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  1. I totally agree, isn’t this what friendly matches are for? Plus the under 21’s? Why can’t he play for them? I remember when Lee Hendrie and Barry were playing for them when they were about 27!
  2. Bunn on 30k makes my eyes water. Any 3rd rate goalie should be given a basic salary of 30K per year, I mean that’s about the average UK salary a year I think and to do what? hardly ever play, keep fit for free and have a laugh with your mates playing football. Players like Stuart Taylor and Richard Wright made a career of literally doing nothing. A little like half of our squad now.
  3. I think it’s great we’ve got to play Bristol City because the game in hand they have won’t count for much if we beat them?
  4. Does anyone else find it strange that Jack is allowed by the club to wear such small shin pads and his socks so low? I know he’s always done it but he’s our prized asset, we’re paying x amount per week and we’ve seen how much his presence impacts the club. The amount of times he gets fouled you’d think he’d be more likely to get injured, his latest injury was a impact shin injury. It could potentially cost us millions if god forbid he got badly injured by either going up or selling him on? I saw Petrov write a comment on his post earlier saying pull your socks up which made me think about this. By the laws of the game you have to wear them so you could argue it’s the same as wearing PPE at work, I wouldn’t be allowed on site without a hard hat? Anyway not to be downbeat he’s still amazing and matured so much lately maybe he will decide to pull them up himself.
  5. He’s been pretty decent the last few games to be fair, he’s clearly a lot better when confidence is high some players are like that. Regards to the throwing he does look a little lost where to throw it too, I mean this must be worked on the training ground? And surly being a full back for his career and they probably take 80% of throwings you’d think he’d learn, did make me laugh when he got booked for time wasting yesterday and then still took and age to throw it and looked all confused.
  6. Miles Jedinak? Alan Hubcab? BB ball bearing?
  7. Don’t know we’ve had some dubious football players over the years...
  8. Can’t see smith changing the back 4 when we’ve been doing so well. Even Taylor deserves credit, 3 games and 2 clean sheets and a lucky goal, would be harsh to change it.
  9. I remember watching him at Wigan thinking has this guy actually ever played football before? He was that bad, I mean he couldn’t even kick the ball. I thought we’d been stung like that Southampton player back in the 90’s but credit where credit is due he has done well for the last few games and looks like a good player in there, as you say a dramatic transformation as I’ve ever seen.
  10. Not a great performance but a great win. I think their only shot on target was their goal which was pretty lucky. Yet again we showed good character to come back. Mcginn is awesome, our best player by far tonight, I actually thought Taylor had a good 1st half and Elmo a solid game, maybe we’ve been to hard on him he’s better than Hutton clearly. Was nice to get a decent ref, pretty sure that Mike Dean was sent by the FA to keep things quiteqfter the jack incident on Sunday and probably a bit of protection for a change, we were pretty lucky their goal was disallowed as it looked harsh and it would of turned the game in their favour, but we are over due a bit of luck. A massive game on Saturday but it’s starting to look better and like it’s in our own hands. Not enjoying our diving and falling over holding our faces all the time, Tammy does it at least twice a game, El Gazzi, Jack and Mcginn guilty too. Hourihane just throws his hands in the air all the time. Anyway not to moan too much! A great win overall.
  11. This diving and holding their faces malarkey is a little embarrassing
  12. To be fair I think we’ve been lucky tonight, And got a decent ref for once, I’m pretty sure the FA sent down mike dean to protect Jack tonight after Sunday’s events. But we haven’t played well at all, I’m pretty sure there goal should of stood, and I’m sure that hause used his arm to push the 3rd goal in. Never the less it’s 3 points in the bag. Mcginn obv motm but elmo and taylor actually did ok for once.
  13. I think he’s trying to not be biased to villa but rather swinging the other way!
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