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  1. I think I heard on the TV the commentator say his farther past away a couple of days ago.
  2. Ah great I suppose Drinkwater will be nearly up too match fitness by then
  3. I think it’s fair to assume you generally concede less chances when you have a extra CB in the team.
  4. How do you know we wasn’t? Just because the singing doesn’t come to fruition doesn’t mean we didn’t have a discussion, you ever been in to buy a car and then walked away? Same thing.
  5. Little surprised at the length of contract, a very villa thing too do... BUT Welcome Samma goal! Let’s hope you live up too your nickname! I’m hoping he will be brought out at half time tomorrow and we can lift the atmosphere with Samma goal chant and give him a great welcome. UTV
  6. It’s become a massive game, need a win but if we can’t win we must not lose.
  7. I wish Jack ran up to Maupay after he scored and rubbed his own hair like he was doing to him earlier
  8. I’m not a Hourihane fan but this is exactly the type of game he SHOULD be playing! There’s not much of a battle, that cut back he would of hit the target. This is where Smith always goes wrong for me he doesn’t pick the right players for the right game!
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