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  1. I'm thinking it will vibe a draw. Hopefully nothing at all reminiscent of the 8-0 pumping of Xmas past!
  2. We scouted that hard we broke him!
  3. I'd rather it goes to the club than Mike Ashley, would just love to see a bit more villa merch out and about.
  4. Been in Brum for a week for work. Live in Yorkshire. Wanted to get villa bits for the kids. Couldn't find anything anywhere. Apparently only available at villa store which I couldn't get to due to work hours. Surely that needs sorting? Shops had other clubs kits etc. Scandalous.
  5. I think what got me so much about Jack was the romance of it all. It's reminded me that there isn't any romance in football at the top. Only greed.
  6. Phew, thank goodness I'm a bath man.
  7. Do I wish we'd signed a DCM amongst others? Yes. Do I trust our owners? Hell yes! That's it for me then. I can't even assemble a team capable of beating my nan in dream team so I'll stick to what I'm good at (insert south park jizz pic here) And leave the professionals to do what they're good at.
  8. He'd bat it off with his arse!
  9. He was brilliant last night. Shame he's destined to go (understandably)
  10. Best of luck Wes, hopefully just the move to get you back on track.
  11. That green tracksuit they were all wearing on the bench yesterday is horrible!
  12. Pay it. We are then done for signings and look strong for the season. Can shift the deadwood between now and the end of the window.
  13. Horrible that kids drink that crap, I'm a youth worker and kids can get red bull rip offs for 39p a can so its a cheap option. This will just glamorise them even more. I get we will get some revenue but feels like selling your soul.
  14. In terms of signings I think JWP is the only one we want. If he's not coming now, we might try again next season. Unless someone too good to turn down Comes along then we are done.
  15. I'd love us to sign him but think its not going to happen. I think if Grealish was still here, he would have signed, although we've signed his mate Ings now so who knows!
  16. The Jack Grealish we knew and loved was gone ever since he pulled on that England shirt. Deep down I was proud of him but also worried that it would be the beginning of the end of his time with us.
  17. Swanson? Samsonite? Swanson, Samsonite?
  18. Best of luck Jack. Thanks for the memories and helping me dare to dream. I hope you reach your potential, I for one will be proud, you'll always be a fan. New season, new Villa. Come on you Lions.
  19. Let's sign messi then do a cash plus grealish swap
  20. First Tonev and then this guy. Stuff of dreams.
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