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  1. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/9104000/villa-star-grealish-agony-broken-shin-play-off-final-place/
  2. just this fella last year, packed him Christmas day from a pre order pack Never sold him and as you would expect, he was absolutely ridiculous
  3. Fantastic. Leeds are scum and I can't help but like Frank Lampard, just seems like a fantastic bloke. What a chance we have now though. What a chance.
  4. Lets have some heavy tackles now Derby
  5. I really don't see Derby causing Leeds much problems tonight. 2-0 Leeds win I'm thinking.
  6. On his way to Napoli for 27m it seems. Done really well for himself since leaving, real shame that it never worked out here.
  7. Whatever happens in a couple weeks time, I think the 2 positions we desperately need improving in the summer are right winger and left back. Taylor has stepped up superbly over the last few months, defensively he's pretty sound but going forward he's just not good enough at all and it really affects our attacking play. I'd bloody love an Amavi under Dean Smith. Don't think much needs to be said about our RW issues, the biggest weak point.
  8. If you could count on him to really work hard and always put in a shift he'd absolutely be starting for us. Obviously Smith doesn't trust him with that though which is why Green or Adomah get the spot. Shame really as however frustrating he can sometimes be, with the ball he's probably one of our most dangerous players.
  9. Oh Andre, how I want you to be so good and have that big moment but you just always let me down
  10. Farlz

    Dean Smith

    Just like everyone else in here. the one thing I'll nitpick was the amount of short corners we done. Not sure why we've done that the past 2 games but it really doesn't work. Hourihane is a set piece specialist, stick him on the corners and whip the bloody ball in. Maybe 1 or 2 short ones fair enough but it was near enough all of them tonight.
  11. Farlz

    John McGinn

    Much better tonight than on Saturday, was really trying to push us on. Think like Jack now his standards are just so high it's a bit of a shock when he doesn't have a great game.
  12. He didn't really have much service tbf but I thought his general play was just really poor tonight and I had to turn away for his pen. The only one. I was just sure he was gonna miss, how glad I am to be wrong. Fitting moment his penalty takes us to Wembley as without his goals we wouldn't be here in the first place.
  13. He's just rubbish at absolutely everything
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