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  1. I went there on Friday. What the **** is the deal with the massive chunk of lettuce with a bit of token dressing sprinkled on the top? The laziest salad in the world, I genuinely can't imagine anybody eating it. The steak was decent enough but really pricey. I don't think I'd go back there.
  2. I quite like Darren Bent as well. And Kelly Cates to be fair. Probably because we won.
  3. Must have been the easiest game he had for us. I don't remember him doing anything at all.
  4. What a great interview. So pleased for him.
  5. He's a great 'fox in the box' but even when he isn't in great scoring positions he runs his socks off and can still use his intelligence. I still think we could have a more comfortable night if we had gone 4-3-3 today and perhaps showed Everton a bit too much respect. We have such a great squad this season.
  6. Not seen him before yet when that ball bounced in front of him I knew he would take it in his stride and score. I'd like to buy his old man a pint, he must be buzzing.
  7. I agree with most of that but Iwobi? I think Everton are very generous in playing him against us so much, he is utterly pointless. Hard to pick a MOTM but I thought Mings was great. We perhaps gave them too much respect with the XI we picked, it would have been nice to start with wingers, especially Bailey who looks class. Hopefully he hasn't got anything too serious.
  8. I think he and Cash are both good attacking full backs but they seem naturally too deep for wing backs, if that makes sense. I think I'd much prefer 4-3-3 at home against everyone but the very best teams.
  9. Or concussed maybe? It happened really early on in the game.
  10. It's pretty obvious they hold Jack to a totally different standard to any other player, ever, whilst at the same time no doubt happy to give all sorts of shit to other Villa lads who haven't turned out to be as good as Jack. No real point in asking those kinds of questions.
  11. I generally wear mine where I find it hard to socially distance, which is mostly in a supermarket. I usually wear it in other shops but sometimes I don't really see much point if they're not busy. Same with train journeys, the ones I've been on have been largely empty so I don't put it on. I can see why people might do that then put one on getting off if it's likely there will be more people on the platforms or ticket machines.
  12. Seeing how some people have taken much offence from even the most innocuous things Jack has said, if he had bad-mouthed us properly on social media then this place would have exploded. Unless you're getting mixed up with what social media is?
  13. One thing I didn't understand is that Tyler said that apparently the ref was always going to give a red card and just got the VAR to confirm it, yet he didn't give a free kick. Play was only stopped when they realised he was badly hurt.
  14. I think it's more generally against the new policy of allowing stronger challenges this season. He was complaining about it after a match against Burnley from what I remember.
  15. I went to see them in 06, I thought going to the MCG and watching Melbourne FC would be packed but there was **** all people there! May have just been a quiet day as the people of Melbourne must have so much choice. I preferred the atmosphere at the Brisbane Lions at the Gabba.
  16. It was a big ask and I was surprised he played in the middle, but then Lukaku might have just moved over a bit and targeted him anyway. As I said in the Mings thread I would give first dibs to Hause, if we are looking towards set pieces as an area of improvement he is a major asset and Mings can play in the centre of the 3.
  17. It's weird because he cost us a goal but then I think if he played centrally rather than Axel we may have dealt with Lukaku a bit better. Not that he did much other than score twice mind you. It just seemed a bit odd that the junior of the 3 played in the middle, we could have played Hause on the left and I'd have fancied him to score one of Mings's or Konsa's chances in the box.
  18. Puts it into perspective a bit. I was probably wanking in a sock 3 months after my A levels. She is going to be a zillionaire in a few years.
  19. Kind of, she said 'I played great so well done Emma for beating me' or something like that at the start of her speech.
  20. Fabulous tennis, what an unbelievable achievement.
  21. I've got next Friday and Saturday off work and really want to go up to the Everton game. Bit ashamed to say I've never seen a PL game at Villa Park! I guess I'd be lucky to get a ticket on general sale on Wednesday.
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