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  1. He's just so good. No chance we'd have had a hope of promotion without him, nor survival this season.
  2. Looked awfully poor again. Cross fingers and pray for Jack tactic worked, barely.
  3. VAR saved the day yesterday. Referees just aren't good enough and get most major incidents wrong.
  4. As a result of Tammy's year at Villa, we got promoted and £100m+ to spend. Chelsea got 1 years Championship experience for a player, which he'd already gotten anyway. If anyone's been mugged off, it's Chelsea You're trolling is not good.
  5. 4 league titles in 17 years with Juve/Milan/Chelsea/PSG/Madrid is a pretty colossal failure. This is a man who took over money bags PSG, sitting top of the league, and managed to finished 2nd. You couldn't do it if you tried.
  6. Very good, but such a petulant player.
  7. Good Cup manager, but never really had it in terms of league consistency. Big name but nothing more.
  8. I think this is the only realistic option in terms of punishment. Club fines are so pointless
  9. Results obviously matters, but the performances are alarming. Any and every team is tearing us to pieces and making us look open. Even Newcastle, as defensive and bad as they were, should've scored a couple despite rarely touching the ball for 90 minutes. Right now we need organisation, Dean Smith simply doesn't give us that. He's better at getting the best out of a team who's generally expected to win. I have absolutely no faith he can sort out a team who's 50/50 at best in most games.
  10. He needs to make us difficult to beat vs everyone. It's all well and good having narrow, hard fought, defeats and scarping the odd point against the top 8 sides, then playing open football against everyone else and getting battered. At the moment, no team fears us. We need to score 3 or 4 just to get a point. Forget tweaks, he needs a massive overhaul IMO.
  11. Just because a player is this good doesn't mean they will be relied on. Yes, they may be the focal point or the most productive player in the team, but it shouldn't be simply do or die with that player. As for Bruce, that's just not true. Out of interest I just had a look at our results with Bruce/Grealish in the Championship With Grealish in the team Won - 24 Drew - 17 lost - 19 Total games - 60 Without Grealish in the team Won - 18 Drew - 7 Lost - 7 Total games - 32 I think Dean Smith was a better manager for us in the Championship, but he built the team so heavily around Grealish that we really do rely on him for anything and everything. Unfortunately even if he is coming up with the goods, defensively we're so horribly organised by Smith that Grealish can't overcome that anyway.
  12. That's the problem. We needed Grealish masterclasses every week to make the playoffs and get us up. We're needing Grealish masterclasses to stay up now. A good manager should never be relying on an individual like this. So what does that say about our manager.
  13. Don't think he can be trusted in Jan. Relied on Grealish magic to get us in yo the playoffs and relying on it in the Prem despite spending a fortune. Very little threat and we look so open. I'd happily bring in a "dinosaur" to steady us. Boring Premier League football is better than exciting Championship football.
  14. Loved it. Such a satisfying way to end it. JJ Abrams just gets Star Wars, at least for me.
  15. I have anterior pelvic tilt, plus my lower back isn't all that strong, so it is almost always in pain as a result of APT. stuff like squats and deadlifts would be damaging. I don't really know what a programme is, but I've had advice on what to do on what days, which is generally push/pull/legs. I lift a weight where I'm burning out in the 8-12 range. If I manage the 12, I'll up the weight. Unfortunately I haven't been able to up the weight that much. I've tried doing more reps at a weight I can manage easier, but that just doesn't increase strength or make my current weight any easier. So if I'm stuck hitting my targets, I get a bit trapped. I've tried lifting heavier for less reps, but again it doesn't help at my current weight. People often tell me to increase everytime I go, but I can't lift what I can't lift. I don't k know if it's a genetic ruing or what. My shoulders seem to take the bulk of everything. Anything that involves pushing, if I put the weight up, my elbows are ****. I'm really lost with it at this point and my desire to keep going is getting close to breaking point. 5 months is a lot to put in to something, I've seen people go through someone drastic transformations in less than that. I've essentially stood still. Infuriating.
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