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  1. I think they don't count the Digne own goal as an assist which makes no sense to me.
  2. I haven't seen us this threatening from set pieces since the Laursen/Young days. Every corner looks dangerous now. It's only a matter of time until we start scoring from them regularly.
  3. It's not even that he fails to complete the final pass, his passing is very good. He often doesn't see the right passes in the final third. He's probably not as used to the position. From deep he can see everything in front of him and his decision making is usually better. Plus his awareness and ability to sniff out danger is very useful to us in that position.
  4. I've been saying for a while, he's basically Kane from like 4 years ago, aka doesn't have the legs of a 45 year old and still considers himself a #9 first.
  5. Thanks Fbref. He was very good (like I said), I just think he's better as a 6, and we have players who can play that creative 8 position better (I think Buendia will eventually make that spot his own). We don't have anybody who can pass from deep like he does.
  6. See, I think it's the opposite. He's very good in both positions, but I think he's just more effective sitting in as the 6. He doesn't really have the composure in the final third. He was getting into great positions but fluffed the final passes.
  7. I was just pointing out that "incremental" doesn't really capture the scope of the progress we've made, I didn't say you were criticizing him or anything.
  8. Harvey Elliot had 7 goals and 11 assists in the Championship last season and was a nominee for Young Player of the Year, all at 17 years old. Don't think those transfer figures were plucked out of thin air. Before this season Ramsey had a decent loan spell in League 1, and a handful of PL appearances which weren't particularly noteworthy. It's only this season that he's really stepped his game up.
  9. Interesting to see what his ceiling is. Physically, he already looks at home in the PL which is the hardest thing to get down at this age. Jack at the same age was probably better technically but he was a bit lightweight, and really kicked on at about 23. This means that JJ can spend the next 3 years or so honing his craft technically and also growing into his body more without having to worry about bulking up or anything. Future is bright.
  10. We're ready this time though. Butler made it clear from the start that he wants to push into Europe with or without us, preferably with us.
  11. It's funny because Mina was physically dominated by Wesley in this fixture a couple of seasons back.
  12. I think incremental progress is doing him a disservice. Only Crewe Alexandra have climbed the English football ladder more than Villa since Smith joined. It's been a monumental rise from Championship midtable to PL midtable in 3 years.
  13. I'd play: Steer Cash Tuanzebe Hause Young Nakamba Luiz Buendia Traore El Ghazi Watkins We could give them a real game with this, and still be rotating about 70% of the team. Benefits of a good squad.
  14. Breath of Fire 2. The encounter rate makes what's otherwise a lovely early SNES rpg a bit rough.
  15. 7 points from 5 with a very tricky fixture list and a very extensive injury/suspension list is very good going and a sign of our progress. To put it into perspective, we've had key players like Martinez, Mings, Buendia, Watkins, Traore, Ramsey, Luiz all out at one point or another. We would have crumbled in previous years, even last year. Hell, if it were just Grealish out we'd have been hopeless.
  16. He did. We switched back to 4-3-3 when Traore came on. Konsa went to RB.
  17. My crystal ball said "Everton (h)" but I wanted to keep him guessing.
  18. Buendia has a job on his hands to get back into the side now.
  19. He came unstuck playing in a 2 with McGinn first game of the season, but that seems to have been a blip. He's been superb for the last 6 months or so whenever he's been called upon. Very valuable squad player.,
  20. 2 goals 2 assists in 5. Hard to drop right now. I think ultimately one of him and Ollie will need to give way to Emi, but it's really hard to pick one. A good problem to have.
  21. Grant Hanley. Jesus Christ, this must be his 5th season in the PL. He has to be in the running for the worst defender in the last 10 years. And we're on VT complaining about Mings and Tuanzebe who are Bentleys in comparison.
  22. Deano had absolutely no doubt he would bounce back. This is why he's our captain.
  23. VP in full voice is unparalleled. Where we lag behind other teams I feel is we need to score before that happens, we're usually pretty subdued before that unless it's a derby or something. Grounds lime Selhurst Park, the fans are at it from the off. It's why we always struggle there.
  24. Not really, it's quite obvious.
  25. League hasn't seen a winger this explosive since Gareth Bale. I guess you could count Adams, but that's more like a controlled explosion that affects no one.
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