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  1. I don't like what's happening to Freddy
  2. Just saw Traore's goal. I don't care if he is inconsistent it will be worth it when he lights it up.
  3. I better get my Grinch costume dry cleaned then.
  4. I have the same problem, she'll tell me x amount of stories per week about various people and their kids and their lives and then she gets offended when at a later date I can't recall every detail. I only have so much room left in my brain for completely useless information, and I like to use this space for completely useless information that I find interesting. Like how long does it take a radio signal to reach Mars for example.
  5. I knew most people would get that I'm joking but the disclaimer was just in case, Ive seen people get triggered before and then you're assaulted with comments like "you'd rather be right and see the team fail" I'd love nothing more than Barkley to sign be here for the rest of his career and retire a Villa legend, but I just don't see it happening.
  6. If it's a loan, I can handle that.
  7. Best news I've heard since this thread was started.
  8. 50 PL appearances for Chelsea, 4 goals and 9 assists and that's in a far better team than we are. I don't want Barkley ever for any reason. He'll just cost a fortune and will go down as another has been that came here and stole a living. If he signs then he will get my support but as much as I would love to be wrong I feel pretty confident that 2 years from now I'll be quoting myself and gloating in my prescience (that is a joke before anyone goes all frontal lobe on me)
  9. I hope it doesn't happen, I have never likedBarkley! Would much rather RLC Barkley is a flat track bully and will be no good for our cause...
  10. No apology required, as a legend on VT, I respect your views and was disappointed with your short quip. You are possibly right that I overreacted, but I too am a human being and upon seeing the footage my emotions got the better of me. So the same reasoning you use to defend Conor could also be applied to defend my reaction I just don't want any little things to affect us getting off to the best possible start to this season.
  11. You can disagree with me but why not offer an opinion of your own rather than go the cheap route! I thought he played an average match and then didn't celebrate our goal, I find that maddening.
  12. This is true, but McGinn has far more credit in the bank
  13. Not celebrating the goal though?? Not for me, poor form
  14. Getting a bit sick of his chip on the shoulder attitude, I'd understand if he was upset at being subbed if he was playing well, but he wasn't. To not celebrate our first goal of the season, well if I was gaffer I'd give him something to moan about and play him in the U23's for a month or get rid. Stuck up for this guy, but too many little sulks and he can get stuffed!!!
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