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  1. Football Manager 2017

    I'm in August 2029. Lyon gave me a job interview, they had a takeover and are now crazy rich so it might have been interesting but they went with someone else so I've stuck with Lincoln. Wasn't so sure about leaving in the first place because my youth academy is really starting to make progress - Do have another job however, was randomly offered the England job and decided to take it. Obviously there's the 2030 World Cup at the season so that should be fun Qualifying group seems rather easy, not sure how they've lost a game already
  2. Football Manager 2017

    Tempted to end my time at Lincoln, ended up 10 points worse off than last season. Lowest total of points to win the league in 7 seasons as well and I finish 4th. Getting a bit rubbish now.
  3. Andre Green

    There was an article from Sherwood saying how good Green is/could be, that he had the perfect attitude and at his next club he would do whatever to sign him. Then Green posted the tweet which had people worried I guess? Not a chance he'd be going anywhere though. There it is http://www.myoldmansaid.com/tim-sherwood-interview-tim-discusses-john-terry-andre-green-jack-grealish/
  4. John Terry

    Isn't it about time he had a thread? Things seem to be moving in the right direction - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/06/21/aston-villa-make-concrete-offer-john-terry/?WT.mc_id=tmg_share_tw
  5. Championship Fixtures 17/18

    I don't think much of any of the 3 sides who dropped down. Nice 3 points to start the season.
  6. Football Manager 2017

    United have lost as many league games as the past 2 seasons combined, this is fantastic
  7. Jordan Amavi

    Trash like Clark, Westwood and Gestede went for £5m or more. We only saw a glimpse of it but Amavi could go on to be a great player. Anything less than £10m is disappointing imo.
  8. Jordan Amavi

    £5m? Are you joking?
  9. Jordan Amavi

    It's a shame how he performed last season. A transfer away is best for both parties. £10m at the very least is what we should be looking at, said it a million times but I think he'll go on to be a good player.
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    This would just be hilarious as well after what I've seen from them on Twitter
  11. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I've been very keen on us getting Terry since it was first mentioned so I'm still really hoping we can get it sorted. I reckon you'd struggle to find a better partnership than Terry and Chester in the Championship.
  12. Tony Xia

    Tony gets it doesn't he, I adore him. I just wish he'd have bought the club a couple years earlier.
  13. The Manager thread

    He played awful football and had fall outs with his players. Not sure you can really count his 8th place as anything amazing considering they were only 6 points off 17th. Southampton want Tuchel apparently, which would be big.
  14. Stockdale is a crap keeper
  15. Football Manager 2017

    Give me one last super season Paul and win me the league