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  1. Not really done anything of note in between? Wasn’t in the squad last night, no recognised striker on the bench is worry. Injured? He seems to be made of chocolate if so. Worrying if we pick up any injuries to Watkins.
  2. Nah their just driving is to the league title lad
  3. Imagine if we did sign Benrahma. This guy wouldn’t be getting a game and you can just imagine how much defensive work Benrahma wouldn’t do. Trez just needs confidence and we’re seeing the best of him and great to see a player work so hard and earn there wages for a change!
  4. Always thought that. Read back through my posts on him and always defended him, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t try. Plus he’s scored some of the biggest goals in our clubs recent history last season. Glad others are starting to see him for what he’s worth.
  5. I’m not suggesting we are going to win the league and as such won’t comment too much on this thread, but it’s nice to dream big and also the so called big 6 look like they are coming back to the rest of the pack. No wonder they are looking to make changes to the top flight and safe guard there position and muscle. We must not let that happen.
  6. Thank you Sam our resident South American corespondent.
  7. Seems weird the test of the squad has been training all weekend and he’s been on holiday in Bournemouth for a few days. I mean can footballers book annual leave? Or has he been outcasted.
  8. Well I’m sure his price would of gone up now being a international appearance clause so there’s probably more money they will have to pay, so £20 million plus and as you say he was single handily the reason we stayed up but he was a huge factor and as you said it’s well over £100 million to stay in premier league so you could say he’s made us nearly £150 million if he does go say next summer. Not bad business really is it?
  9. Lol so true, Neville is good at hiding it a bit better when he does United. He did united on Sunday and Carragher did Liverpool why don’t they swap them? There was one point Carragher was just chuckling for about a minute which was unprofessional and a bit disrespectful to us.
  10. Just put story on Instagram of a blank picture and London in French. Looks like he’s off somewhere maybe a London club or Eurostar. Makes sense not being in any league squads. Shame I really liked him.
  11. Well happy with this witch doctor spell those tanzanians put on us
  12. I’ve got a feeling all these high scoring games are a result of fans not being there. Less pressure more goals
  13. We need to believe we can get something today. Be more like Leeds last night against city. This underlying belief that big teams just turn up and win needs removing from the game. I wouldn’t even take the draw I believe we can and will win. UTV
  14. Goodbye Jota thanks for helping us offload Gary Gardner
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