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  1. LakotaDakota

    Jack Grealish

    2-0 would have made a massive difference to the game so it would have helped. Someone has to score and/or hit the crucial final ball in order to get points/win games. We have scored 21 goals this season, He has only been directly involved in the final 2 steps of one of those and has failed to score.
  2. LakotaDakota

    John Terry

    Anyone else think he probably had his kit on under his tracksuit ?
  3. LakotaDakota

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    You also have the 2 inbetweeners movies if you haven't seen those. (First one is good, the second is ok but not so good) The american TV series wasn't good, They made 12 episodes. Most of it is pretty much a scene for scene remake. It has it's moments i guess but mostly because the bits that were funny are still funny in this. You aren't really missing anything by not watching it but it's only 4-5 hours in total if you want more of the same although watching it so close to just having watched the original is probably a little pointless.
  4. LakotaDakota

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Another easy win for Yarde who looked about 2 stone heavier than his opponent again. Shame there was barely anyone left in the arena to see it after everyone had been booted out for kicking the shit out of each other all night
  5. LakotaDakota

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    To be fair their ground only holds 21,000 so would be a little difficult
  6. LakotaDakota

    Jack Grealish

    My point is you said that Grealish doesn't take any set pieces so can't get assists from those. His only assist this year in pretty much 13 full 90 minute appearances is from taking a corner...
  7. LakotaDakota

    Jack Grealish

    Quite literally his only assist is from taking a corner.....
  8. LakotaDakota

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    9 minutes into the Smith regime & Elmo with yet another assist from a cross...
  9. LakotaDakota

    Telltale have told their final tale

    Not much difference at all really and in all the save/side with A or B options whichever one you picked the story would ultimately play out the same. If you saved A and they died later on, B would also have died at that same point. If you went with A and B came back to hurt you later it would just be the other way around etc etc. Very few of the choices actually affected anything other than a preference of characters. Still enjoyable enough games/visual novels though and split into nice 90 minute-2 hour segments meaning if you waited until it was all out you can play a chapter an evening or something and be done with it in a week.
  10. LakotaDakota

    Dean Smith

    Yep, Maybe Jedi looks a bit ropey at CB sometimes because he's covering for Chester being shit
  11. LakotaDakota

    Dean Smith

    He is no worse than Chester, If anything he makes more tackles, more interceptions & clearances per game. That's without taking into account that he wins everything in the air. "the kids" are massively overrated by many on here who see/hear a name and get carried away often without even seeing them play. As proven by many when they do actually make the squad they are simply not good enough even for the bench except in case of dire emergency like Davis last year where he came in, did well for a month or so with no other real options available but then just faded away.
  12. LakotaDakota

    Dean Smith

    because he was shit at the time and the older players are better than our kids..
  13. LakotaDakota

    UEFA Nations League

    Great week for Gibraltar. Before this week they had played 22 competitive matches, lost all 22. Only scored 5 goals and conceded 107. (They have actually won 2 friendlies in the 6 years since their first official game(both 1-0)) This week in the nations league they have beaten Armenia 1-0 away from home and tonight beat Liechenstein 2-1. This is the first time they have ever scored more than 1 goal in a game
  14. LakotaDakota

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Got both but given the choice of only having one i would pick xbox every time. PS4 is an expensive ornament bar yakuza games for me. I have only ever played 2 halo & Gears of war games too so not like i am mad for the exclusives other than Forza