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  1. LakotaDakota

    Xbox Game Pass

    Indie game Graveyard Keeper added on launch yesterday, Injustice 2 is apparently on the way next week. i like these surprise unannounced additions turning up lately
  2. LakotaDakota

    Referee & Linesmen watch

    It's a dog's life being a referee...
  3. Burnley in the Europa league and the away end looks like this as their opponents Istanbul Basaksehir completely declined their ticket allocation and did not make any available for sale at all. Opening an away end for family seems a bit daft, especially when the rest of the ground is only about 1/3 full. The game is not on TV at all anywhere either. If Burnley progress in to the latter stages of the competitioni would be concerned that they may well end up joining Cardiff & Huddersfield in the bottom 3 due to a complete lak of squad depth
  4. LakotaDakota

    Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    Mahrez is more than adequate cover for De Bruyne, Despite their huge squad it is probably a good job they signed him or it would have been a huge gap in midfield to try and make up
  5. LakotaDakota

    Carabao Cup 2nd Round Draw

    Agreed, I imagine Leicester - Fleetwood will be on due to the Vardy connection which takes up the "we have the rights to show it so we had better show something i guess" game
  6. LakotaDakota

    Carabao Cup 2nd Round Draw

    Burton away, Easy & close. Good draw
  7. LakotaDakota

    Scott Hogan

    You think kodija can?...
  8. LakotaDakota

    The MLS Thread

    Beckhams Miami badge has leaked out early it seems Now if they chuck that on one of these i may be interested
  9. LakotaDakota

    Steve Bruce

    my apologies, just looked at thei results history and the final game of last season (1-1 against hull) showed up. We still have more points though
  10. LakotaDakota

    André Moreira

    I dodn't say he was brilliant but he is a young keeper playing his first game in a different country with a completely changed team made up mostly of kids & reserves in front of him. At the end of the game the score read Yeovil 0 meaning he did his job in keeping the ball out of the net. People slating him after 1 game where he didn't concede a goal and saved a penalty isn't really going to achieve anything is it
  11. LakotaDakota

    Steve Bruce

    and yet they finished 14 points behind us last year, Won 6 fewer games, Scored less goals and conceeded more. But they're brilliant because they pass the ball around a lot... We already have more points than them this season after only 2 games.
  12. LakotaDakota


    Might be worth trying the Yeovil website, The have a subscription/ordering system directly on the site https://www.ytfc.net/commercial/programme-subscription/ Or might be easier to try their clubshop directly https://www.ytfc-shop.co.uk/contact.aspx
  13. LakotaDakota

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Err that he should be fitter than old men who have just played 60 games...... He should be, he's 19 and plays about 30 games per year compared to most of them playing 60+ 
  14. LakotaDakota

    The Film Thread

    Nothing else even comes close.
  15. LakotaDakota

    Carabao Cup 2nd Round Draw

    Middlesbrough away coming up...