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  1. So we could potentially buy him now, Man City buy him back and then sell him back to us again for a more than they brought him back for? Lol
  2. I think we may send hause out on loan. I think he was too good pass up for 3 million but not sure he’s really good enough, feel like we might be doing a Mings trick like Bournemouth did.
  3. I was going to write a long message but I really think it’s all been said, I hope Scott moves on, The end.
  4. Didn’t see the game but from what I read/already knew we need to offload bree, green and hogan with Elmo and Kodja coming back should be ok for numbers but could do with a couple more hopefully, players like Taylor, Thor and Lansbury will be ok for squad players ie happy to sit on bench and play cup games for championship wages.
  5. Konza is a little worrying. Kalinic? Everyone else has been saying he played well?
  6. Hobbit Feet

    Tom Heaton

    Thought I’d give this thread a nudge as was one of the big stories on sky sports news today. Think it should be easy to land this guy for a reasonable price. I guess we have bid around 3 million for him and Burnley have laughed that off, maybe saying something like maybe 8m to 10m or something but all Heaton has to say is I’m 33 this is my last big chance please let me leave plea in public and we go back in with a 5millon offer and they are kinda forced to accept it on a morale level,
  7. I know it goes against what the club has said lately, but sometimes you have to make exceptions, I mean I said I’d never date a girl with small boobs but one day I did, and now I’m married to her, you never know how things will pan out
  8. I think people just need to forget about this Santa Claus thingy, if he helps us stay up and become a established premier league club again where we can attract our own quality players then so be it. Let’s use them and worry about what ifs later.
  9. I think we absolutely are or have been in advanced talks with Leeds regarding Phillips, I don’t particularly think it’s gone well or in our favour but you can be in advanced talks without getting the deal over the line and then moving on.
  10. Hang on... are you sure? Looks like our new home kit under that shirt! David luiz in! #itk
  11. Because we can’t name our price with him I guess and it’s makes it very easy for him to leave unlike other players that are in contract.
  12. I agree, if not it may be awkward when his son invites him round for dinner at dean smiths for chicken dinosaurs, chips and alphabet spaghetti.

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