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  1. Don't blame me if/when it is terrible.
  2. I watched a load of it on the wwe network a few years back, they have pretty much everything available on there and watched most of the all star stuff through the 70's/80's and loads of the mid south / mid atlantic shows too. Ended up watching what would have been a weekly episode or two at the time most days so some of the months long fueds back then were over in a week or two for me but was still great to watch as i didn't really know any of the results ahead of time but obviously knew many of the people or at least what they would go on to become. I have seen both wrestlers & heels and enjoyed both, Sure Heels is cheesy and over dramatic but the wrestling side of it is well done (guess it helps when you have cm punk & aj lee involved) . Also have the Billy Corgan reality wedding show meets NWA wrestling series ready to watch at some point but not holding out much hope for that. He's definitely trying but not sure that dragging his wrestling company around as a support act to the smashing pumpkins gigs and as a condition to making his reality show is the best way to get fans invested in what he is doing, although having watched/skinmed a couple of the recent nwa shows the wedding stuff will probably be better. Tales From The Territories on Vice is also worth a look although as with everything on Vice & The official WWE stuff on a&e there seems to be a huge amount of crossover. Decades of stuff featuring thousands of people and they somehow all focus on the same people telling the same stories. The amount of times i start watching dark side or a&e bigraphy & think, hang on i've seen this before is crazy.
  3. Would have loved to have been around for that, Few years too late & the wrong side of the atlantic but have always been a wrestling fan & we used to go to shows in the UK regularly. Obviously saw all the UK guys frequently but also managed to catch plenty of people live like Owen Hart, Dynamite Kid, Fit Finlay, Davey Boy Smith, William Regal & Even Kamala in the early 80's. I remember being absolutely stunned the first time i saw owen do a backflip off the ropes as it wasn't something that you saw wrestlers do in the UK back in 84. We also had friends/Family in Swindon and this was the first part of the UK to really get access to satellite/cable tv and remember getting tapes of all star wrestling back in 84/85 and was lucky enough to see the first Wrestlemania (may have been highlights rather than full show but memory of a 40 year old vhs tape is a bit ropey) at the time. Once WWF took off we used to get a late night/overnight showing of WWF All American Wrestling every week too which we used to record overnight & then get up to watch before school, Getting to see the WWF grow from day one was awesome even though 90% of the matches at that time seemed to be just superstars in squash matches against jobbers. Watched frequently until after the attitude era and still dip in and out now from time to time but it is too much of a time commitment to try and watch everything now and have no real interest in watching 5-10 hours of shows every week. Like you i watch all the old documentary type stuff (watching a&e biography Rick Steamboat as i type) as these are far more interesting to me than new shows. Also have a venture out to some of the conventions featuring the old guys occasionally as it is nice to hear them talk about the old days first hand. I did also make the mistake of getting a couple of funko pops signed by some of the people there and this started something that has become somewhat of a mid-life crisis and now turned in to pretty much a roomfull of 300 or so of them
  4. Latest episode is going down well..
  5. Just looks like he was trying to do a favour to some friends back home and word spread. Paqueta island has around 4500 residents, around 60 of them decided to bet on him getting booked in 4 games which cost the bookies around £100,000, When over 1% of the population, many of whom had never had gambling accounts before decide to bet on something as specific as a player who hardly gets booked getting a yellow card i can't really see how he can possibly say he knew nothing about it, maybe as a one off it would have just been brushed under the carpet but on a semi regular basis someone is going to take note. Given the sums involved i have no idea why he couldn't have just given them some money instead if it was friends/family, if he chucked them a weeks wages once a year he probably wouldn't even notice
  6. The daft thing about that is that it isn't even really a like for like comparison as the electric cars only do around 30 laps compared to the 78 lap dirge that is F1. More overtakes per lap than in the entire F1 race this year. It's not as if they are tiny cars either, sure they are smaller than F1 cars but only by around 50cm length and 10cms width and not a huge amount of difference in weight, if anything the E cars are/were heavier yet they still manage to actually race rather than just follow.
  7. yep sure it's just pure coincidence that the 4 times he was booked there were loads of bets equivalent to around a years salary for most people who live there placed on the tiny island he is from & named after
  8. No idea if it is just his expression but always kinda thought the same as bits of the old Kelvin Mackenzie article about him (Looks like the lights are off and nobodys home). Just can't see him sitting there going through hours of video & tactics every day
  9. Doesn't even need to be superstars, even players like Trezeguet can make a difference. Aston Villa have 3.9 million followers on insta, Trezegeut has 9.6 million, sure a few of those would have turned in to shirt sales at the time, Alisha Lehmann has 16.6 million. Some of these individual players are hugely popular. If you could get just 0.25% of Trez (or equivalent) & Lehmanns followers to buy a shirt that would amount to over 65000 shirts
  10. Would prefer it without the 1874, Just doesn't look right there under the lion, even moreso with the positioning/spacing of the text below
  11. Or to ride up on a Honda CRF450
  12. Glad we are not having to rely on defending an 8 goal difference swing today
  13. Chelsea was in the cup though, no back to back defeats in the league. We also lost 2 on the bounce a little over a week ago if you include cup games against Brighton & Olympiakos
  14. Sure it's not quite what he had in mind but still time to meet his target (+++)/*=?? #UTV
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