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  1. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    Seems to be a few reports that a chunk of the Grenfell flats were being sub-let so the people actually living in them were not the legal tennants. Quite how this is going to work with people being rehoused in some nice new flats seems to be uncertain. If the flat is granted to the legal tennant rather than the resident at the time of the fire i would imagine that they would again sub-let the property but this time they have a rather nice property to let for a much higher rate. What would then happen to the now homeless survivors is anyones guess
  2. The Film Thread

  3. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    I suppose one thing that may have helped keep numbers down is that Glastonbury opens its doors/fields today. That & it is no longer term time so most of the students have gone home/are on holiday/at festivals etc. Doesn't look like there is much rage going on there, Just 2 coaches of socialist worker sellers out for a stroll around the capital
  4. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    "Day Of Rage" planned for tomorrow in London. Sure rioting will help things...
  5. The ISIS threat to Europe

    Another lucky escape at Brussels train station. suicide bomber blew himself up/burst into flames after being shot by police/soldiers, no other casualties reported
  6. Flat Season 2017

    Dettori out of the meeting all together with an arm injury. John Velazquez taking his rides today including switching to Nookta Sound in the last race
  7. Finsbury Park Incident

    Finsbury Park is part of Corbyns Islington North constituency, Surely it is part of his job to be there?
  8. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Would seem to make sense if Terry & Jedi rotated & they were effectively cover for each other
  9. Villa Kit 2017/8

    Inter changes quite often, sure it is blue & black stripes but the thickness,positioning & layout of the stripes is all over the place https://www.vintagefootballshirts.com/teams/inter-milan/152?style[]=home&pricerange=£0 - £500&sort=&page=2 Celtic have had very similar shirts for most of the 2000's but again there are clear differences on the past few kits https://www.vintagefootballshirts.com/search/?search=celtic&style[]=home&pricerange=£0 - £500&sort=&page=2 Juve are the same as inter, sometimes 3 stripes, sometimes 5, sometimes 7. Somtimes a central black stripe, sometimes white
  10. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Ward putting on 2 stone to get to 14.5st Vs 18st joshua would be risking his life and other than a bag of money there would be nothing that could be gained from that fight for either of them. There seems to be more & more fights at catchweights outside of traditional weight divisions lately but once you are a heavyweight the size of Joshua there really isn't anywhere for you to come down to. a good big un should always beat a good little un.... * Apart from this time obviously....
  11. UFC/Pride/MMA

    Prelims were far better than the main card. Comacho - Jingliang probably FOTN but Scoggins - Sasaki also entertaining enough and there were a couple of others that were good while they lasted
  12. UFC/Pride/MMA

    One day people will learn that taunting people & calling for the other person to hit you is a bad idea. Awful, Awful fight until this though. Barely a shot thrown in the first round. If she hadn't been taunting her i think she probably would have got away without the punch in the face when she was on her ass
  13. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    Surely people would just put a relative/employee in there for a couple of days per week to avoid this.
  14. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    The same people shouting for justice less than 48 hours after a major fire will be setting fire to police cars before the weekend is over... Maybe Simon Cowell can get alanis morrisette to do the charity record
  15. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    Strange that, the police have been constantly updating and the papers (even the shit ones) have been using this info to keep their stories upto date.... People would much rather listen to Lily Allen crying though because obviously she knows far more than the people putting their lives at risk to save people & retrieve bodies