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  1. If Spurs had sorted themselves out and Grealish got the move last summer, he'd already have been capped by now. It's sad that the Championship excuse is costing him as he's more than good enough. There's absolutely no way he stays this summer if we don't go up.
  2. 2 assists so far today and once again seems to be doing very well
  3. To top it off, it's the year 2027 and Sparta Rotterdam win the Champions League for the first time
  4. Drew the final game of the season to prevent myself beating my own points record
  5. Just had my 4th league title in a row confirmed and on track for my first unbeaten season In my push for the Champions League this season, I signed a 35 year old Neymar in January. On crazy money, can barely run but has been good so far with 8 goals 5 assists in 11 league appearances. Only signed him just to really go for the CL, he'll almost certainly be moved on in the summer but I'll enjoy him for now.
  6. Tuanzebe comes straight back in for me. he's a better CB than Hause imo plus it means we have a right footer playing to offer much more balance. Hause was doing fantastic at LB so again he just moves across. Might be harsh on Taylor but Tuanzebe is way too good to be sitting on the bench. Elmo - Tuanzebe - Mings - Hause Love it.
  7. Farlz

    Formula One - 2019

    That Bottas pace was ridiculous
  8. Much better today than on Wednesday for me. Was a little too deep at times but played some great passes and his driving runs in the second half were fantastic. Captain Jack is taking us all the way.
  9. Yes unfortunately he wasn't great today. Never really beat his man and lost the ball countless times. Not sure what to make of Green yet.
  10. Farlz

    Dean Smith

    Dean Smith is the man, I love him. Today was just fantastic, complete domination from start to finish.
  11. Really pleased for him, love how direct he is
  12. Farlz

    Glenn Whelan

    He was superb, absolutely everywhere.
  13. Farlz

    Formula One - 2019

    It's getting a little boring now
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