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  1. Rubbish week, 70k red arrow. 4 of my last 5 GW's have been red arrows, bit of a rough start. I had ESR switching in and out of my team all week, so of course I benched him when he finally hauled. Just gonna get through this week and then I think I'll likely WC after the international break.
  2. 1-0, first goal for Gielnik Nice finish
  3. Farlz

    Formula One - 2021

    We were so close to that Fernando podium today, we had it for about 2/3 laps It's coming soon believe
  4. Farlz

    Formula One - 2021

    Great race, very enjoyable that. Excellent result for Max, taking an engine penalty and strolling to P2 love that
  5. Farlz

    Formula One - 2021

    Absolute Max masterclass though unreal
  6. Farlz

    Formula One - 2021

    What an absolute idiot Norris
  7. Farlz

    Formula One - 2021

    This new pit stop rule is absolute shit
  8. I think he's a really poor finisher tbh, he should have buried that gift from De Gea. I just don't have much confidence in him in front of goal. Was quite lucky to not be subbed today.
  9. Farlz

    Cameron Archer

    Very pleased he finally got his Prem debut, great moment for him
  10. Farlz

    Matty Cash

    He's been fantastic in this wing back role, really good to see
  11. I love how much of a shithouse he is.
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