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  1. LakotaDakota

    New Manager Speculation

    If he is going to leave i honestly wouldn't mind going after Zeljko Buvac. Seems he wants to try and be a number 1 rather than klopps number 2 so has to start somewhere i guess.
  2. LakotaDakota

    John Terry

    After all of the things that have been in the papers about John Terry over the past 20 years i very much doubt that he would give a shit what they say about him not wanting to play against chelsea. If we go up and he didn't want to play against them i really wouldn't care and doubt anyone at the club would either. Would be interesting if it was in a cup final though, I think the desire to win another trophy may just change his mind for that game.
  3. LakotaDakota

    E3 2018

  4. LakotaDakota

    The Film Thread

    Based on the notorious New Jersey d̶e̶a̶t̶h̶t̶r̶a̶p̶ Theme park Action Park! I may be an old fart but Johnny Knoxville still makes me smile by hurting himself in a variety of ways. The trailer may look daft but if you look at the history of Action Park! is even worse, The "rides" were some of the stupidest/unsafe things you are ever likely to see, combine this with the ability to drink as much as you like and staff that simply didn't care what you did and it's no surprise that there were multiple deaths & hundreds/thousands of injuries This is the infamous cannoball loop waterslide Just google Action Park! there are some great articles about the place but here is a good place to start : A place where minors could drink alcohol freely and people of any age could be seriously hurt, the theme park commonly referred to as “Class Action Park” was doomed to fail even though it was beloved by at least as many people as it was despised by. A popular theme park in Vernon, New Jersey, Action Park was shut down because of too much action, or at least action that was far too extreme. That shutdown was to the relief of some and the dismay of many. There was however one ride that was too extreme even for Action Park. This water slide flipped the bird at physics so rudely that it was open for a single summer and then abandoned like a drainage pipe along the River Styx. We are referring to the infamous, gravity-defying Cannonball Loop. Due to its special status as one of the most monumentally bad ideas in theme park history, the Loop has an aura of mystery surrounding it
  5. LakotaDakota

    Assassin's Creed Origins

    If anyone is interested GAME (including online) are doing the gold version with season pass & extra digital deluxe ingame content for £35 this weeken , not bad considering the pass alone is usually £30
  6. LakotaDakota

    E3 2018

    @Daweii October is always the same, multiple big games out every week but forza always turns up in in october (although the first horizon came out in the final weekend of september & Forza 5 was waiting for the xbox one launch in november) Look at last year there was Forza 7, LOTR shadow of war, Evil Within, Wolfenstein ii, south park, wwe, assassins creed origins all out in October with Cod out on Nov 3rd (plus a bunch of other stuff and big titles on other formats like GT sport & mario odyssey). It's madness releasing so many at the same time but they always do it to get christmas sales
  7. LakotaDakota

    E3 2018

    MS must be showing something as they have booked a 2 hour time slot for their show. Expect Forza Horizon 4 with asian setting, probably out in october with playable demo at e3, Halo 6 with 64 player online warzone, new Mech Assault game (wouldn't be surprised if the old ones go backwards compatible during the show), More crackdown footage, Fable 4, 1vs100 revamped for the new avatars, Alan Wake 2/Quantum Break 2, Age of empires on xbox with kb/mouse support, A whole bunch of first party stuff added to gamepass including cuphead (also 3/6/12 month subscription options) along with teasers from other companies games like tomb raider/splinter cell etc
  8. LakotaDakota

    Battlefield 5

    Also no premium pass/ splitting the player base due to map packs being behind paywall, All future maps, modes/expansions are free. Expect a bunch of cosmetics available for individual purchase (not random loot boxes) but other than that you will get everything for the price of the game
  9. LakotaDakota

    Battlefield 5

    Live reveal video going on now, lots of talking & not much in the way of game yet
  10. LakotaDakota

    The MLS Thread

    It's a weird mix of young american kids, average south american players not good enough for europe and a load of old european players in semi-retirement but it seems to work pretty well and most games are usually pretty good. Having people like Zlatan over there can only help the youngsters. It's still growing, Most teams now have their own purpose built stadiums rather than previously sharing them which helps as playing in front of a packed 20-30000 stadium is far better than the same amount of people in a 70000 NFL stadium. They'll get it right eventually and there will be lots of young kids now growing up watching & playing the game as their parents have been watching the local team for 10-20 years so family traditions & proper rivalries etc with some actual history are now starting to take hold. The size of the country will always mean a general lack of away following (the average distance for away games over the course of a season in the western conference is usually over 1000 miles each way and there are some games where it is a 5000 mile+ round trip) which makes the crowd very one sided but it's only really in the uk & a couple of other places that teams have large numbers of people going to away games anyway. Vancouver Vs Orlando is about 2700 miles each way & takes about 9 hours on a plane and it could well be midweek...
  11. LakotaDakota

    The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread

    Looks like Iniesta is off to Japan for a couple of years & signing for Vissel Kobe, Same team Lukas Podolski signed for last year. They are not really one of japans bigger teams but Rakuten bought them a few years back and looks like they are trying to transform them from a mid-bottom of the table yoyo club into something better
  12. LakotaDakota

    Club Wembley

    There are club wembley tickets allocated to each club. Colours here should be fine but there are also specified Neutral Area club wembley tickets (either side of the dugouts & central tier 1 blocks) that are mainly for corporate/sponsors etc where they say colours are not permitted, These are/were available directly from wembley. The tickets from the clubs you should be alright.
  13. LakotaDakota


    Yep looks like there are still a few available and at the bottom of the website it mentions returns being offered to people with a booking history. Won't be able to get one with a new id (basically what would be general sale) but otherwise you should be good to go
  14. LakotaDakota


    they are all club wembley tickets aren't they?
  15. LakotaDakota

    Park Life: AVTV Live

    I guess the bad thing about going up would be that the live video would not be allowed next year in the premier league. It has been great this year being able to watch everything in decent quality & legally without having to resort to random quality streams for less than the price of a couple of pints per game. Football broadcasting really needs to change and offer season tickets/pay per game for all individual teams rather than the current outdated & overpriced get what you're given with a huge emphasis on top 6 teams subscription services.