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  1. Correct me if I got this wrong, but when we got promoted in the 70s with Saunders, we won the league cup. The opposition in the final was Norwich and Norwich is the club we're facing boxing day?
  2. Sorry, drunk as a skunk. Didn't see it had been posted. Can a moderator just remove it?
  3. I have never met him and even if I did he'd probably stay way clear from a crude individual like myself, but from a general point of view, nobody likes talking to Norwegians cause we tend to be rather introverted to the point of extreme. I just find the idea odd. Personally I think talking of internal matters to strangers not only disloyal, but also unprofessional. Which is why I think it's weird, cause it's the complete opposite of my impression of Little.
  4. To be honest it's said twerking has it's origin from McGinn in the SPL.
  5. I think he's doing better than portrayed here. His arse wiggle and uturns are being picked up on though. Against Chelsea they doubled up on him having safety in case he broke free and he lost possession once or twice. But he definately is our better alternative compared to Hourihane and Luiz. He just has more fight which we lack.
  6. Yeah like mentioned Bournemouth might get into real trouble now. Seems like all their key players are injured except Wilson and Fraser.
  7. It seems likely, and while I am not doubting you, why on earth would Little talk to strangers about sensitive Villa matters? Seems beyond weird. I know nothing about how this works in English football, and I don't know anyone connected to Villa (other than the owner/runner of VT), but it seems mental for people deep into the club to run their mouths about this stuff.
  8. Think it will be fairly even. I don't think we are a pushover for any team at this point. But will be interesting. I quite like watching Leicester play. Very good footballing side.
  9. Is Hutton working as an attacking coach at spurs now?
  10. I've said it before, but I am a firm believer in the goal difference as a statistical indicator over a season for final league standings. We are doing rather well in that respect, so I actually think we'll be alright.
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