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  1. Just read another expansion dropped today. How many is that?
  2. I think I've seen him save us more than anyone else as well, so goes both ways. He's not perfect, but people are expecting a bit too much here. He's doing generally very well for us. All players have dips in form. He wasn't good last match, but he was bloody brilliant compared to Luiz and McGinn.
  3. That's kinda it. He is not perfect, but he's a very good CB. England international. And has been very solid and dependable for us. Average alternatives costs £40 million+. He isn't any where close to being a problem for us.
  4. Salifou, Herd, Sylla, Hogg, Helenius, Bowery, Tonev, Cissokho, McCormack, Hogan, Bjarnason, Lansbury, Tshibola, Leonardsen, Harewood, they all deserve a mention. I'm not saying they didn't underperform, or weren't better footballers than what they showed, but in a Villa shirt they were hardly a shining beacon of excellence.
  5. Well I am a huge fan of Smith, but I have a bone to pick with him when it comes to rotations. There's no point having a squad if you don't use it. There's no chance that a fit Nakamba and Horihane wouldn't have been better than a shattered Luiz and McGinn. Getting this right is his job. I would probably have even started Traore over Grealish. Now we lost, got a bunch of displeased players in the squad that realise they won't get a look in no matter what. And McGinn, Luiz and Grealish are even more exhausted. This is straight up poor management. Our bench might be poor, but
  6. He might not be the best player, but it's a fitness issue. A 90% Horihane is better than a 50% Luiz and McGinn all day long. He should have started. Monumental manager **** up.
  7. Desperately need better quality on the bench, but we also need Deano to show faith to his squad. Anyone and everyone knew our players had a huge fitness issue after International matches. Not starting Hourihane was absolute criminal management. Both Luiz and McGinn lost us that match today.
  8. Wad a weird signing from the bat, but I'm confused by negative reactions today. I thought he was a positive aspect of the match today. He looks better centrally than wide mind, but hard to say without more minutes.
  10. That's **** insane though. VAR can **** off. This is just lol
  11. Great day for FPL. Got Watkins and Grealish. Got Lamptey.
  12. But he didn't play 3 months of PL football prior to it. Not rocket science is it?
  13. It's because you never stop saying WDFAFC. It's cursed us.
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