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  1. He's going to be a huge miss
  2. Had another pretty good game yesterday, shame he can't finish easy chances. I'm still not sure what I think of the pen situation. There was contact but it was pretty soft, I don't think his big jump in the air particularly helped matters.
  3. I'm going to give him more than 8 games before giving up on him. Had some good moments in the first half but tired badly. I was pleased he come on instead of Hourihane.
  4. Farlz

    Dean Smith

    It just wasn't our day today, think we all realised that pretty early on. It's going to be like this for a lot of the season I'd imagine, incredible performances one week followed by a disappointing one the week after. Very inconsistent. We should be fine for mid table, it would have to be a calamity of the highest order for us to end up in another relegation battle. Possibly a weak excuse but the international break didn't help us at all, the likes of Grealish, McGinn and Luiz must have been absolutely knackered. Our first 11 is fantastic but I think the lack of depth in our squad
  5. Farlz

    Dean Smith

    We won't go down don't be ridiculous
  6. We'd have missed the penalty with how that game went for us. It was one of those. Looked great going forward without taking our chances but unfortunately defending was a bit of a shambles today. Like I said earlier in the match thread, today very much made it clear to me how our season will go. Some big wins and some big defeats, we should be more than fine for mid table and that's absolutely fine for me. Any idea of Europe is quite frankly mental.
  7. With how this game has gone we're missing this penalty
  8. This game is done. Hopefully bounce back next week.
  9. Lamptey plays as a bloody striker most of the time, lunatic
  10. No win in 5 for Brighton before today is classic Villa
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