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  1. Scott Hogan

    Bruce has everyone camped on the edge of our box and puts Hogan all on his own and treats him as a target man, I'm sorry but I refuse to think he's a terrible player. If a new manager comes in and he's still rubbish then I'll hold my hands up that I was wrong about this.
  2. Steve Bruce

    Bruce thinks we didn't deserve to lose...
  3. Tony Xia

    I do worry that Tony will prolong the sacking of Bruce. Needs to happen now, Bruce is a shambles.
  4. Steve Bruce

    Has to be sacked
  5. Ratings & Reactions: Reading v Villa

    He can't possibly stay after that. Surely not.
  6. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    We decided to start attacking in the 90th minute, good one
  7. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    About time Hourihane took a shot
  8. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    We've not even tried to win tonight
  9. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Bjarnason is up there with the worst players I've seen
  10. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    One step closer to Bruce being sacked!
  11. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    We are absolutely atrocious. Steve Bruce can't keep this job for much longer.