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  1. Many thought all hogan needed was service.
  2. Just had a nice surprise. Gave up my upper trinity ST as relegation came 2 months after becoming a father to twins. Didn't think there would be a chance of getting one this year and then find out i've got till friday to claim my old seats back because the upper trinity is now back open. Completely forgot they said this would happen
  3. He can play out wide and upfront and will probably be happy coming off the bench. Why on earth would we get rid? We already need to sign a shit load of players, why add another to the list?
  4. To be fair, our stance with Jack last summer means we can hardly complain when clubs do the same with their players.
  5. DCJonah

    Scott Hogan

    I don't get the way some get so defensive of him. In the last couple of years i've seen Jack Grealish get more stick and abuse than Hogan. Yet poor scott needs the sympathy.
  6. Was it Bruce's first game in charge against Wolves? He looked ridiculous in that game. Was ripping us apart everytime he got the ball.
  7. I think relegation has guaranteed that as a fanbase we will not take things for granted again.
  8. The kalinic signing was a bit of a panic one because Nyland was so bad.
  9. I disagree. A top keeper is a priority. Steer, while having a great run, is a massive risk to put premier league survivial on. Kalinic is a bit of a gamble and I feel he was more of a panic buy than a real long term solution. A top keeper is a must if we are to stay up.
  10. Semi retired football agent with many contacts still in the game. Life long Ipswich fan. You'll probably find him on El Cabanyal beach or in the Norfolk arms.
  11. DCJonah

    Kortney Hause

    Gone very quiet with this. Seems to be taking longer once triggering the option compared to el ghazi
  12. Lambert is the Scott Hogan of managers. One purple patch in an otherwise abysmal managerial career. He is a terrible manager.
  13. Doesn't mean the good stuff didn't happen but makes it pretty irrelevant in my view. No one cares about positive things Sherwood and Lambert did because the mess they left us in. If we hadn't gone up we would be in a right mess at this point and Bruce would be mainly to blame.
  14. DCJonah

    Wesley Moraes

    I doubt villa would confirm this if he hadn't had a medical.
  15. DCJonah

    Wesley Moraes

    You do that and then Jack is out the team
  16. DCJonah

    Wesley Moraes

    Thought the same. It was like an identical version. Love it
  17. He did do good, however he then went and left us in an absolute mess, which for me cancels out a lot of that. Smith worked a miracle getting us up, breaking a club record in order to do it. Had we failed, the long term damage caused by bruce would have been huge. We can look back with a bit more kindness thanks to the amazing work Dean Smith did
  18. I've got no problem signing top championship players. We've got no chance of signing really good prem players and signing from the championship, to me, is less of a gamble than signing players from europe.
  19. Haha Blues and Bristol city fans will be heartbroke
  20. DCJonah

    Villa Podcasts

    Youtube premium and you can play the audio in the background. Great for in the car when driving.
  21. DCJonah

    Scott Hogan

    If he gets 40 games for us we will be bottom of the championship with 44 games left in the season.
  22. God we have had some shocking strikers over the years.
  23. DCJonah

    Scott Hogan

    Still cringe at that period where people genuinely thought he just needed service.
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