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  1. Disappointed for Mings. Southgate has his favourites and it’s embarrassing really that form and consistency counts for nothing.
  2. Official on England Instagram he start as does Saka. Mings unfairly dropped IMO
  3. Potentially if that what Dean wants and has sold to the board. Nothing surprises me anymore. I’m still in the mindset like most villa fans of accepting nothing until it’s sealed, i remember wasting days of my life hoping we’d sign wes hoolahan so I try not to put so much time and thought into things anymore. But it certainly seems we are operating how we envied all those other teams years ago. It’s positive.
  4. Think there would be uproar, every non villa fan I’ve spoken too says he should be in the squad and even start as he brings something different.
  5. Woke up with late missed most the match, gutted I didn’t miss all of it. Embarrassing result and performance from what I’ve seen. Just saw a stat that Palace have not won from losing at half time for 3 years and 36 games, sums us up beautifully.
  6. I like Smith, I really do. He’s done lots for us but I’m just not sure if he’s going to take us to the next level. My heart says let him stay beyond the summer but my head says we need to get someone else in.
  7. Few players seemed to slip up tonight the surface must of been watered and greasy. At home we should be able to control this and prepare the correct footwear at least
  8. Targett been the best player. Why Ollie didn’t try and lob Johnson he was so far off his line
  9. Would make more sense they only ever line up with one up front sometimes none.
  10. Are you serious? We hit the woodwork at 1-1 against Liverpool and they scored the winner in the 94th minute. Spurs we were flat but they got a penalty that was dubious. We are definitely able to get results against the so called scummy six this year. We’ve comfortably beating Liverpool, Arsenal x2 drawn with Chelsea. We haven’t been embarrassed in any game. Smith needs credit for stopping the rot against these teams when we used to roll over and was a guaranteed loss.
  11. Yeah another factor. Shame about Jack, but is he definitely ruled out? They have KDB definitely out. Which is a good thing for us but still plenty of quality, they do like to rotate lots which is a nightmare for my fantasy football team. Hope smith can come up with some kinda tactical plan for this one.
  12. Not so sure. Maybe as good time as ever time to play them this season, losing to Leeds and in the FA cup and now this whole super league distraction plus them maybe slightly looking over their shoulders with Man U creeping up. Could snatch a point. Or a win. No other season I’ve felt more comfortable with us playing the ‘big greedy 6’ this season than most of the other seasons in my 35 year old history.
  13. West Ham getting so many plaudits but the truth is if we win our 2 games in hand (unlikely) and we won our 2 games against them (we was arguably very unlucky in both) we’d be above them.
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