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  1. Football Manager 2017

    I don't really feel the same joy/satisfaction if I was to load the save again and replay it. It will just make it all better when I finally win something Yep, still playing FIFA as well
  2. Football Manager 2017

    One of the most frustrating seasons I've had. Was just one big disaster really. From November to May I just kept switching from 12th to 10th, I finally got some momentum going and on the final day of the season I played Bournemouth which would decide the final European spot. I'm winning 2-0, everything is looking great but of course it all goes wrong and I concede in the 89th and 90th minute, therefore missing out. Luckily, I had a Europa League final against Lyon which would give me another chance for European football next season... Of course I lost that as well. So this season I lost in the EFL Cup final, Europa League final and completely missed out on European football on the final day of the league season. No doubt half my squad is going to want to leave also. I'm just not achieving anything with Lincoln right now, very frustrating.
  3. Football Manager 2017

    Yeah I gave him a contract straight away, even if he is useless I can't let him go I'll be sending young Mario out on loan in every single season of his career, I hope he enjoys it.
  4. Football Manager 2017

    Wow big news everyone, my regen son come through a youth intake. Shame he's absolutely useless and will never be any good
  5. Football Manager 2017

    Got to the EFL Cup final for a second year. Opponents? Chelsea again... Genuinely thought I was going to pull it back to 5-5
  6. Sam Johnstone

    http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-transfers-sign-him-13022795 Seems a popular figure with the squad
  7. Football Manager 2017

    Haven't pushed on how I'd have liked so far, mostly my fault. I come into the season with a possession tactic, keep the ball at all costs and stop conceding so many goals. That didn't work so I abandoned that and moved onto a super attacking 352. It worked in moments (scored 6 in a couple games) but the rest of the time I was still conceding loads and dropping easy points. So I've ditched that, gone in a full circle and moved back to possession. Also given up on having 3 CBs. All these tactics and I'm just about to finish December. No wonder my league form is suffering.
  8. Jack Grealish

    Should've been his year to really stand out, just hasn't delivered. He's probably the most frustrating player in the entire squad, simply has to make next season count.
  9. Conor Hourihane

    Brilliant today, unlucky not to score. Like I said in the Lansbury thread, both so much better when we stop hitting it long all the time.
  10. Henri Lansbury

    Lansbury and Hourihane bossed it today. This is what happens when we don't lump it over them.
  11. Sam Johnstone

    One of his better games for sure
  12. Leandro Bacuna

    Didn't realise it was him arguing with Hourihane, thought a Brighton player was holding the ball or something. I don't understand why Bruce likes him so much.
  13. James Bree

    I don't like Hutton so it doesn't take much but I do prefer Bree playing
  14. Scott Hogan

    He's desperately unlucky isn't he, the ankle again. Hopefully it isn't too bad. While I've supported Hogan in recent weeks in saying he needs support from the midfield, I thought Davis was so much better than him today.
  15. Keinan Davis

    Absolutely. Was a little worried for him when he came on because he's always looked a bit raw in the past but not today. Shame he couldn't cap it off with a goal at the end.