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  1. I don't see it happening at my place either, for the same control reasons. They get funny about people working from different offices on request, yet it's somehow perfectly fine during the winter when trains are cancelled for them to work from their local office no problem.
  2. He knows a bit about Harry Potter and Nicki Minaj... that's pretty much it. I'm not even joking. Unfortunately no rounds based on either.
  3. The one lad that always does it used to work at my place, and he's really thick as shit. We did a team building thing at a pub quiz, it came to the general knowledge round and he said "I don't know that stuff". What the **** do you mean you don't know general knowledge!?
  4. I personally like games being officiated properly, and VAR isn't really used that much. I agree with you in terms of offside, the offside rule isn't there to stop people being a few millimeters offside, but this is why I said some rules need tweaking. I don't really have an issue with most of VAR, and the issues I do have often come from referees. They shouldn't be looking at it for 5 minutes to make a decision, to me that suggests it's not "clear and obvious". It should be used to overturn blatantly obvious decisions. It works in other sports, most of which are contact sports. Football isn't different, it's not special. Of course things will be subjective because everyone interprets a rule differently, but any improvements to what are, quite frankly, absurdly awful officials, is a must IMO.
  5. Then I think most people are missing the point. Video replay isn't a sentient being. It's just simply an ability to rewatch an incident in order to have a better opinion. The fact that things are still incorrect isn't a fault of video replay, it's a shortcoming of the officials using it. And people want to scrap it and have those same inept officials making decisions with less assistance? People getting up in arms about VAR getting offside decisions correct is nothing but madness. Blame the rule, not the tool.
  6. Look at me! Look how smart I am! There's a few people on Facebook that repost those stupid "If you can find the M (in a picture full of Ws) you're a genius" type pictures, with "I found it right away". Oh well done mate, I'm sure your Mensa welcome pack is in the post.
  7. Finally watched The Death of Stalin tonight. I'd put it off for a while as I find 90% of comedies to be a bit shit. Wish I hadn't, it is fantastic.
  8. To be fair, if they didn't, they'd have to consider themselves American.
  9. I think removing VAR would be the end for me. When a sport is more interesting than protecting referees than getting things right, it's dead. At least it'll still be used an INT level.
  10. Or maybe, just maybe, it's the responsibility of the clubs to pay the staffs wages. You know, like they were the rest of the year.
  11. This problem has **** all to do with footballers. They aren't responsible for other peoples wages. They shouldn't be ashamed of what contract they've signed. The amount of people I've seen criticising them for not giving out money, or even when they do criticising that it's not enough. It's just stupid. I don't have sympathy for what they earn, but I certainly have sympathy for the way they're viewed for doing nothing wrong.
  12. Unfortunately it really, really showed. Neil Taylor being a significant upgrade isn't something you can say very often.
  13. Can't judge players for what they've done elsewhere though. Gil, Bradley, Amavi, Lescott, McCormack were all kinds of crap in the time they had on the pitch.
  14. I don't think that would work. If you're a lower paid employee at a massive company like Amazon you could be ****. They'll just let you go.
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