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  1. Tuanzebe injured in warm up, rojo starting & Jones on bench
  2. De gea is starting & martial on the bench so doesn't leave a lot other than pogba/shaw
  3. Their squad is very, very average. This year will be one of the first times we have played them in a long time where you would be going into it half expecting us to beat them. They still have a few good performances in them but nobody is going to be fearing that lineup
  4. Target & Guilbert both look quite easy to get past with a simple drag back
  5. Always think we are more likely to score with him on the pitch even if it looks like he isn't doing a great deal for much of the game. Not convinced he isn't better utilised as a sub coming on 10-15 minutes into the 2nd half but he creates & scores goals on a regular basis so hard to argue that he doesn't deserve to play
  6. This whole playing against 10 men & VAR is becoming a bit of a thing...
  7. Looks like all of todays 3 o clock prem games could well be home wins
  8. Enjoy your day & if we lose it's obviously your fault so don't come back for another 40 years
  9. Been trying the xbox xcloud preview for the past couple of days on my phone & if the streaming works as well for stadia as it does on that then it should be good. Other than the text being a bit too small to read on a small screen at times it is generaly very, very good and if you're doing some travelling/commuting you can just chuck a controller in your bag and you're good to go, With the onset of 5g coming it should iron out any potential glitches from 4g streaming speeds on the go There is going to be very little need for any sort of console or even PC soon, PSnow is now available through a pc and there is the gamepass pc service too, if they can just get it so you just download an App straight to your tv/tablet/phone, sync a bluetooth controller & away you go it would be rather nice.
  10. Point him in the direction of Jackbox party as this does the same, there are 5 (or possibly6) different packs out now, each one has 5 or so different party games that you play with your phone
  11. it's not like exclusives are the only games to play is it... Obviously you have the in house stuff too like forza which usually keeps be busy for a couple of hundred hours per year & There are 600+ games sat on my hard drives, do i care if it is also out on PC/Playstation/Switch? Does anyone? I have a PS4 mainly just for the yakuza games in all honesty but as most of them are headed to PC anyway there will be no real need for me to keep it for the odd game (but i will anyway just incase there is the odd thing that catches my eye) as everything out on both looks & runs better on the X than the pro. sunset overdrive etc may not have rated over 80% on a rankings website but that doesn't mean that it isn't a good game. The price you can pick consoles up for now, especially with some of the deals around at the moment there is no real reason not to have both xbox & playstation anyway if you like console games. As with most xbox stuff being availalable on pc you could also argue that the playstation actually has very few exclusives at all now as you can play everything via PSnow on PC with no need for a PS4
  12. Of the top of my head in about 30 seconds.. Sunset overdrive, Titanfall, quantum break, ryse, sea of thieves, ori & the blind forest
  13. Who said he is losing? 2 million+ people in the states who would more than likely not have a clue who he was a week ago now know who he is and that he is/was a world heavyweight boxing champion. If he puts on an entertaining show and people like him I'm sure there will be more interest in his next fight and if he wants to do the tv talk show circuit he is an awful lot easier for them to sell to execs/advertisers now with quite literally millions of people seeing him on their screens every few days
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