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  1. I tend to agree with what you say but... I’d rather have points on the board, if you get a little bad luck or poor performance then you can get cut adrift and stuck in a rut, it’s not good then.
  2. Shame he’s not fit, with Sterling out of the squad along with Barkley he would of been called up, would of been a great confidence boost for him.
  3. I tend to agree, although fast and brave are probably overstatements. He’s certainly stronger than Target, Target looks like a boy against men when he plays, id use him for weaker teams and Lower teams we can counter and use Taylor for stronger teams/top 6 teams where we probably aren’t going to get anything from the game but maybe if we keep it tight we might sneak a counter attack goal and steal a win. But overall there not the best. But Taylor gets more stick than He deserves.
  4. I think that’s unfair. We never really got to see how bad Bowery was.
  5. Just read on sky sports news that Ross Barkley is injured and won’t be in the Chelsea squad, will be interesting to see if Southgate keeps his word And calls up Jack if he doesn’t make it.
  6. Danny Ings didn’t make the squad mate. He’s playing well though, probably better than Kane so another mistake by Southgate and also not a typo from you:
  7. He must be on hippy crack
  8. I mean this has absolutely no substance. Stirling gets an easier game every week because he plays with better players than Jack week in week out. Is he starting a handicap system? Or is he just handicapped?
  9. Just heard Southgate say as well ‘I watched him against Brighton, he played well but they only had 10 men’ Jesus now your clutching at excuses, what is Jack suppose to do? Ask one of our players to walk off so it’s a level playing field? I’m pretty sure he was playing out of his skin when they had 11. I’m really annoyed.
  10. Joke by Southgate. Last year ‘he needs to be playing in the premier league’, This year ‘is’ playing in the premier league after captaining a side to promotion and performing so well. I mean why not just put him in squad to take a look at him, what has Hudson Odoi achieved the last 12 months and in fact this season he’s been injured most of it. Jack is going to think he needs to move on in January or summer because it’s obviously going to affect him.
  11. Nakamba Luiz Trez. McGinn Jack Wes i think this is out strongest midfield/attack.
  12. I hate this thread. Even if we go down we will never do a Fulham because we’re Villa. We had no choice but to spend. We have also been competitive in every game, we have also had some pretty torrid luck/bad decision go against us. I’m with the team if we are ‘doing a Villa’ or not.
  13. Maybe a change of formation is required. We only play it to accommodate Jack and John. We really should of put on fresh legs earlier and played keep ball today, made them chase shadows, we really shouldn’t be the team getting tired and making mistakes against 10 men for so long. It’s far too early to be calling for deans head and anyone that suggests that is silly but a few more bad result then the people will start asking bigger questions.
  14. I’d maybe think about taking the captaincy off Jack short term, let him get over the the weekends disappointment, the disappointment of being left out of the England squad, and let him have a bit of weight of his shoulders and get him back to top form then give it back to him?
  15. Not true, he actually pulls out of the way from hitting yet another palace player and then gets up straight away with no appeal, if anything it was Conor Hourihane that stuck his hands up and appealed it without that I don’t see how the ref can even book him because nobody has tried to appeal it so how can it be deception?
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