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  1. Farlz

    Milot Rashica

    Surely we'll see some kind of progress this week
  2. Farlz

    Wesley Moraes

    I'm really gutted for Wes. Absolutely awful injury, the poor bloke is buggered.
  3. Could be on for a decent cup run again
  4. Farlz

    Milot Rashica

    A google translate on this says Bremen want 20m and we're only offering 18
  5. Farlz

    Milot Rashica

    Rigo in trouble if this just doesn't happen
  6. Farlz

    Dean Smith

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/sep/16/dean-smith-aston-villa-challenging-in-europe-has-to-be-the-aim-jack-grealish Good interview with Dean
  7. Farlz

    Milot Rashica

    It's spicing up again, how are we going to be let down this time
  8. I no longer care if this lad is a bit inconsistent, as long as he's quick and direct I'm very much all for this
  9. Great debut, gets into great positions in the box. You'd expect he'll only get better as well as he gets to grips with the side and a quality winger or 2 join him up front. Or in Villa's case end up making his worse...
  10. Yup looked very assured and comfortable in that midfield tonight. Looked great with the ball at his feet.
  11. Farlz

    Douglas Luiz

    Brilliant cameo tonight. Has such genuine quality.
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