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  1. Fully aware of that, but I don't think it adds up to the numbers you are talking here.
  2. Not so sure about that. Use Delph as a yardstick. We paid £ 6 million in 2009 if I remember correctly. Right now he'd probably have been a £ 25 million talent. Are you telling me the TV deal is 400% as lucrative? I seriously doubt that cause I remember what they called "The worlds most lucrative promotion" back then and they said it was worth £100 million. Now they are saying £200 million, which to me indicates it's about twice as lucrative. The TV deal does not alone explain extreme prices for championship talent imo.
  3. I think the real interesting bit is how Brentford will handle it if he demands a move, i.e. accept a low ball offer or be stuck with an unhappy player on decreasing market value. If Sevilla actually have bid € 10 million that could very quickly be a real scenario.
  4. Thought Chelsea were restricted on loans now? Aren't there new rules or something?
  5. Surprised anyone saw enough of Kalinic to make their mind up. Can barely remember 90 minutes of him.
  6. I don't rate Elmo or Taylor and want better first team options, but I don't think it's wise to get rid of them for two reasons. 1) We need squad depth. 2) It's a mistake losing too many of the people that got us promoted. Keeping a bit of a core and develop bit by bit will get you much further much faster IMO.
  7. Noel Whelan? Is he that the old Coventry striker?
  8. While I am intrigued about our DMC position I am so curious about what we will do about the left back position. Left back has to be the weakest area of our team atm.
  9. Agreed Tayls. I am a staunch supporter of keeping a winning team and form selection. I think Steer deserves to start the season in the PL regardless of who we end up signing, but I know this isn't realistic. And to be perfectly honest I think Steer is a bit underrated. Some keepers just bloom at different times than others. He is now 26 years old. Blowing £ 20 million on a new goalie when you might already have the right one seems odd. But in the end we just gotta trust our coaching team on this, and that I actually do. And it's a long bloody time since I could say that.
  10. Kinda fancy making a Villa save. I am a bit stupid in regards to how this work. Has the game been patched to include new Villa players or Villa in the PL? Can you download such a patch?
  11. KenjiOgiwara

    Keinan Davis

    I genuinly think Davis is a good player and especially for our style of play. Would be amazed if Deano didn't spot it.
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