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  1. The injury come at such a terrible time for him personally, he'd have absolutely been called up now with people dropping out
  2. Farlz

    Ørjan Nyland

    I much prefer Nyland's distribution over Heaton's. A lot less shit long goal kicks.
  3. Farlz

    Ezri Konsa

    He was fine today. Engels still comes back in for me against Newcastle though.
  4. Farlz


    Just much better than us right now
  5. - Winger - Left back - Striker Order of priority for me in January.
  6. Farlz

    Dean Smith

    Don't be ridiculous **** hell
  7. Just have to hope we can keep ourselves from being in too much of a mess in January and go from there. It's vital we get the recruitment right. While we do need a new striker I'd say winger is my priority. Go out and find a quality wide player because my god we seriously need one.
  8. Farlz

    Wesley Moraes

    He's so frustrating. 1st half was a mess but 2nd half he wasn't too bad. He really had to put that chance that he blazed over on target though.
  9. Farlz

    Douglas Luiz

    Thought he was terrible
  10. Farlz

    Dean Smith

    I very rarely criticise Smith but he got that so wrong today. Literally everybody knows the way to play Wolves is keep it tight, sit back and counter, a bit like we done against Liverpool. Having ourselves so wide open and allowing them to do what they're good at and counter with pace was quite frankly shambolic. 2nd half was slightly better but still the scoreline flattered us today. Not good at all.
  11. I'm sorry but we're still very much a 1 man team. Without Grealish our forward players have no idea what to do and our midfield have no idea what to do. I'd actually forgot just how much he carries this club. We basically can't afford him to ever get injured which is a serious problem.
  12. Farlz

    John McGinn

    He's not been good for a while now but that was absolutely the worst I've ever seen him. Come on John, sort yourself out.
  13. That was extremely poor, Smith got it completely wrong. Worst we've played for many months.
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