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  1. Farlz

    Said Benrahma

    I expect this bid will be rejected, seems a bit low. I'm trying to not build my excitement too much in the likely event that we don't end up signing him.
  2. Farlz

    Said Benrahma

    Please please please make this happen
  3. Trezeguet AND Benrahma would be fantastic additions out wide and would put us in a very healthy position for quality and competition.
  4. Farlz

    Keinan Davis

    Goal scoring. His ability to hold up the ball is great and has some really nifty footwork but I just never fancy him to score and I personally don't see that ever changing unfortunately.
  5. Farlz

    Wesley Moraes

    Very impressed with that 45 minutes
  6. Not a bad run out. Second half performance was much much better, Wesley and RHM looked great.
  7. Argh come on O'Hare, shoot Wesley again though brilliant work
  8. Easy to see how Wesley chipped in with so many assists for Club Brugge with play like that

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