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  1. Farlz

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Looked very sharp today, great to see
  2. Farlz

    Ross McCormack

    Don't want McCormack anywhere near the side to be honest. I'm backing Bruce on this one.
  3. Farlz

    Steve Bruce

    Only Steve Bruce would go on Sky Sports, say we have to sell Grealish therefore knocking his price down even more
  4. Farlz

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Kits look great and I didn't understand all the moaning about the training gear. Luke has done a decent job.
  5. Farlz

    Tony Xia

    At least he's been honest I guess, worst bit of all that is Bruce 100% staying
  6. Farlz

    Steve Bruce

    Honestly baffles me that he's gonna get yet another chance at this club.
  7. Farlz

    Alan Hutton

    Not sure what I think about this. Not his biggest fan but if he's taken a pay cut then I can live with it I guess
  8. Farlz

    Jack Grealish

    We're surely going to tell them to piss off with that offer, I don't care how bad things might be for us
  9. Farlz

    Jack Grealish

  10. Farlz

    Steve Bruce

    I'd be extremely disappointed if even after all of this he still manages to keep his job
  11. Farlz

    Tony Xia

    I really don't know how I feel about Tony right now. I want to like him but this is quite the mess we find ourselves in.
  12. Farlz

    Going Under ?

  13. Farlz

    Tony Xia

  14. Farlz

    Keith Wyness

    Oh dear we're a mess