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  1. In terms of reputation, De Gea. Routinely let's in soft goals and is labelled "world class".
  2. I don't know. First one was bottom corner and the second one was close range and he got something on it.
  3. Surely time has to be ticking away for Pellegrino? Poor manager and doing an awful job with the squad he has.
  4. Most of their stuff came from a poor cross, or poor pass, that deflected in to someone's path. Not really chance creation IMO just a bit of good luck. Walcott chance is the one that springs to mind where they actually tried something. For all the stick Andre Gomes is getting, Coleman was horrific. Pretty much nullified their attack every time he touched the ball. Iwobi and Kean surely have to start.
  5. Needs to simplify sometimes. Far too many times he takes an extra touch rather than making the pass or getting a shot off. Can't fault the shift he put in last night though.
  6. Definitely one of the best I can remember. All 4 stands really rocking and singing.
  7. Just didn't seem to have anything really. Only time they threatened is if one of their terrible crosses deflected to someone or the ball pinballed in the box.
  8. My God this bloke has some talent.
  9. When he's being run at he gets turned inside out. He's better when the other is in control, rather than stopping a counter
  10. Looks a class act. Defensively and going forward didn't really put a foot wrong.
  11. I'm thinking just not even doing a speech. At all. I'll mention it to them both. I'll at least say I've attempted it, which I have. I think even if I did have something written, I'd probably not physically be able to do it. I have absolutely no idea how people do any king of public speaking.
  12. Yep. It's comical. The worst part is I live near LTV and work in Shenstone. Guess which two stations they decide to cut out when they have the inevitable "signaling problems", or similar bollocks?
  13. Third time attempting to get a train today, 3rd time a cancellation has meant I've not been on to get on the train at the time I needed, or not been able to get off at my station. I absolutely will be getting a car as soon as I can. Sorry planet, I've tried to help, blame the trains!
  14. No idea. We get on really well, but I've no idea why he felt he should choose me over people he's known for years.
  15. We both work in the accounts department, but he's not an accountant.

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