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  1. The short goalkeeper thing was definitely on show in the scotland/japan game earlier. Japans first goal in particular, Scottish keeper was even stood on her line, japanese player hit a high shot straight at the keeper that didn't crash in off the underside of the bar or anything but the keeper simply wasn't tall enough to stop it and it just went over her head. Scotlands goal wasn't much different really but to be fair the japanese keeper was a yard or so off her line but again a simple shot straight over her head. If you can not touch the crossbar you're always going to be in trouble
  2. Think we can safely assume that Fornals definitely isn't coming here unless he's related to David Unsworth
  3. 15 Seasons, 4 of these had the possibility of promotion. all 4 were achieved, Can't get promoted from the premier league can you so saying someone only has 4 promotions in 15 years is completely pointless 01/02 Championship - PROMOTED 02/03 Premier League 03/04 Premier League 04/05 Premier League 05/06 Premier League 06/07 Championship - PROMOTED 07/08 Premier League 08/09 Premier League 09/10 Premier League 10/11 Premier League 11/12 Premier League 12/13 Championship - PROMOTED 13/14 Premier League 14/15 Premier League 15/16 Championship - PROMOTED
  4. Yes it was It was for some of it, there didn't look to be much spirit anywhere when we managed 2 wins in 13 - after bruce left No, wow 1 game out of 102...
  5. F**k it, Just spend 700 million, Get De Ligt, Bale & Mbappe and let the courts sort it out with FFP after Man City have done whatever they can do in order to get the whole thing scrapped
  6. So....... Who else would lick his arse for 20 grand...
  7. There's definitely something to be said for eugenics if they could eliminate the absolute bellend gene
  8. Yet more absolute bollocks, This has been covered multiple times before. Sure it is technically 4 promotions in 20 years but how many of those years was he outside of the top division where promotion is actually a physical possibility before coming to us? the answer 4, He got promoted every single time. Look at Fergie, absolute shit, no promotions at all in 25+ years, Mourinho, rubbish, no promotions in 15 years & as for pep, complete charlaton,no promotions ever.... Dean Smith has more promotions than Fergie, Mourinho, Pep, Shankley & Wenger combined....
  9. Seems to be lots of talk about Lewis Dunk today, Seems he's off somewhere for about 30 million, Apparently Leicester but lots of talk about us in the rags & on twitter
  10. Looks like he found an unusual & somewhat expensive way to get rid of some of his money...
  11. If the license fee was scrapped for example and the only way to get BBC was via subscription like sky sports etc. For all the discussion about it does this & that but i don't want to pay the license etc how many would actually be willing to pay the 12.99 to keep all ofthe BBC tv & radio services. I don't really like being forced to pay the license but as i said i use it for a few things that i could justify paying the money for so even given a choice i would pay anyway. This would change if they stopped doing non-league commentaries though and it would then be immediately cancelled.
  12. If all of the BBC services moved to an optional subscription fee of £12.99 per month how many of you would actually pay it? The only thing i watch on BBC 1 is Dr Who and anything else is usually stuff like the odd James May toy series etc and the odd old music show/doc on BBC 4. Radio wise i listen to the local non league teams commentary & sometimes have radio4/5 on overnight but that is it. Is it worth £13 per month to me? No but i would probably pay it anyway for the convenience of having it for the few things i do use it for. There is no reason at all for them to be paying people 2 million quid per year for presenting tv/radio shows though. They are not competing for viewing figures or avertising revenue so why do they need Chris Evans / Gary Lineker etc. Do they seriously think paying Lineker 2 million quid means more people will watch MOTD instead of paying Mark Chapman/Gabby Logan etc 200k? And what does it matter anyway if less people watch, They are not losing any revenue. People are watching it for the football, not the idiots between the football. Same with the radio, If it is a public service why does it matter if 500,000 people or 1 million people listen to some eejit talking crap & playing a few songs on the breakfast show.
  13. Everyone else should just drop out now, Pointless delaying things any further given that BJ got more votes than the next 3 most likely combined and at least 3 times more than anyone else other than Hunt
  14. Not too bad, Hopefully we can pick up a few wins in the first couple of months to try and avoid playing catch-up all year but it mostly seems to be 3/4 ok games folowed by 2/3 hard ones folowed by 3/4 ok again & repeat... for most of the season
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