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  1. Let's get Sterling and Salah for the wingers as well.
  2. The problem is we need him to thrive without pressure. It's like he can't get the players up for a game unless it's do or die, sometimes.
  3. He definitely isn't a left midfielder, which is basically where he's been played to accommodate Solanke.
  4. Some Premier League experience, please. People always seem to knock that kind of policy, but our last two Premier league seasons have shown that even signing a lot of promising players (many of whom have gone on to do very well) often doesn't work. Experience helps a lot with mentality. You can see from players comments, they felt immense pressure this season, those with experience often don't have as much of a struggle with it if they've "been there, done it".
  5. Forgot penalties didn't count.
  6. He;'s got a decent PL record. He's been shafted this season being played out of position because of Solanke.
  7. Mitrovic has done well to make 77 appearances in 1 PL season. Wilson would be a great signing, in any case.
  8. Very much this, especially the last paragraph.
  9. Sheff U, Norwich and Brighton were favourites to go down, so it literally wasn't against the odds. However, I don't necessarily disagree with any of this. Relegation would have been unacceptable, and although my view is that 35 points is a poor return and you're "lucky" to stay up with that amount of points - the fact is we stayed up. When Dean Smith took over, if you'd have said "by September 20/21, you'll be playing in the Premier League, have reached a Cup Final, beat blues home and away" I'd have taken it. I don't think any manager that keeps a club up should be sacked, much
  10. That Solanke transfer is going to be a killer, surely nobody will want to touch him. At least the others you've mentioned, and King, teams will want.
  11. 15 wins does seem a lot. Whatever the case, we need to stop conceding so late and just generally stop being so easy to cut through or we'll struggle to reach 10 again.
  12. This is why he's realistically "unaffordable" or "not worth it" for most clubs. He is far more valuable to Villa than other clubs are likely to be willing to pay IMO. He may still go, but you'd like to think it's a massive fee.
  13. And read mine. There's no way Suso had more say in all these Brentford linked/former Brentford players than Smith. Especially given the nature of almost all of the other signings.
  14. I'd have kept both him and Suso on as survival was the aim. Nobody knows whether it was poor recruitment or poor coaching that was the problem (the latter, IMO), but I suppose now we will see. A start like the first 6/7 games of next season and then other changes need to be made. A short leash now that a big excuse has gone.
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