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  1. Yeah I don’t get the Nilis love i mean good player but unfortunately no fault of his own hardly played a game. I remember how sad I was though with that break and my best mate at school was obsessed with the picture of his leg bent which made me feel sick. Also don’t get the love for Wilfed Bouma, again good player but horrible injury means he never hit very high heights with us
  2. Bosnich Mellberg. Laursen. McGrath Barry Young. Hendrie. Milner. Jack JPA. Yorke
  3. None of the options are going to be fair but it is in fairness the most fair option, I can’t say fairer than that.
  4. I feel like we have bigger problems than this at the moment.
  5. I said this last night and I still think it’s a sensible thing to do, put deano on gardening leave, get someone in short term to try and save this season, if we stay up reevaluate, sorry but it probably won’t be you Dean we need to think bigger and show ambition, if we go down then give smith another season to try and get us back up. It’s a bit unconventional but it could work.
  6. I thought he was the only player to come out with any credit tonight. He broke play up we’ll rescued Luiz a few times.
  7. Couldn’t be bothered to stay downstairs to watch it. Let me guess, ‘ I thought we started the game well, I thought we did (some generic mush about phases well) and our season won’t be defined by games against teams like Leicester... yawn. Pass me a root vegetable
  8. I know like where was he going to go? Real Madrid?? The boardroom is clowns to the left of me jokers to the right
  9. I’d probably put him on gardening leave until the end of the season. If we go down anyway let him have a season, he’s good enough for championship. If we stay up get rid and show some ambition. No offence but Smith is a nobody. Lovely bloke but this is the premier league not sentimental city.
  10. Anyone else so bored of watching us? Harsh but I’ve just given up, no fight, no urgency, no desire. Nakamba only player to come out with any credit tonight.
  11. Pretty sure I remember him being beaten up by a trophy a few months back at Wembley, he probably didn’t dream of that.
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