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  1. That I straight out disagree with. Most people I come across are genuinly there to get fit. I'd argue the money spent there relatively speaking is nothing and should be tax refundable.
  2. This shouldn't annoy me, but it kinda does, weird as it is. People who are paying gym members and spend their time walking on treadmills. Not for warm-up, but genuinly walk there instead of walking outside in the sun. Just why
  3. Gotta admit I think El Ghazi looks really good.
  4. Tend to concede shortly after Davis comes on. Watch this space
  5. I have never ever understood those rules. You are in a perfectly good attacking position in possession. Ref calls it due to injury and the drop leads to them hoofing it back to our box and inviting pressure back on us. How on earth does that make sense? How can you roll over injured, stop an attack and then be allowed to be in a better position when you start the game. At least make it an indirect freekick in the position you have the ball when the ref calls it.
  6. Was a poor finish by Grealish. Nothing to do with luck.
  7. Exactly what I was thinking. I love that he is back in the fold and looking half decent. I really am genuinly happy for young lads making it, but why their end product always is shit is just so bloody annoying.
  8. Not exactly a problem so far, but I think Adomah tends to drag further inside than El Ghazi. Which means he is harder to utilize. I know you can argue he goes inside cause the play is on the left flank, but I honestly think we would play more right flank if Adomah was hugging the chalk like El Ghazi.
  9. Why on earth are McGinn taking those free kicks?
  10. Huge mistake not rotating out Grealish and McGinn IMO. Watch injuries happen and we got **** all hope for promotion.

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