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  1. I don't think so, there is still room for signing young and hungry players that fit Dean's style and ethos and they are as likely to come from the Championship as anywhere else. Maybe next season the proven quality marquee players can come if we stay up but Bowen for example in January looks a decent bet.
  2. Hasn't the punishment been to cordon off 5k seats, when only 15k fans have turned up anyway? It must be a weird situation for the Bulgaria players too. I'm not sure what the solution is other than to play behind close doors, stopping the game and making announcements just seems like red rag to a bull.
  3. Probably not that much to be fair, certainly not at centre half for them. That short run and chipped cross suggests he'd still be a **** brilliant left back too.
  4. Yes it was like the first in the trilogy with WM 2k and No Mercy. Hopefully they can make a new game just as good, my mates and I loved playing No Mercy (and Goldeneye) on N64. I've even been tempted to buy an N64 for the nostalgia.
  5. Found out today from my mate's ex-girlfriend that he likes the 'Stefan Postma' I'm going to enjoy making vague references to it to make him paranoid that I know his secret.
  6. I didnt bother, it had flashbacks in it so it was fairly easy to follow. There was only one bit at the end that I had to Google about but that was from a couple of seasons ago from what I remember anyway.
  7. Yes it was good to see some old characters, I'm not sure the film really needed making tbh but an enjoyable watch anyway.
  8. I've tried watching Rick and Morty but Rick's green pukey drool makes me gag and I can't watch it.
  9. Christ, he got us to a World Cup semi final when nobody thought we had a chance and then the final of that other thing we were in.
  10. So what do the flat earth society use for maps of the world? I'm asking here because I dont know how else I'd find the answer on the internet.
  11. On Facebook they had a short video of after the playoff final and I got a bit emotional again. Such a top bloke, I just hope we stay up and Dean can stay with us for the next stage of the rebuild.
  12. Had to mooney them but yes, a similar kind of gene pool. My mate is the most sane of the lot but even he is mad as a cut snake.
  13. I've waited in this morning to get a smart meter fitted and it turns out the bloke isn't qualified to fit one to what I've got. What a waste of bloody time that was.
  14. I've turned down being best man before in similar circumstances. It was a guy from work that I got on with but only socialised with maybe once or twice a month, I wouldn't say he was quite as big a dickhead as the guy kurt talks about but the idea of organising the stag do with people I've never really met just seemed like a recipe for disaster. He has 9 brothers, some of whom are absolutely terrifying, verging on feral and if I got the speech wrong God knows what might have happened. He got over it and chose someone else, and he split with his missus before the wedding anyway. I forgot to say she was an absolute bell end as well. My problem now is that he got some other bird knocked up and wants me to be godfather ffs.
  15. The main thing I don't get with the poster is yes we won two World Wars, but since then has been the longest period of peace in Western Europe in history because the major nations have gone for an idea of cooperation, with the EU the main example, rather than allowing resentment and hate fester with the possible result in a WWIII. These people need a basic history lesson but I fear they just live in the echo chamber of social media getting fed this sort of shite and are incapable of analysing it properly.
  16. I thought Di Matteo and Bruce ballsed up by creating such unbalanced squads. Di Matteo's problem was midfield and Bruce was defence. You can kind of understand with Di Matteo as he was starting from scratch with a team that just got relegated but Bruce had been in charge for over a season before leaving the squad with one centre half. God knows what he was thinking last summer.
  17. sharkyvilla

    Do you read?

    I finished Robert Harris's latest novel today. I've always been a fan of his books albeit the last few have been hit or miss, but this one about a fifth of the way through I though wow, I wasnt expecting that. But then the end felt a bit flat considering the plot twist early on. I guess it goes against the grain to have the twist that early on, they normally save it for the climax at the end.
  18. That doesn't sound right at all. Surely he is our player, and City just have a price that we have to accept if they want to buy him back, but for any other club the normal rules apply.
  19. I thought it was quite well acted, especially the bloke from Narcos. For a Netflix film it was decent. I watched In The Long Grass as well which is based on a Stephen King story which was ok.
  20. There's also a chance that it would put off any clubs looking to do a similar deal with City in the future, not to mention the difficulties of getting a work permit for another team in England as a lot of them have higher record transfer fees than we do, which is pretty much how we got the WP done. I also don't think Pep is really the kind of person to do it.
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