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  1. You quite literally didn’t. Still observable.
  2. It's not. You are just picking extremes. You can find bad people, even if they aren't quite as bad as Hitler and Stalin. Or if it makes it easier I can find 2-3 of the biggest bargains that season and point out how cheap they were relative to Traore?
  3. A minor worry is that Martinez was so good for us, partially because of the competition Heaton provided. Professionals often get pushed performance wise by playing with good opponents and colleagues. I don't know if Emi will get complacent by knowing there's nobody to challenge him, but either way no an ideal situation. It's also why I suspect Abraham could be a smart move.
  4. Nah. If I want that sort of workout I'll just hit the local swimming pool.
  5. I've been pretty vocal on him being the wrong signing from day one, but I think he's done better than I expected. Not really rubbish as he's had some good matches and important goals. I'd say he's been pretty average, but I guess average is what you get for £ 17 million these days. Even though I still find it absurd we paid £ 17 million for him. Lyon took us to the cleaners. He is still not what we need for the right wing, so hopefully he'll be a rotation option from now on. I'm still waiting for that classical RW option with good work rate, than can beat a man and turn on the pace before wipping in a cross. I don't think that's Buendia either.
  6. Not sure why I said ergometer tbh. I normally say rowing machine. Technically they are all ergometers aren't they? I'll never use an elliptical mind. In terms of washing things down I think the difference is that you are supposed to wash it down with an antibacterial spray and before it was just a water wipe.
  7. One of my favourite goalkeepers for us for some reason. Best of luck.
  8. DDR has done an exceptional job with that midfield coaching. That's reminiscent of glory days.
  9. Think I've watched, experienced more Italian football than most tbh. If you fancy having this discussion with some Italian friends of mine I'm sure they will tell you that you're wrong in Italian as well, if that makes it easier. I've heard of all of these players. Point is that you don't know what you're talking about. It's about expectations and they aren't the same. It's a more low key side this time compared to back then. Player profiles aren't comperable, neither abroad or domestically.
  10. You are really not getting it. Those players were way more established stars in the football world and especially in Italy than any of these players are. Totti were a semi god at that point. The expectations domestically were completely different.
  11. Maybe we can rather go for Ash instead?
  12. Well to a degree, but that was the entire point. This Italian squad is different. It's more of a team than they've had in 30 years.
  13. I actually don't think so. He's been involved and created some stuff, but it's Italy in the play offs. He was never going to dominate like you've seen against Burnley.
  14. It's a remarkable Italy squad, cause it's the first time in my life they are entering a tournament with a squad without superstars expected to carry the team. This is an Italy squad that's 100% a team, and anyone that knows anything of football should be worried about that. Since day one, it's looked very likely they will win it. Barella is a good watch, but their entire 3 man midfield looks pretty balanced.
  15. Isn't it normal to tip less in the US if you get shit service? I thought their entire salary was tip money. Everyone can have bad days or what not, but no tipping in that regards seems kind of cruel. But ye, service in the US is normally very good. For obvious reasons I guess.
  16. Waiting and tipping is difficult I think, cause it's different from country to country. Being impolite or behaving shitty is never okay, but tipping itself is difficult. In England I rarely know what to tip and I always tip too much. The US I think I normally gave 15%. In Scandinavia you don't give. I'm in Poland atm. and we literally had this discussion 20 min ago, cause when we paid with a card the waitress removed the option to tip and we didn't have cash on hand. Guess you just have to google it everytime you go some where.
  17. There's nothing special in my gym. Only difference is that it's mandatory to wash down your bar, rack, dumbell, ergometer after use.
  18. Actually a good point well made. People were quick to dismiss him, not even giving him 6 months to find his feet. I personally like Sanson, but it was pretty obvious a big step up for him. So I find people wanking over the football manager'esque signings Leicester have made pretty funny. Would not surprise me a bit if they flopped.
  19. Let's wait and see if they are a new Kante or a new Musa/Slimani first eh. Daka has scored goals in the equivalent of the Norwegian league.
  20. In regards to credit cards. In Norway there's been a rule to mortgages because house prices are nuts. The rules include that you can't borrow more than 5 x your yearly household earnings before taxes. Funnily enough credit cards credit limit are included in this. So I had 4 credit cards laying at home and that knocked off £40 k of a future mortgage. Gives a good reason to not keep more cards around than you need to. Like someone said one VISA and one MC is enough.
  21. Not sure I agree on that. While you have probably seen more of Alli than me, Barkley's biggest issue wasn't defensive input. His issue was his overall effort and work rate. We could all have forgiven him being a second striker or a CAM with no defensive priorities. His problem was that he had no work rate in the final third either. And was shite on top of it. He just didn’t look interested.
  22. I feel kind of bad watching his goals. He was one of my favourite players. Coming over as young as he was I was rooting for him, but knowing now he didn’t feel being open about his sexual orientation was really an option... it's just saddening. Not surprised at all, as footy has a way to go on that bit, but still feels shite.
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