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  1. Yes. I don't know why this gets downplayed.
  2. Stay injury free and we have a good chance of that top half.
  3. You can get a x table stick. It's like a metre stick split into different sections so you can count forwards and backwards with them, a nice visual aid. Try and help her break it down into easier things to remember and for her to see relationships between numbers. E.g 1x4, 5x4, 10x4 and 11 x 4 are all easy ones to remember. 1x4 doubled is 2x4. 20 + 4 is easy to do mentally so there is 6x4. Half of 6 is 3 and half of 24 is 12 so there's 3 x 4. Obviously not all in 1 sitting but seeing these links will help her in Maths and understanding other tables. There's also an app called Times Table Rockstar that kids love to use. Most schools have accounts for children now.
  4. I think it was fair to have some concerns, because it's the area we didn't address. But it really did go over the top from some.
  5. I think you're trying to justify the meltdown and bed wetting from the transfer window. The midfield was never as bad as some of you were making out.
  6. That's a goal of the season option if it goes In
  7. I think Palace fans are overrated. They have their moments but usually its just that one section that go mad from the off.
  8. People continue to doubt and question the man and he continues to make them look foolish. If he hasn't earnt your trust and belief by now then you need to question what agenda you have. 3rd year back in the prem and we are going toe to toe with the likes of Chelsea and then smashing Everton. He's building something special here.
  9. He owes us a performance today.
  10. Yeah I'm not sure I'd want him here. He works for a team like Newcastle but I think he'd struggle at a big team for this reason.
  11. I actually feel a bit sorry for Joelinton. He's so bad.
  12. Might jinx it but Dan James for £30 million is crazy.
  13. I suspect Leeds fans might pipe down a bit this year.
  14. I thought that. Why was he even part of the conversation?
  15. We've played one game with Ings and Watkins and it's the best football we've played in a long time. I don't get the panic over this.
  16. DCJonah

    Louie Barry

    Gabby was also utterly abysmal on loan at Watford I think.
  17. It's why the owners are going to give him a fair opportunity and not get rid at the first proper struggle or blip.
  18. We have made it easier but we're not going to spend £100 million on players and not give Smith the chance to work with them. We're not going to restructure our coaching set up and not give it an opportunity to work. We're not that club.
  19. There is absolutely no chance, he gets sacked this season. We'd have to be in serious relegation trouble come the end of the year for it to even be considered.
  20. We've spent a fortune building Dean Smith's squad. We've hired two sought after coaches for his backroom. The idea that we'll rip that up and start again if we don't shoot up the table this month is laughable.
  21. Who doesn't want to improve on our 11th place finish?
  22. DCJonah

    Louie Barry

    Good post. People need to relax a little. Barry is not a once in a generation player like an Owen or Rooney. The idea he should be starting every game and smashing it at 17 in that league is a but OTT. Let's just let him develop.
  23. Only man u away is a game that I'd say is probably not winnable. I think we've got a good chance to win 2 and draw 1 or 2 from the others. Maybe win 1 and draw 2.
  24. 3 grid places is a joke. The bloke is a word removed. His initial response on the radio should have been the nail in the coffin for a harsh punishment. Disgraceful. And I think had it been anyone but Lewis more people would be angry about it.
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