but it's a bit more nuanced when it comes to Luiz. I like him. He has tons of potential. He's shown it. He has the right age to improve and so on. BUT he has NOT looked solid this season. He's average if anything, and his partnership with McGinn looks pretty average as well. Our midfield is often not contributing and I honestly think a lot of points this season have been lost because our central midfield isn't able to compete in both quality and physicality. And when I look at our first eleven, our GK, defence is rock solid. Watkins and Grealish
  3. UEFA have opened 'investigations today'. Whatever that means. But only Juve, RM and Barca are mentioned.
  4. From a link @Sne posted on page 206.
  5. Kind of cool lactose free milk has such a long expiration date.
  6. Fair enough. I think it's more important to have a solid functioning first team than having a great bench, but it's all arseholes or however the expression goes.
  7. Two starters surely? Grealish is most likely staying and thus playing. That means it's really just CAM and RW or RW and LW depending on his choice of position. I fail to see how it's three starters. So by far more you ment two positions? I agree we need to sort out those two more than anything. Anyway, this is just semantics I guess. I agree with you on the DM generally not being visible and appreciated, and it's historically been a case here. I quite like Luiz, but I still think he needs to improve a lot to become good enough. I think both size and strength is a big issue, and I a
  8. Really annoys me that the women's side of AVFC show up in my newsnow feed. It really should be marked as women's footy or something. I don't have any problems with women playing football fwiw. It just doesn't interest me.
  9. Utterly fantastic keeper if you ask me. Probably one of the best in the PL.
  10. It's hard to approve of Hamas, but Israel are doing a good job at convincing me.
  11. You're then talking squad depth. Sorting out our central midfield issues including luiz is more important than polishing the bench methinks. Ideally we do both mind.
  12. As what our of interest? It sure isn't GK, LB, RB, CB, CM/box-to-box or striker. So by far more do you mean wingers?
  13. That surprises me. One of the weakest, if not the weakest, area in our team is definitely central midfield. The reason we struggle to dominate matches in midfield is exactly because we're puny. Both Luiz and McGinn are thrown around like rag dolls. On set pieces we've also look looked shaky as **** because of this. And if we didn't have a world class keeper I'm sure that would be more obvious. You're right in the sense that a lot of world class central midfielders can get by with being small. Xavi, Kante, Makelele, Iniesta. But that's the thing. They are world class. We won't get them. If
  14. I think he can play the CAM role, and I wouldn't be remotely surprised if he was better there than out wide. His biggest weaknesses are basically removed and he isn't so predictable.
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