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  1. If everyone that voted leave votes conservative it would be as close to a whitewash as you can get. '97 Blair levels
  2. Been a while since this thread saw any action. Quick comparison time after a reasonable chunk of the season. P16 w4 d3 l9 pts15 - us P16 w2 d3 l11 pts9 - Fulham
  3. The L Word is back and I am probably far more excited about that than most other mid-late 40's straight white guys
  4. Entirely predictable. Even had vardy fgs & 4-1 at 55/1. Only other disappointment is I also had the same score with a vardy hattrick at 100/1. Would you bet against us? You bet I would. Makes the inevitable slightly less depressing when you have a few hundred quid in your pocket
  5. Ha, ha, ha, ha, oh....... 2 points off 5th, 7 better off than us despite us beating them
  6. Now 7 points better off than us despite us beating them...
  7. Still bottom 3, a point would put Southampton on 16
  8. Southampton win would actually put them up to 14th, shows how a single game can change things massively when the table is so tight
  9. Norwich now losing 2-1 but Southampton are winning
  10. Every fu**ing game we are shit straight after half time
  11. Game over, trying not to let it turn into a Southampton is the only objective now
  12. Only the top 6 have scored more goals than us & we are in the bottom 3. Wesley only being slightly more effective than a cardboard cutout is part of the problem but not being able to defend is a bigger issue
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