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  1. Everything is up in the air, football is even more broken and as much as people like to pretend they know what is it going to happen in the coming months no one really knows. Clubs are going under, clubs are having their transfer budgets slashed or even erased. And tons of clubs owes huge sums to agents and other clubs for unpaid transfer fees already. There is a huge black hole in the finances of football where the clubs themselves actually doesn't have much money and are relying on loans and their owners to bail them out because agent fees and ridiculous salaries are siphoning all the m
  2. In the grand scheme of things its quite irrelevant but maybe a football or sports related thread. Serie A is going to have a big backlog of games and think Germany and France might have cancellations soon. Have the authorities got a solution. European games would be the big risk in the coming weeks not to mention a bloated Euros in the summer
  3. Retained Contracts Appiah, Paul Nana Akwashi Bree, James Patrick Bridge, Mungo Olayipo Oladapo Brunt, Lewis Campton-Sturridge, Dj Clarke, Jack Aidan Davis, Keinan Vincent Joseph (Extended) Eissa, Ahmed Elmohamady El Ghazi, Anwar Engels, Bjorn Lionel G. Grealish, Jack Guilbert, Frederic Guy, Ben Tyler Hassan, Mahmoud Ahmed Ibrahim Hause, Kortney Paul Duncan Heaton, Thomas David Hogan, Scott Andrew Hourihane, Conor Kalinic, Lovre Konsa, Ezri Ngoyo Lansbury, Henri George McGinn, John Mings, Tyrone Deon Moraes Ferreira Da Silva, Wesley Nakamba
  4. Personally I'm thinking we need around 8 or 9 players. 1 striker (preferably can play out wide), 1 RW, 1 CAM/LW (Depending on where grealish plays), 1 Backup Winger/Striker, 1 CDM, 1 Keeper, 1 E Experienced CB, 1 LB.
  5. lets be real, we are pretty much relegated now, if we do manage to stay up, fair play and i will eat my proverbial hat. So, i would like to review the current squad and requirements next year for an attempt at automatic promotion. Current Squad: Keep: Heaton , Steer, Targett, Taylor, Engels, Konsa, Hause, Guilbert, Elmo, Nakamba, Hourihane, El Ghazi, Jota, Wesley, Samatta, Davis, [give some youth a chance also - ie: bench]. Keep if we can: Mings, McGinn, Luiz Sell/release: (inc. players we have zero chance to keep) Nyland, Bree, Lansbury, G
  6. Could create a new topic surrounding villa finances overall? I imagine deals will be coming all over the place not just for shirt?
  7. Friday Europa League Sevilla v Inter Milan 8pm Sunday Champions League Bayern v PSG 8pm Both on BT Sport/YouTube BT Sport channel for free
  8. RB Leipzig v PSG is already a wide-open affair. Chances at both ends.
  9. Real Madrid or Man City v Lyon or Juventus Lepzing v Atletico Madrid Napoli or Batcalona v Chelsea or Bayern Munich Atalanta v PSG Semi Final Leipzig v Atletico Madrid v Atalanta v PSG Real Madrid or Manchester City v Lyon or Juventus v Napoli or Barcelona v Chelsea or Bayern Munich
  10. Might as well start. According to the Birmingham Mail we are interested in Barnsley defender Liam Lindsey. He has a girls name so seem to be in line with previous transfer strategy. Anyone seen him play?
  11. sidcow

    AVTV 2019/20

    OK so I don't subscribe to this but I see people moaning all the time. I do/have watched loads of the YouTube videos which I assume are basically AVTV. So the quality of commentary and analysis is as far as I can see ranging from poor to downright ambarassing. The commentator on the Minnesota website TV sounded like he worked on Sky Sports or summat. And it turns out he's a huge Villa fan and ex season ticket holder. Can we not outbid an MLS team and bring a commentator home?
  12. Sunday Swansea v Brentford 6.30pm SS3 Monday Cardiff v Fulham 7.45pm SS3 Wednesday Brentford v Swansea 7.45pm SS3 Thursday Fulham v Cardiff 7.45pm SS3 Final Tuesday August 7.45pm SS3
  13. Arsenal v Chelsea Kick Off 5.30pm BBC 1 4.30pm/BT Sport 4.15pm
  14. This poll will be open for the first week of the month.
  15. Your ratings and reactions please. Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong. A mod will add the players to the poll later
  16. Your ratings and reactions please. Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong. A mod will add the players to the poll later
  17. I wonder if it will be those 3 stripes?.. To answer their question. If the kit is shit I wouldn't buy it no matter who made it. Equally, I wouldn't want someone like Slazenger or someone shit suddenly developing our kit either.
  18. Thought it would be nice to collect amusing examples of people accusing us of doing a Fulham this season, as I imagine we'll be hearing this for at least the next 6 months (or forever, if we actually do a Fulham). Looking forward to the We're Doing A Fulham chants when we're three goals up against Wolves. Starting with last week's classic from Fat Sam. https://talksport.com/football/577298/aston-villa-fulham-spending-summer/ Keep them coming...
  19. Sorry for the negative title in this thread, but which players would/could stay? If we go down, Jack will leave. Probably Mings. Maybe Luiz. Maybe Mcginn, I guess that'll depends on how he is after the injury. I think Samatta, Nakamba, Guilbert, Konsa etc will stay if theres no relegationclause in their contracts. Wesley and Heaton probably wont be fit when the season starts so they will stay. Discuss!
  20. The stated goal will be to win the league of course, but I think everyone involved will be content with survival as long as progress is being made. I think we'll take a couple of scalps before November and then take some beatings over the winter. But we'll rebound in the spring. I think we'll finish 14th. A cup run would be nice, but this will be a year of grinding out results. UTV
  21. West Ham v Villa Please do not link to nor ask about streams or streaming in this thread. Please note that there is no distinction between legal or illegal, video or audio. If you aren't sure, it doesn't go in this thread. You will receive warning points if you ignore this.
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