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  1. The only issue with VAR IMO is the time it takes sometimes, but that's simply down to FIFA/UEFA/whoever wanting to still have referees making the big decisions. Ideally those in the VAR room would be given authority to make a decision, but it won't happen, at least for a while, because they don't want to undermine referees authority. As for time, big decisions often end up with a bit of time wasted anyway. We waited ages for Milner's penalty against small heath with their players arguing, VAR would've only taken the same time. As for excitement, VAR adds to it if anything.
  2. I know when I'm running in to the box, the first thing I'd be looking at is where defenders arms are.
  3. It was probably going in. It would've been utter bullshit for a hand to stop a goal. The handball rule has been terrible for years, all this accidental handball bollocks looks like it's finally been put to bed, a handball is a handball as much as a foul is a foul. Or should we only give free kicks for fouls that were intended to foul?
  4. @Stevo985 The two women on my department both said they're probably just happy with our team and saw no need to change it. I'm hoping that and a few changes within the company are the reasons these last few months haven't seen me given the opportunity to progress. It really is far too easy for me, which makes it hard to get through the day. I've never considered myself particularly intelligent or ambitious, but I know I'm of far more use to the company than this. It's been flagged now, and hopefully with the company growing it'll mean more spaces open up elsewhere on our accounts team. @Dr_Pangloss Leaving is something I would have to consider at some point, if there's no progress. My issue isn't a money thing, but I'm very aware of how underpaid I am, and it seems mental to me that they aren't giving me more of a challenge. They won't find anyone externally who will fill these roles for anywhere near what I'm being paid, so I'm definitely the cheaper option too. Ideally I wouldn't want to leave, they've been fantastic to me on a personal level.
  5. I spoke with HR. It really is a case of knowing I'm more deserving, but sometimes it doesn't pay to be a quiet person who just gets on with things. I'm AAT level 4 qualified, he's recently started his level 2. I've been on the accounts team for 15 months, he's been on it for 7. We do a slightly different role, so it's hard to compare stats - but my stats are the highest of my team. He's just a very outgoing person who banters with everyone, whereas I'm more of a head down and just chat to the people around me, and I suppose that's worked for him. Even the girl in HR seemed a little confused by it and said she'll speak to my manager about it. She's aware of my anxiety issues and such, and said she won't say I've come up to see her about that, but it just came up in our monthly catchup. One of the reasons I didn't feel I could go directly to her was that I'm terrified of pissing off my boss, because then it's a case of having to leave.
  6. Keeps get away with it too much, especially if it's a goal. The Bradford keeper in the first leg for Weimann's goal should've been a red.
  7. I'm seeing HR tomorrow so will keep this in mind. I think I'm just frustrated my mate has had this all handed to him, when I've flagged it and nothing has been done.
  8. He didn't win the Europa League with Napoli, he certainly wasn't successful there. The comparison was just that they've both managed the same clubs relatively recently, one manager seems to have a very, very high reputations, the other highly criticised and it's a bit weird to me too.
  9. Surprised they're not rumoured with big names to try and fleece their fans with season ticket sales.
  10. Getting a bit fed up at work. I started here in a pretty bog standard quality control type role. I was just happy to have a full time job with a steady income. I was on there for about 5 months before they pulled me on to a project to improve our service for the US based stuff. A couple of months after that I was called in to a meeting and asked if I'd temporarily join the accounts team as they were a little behind and I'm AAT qualified, so it was easier than bringing in someone new who would have to learn our booking system. I wasn't sure about it as I hated my AAT studies and assumed I'd hate actually working in accounts. I was given about a half hours training on what they actually do and left to it. After 6 weeks they asked if I'd like to keep the job on full time, and I preferred it to my other role so I decided to do it. Within 6 months I'd been given 3 pay rises. My last pay rise was October and I'm fine with what I earn, so it's not a money thing. But There's a few internal moves that've bought some other people on to accounts, who have no accounting qualifications of any kind. They've spent a month training with a HOD, and I was a bit peeved that I was thrown in and struggled a bit initially. I mentioned at my appraisal that I find my role a bit easy, that something more challenging would be nice, that I find myself losing focus and getting bored. I was told that everyone would be trained on all departments to help better with cover and make us all better rounded. Since the appraisal, one of the internal moves to accounts has been trained by another HOD on something, and has now landed a role on that department. It's very frustrating that I just feel I've been given no responsibility or opportunity. So now he gets to work on the most interesting department, isn't qualified and was seemingly plucked out of nowhere for it. I've nothing against him, he happens to be my best mate. But, yet again, I just feel completely under appreciated and left on the shelf.
  11. The bottom end of the league isn't great. Finishing above the 3 clubs that went down this season is something any below average club with a below average manager should achieve IMO. And Newcastle/Rafa aren't below average. Eh. His job at Chelsea was overrated, Sarri did better and gets criticised. Finishing 5th with Napoli seems to go unnoticed, that's an abysmal season when the big names of Serie A were struggling too. Again, Sarri outdid him. His Championship signings were very good, and while he hasn't been given a tonne to spend, his Premier League signings have been poor.
  12. But it's generally only the major incidents brought to our attention. There's a lot of free kicks given that shouldn't be, fouls gone unpunished, throw-ins, corners/goal kicks given the wrong way.
  13. Think Rafa is massively overrated, but their fans adored him and this'll cause a lot of problems at the club.
  14. Which is fine, but what if the Leeds game was the final though? Bamford wouldn't have been punished until after they'd have potentially gone up, and El Ghazi's red would've been rescinded when it was too late. VAR changes things in game, rather than after a game. In game is far better and more important IMO. It'd be like retrospectively giving Henry a red card for his handball against Ireland. France would've still qualified and Ireland out, Henry wouldn't care. With VAR, Ireland potentially make it.
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