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  1. Haven't seen a single ad on NBA 2K19. That must be a regional thing.
  2. I bought 2k19 on a sale like that last year. Was very worth it.
  3. I see the ignore button doesn't affect quoted posts. Anyway, I think we have a real case in our favour if we do get relegated without playing another game. No way we should accept it considering we were out of the relegation zone when everyone played 27 games and only fell into it after all the other teams played the 28th. PPG isn't fair either as it still takes into account a game week we didn't participate in and was completely out of our hands. No way in hell we get relegated for this and Leeds/WBA get promoted despite not confirming it themselves. We should raise absolute hell.
  4. The UK seems very odd if what people are reporting is true. Here in Canada we've canceled all prayers big and small, the mosques are empty. On Eid, nobody's doing anything. Even Mecca is empty.
  5. I'm really liking the story. It has shades of Avatar, and has some excellent characters. Apart from Skyward Sword, Zelda never really had particularly great stories imo. I'm just worried about what the rest of the dungeons are going to be like. I did the elephant one and it was really fun, some really inventive puzzles. If there other 3 are up to this level, I'm not even mad about the lack of temples.
  6. I'm still using my OnePlus 3, and it got an official Android 9 upgrade last year. It's a 4 year old phone (then 3 years), and I honestly can't justify upgrading yet it's that good.
  7. Honestly, what's pushing me towards saying it's the best Zelda game is that it has most of the classic Zelda gameplay. I've been very pleasantly surprised. I've only done the first Divine Beast, but it's already a very good temple and there's 3 more! The dozens of shrines scattered around also make up for the lack of fully fleshed out dungeons.
  8. I'm starting to come around to that idea. I'm gonna do a Zelda marathon, going backwards and I really think it's going to be hard to top this. I love Skyward Sword and Ocarina but even they have their flaws. This one is spotless so far.
  9. I really thought it was a lot of hype and bluster, mostly around the open world aspect of it but it's so much more than that. The main quest is easily the most involved story apart from Skyward Sword. Doing the Yiga Clan Hideout right now and it reminds me of the Gerudo Fortress from OoT and the Forsaken Fortress from Wind Waker.
  10. Really starting to get in the groove in Breath of the Wild. Stunning game.
  11. Doesn't he always play on the left anyway?
  12. I was thinking about Forest, sorry. He was still a handy player in the Champo, but his decline was very steep.
  13. Very nerve-wracking game. Hate when we play at the Hawthornes.
  14. Traore was at Boro for a while, even made it back to the PL briefly. He seemed decent at one point and just devolved into another Pulis Plodder.
  15. I can't see how PPG can be fair. We were outside of the relegation zone when we all played the same number of games. The only reason we fell into the relegation zone was because all the other teams played a game more, and we haven't played a game since. Why should we be punished for doing well in the cup? We were the width of the post away of taking the final to extra time and possibly winning a major trophy, and we get relegated for our efforts? I'm sure it will be legal hell for the FA if it were to happen.
  16. Yup, couldn't care less if we get relegated if it means lives will be saved.
  17. We're going to look back at this mad scramble to get football going again during a pandemic by the authorities and just laugh.
  18. He keeps it real. Football at the end of the day is just a game. He's not risking his life or his dignity for any longer than he has to. Respect him for being up front about it.
  19. If that's the case, the future's bright for us (provided the FA don't relegate us of course )
  20. I don't understand why this would be the case? As long as FFP is still in play, they could get Jeff Bezos in charge and they'll still be confined to spending in line with their revenue? All new owners do in this post-FFP age to my understanding is either tighten or relax the purse-strings depending on how rich they are. They're not going to be pumping hundreds of millions of their own money like City did. And right now, our owners are among the most relaxed in the league with how generous they are with spending the club's money on transfers, and as we found out the hard way, it takes time to build a good team, not even one 150m transfer window can even keep us out of a relegation fight. Newcastle have a loooooooooong way to go before they're challenging for anything serious.
  21. I'd rather we try to finish the season in June or something than have the table decided on PPG or even as it is. There are only 2 real fair options in my eyes, finish the season or completely void it. The former has so many problems re: the integrity of the competition (and future ones) that I can only see the latter being viable. But if I was given a choice between that and table as is/PPG, I'd finish it all day.
  22. Football is now set up like a business first and foremost, at least at the highest levels. Is it any surprise that their decisions are purely business decisions?
  23. I would snap up that black one with the quickness if real.
  24. I'll be getting it on launch so it doubles up as my PS4 that I've been meaning to get for a while. Their announcement of just 100 titles being backwards compatible makes that a bit awkward though.
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