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  1. DCJonah

    Keinan Davis

    It might be because he has been out for so long but to me he looks faster and stronger (if possible) Really unlucky not to score yesterday. Excited to see how he continues to progress.
  2. I have enjoyed his constant failures since playing his part in our demise. Terrible manager.
  3. DCJonah

    Dean Smith

    You could say you were wrong and that your criticism of everything he has done since minute one was ridiculous.
  4. Has he ever done this in his career to date? Has he ever done anything like it? I seriously don't get the constant negativity this guy has had to put up with from his own fans since the moment he signed.
  5. No Jack. Think i'd go 2 upfront then if that's the case.
  6. DCJonah

    Dean Smith

    Your opinion currently has been proven wrong, that's why you should change it.
  7. I was thinking the same. I've always been a fan of having wide players but our wide players are the weak links IMO I'd be interested to see a diamond midfield with our 4 in form cm and 2 up top. We looked excellent with 2 up top last night.
  8. Abraham scores that pen and this is a breeze right now.
  9. Doesn't matter how close he came. The reason he left us in such a mess was because any success he had was built on nothing. You can defend his finances if you want but utter madness in my opinion
  10. Possibly yes. If that's the job they are hired to do. Bruce took over an imbalanced squad sitting in the bottom half of the league and 2 years later, after wasting any financial advantage we had, put us back in the same situation, if not worse. That is complete failure in my opinion
  11. He was hired to get us up and failed.
  12. So a fan attacked Brett Hart at the HOF and got beaten by 10 wrestlers. And Enzo and Cass turned up at an event. It looked pretty real when they were fighting. I'm confused.
  13. I will take most opportunities to knock steve bruce, but this is not one of them.
  14. How journalists don't push him on that nonsense is beyond me.
  15. DCJonah


    If you are not in the top 6/7 then you will watch your team lose more games than they win and concede more than they score. That just can't be fun on a consistent basis
  16. If hourihane had come straight back in, i'm sure that the same poster would be complaining about that.
  17. Same two posters complaining on this thread about anything. Amazing after 5 wins in a row. Connor should 100% have been at the birth of his child. If you'd criticise him for that then you are either a) not a father or b) a complete fool. Whelan came in and played well, of course he deserved to keep his place over connor. Again, it seems this sensible decision is used to knock the manager as they can no longer moan about results and performances.
  18. DCJonah

    Dean Smith

    This is the team brucie built? Smith signed the 2 cbs, recalled the starting keeper and right winger who bruce deemed not needed, and then through a style, a plan and good coaching have them playing better football than bruce could dream of. Smith will always have to prove stuff to you and Alex Bruce, who will continue to post criticism and doubt towards him on here no matter what.
  19. DCJonah

    Dean Smith

    Who would have thought trying to implement a consistent approach and style could possibly pay off. Crazy idea.
  20. I can't see us dropping many points at this stage. I don't think enough keep up with us.
  21. Just need to keep winning. We have the points on the board and the momentum.
  22. Just need to keep winning. We have the points on the board and the momentum.
  23. DCJonah

    Dean Smith

    Imagine wanting him sacked. I didn't think he could get this squad in the playoffs but his January signings and his coaching have worked wonders. I'm confident he will take us up this year or next.
  24. I really don't get the fuss.
  25. Blows my mind that this doesn't happen. The NFL and NBA league passes are brilliant. The technology is clearly there to provide a quality service.

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