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  1. I’d maybe think about taking the captaincy off Jack short term, let him get over the the weekends disappointment, the disappointment of being left out of the England squad, and let him have a bit of weight of his shoulders and get him back to top form then give it back to him?
  2. Not true, he actually pulls out of the way from hitting yet another palace player and then gets up straight away with no appeal, if anything it was Conor Hourihane that stuck his hands up and appealed it without that I don’t see how the ref can even book him because nobody has tried to appeal it so how can it be deception?
  3. Not in my opinion. We never looked likely to hold on for a point, if anything we needed the ball to stick up top more too absorb some pressure away from our back line. Either way we was poor today and ultimately got what we deserved out of the game.
  4. I’m sorry I stand corrected, I meant the sending off, I mean it was a brave decision to bring on a striker and it probably confused Hodgson, they were all over us anyway and was only a matter of time until they scored. But your right the goal was after the sun. Sorry. Which is more than we will get from Kevin friend.
  5. You do realise that the change was made 5 minutes after we we’re a goal down? I thought it was actually a brave decision and one we would normally shy away from, Davis was great when he came on, and although it was a poor overall performance we nearly snatched a point and Dean can’t be blamed for players making individual errors.
  6. Agree. Deserved. Also Really think it will help Trezeguet settle in for the next 18 months.
  7. All new players threads should be locked for the first 10 games, until we can get a real chance to see them play and judge their attributes over a fair length of time.
  8. I was actually thinking this earlier when the bookies had Man U to beat Wolves away from home as quite big favourites, i thought if the Man U team had the wolves starting eleven and vice versa would this still be the same? Do they price up these things because of the names of the clubs?
  9. Taylor was really good yesterday, maybe MOTM. Yes he lacks going forward but did get forward yesterday, granted he’s not the player you want a chance to fall too but he played well and stopped a breakaway a couple of times.
  10. Looks class to me, touch of Laursen about him, looks like the Best Buy so far in my humble opinion, was in top three players with McGinn and Taylor.
  11. Seen this kicking about Instagram this week, we need to have +1 on the other euro section because we won the super cup! +1 more if you count our infamous inter toto cup win. Anyway leaving in a minute to go to the game get there early as parking will be a nightmare, always a sign villa are back where they belong. I’ve lumped on Mings to score first. UTV
  12. Bruce liked to sign old experienced players that he thought could deal with the pressure and situation simply because he was terrified of getting the sack as he knew we were a sleeping giant, and probably (although we now know different) his last big club, it unfortunately was a catch 22 because they didn’t perform and ultimately let him down but he wouldn’t change his ways which cost him. He never trusted hogan because he never delivered.
  13. Don’t believe rotation due to tiredness or fatigue but more rotation for tactical reasons. I think we will use a quicker team for away games and counter with Trezeguet, at home I’d expect us to be a bit slower and use players like Jota to pick our way through teams.
  14. Ok i was in the same boat. I normally buy a large in things as I’m a Medium/large but like things with a bit of space so ordered a large then I read what everyone was saying and tried to change my order to XL but they wouldn’t accommodate it, so the Large turned up and was expecting it to be really tight but it fitted ok so I didn’t send it back, it may be a little tighter than I’d like but an XL probably would of been too large. I’m roughly the same size as you 5 10 and 41 chest. So I’d stick with the large.
  15. He seems to split opinions after yesterday’s game even in my house hold, I actually thought he did well and probably against one of the most consistent defences in the league, Kodjia came on against tired defenders and looked poor so think that only says more about Wesley, agree I’m sure in half a dozen games will all be singing his name

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