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  1. Just really am gutted. This is a player I admire so so much and yet again through his own stupidity he's let us fans down, the club down and dragged his name through the mud.
  2. There's just such a lack of common sense from him, he really is quite an idiot. How do you post a video asking people to stay inside only to then accept an invite round a friends house? Like **** hell Jack use that thing inside your skull, thought he was past this stuff.
  3. So disappointed with this
  4. Oh Jack what have you done. **** sake.
  5. Disappointed in him for this, he'd kept himself out of bad press for a good while. Obviously I hope it's all rubbish in the end but it doesn't really look that way.
  6. Not even the coronavirus can save Villa from relegation
  7. I genuinely can't believe everything was just going to go ahead as if nothing is happening.
  8. Arteta tested positive. This league can't carry on as normal whatsoever.
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