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Ratings & Reactions: Man City v Villa


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1 minute ago, R.Bear said:

Anyone blaming Gerrard clearly didnt watch the game, that or they're idiots. Horrific defending and mistakes gifted them 3 goals. There's nothing Gerrard can do about that.


We conceded 2 goals in 3 minutes. He left Ramsey as a number 10 which he isn't, leaving us no outball and he gives us nothing defensively: No press and no ability to win back the ball.

If nothing else, you slow the game down by making a substitution. Give the players a chance to gather themselves and put someone on in their correct position.

Poor from Gerrard.

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the perfect game to highlight the weak minded bottle job jelly backbone of this team, its not Gerrard tbh, this is a problem we have had since we got promoted.

Hopefully, half this team will be replaced in the summer.

Great, battling performance for 75 mins, and then an absolutely mind boggling collapse, i thought we might capitulate eventually, but the manner in which we did it was absolutely shocking, really really shocking.

I hope we have a good summer, cus we have so many players who dont deserve to be in the first team next season.

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1 minute ago, It's Your Round said:

Grealish celebrating like he had anything to do with this. 

Hope his glass shins let out when he's jumping about like a prize word removed

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