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  1. Is there a tipping point where it is more beneficial for us the taxpayer for the PL players to get paid the full amount and pay tax on it vs paying the non-playing staff's wages while they are on furlough? It's a genuine question as I'm really bad at understanding this stuff.
  2. Possibly but I find it hard to believe that if Reina and one of the coaches has had it that they wouldnt have all had it done. Of course I have no evidence either way and even if he has then it's still really bad PR for the club to be seen out.
  3. Sainsburys here have started playing music in the store and they followed one of their social distancing tannoy announcements with Stand By Me. They need to revise their playlist a bit methinks.
  4. Exactly, the fact that there were accusations of him doing something criminal was why I and seemingly most people were cautious to rush to judgment and so far have been proven right to do so. We also don't know whether he has already been tested for the virus, which makes a difference over how reckless being out and about is.
  5. To be fair, there has been bugger all else other than the virus to talk about which has made the reaction a whole lot worse than it would have been. I'm not excusing what Jack did by the way, if anything it makes the whole episode more embarrassing for the club. He can't possibly keep the captaincy after this.
  6. Crikey I thought the lady in the second video was some sort of evil Theresa May-Katie Hopkins hybrid for a second.
  7. I echo what Stevo said, it's maybe the amount of times you posted roughly the same message that came across badly. The vast majority of posters have said it looks bad and were just waiting for confirmation and all the facts.
  8. I'm not sure the Gazza comparison is right as he was an alcoholic. It's a sad fact that there is all sorts of temptation out there for a Premier League player and Jack has fallen for it too many times.
  9. I'm surprised the number of deaths has actually gone down for the past few days. Obviously need to be cautious when looking at figures over a short space of time, I'm not sure whether it happened elsewhere before the number surged up again.
  10. I'm surprised he still lives in Birmingham but not surprised if he has had to downsize. As for Jack, what a clearing in the woods. There isnt really any way for him to come out of this looking anything other than a right clearing in the woods. Surely he will get sacked as captain.
  11. Surely the EU will have to kick Hungary out if he pulls this off? It's totally against their rules from what I recall.
  12. You can't be very familiar with the Sun To be fair with the lockdown they must have plenty of money in the slander/libel budget going unused. In all seriousness, if he has done all that he has been accused of then he is an absolute moron. He isn't the brightest spark anyway but I've always thought he was a decent sort and I'll be a bit gutted if it turns out true.
  13. Yeah that doesnt make any sense, usually you hear that the player agrees terms first then forces the move. I'm not sure why we would agree to a deal now rather than wait til the summer when more clubs might bid. A few pages ago someone said that Jack had said he had had the virus in a video to a fan so if he had recovered then it's not so bad that he has been out and about. We know of at least two other cases at the club so I reckon they must be testing them.
  14. Depends on the actual circumstances. No need to jump to conclusions just yet.
  15. This is basically why I didnt bother getting involved in the applause the other night. It won't be long before we are applauding to show solidarity for all the ducks that aren't being fed bread because the old people are stuck indoors or other such nonsense. That and I'm a miserable cynic in general.
  16. I've got a letter which is basically something that any Tom, Dick or Harry could have written and printed out. Doesn't even have my name on it or anything, so not sure what the point of it is. I'd still feel a bit of a dude being able to brandish it to a copper if given the chance.
  17. I've been rewatching Jonathan Creek as I'm pretty desperate. There is actually some decent humour in it that I missed when I watched it as a youngster, especially from Caroline Quentin. Some of the resolutions seem a bit ridiculous than I remember though.
  18. Looking back it was Messi's best chance of winning a World Cup too, even if he was still very young. Probably already one of the best few players in the world but left on the bench. By far the best team they've had this century anyway.
  19. I'm not 100% sure on this but can't the PL teams vote to change the date of the transfer window? Obviously the players whose contracts run out you can't really do much about, though even then can't the PL also only open the squad registration window once they finished the season? I suggested in another thread that maybe they could finish this season whenever possible, then next season split the PL into conferences like in US sport depending on how much time there is, have all the games on Sky and BT so the TV side of it is covered that way. Obviously the selfish side of me just hopes they void the season and we stay up! I reckon we would have a decent chance of staying up if we restart when McGinn, Heaton and Wes are back though.
  20. Heard some applause and what sounded like banging of saucepans from the flats above me. Call me a miserable ungrateful bastard but I tend to avoid these organised/social media things like the plague.
  21. Very quiet down here in Sussex since Mothers' Day. Pretty much full supplies but still rationing important things and allowing one in, one out (the queue does actually move quite quickly even if it's snaking round the car park). I reckon getting in before the weekend is a good idea though.
  22. --------------------Schmeichel------------------------- Alves---------Desailly---Cannavaro---Roberto Carlos -----------Xavi------Vieira-------Iniesta----------- -----------Messi--fat Ronaldo---Henry
  23. Alex Horne from Taskmaster is setting tasks you can do at home which is quite a nice idea.
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