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  1. Even Enda Stevens is joining the play-off party today
  2. Come on Colin, Do everyone a favour and beat the scousers today. A last minute Bacuna wonder goal would do the trick
  3. Looks like it isn't sat properly on the wooden base causing it to lean at an angle although it wouldn't be the first trophy to get bent/broken over the years
  4. Genuinely think that they may get rid of OGS in the summer. Their final 4 games aren't exactly fun. City, Chelsea, Huddersfield (ok this one is simple enough) & Cardiff on the final day who could be in with a chance of staying up. If City smash them at old trafford on Wednesday someone will be looking through that contract for any way out of it
  5. There is also the slight chance that Norwich could balls this up and need to get something from us on the final day to go up automatically. The pressure does seem to be getting to them a bit and while they are still picking up points they have drawn their last 3 games against Reading, Wigan & Sheff Weds. In all 3 games they were losing with 80+ minutes gone and against reading they managed to throw away a lead despite scoring in the 86th & 88th minutes to go ahead.
  6. Pro tip : Sure you're not stupid but i know someone (who i also thought wasn't stupid) who bought two of these and returned them both ranting & raving that they did not come with the correct plugs. The uk plug fittings etc are in a small compartment underneath the camera which is easily missed if you open the camera from the top.
  7. We were also pretty much the worst team in the league less than 2 months ago...
  8. We are 10 behind with 3 games to go so not only would Leeds & Sheffield united have to lose all their games, They would also both need to be deducted points. Seems unlikely
  9. Think this is one of the best examples of the only stat that really means anything is goals...
  10. he looked ok but no point risking anything at this stage
  11. If Stoke can get an equalizer at Boro and the rest of the games stay the same it would make for a good set of results all round
  12. Guess they can still go for being the first team to win the domestic treble.
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