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  1. Neil Taylor

    he isn't
  2. WWE: General Chat

    more today.... Melina & Victoria so far
  3. 2017 European general elections

    Exit polls showed a disappointing night for Brexit & Trump...
  4. Mass Effect: Andromeda

    EA access/Origin access 10 hour trial is out tomorrow (likely to be afternoon UK time). Single player progress is limited to the tutorial/first mission during the trial but you can either replay to explore etc or play multiplayer for the remainder of the time
  5. Match Thread: Rotherham v Villa

    thor should have scored, he didn't
  6. Pre Match Thread

    *Shudders* Can't help feel that todays team would look a lot better with that chap we sold for 4.5 million in the summer who has scored 17 goals this season down the left
  7. Steve Bruce

    Here's hoping his daughter is soaking wet again...
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Anyone tried licking the game cart yet? They have all been specially coated in Denatonium Benzoate which is really, really bitter to try and prevent kids eating/swallowing them. (It is harmless/non-toxic but it is the stuff used in animal repellent, soap, shampoo etc so doesn't taste good) Not sure why they haven't done this for years on ds games etc as the amount of those you see with teeth marks in them if you buy used games is quite scary. Go on, You know you want to give it a try now you know about it
  9. Nintendo Switch

    If this game was released on PS4/Xbox one and looked and performed as it does it would be absolutely slated. Have to say it doesn't bode well for the future of the console when it can't properly run it's own flagship title on day one
  10. Pre-match thread

    anything less than 6 points from tonight & saturday and we may aswell just give up, bulldoze the ground & build a supermarket/some flats
  11. Leicester City

    A ) Pick last years players B ) Play 4-4-2 C ) Kick it to Vardy Simples... Ranieri changed things too much/often
  12. Match Thread: Villa v Derby

    Hutton & Bacuna being our two best players shows that despite getting rid of pretty much an entire squad and replacing it with a new one nothing much has changed
  13. Match Thread: Villa v Derby

    Hoily Shit we scored a goal...
  14. Match Thread: Villa v Derby

    ahead of our "easy game" on Tuesday Bristol City are currently 2-0 up away at Newcastle
  15. Steve Bruce

    The problem with that is nowadays there is no real reason for anyone to care. When you get a 4 year contract promising guaranteed wages of £50,000 per week regardless of you being brilliant/shit & win or lose it just doesn't matter. Why put all the extra effort in when in reality you do not need to. I'm quite sure that most of the new players know that if we were to be promoted and following the ambition of being one of the biggest clubs in th world they would all be sold/let go anyway and there will always be someone else willing to buy them & pay them regardless