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  1. Was nice of us to give Sheffield United a little present on their way down
  2. This is going to be an awful game to watch. I know this is really quite obvious to say but the first goal is vital. If we start well and score first we're most likely going to win, we're quite strong from that position. If we concede first however its game over and we might as well stop watching. I'm really not sure how I'd like the team. I'd get Luiz back in the side though definitely and I have a feeling Barkley will start over Ramsey.
  3. Farlz

    Formula One - 2021

    That Williams livery is awful. Looks like something you'd quickly put together on the F1 game.
  4. 57 points and a red arrow of 60k or so. Deary me it's been rough.
  5. Had an absolutely shocking GW. I'm 100% binning one of Salah or Bruno next game week.
  6. Farlz

    Formula One - 2021

    That Haas livery is hilarious. They are doing an unbelievable job at getting everyone to absolutely despise them. Is it bad of me that I kind of want Mazepin to do better than Schumacher just to see the complete outrage it will cause?
  7. This hasn't been likely at all for about 2 months. It's just a nice stress free nothing season. We're on the beach.
  8. Bloody hell I must have missed everyone else delivering tonight
  9. Well now we all know why he isn't starting games
  10. Farlz

    Dean Smith

    Rubbish. It was over as soon as they scored and that's starting to concern me.
  11. Really shit that. Score first against us and it's a guaranteed win. Games like this are happening a bit too often.
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