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  1. Yes playing ok in those three halves of friendly football against lower league shit if far more of an achievement that a guy with 500+ professional games, nearly 200 of those in the premier league & that over the course of his career as a right back has provided a goal or assist every 4 1/2 games..... Elmo was directly involved (goal or assist) in 11% of our goals last season, without those goals Guilbert would have spent his pre-season preparing for life in the championship
  2. This is the first game i actually hope that we "Do a Fulham" as Fulham won 2-0 when they played them at home last year
  3. Scored 1.5 of stokes 2 goals today (the first deflected off him but he claimed it)
  4. It's not impossible to come back from an awful start but it doesn't help. Hell Newcastle stayed up with relative ease last year despite not winning a game until november and a record of w0 d3 l7 from their first 10 games
  5. Someone should be on the phone right now offering Sturridge & his stupid dog whatever he wants to come in at least until Jan. He might be a miserable arse but scores & creates goals.
  6. Last year it was Spurs 3-1 Fulham, & Fulham 0-3 Bournemouth. Looking quite similar so far
  7. Looks like Jan Siewert has won the sack race already
  8. We'll score a goal, That's the extent of my prediction for this one
  9. Heh, hard to really tell anything after one game for any team. We will have far easier games than Spurs & they will have far easier games than Arsenal. Joelinton, Almiron & Saint-Maximin will get them some goals once they have settled in but they do have a pretty horrible run of games heading their way
  10. They had more chances on goal/shots than we did against spurs..
  11. Random pitch invader from Salford Vs Leeds last night
  12. Think it may actually help watching it all in a short period of time. Not sure I would have stuck with it or even bothered at all 9 years ago with only 10 -16 episode seasons. Reminds me a lot of House, guy goes to hospital with sore toe, too smart dr nearly kills guy by making things far worse before random event/ comment instantly fixes it. Mix this with a small group of people, powerful female boss, two long time friends who hate/like each other and some other underlings and it's essentially the same thing but replace the sore toe with insignificant legal issues that get vastly blown out of all proportion before getting magically resolved at the last second.
  13. Randomly started watching Suits last weekend as i liked Amanda Schull in 12 monkeys, Turns out she isn't actually in it that much anyway but lets just say it hasn't been the most productive of weeks & i haven't slept much but despite being out of the house working for 11 hours per day i have somehow managed to watch 7 seasons (108 episodes) in 9 days whilst also squeezing in season 3 of Glow. The annoying thing now is i am going to catch up long before it finishes so will have to wait for the final 5 eps every week

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