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  1. You quite literally didn’t. Still observable.
  2. It's not. You are just picking extremes. You can find bad people, even if they aren't quite as bad as Hitler and Stalin. Or if it makes it easier I can find 2-3 of the biggest bargains that season and point out how cheap they were relative to Traore?
  3. A minor worry is that Martinez was so good for us, partially because of the competition Heaton provided. Professionals often get pushed performance wise by playing with good opponents and colleagues. I don't know if Emi will get complacent by knowing there's nobody to challenge him, but either way no an ideal situation. It's also why I suspect Abraham could be a smart move.
  4. Nah. If I want that sort of workout I'll just hit the local swimming pool.
  5. I've been pretty vocal on him being the wrong signing from day one, but I think he's done better than I expected. Not really rubbish as he's had some good matches and important goals. I'd say he's been pretty average, but I guess average is what you get for £ 17 million these days. Even though I still find it absurd we paid £ 17 million for him. Lyon took us to the cleaners. He is still not what we need for the right wing, so hopefully he'll be a rotation option from now on. I'm still waiting for that classical RW option with good work rate, than can beat a man and turn on the pace before wipping in a cross. I don't think that's Buendia either.
  6. Not sure why I said ergometer tbh. I normally say rowing machine. Technically they are all ergometers aren't they? I'll never use an elliptical mind. In terms of washing things down I think the difference is that you are supposed to wash it down with an antibacterial spray and before it was just a water wipe.
  7. One of my favourite goalkeepers for us for some reason. Best of luck.
  8. DDR has done an exceptional job with that midfield coaching. That's reminiscent of glory days.
  9. Think I've watched, experienced more Italian football than most tbh. If you fancy having this discussion with some Italian friends of mine I'm sure they will tell you that you're wrong in Italian as well, if that makes it easier. I've heard of all of these players. Point is that you don't know what you're talking about. It's about expectations and they aren't the same. It's a more low key side this time compared to back then. Player profiles aren't comperable, neither abroad or domestically.
  10. You are really not getting it. Those players were way more established stars in the football world and especially in Italy than any of these players are. Totti were a semi god at that point. The expectations domestically were completely different.
  11. Maybe we can rather go for Ash instead?
  12. Well to a degree, but that was the entire point. This Italian squad is different. It's more of a team than they've had in 30 years.
  13. I actually don't think so. He's been involved and created some stuff, but it's Italy in the play offs. He was never going to dominate like you've seen against Burnley.
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