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  1. I think we will probably see a couple more go, I just really hope we add some players with real pace to the squad.
  2. It wasn't just Grealish, it was when Tuanzebe came back too which meant we were better on the ball in attack and at the back, we were just better balanced. Let's face it if the squad he inherited was decent he wouldn't have got the job because Bruce wouldn't have got sacked. By the end of the season I thought Smith had turned us into the best team in the league.
  3. Dean has still provided more happy memories as Villa fan for me than anyone in a long time. In hindsight getting promoted when we did resulted in too big a challenge for Smith personally and the club. We now have to shift focus as to how we get back up, I'm pretty sure even if we lose the likes of Grealish we can build a more balanced squad to get promoted again with Dean as manager. If someone better is available then I'd be fine with changing things but as I'm not as deeply invested in the rest of the football world I'm not sure who that would be.
  4. I posted this a while ago on the cheer you up thread, all Messi's 700 goals in one video. He makes it look so easy.
  5. I'm not sure that's fair, it just happens that Luiz is playing well now when Jack wasn't when there was a huge swathe of the season where it was the other way round. I think they all care but collectively confidence is completely shot, sadly the ability isn't there nor the fitness but there aren't many that I think haven't tried their best both pre and post lockdown.
  6. I think that would be going from one extreme to the other sending him off, he was just doing a drag back turn thing and trod on his ankle in the process. He deserves a jaw volley for going down like he was shot in the shin though.
  7. Am I right in remembering that you recently got the right to vote and voted Republican because of the gun rights? Would you vote for Trump in November?
  8. Neville tried that the first 5 times he watched it.
  9. It would be nice to stay up but if not I won't miss any of this bollocks.
  10. When I saw that tub of lard was reffing my heart sank.
  11. He's **** trod on Konsa's ankle and got a penalty for it. Disgusting!
  12. Haha I nearly had a heart attack. It was a good one too!
  13. He's obviously been designated as the Villa pundit out of him and Evra. I bet it's Gary Neville on comms too, bloody Sky shitheads.
  14. It seemed to me that they drew up a list of 4 players for each position, some were Smith's suggestions and some were Suso's, then it was over to Suso to get whichever ones he could in the budget. That actually seems a sensible and fair way of doing it to me and the right way to do it.
  15. I never realised there is another Budweiser company, this one from Czechia. I was skeptical when my mate said to try this dark lager by them but it's right up my alley. By the way, I'm proud that after about 8 years on this site I've finally worked out how to put a picture into a post
  16. I think I'd still feel safer with a decent quality security system and a baseball bat in the bedroom (I have a cricket bat in my room for what it's worth) than ever having a gun in the house. I'd be most scared of getting caught up in a police shooting or mass killing spree in which case having my own gun would be pretty useless.
  17. I'd consider going with El Ghazi as the false 9 he did earlier in the season. I just can't see Davis ever scoring a goal. Our only hope is set pieces so I'd stick Conor in, move either Mings or Hause to left back because Taylor offers nothing. ---------------------Reina--------------------- Guilbert---Konsa--Hause---Mings -------McGinn-Luiz--Hourihane---- Elmo---------El Ghazi------Grealish
  18. In Ebony's case yes as she is from inner London where there is a large black community. One thing I'd say is there are very few white professional cricketers from London too as there aren't many playing fields for the number of people. While there is a big Asian community that plays recreationally it hasn't really been reflected at county level to the same degree for one reason or another.
  19. I'm still not sure whether Luiz would meet many more work permit criteria than we had to meet when we signed him i.e. he needed to be one of the top earners and top transfer fees for us (he has only played once for Brazil and never in the Champions League). I'm not sure how many clubs would offer that, under the current circumstances especially, or how many European teams will have money to throw around. Mings is a tough one to guess, he is very level-headed and single-minded. He could easily just tell us he wants to go or say he wants to stick it out with us. I'd say probably 60-40 in favour of him going. Grealish will definitely go for big money, hopefully to City rather than Utd. Pretty confident of keeping the rest and I'm more optimistic about them being good enough for the Championship unlike the usual doom-mongers. Sign some young players who we would be confident that they will make the step up if we get promoted, hopefully the likes of Barry and Chukwuemeka will have their development accelerated by playing more games too.
  20. But we get that shitty weather for about 340 days of the year, this is meant to be our turn!
  21. Just save it before every game and reload if you lose like the rest of us Going 'on holiday' for a couple of months works sometimes as well. I've been playing the mobile version as Villa, in my first season so I'm basically only targeting survival and don't get too pissed off if I lose. My only real frustration is the amount of free kicks the opposition score, I don't know whether that's a problem with Heaton or if it's just scripted in the game. Angel Gomes was my only signing for £12m and has been very promising. I think I need to dip into the market in January but finding players is a bit harder on the mobile version it seems.
  22. I should really have learnt by now to let my pizza cool down a bit before I start eating it.
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