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  1. 2 massive games against Brighton and Watford and we aren't going to have a striker. It really is a disaster.
  2. No striker for this game is a disaster. Go back to the 343 and try to steal a win, having no confidence for a game against Brighton says it all really. Reina Konsa - Engels - Mings Guilbert - Drinkwater - Nakamba - Targett Trez - El Ghazi - Grealish
  3. What exactly were people expecting for them to be underwhelmed by this?
  4. Yeah he's never playing for us again
  5. No striker for Brighton and Watford is not good at all
  6. I'm pleased we're finally getting someone in but no striker for Brighton is an absolute nightmare.
  7. Not everyone's cup of tea but I'm really impressed how far the Villa womens team have come this season. 3-1 defeat in the quarter finals of the cup to a Chelsea side a league above who are full of internationals, it was only last season we lost 12-0 to United. Also beat Sheffield United to go 6 points clear at the top of the league and remain unbeaten, looking good to get promoted to the WSL. I don't watch the games but keep an interest in how we're doing and it's good to see how much we're progressing.
  8. Considering there's a work permit to sort out we aren't going to see him against Brighton or Watford which isn't ideal at all. Hopefully does the business for us after that because we're gonna need it.
  9. Deals like this make me realise Gregg Evans hasn't got the slightest clue on anything
  10. Looks like he had a fantastic year last season, 23 in 38 league games while scoring 9 in the Europa League. Just the 7 league goals this season though but does have 3 in the Champions League.
  11. Atmosphere peaked against Everton. Hasn't been anything close to that since.
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